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Louie and Michael...Philiminated 5/2

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I was prepared to root for these two, and they have done very well. But the shadow over Louie possibly being a dirty cop just ruins it for me. I wonder if he goes to prison how he will enjoy all the first place prizes they have won? I have nothing against Michael though.

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The Amazing Race

Louie Stravato Is Cleared

by Muffins

Saturday, 08 May 2010 18:11

When CBS' The Amazing Race concludes Sunday night one racer will be breathing a sigh of relief even though he didn't come in first place. Providence, Rhode Island police detective, Louie Stravato has been cleared of charges that he participated in a large scale cocaine ring.

This week Louie Stravato and another officer were cleared by the Attorney General's Office of having participated in the drug distribution ring. After being placed on desk duty more than 2 months ago, Stravato has now been cleared to return to his regular duties. Three officers have been arrested in the case - including 1 who is a councilor at a local high school and 1 who moonlights as a chauffeur for the mayor of Providence, while 2 others remain on desk duty as the investigation continues.

Louie Stravato finished in 4th place in the most recent edition of The Amazing Race which airs its season finale Sunday night. Stravato, along with friend and fellow police detective, Michael Naylor took off from Los Angeles and raced for 10 legs before being eliminated at the end of the 11th leg in the Peoples Republic of China.

Source: TV Grapevine

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