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Do insecure men begrudge Kaysar?

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Actually I don't think it did go over as almost everyone on here has argued with you.

Not sure what happened to my other posts explaining this--guess they mysteriously disappeared.

I say great comments because why not - everyone's comments are important. I never said it went over well for that matter either...just said I didn't know how it would be taken.

As for arguing...who's arguing with me. I don't see that, I just see people stating their opinions.

Go Kaysar. You rock my world!

I don't see anybody arguing either. They're simply stating their opinions (differing) which is what discussion boards are all about, right?

I seen lots of people arguing but maybe all those posts are gone since you just said yours mysteriously disappeared then the arguing ones must have too. Which explains why there are only four pages today when there was about this many yesterday, yet I never seen any of the pages they have here today :)

Kaysar rocks my world and the world of others on this board.  I notice a certain animosity toward Kaysar and the people who appreciate his good looks, calm manner, respectful ways and his intellect.

Do you think these people may be insecure with themselves?  I'd like to hear everyones opinions regarding why this may be.

Go Kaysar.  You rock my world!

Oh give me a freaking break.

Not this "Hmm maybe your insecure' gimmick again.

We already had the Janelle fanboys do this one too.

"Insecure gimmick again" - I have never mentioned the word insecure before.

Sorry only partial quotes here to pinpoint what I am saying. Shock said Not this hmmmm maybe you're insecure gimmick again. we already had the janelle fanboys do this one too. Shock NEVER said YOU said it before.

PS Shock, again, Kaysar didn't hit Ivette making him very calm in my books. Who cares that he threw a tiny plastic water bottle. OMG CALL the police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest ranster627

This looks like yet another subject exhausted and now archived ...

Take personal issues to PM please.


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