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Ana (Elim 1/4) and Irene

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Age: 50

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Occupation: Letter carrier for the U.S. Postal Service

Fifty-year-old Ana was born in El Paso, Texas, the oldest of two siblings, including a sister who died at just two weeks old. Ana was raised in Texas and later in Los Angeles before moving at age 19 to Portland, where she currently resides. She started gaining weight at age 23, after she had her daughter, Irene. Irene's father left Ana when she was pregnant, and she turned to food for comfort and "as a way to stay unattractive so I wouldn't get hurt again," she says. Now she has arthritis in both knees, lower back pain and high blood pressure. She wants to take control of her life, and at age 50 and 255 pounds wants to be healthy and happy for the next chapter of her life. Going through the audition process made her realize how unhealthy and unhappy she has become. She says, "It has motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and take charge." After she loses the weight, Ana hopes to be able to do her job without pain and also travel to Oaxaca, Mexico and climb ruins with her daughter Irene when she graduates from college.



Age: 26

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Occupation: Student

Irene was born and raised an only child in Portland, Oregon, and is finishing her last year at Portland State University, where she's studying anthropology, history and Latin American studies. She has been overweight most of her life, but especially in the last year and a half when she gained 90 pounds. The weight gain has caused her to be sick more frequently and has also triggered her asthma. Her two biggest supporters for going on the show were her mother, Ana, and her boyfriend. Irene says her mother has always put her first, but now it's time for her Mom to put herself first and get healthy. Now 26 years old and 255 pounds, Irene looks forward to being the first college graduate in her family, traveling with her mother to Mexico, and traveling the world with her boyfriend once she loses the weight and starts a "healthier and happier chapter" of her life.


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I kinda hated that they were the first up for elimination. They would have been smart enough to choose the 4 weeks of immunity if they had been one place better in the competition. Mom (Ana) is doing a great job at home though - good for her!!

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