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ABC Prep 'The Incredible Hulk' for His TV Comeback

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC is prepping an 'Incredible Hulk' TV series after two film versions never really scored well at the box office.

This isn't the first time Marvel has brought 'The Incredible Hulk' to TV. Bill Bixby starred in the 1970s CBS show and TV movies long before CGI. Mark Ruffalo has been tapped to play the Hulk in Marvel's 'Avengers' film.

News of a new 'Hulk' show not doing it for you, True Believers? What about 'Cloak & Dagger'? That's right, another project at the newly formed Marvel Television features those runaway misfits.

Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel Television, is reportedly meeting with writers for 'Cloak & Dagger' ideas. ABC Family is being eyed as the network. Meanwhile, 'Hulk' is a little further ahead in development. The Hollywood Reporter says a search is on for a showrunner.

'Cloak & Dagger' centers around two teenage runaways who get special powers from drugs. The duo later make it their mission to take down drug dealers.

After Disney acquired Marvel it was only a matter of time before the TV projects started rolling out. Executives pitched ABC several projects including 'Heroes For Hire,' 'Ka-Zar' and 'The Punisher.'

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More than 7 years later, and Cloak & Dagger finally makesĀ its debut!

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