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The Closer

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I cannot wait for this season of The Closer, I missed the bus at first on the show but when Kyra Sedgwick won the Primetime Emmy Award for best Actress I decided to check the DVD's out to catch up.

I work for the marketing company that picked up the campaign for TNT for the latest season(it began again last week). I am not usually a big fan of police drama, but this show has become one of my favorites on the air right now. I figured this would be a good space to discuss what's happening as this season progresses.

For those that missed the boat on the series, thus far its about Kyra Sedgewicks character Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson and her team of detectives which make up the LAPDs Priority Homicide Division. The show is set, as one might guess, in L.A. and it deals with aspects of Los Angeles crime and culture in each episode.

For those that haven't seen much of the show and wanna check out more about it here's the site:

The Closer

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