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Has True Blood gotten too gay?

Has True Blood gone too gay?  

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  1. 1. Has season three of True Blood taken the homosexual themes too far?

    • Yes - I liked it better before
    • No - It's just another dimension of the great characters.

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I've been busy following Big Brother, and I haven't seen any of this season's True Blood. I've heard this this season is really good, but some people are unhappy that the characters homosexual behavior is ruining the show.

Here's a story from the LA Times:

Has "True Blood" gotten too gay? It seems like kind of a ridiculous question, honestly. The show's developer, Alan Ball, is an openly gay man, and the show is based around vampires, monsters well known for what one of my friends calls their "ambi-sexuality." The idea of the vampire's bite has been used by any number of writers as a kind of fill-in for sexuality, and the fact that vampires will bite pretty much anyone -- including animals -- to get the blood they so need to survive has been used to stand in for all manner of sexual behaviors and kinks over the years. -Read More -

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I've heard this mentioned before. I don't think anything can be *too* gay.... but here is a list of characters:






the blonde newslady spokesperson for the vamps (can't remember her name)

Sophie Anne (queen vamp)


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Isn't Eric gay or bi... or did he just pretend to be to get close to that guy to kill him?

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