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Saying Goodbye to BB11

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1. Do NOT ever bring Jessie into this game again. He is not even the type of player you love to hate. It's just pure hate.

2. I am not going to buy feeds if all they do is sleep. BBAD is a waste of time. They save it all up for 3 hours and then stare into space for the other 21 hours of the day.

3. Chima should have been told to nip it in the bud way before she was kicked out.

4. Fine Jeff is hot, very hot........but it's a showmance, get over it. There is no lifelong connection. In two years, they won't even be speaking.

5. The twists are only put into place so BB can manipulate the show.

6. The winner of BB is always who is liked more in the house. A human being is not able to seperate the "game" and "personal feelings."

7. Jeff = Drew. Had all the girls fawning and now you can't even remember his last name.

8. Laura should have concentrated on cosmetic dental work instead of huge boobs.

9. The only reason the ratings were so high this season was because everyone is out of work and they don't have the money to go anywhere.

10. Someone needs to tell Russell that shirts button all the way to the top and that man cleavage is unacceptable.


Give these people something to do!!!

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I'm feeling sad it's over for the season.

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