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Kind of a waste of a non-elimination leg, if you ask me.

Mallory and her father can't seem to compete on the same level of the other teams, now that Ron & Christina are gone.

I don't see how they can make up the time next leg and still complete the speed bump task, unless there is a long airport wait after the speed bump, and someone gets lost on the way to the pit stop.

They should have kept their Speed Pass, especially since they couldn't even come in first after using it that time!

The Cowboys had better get their heads in the game.

They took a ridiculous and useless risk.

YES, all the other teams were taking a 2-connection flight path..., BUT it was ALL the other teams, so why risk it? Why gamble that you'll be able to make up the 30 minutes and NOT come in LAST, when you can just start even with all the other teams and only have to be faster than ONE of them? If they had been on the same plane as everyone else, they probably could have even come in first place for that leg, and had 2 brand new Ford Focuses they could trade in for some nice horses!

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