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Big Brother in the Media

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CBS Big Brother 11, Reportedly Doing A Media Day on June 19

According to a radio show that tvgrapevine.com found and put up on their site, there is going to be what is called a CBS "Big Brother"

media day on June 19,2009. It's an event put together by the producers of the show to do a test run of the "Big Brother" house.

Now, this radio host said that his sister runs the whole thing and she told him that the "Big Brother" media day is going to consist of a

couple of celebrities which includes,and I quote : himself, Perez Hilton,somebody from "Extra",and Access Hollywood.

They are supposed to live in the house for like 15 hours,and it's supposed to be a condensed version of the whole game. He read off what is supposed to happen when they arrive on the CBS lot for "Big Brother" media day.

He said when they arrive there, they will be locked in for 15 hours, with no contact to the outside world. And that they will be doing all

the challenges that the Big Brother game has. You die hard "Big Brother " fans should all know what they are. They're going to be checking for camera angles,sound,staging,etc. And they'll be using the chosen celebrities to do so. He said CBS will shoot a highlight reel of it. And every celeb contestant who participates will get to take home a copy of it.

He also said they're going to eat slop, have an eviction ceremony, a mini wrap party,etc. All of this would happen in just 15 hours ! I

repeat they're going to run a whole Big Brother season in 15 hours for this Media Day. They'll be voting people off, doing head of

household,everything. That's insane ! Apparently this Media Day took place last year and there were some brutal fights that took place. They also said this 15 hour test drive is more fun than the actual show because heck, it's just 15 hours,and not the full 90 day grind that the regular contestants will have to endure.

You can listen to the full radio clip by Clicking Here.

Source: OnTheFlix.com

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'Big Brother' Media Day Today

A test run of how the 11th season of the CBS reality show Big Brother is set to be launched today, in an effort to attract attention and show off a condensed version of how Big Brother, in a nutshell, works.

The CBS Big Brother media day, put up by the show's producers, will reportedly include the likes of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, in addition to someone from Extra and Access Hollywood. They will reportedly live in the house for 15 hours and throughout that amount of time will have to undergo nearly all the ceremonies and challenges that normal house guests endure, except obviously living in a house with total strangers for 90 days.

With no contact to the outside world, the media people will be doing what Big Brother orders them, while the producers check for camera angles, sound, staging, and the rest. CBS will also release a highlight reel of the whole experience, with each celebrity contestant getting a copy to take home.

".. They're going to eat slop, have an eviction ceremony, a mini wrap party, etc. All of this would happen in just 15 hours!" confirms a source as quoted by On the Fix. "They're going to run a whole Big Brother season in 15 hours for this Media Day. They'll be voting people off, doing head of household, everything."

Media day also took place last year and despite the limited time - 15 hours - "brutal fights" still erupted in true Big Brother fashion.

In other developments, the official Big Brother 11 website was recently launched, with the usual Interact, Photos, Recaps, and House Guests sections, plus the Fantasy section for the game that was created for this season.

Big Brother 11 will kick off July 9 on CBS.

Source: BuddyTv.com

HouseCalls Alternatives for Big Brother 11

WeLoveBigBrother.com, along with other sources, are planning shows geared toward Big Brother fans for this season. We have all the details on each of the shows. Although HouseCalls on CBS.com was canceled for this season, several other options are available.

Big Brother Extra! The Live Video Chat Show

On Thursday, July 2nd at 7pm EST / 4pm PST, WeLoveBigBrother.com will be launching Big Brother Extra! The Live Video Chat Show right here on this website. Each week, a Big Brother personality will join our host, Bunky from BB2, to discuss anything and everything Big Brother. Everything from the happenings on the live feeds and the CBS episodes will be discussed. Viewers can interact by calling or texting us

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12 Journalists in the BB house

Big Brother media day. 12 press locked in the house for 12 hours. Who will be voted out?

Source: Twitter.com

Big Brother 11 Preseason News Round-Up

With less than 3 weeks until the season premiere of Big Brother 11

the rush of news is going to really start to build. This week there

were a lot of little stories that crept out so here they are all piled


  • Move over Evel Dick & Janelle. RealNetworks is going to be offering a weekly commentary show starring BB9 houseguest Chelsia Hart and Missy Zeigler only available on the live feeds. If Big Brother Network sells the most live feeds preseason then all of you get an exclusive, 1-hour webchat with Chelsia, the Easter Egg smasher herself! Sign-up for the live feeds now and let

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Grodner Dishes On Big Brother 11

Allison Grodner (Executive Producer) was interviewed this morning on the John Jay & Rich Show and spilled a few interesting tidbits. You can listen to the full interview here.

Here's a rundown of the more interesting stuff from the interview.

- Allison Grodner says that there were alot of interesting people in the house for media day who work in television, print,

internet media, etc. "Some fun people, really interesting." She says that the footage will be released shortly. This means we should be

seeing the new house soon.

- The entire cast has been chosen. "Everyone is in. We've got a cast, we've got the twist, the new house. It's exciting."

- More on the twist: "I can tell you that this season is different. The twist this season is unique, as always. It is incredibly

relatable. I think everyone will be able to identify with this twist. That is all I can tell you. There's also something else happening on

premiere night that's unprecedented that will be alot of fun. You're going to hear more and more about this as we approach the premiere date." Allison says that she can't release any information about the twist until the cast is in sequester, but as soon as they're under lock and key, all the information will be revealed.

- More on the house: "The house is gorgeous. It's a modern house this season, and we're going green. Eco-friendly." (Eh

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WeLove BigBrother.com Visits the Big Brother 11 House

WeLoveBigBrother.com correspondent Katie Neal packed her bags and headed to the Big Brother 11 house on Friday to participate in media day.

WeLoveBigBrother.com was selected to participate in the annual Big Brother Media In-House day. Twelve members of the media from around the country were sent into the Big Brother 11 house on Friday, June 19th. Or maybe we should call it the Big Brother 10.5 house???

For the past couple of seasons, CBS has locked several members of the press in the Big Brother house to show them what the Big Brother houseguests go through day in and day out. The participants go through several challenges, nominations, and even an eviction!

Check back June 29th for many details of Katie's experience in the Big Brother house!

To be alerted as soon as Katie shares her experiences, make sure you stay up to date with WeLoveBigBrother.com. Follow us on Twitter or join or eNewsletter for instant updates. Plus, we'll be discussing the details in our forum.

Source: WeLoveBigBrother

Press Day!

Aw yeah, baby! Now we KNOW it

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Big Brother 11 House goes Green - House Secrets Exposed and Press Tour Participants Identified


Rumors are circulating once again about what the Big Brother 11 house is really looking like. Yesterday the Media was aloud to visit the house and run through a typical day in the BB house. Everyone was hoping that after this event they would release some pictures of the house but sadly there has been a Media Blackout until June 29th. Yes it sucks ass but lucky for us there was a rumored leak and someone going around spewing out hints on what the Big Brother House is looking like. A recent interview with Executive Producer Allison Grodner did shed some light on the theme this year.

"The house is gorgeous. It's a modern house this season, and we're going green. Eco-friendly."

Heres a short summary of some of the rumors running around about the house some of these look to be very believable. Nothing will be concrete until the 29th when B-Side Blog posts the information.

  1. Pillows are made of hemp/Cotton fiber
  2. Kitchen table looks like a canopy tree
  3. TV in HOH room has been upgraded to a more modern set
  4. Whole kitchen/dining area looks like a forest with fake grass from the backyard as carpet
  5. Living room has huge rocking chairs that recline
  6. No couch in the living room
  7. A huge tank is situated in the corner and filled with fish
  8. Fiber optic textured Walls of different colors
  9. motion-censored sinks controlling the volume of water released
  10. motion-censored showers controlling the volume of water released
  11. Upstairs is asian inspired with dragons on the wall and hanging Asian lanterns
  12. Upstairs sofa is a giant leather circular bean bag
  13. Backyard has a eco-fountain
  14. No clothes washer
  15. Giant Mural of a forest

List of confirmed participants at press day

  1. Ben from B-Side Blog
  2. Dennis Luciani from Average Joe
  3. Jen Johnson of BB8 fame
  4. Carrie Ann Moten from JohnJay&Rich
  5. Katie McNeal
  6. Ross Mathews from Inside Dish
  7. Dawg From Big Brother 11 Spoilers (lol he wishes try again next year ;) )

Source: OnlineBigBrother

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'Big Brother' 11 House Rumored to Go Green?

While there's always a surprising twist every season Big Brother airs, this year it's a bit more expected than usual. According to the website Online Big Brother, the notorious house will be heading for a new direction. The eleventh installment of the hit show will reportedly go green.

Over the weekend, the media was allowed to visit the set of the CBS series and check out what a typical day was like in the house. Unfortunately for them (and for the fans), the Media Blackout is in effect until June 29. Even so, it's always fun to check out what rumors are plaguing Big Brother.

Though the environment-friendly theme of this season remains to be mere speculation, there's still some truth behind it. A recent interview with Big Brother's executive producer Allison Grodner revealed what to expect come July.

"The house is gorgeous. It's a modern house this season, and we're going green. Eco-friendly," she said on the John Jay & Rich Show. She's also confirmed that it's been finalized, along with the members of the cast.

There has also been a number of Big Brother 11 buzz released about the details of the house, and with Grodner's statement they seem highly believable. The site reported that going along with the theme is everything else.

It's been said that the pillows will be made of hemp, the kitchen area looks like a forest and the colorful walls will be fiber-optic textured. There will also be a huge tank filled with fish in one corner of the house and an eco-fountain in the backyard. There'll be motion-censored showers and sinks, but there won't be a washer for the clothes. Could it be that they're giving the houseguests recyclable fashion?

Despite all these tales, we'll only get to see what's really going on in the house when Big Brother airs its eleventh season on July 9, 8pm on CBS.

Source: BuddyTV.com

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Big Brother 11 House - First Details Revealed

The Big Brother 11 house has been completed and partially explored thanks to Friday

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I always love seeing the what the house looks like. Especially the bedrooms!!

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Big Brother 11: Producer Spills Details On Upcoming Season

June 22, 2009 01:00:58 by Britteny Elrick

The premiere of Big Brother 11 is only a few weeks away, and you

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Big Brother 11 Twist Rumor: Freaks & Geeks

Another day, another Big Brother 11 rumor. Today

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Big Brother 11 Media In-House Day Update

After spending twelve hours in the Big Brother 11 house, WeLoveBigBrother.com is prepared to share all of our juicy details. For now, here

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Two New "Guilty Pleasure" BB11 Commercials

At least two new commercials have entered the cycle on CBS. These new Big Brother 11 commercials are promoting the summer's "guilty pleasure" of Big Brother.

"Guilty Pleasure" Commercial

The summer's guilty pleasure, Big Brother, is back. C'mon y'all. 12 strangers. 1 house. No contact with the outside world. C'mon y'all. Cameras record their every move, 24/7. A voyeuristic hoot. It's gonna get wild. And once a week, someone will be evicted. It's a new season with even crazier twists and even more outrageous stunts. Check in for the summer with Big Brother. Premiers July 9th only on CBS.

"C'mon y'all" Commercial

Big Brother is back. C'mon y'all. It's a new season with crazier twists and more outrageous stunts. The new Big Brother premiers Thursday, July 9th on CBS.

Source: WeLoveBB.com

Big Brother 11 news and rumors: two tribes and two houses? cliques? a $0 prize?

Big Brother 11 debuts two weeks from tomorrow, and facts and rumors about the new season are floating around online.

Last Friday, bloggers and TV journalists and the like spent 14 hours in the house for media day because, like I mentioned on Twitter, it

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no words needed

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'Big Brother' 11 To Really Clique?

As usual, there are rumors creeping about the fortress that is CBS' Big Brother. After the story released by the media regarding the state of the eleventh season's house, a couple of other tales have surfaced. One mentions the day the houseguests will be introduced to their soon-to-be prison, and the other is about the supposed twist of the show. Read on below to find out what the upcoming installment of the hit reality series could bring.

According to an insider from RealityBBQ, the dates are getting closer than we all think. The series is set to premiere another season on July 9, but of course its contestants need to familiarize themselves with the place first.

The source, using the pseudonym "CornerOffice," has revealed that: "The House Guests enter the house on July 5th." It's not really much of a spoiler for Big Brother 11 though. A fan's interest would be even more piqued if every bit of information was about the identities of the house guests. Regarding that, there might be a clue in the second portion of the rumor.

CornerOffice went on to point out the possible twist that Big Brother 11 will be having. "As far as the twist, I'll ask you a question. What clique were you part of in High School?"

Very intriguing. There are already those expecting a Freaks and Geeks style to this season, but there was hardly a variety of cliques there. If the rumor is indeed true, it's likely that Big Brother 11 would be more similar to High School Musical or even Mean Girls.

Knowing that, could it be that the houseguests will be divided into groups? There's the possibility that challenges would revolve around that theme, too. This whole idea actually raises doubt regarding the rumor that Big Brother 11 would be going for a more environment-friendly direction. It was executive producer Allison Grodner who revealed that, and her word is far more reliable.

Then again, there's always the chance that they'd combine the jock-vs.-nerds twist with the house going green. Again, we can only wait. All these rumors will finally be put to rest when Big Brother 11 airs on July 9.

Source: BuddyTV.com

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Big Brother 11

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Twist Rumors True or Not?

Several online rumors have been floating around the Big Brother websites. It is starting to look like some of these might actually be true.

To begin, a user at RealityBBQ named CornerOffice has posted two messages. CornerOffice has been a reliable source of pre-season news in the past and always posts accurate information. So far, there has been no reason not to trust the information that is posted by this user. First he or she posted several days ago asking

What clique were you part of in high school?

Today, another post was added saying

The 12 House Guests who haven

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Big Brother 11 New Exclusive Scoop on Media Day House Guest

Big Brother 11 fans are more than ready for any information on the new season of Big Brother. Rumors abound through internet websites, twitter, facebook and myspace on what the twist might be, how the house will look, and especially who the 12 (or is it 14) new house guests will be. As many of you know, Friday, June 19th was "Big Brother 11 Media Day" where people from a range of media outlets such as television, print, radio, internet bloggers, and fan websites were whisked away their usual jobs to play a weeks worth of Big Brother in one very long day inside the never-before-seen new Big Brother 11 house. We broke news early Saturday morning on a few of the social media who had their turn inside the new Big Brother 11 house. Now, it's our pleasure to introduce you to one more journalist who spent the day inside the Big Brother 11 house with eleven others and played the game we know and love - Big Brother. Click Read More below to find out who else was inside the Big Brother 11 house.

With her permission, I am happy to introduce you to Ann Murray from Fancast.com


Her bio on her twitter account reads - "professional blogger, LAista, writer, reporter, cow wrangler, social media PR, weirdo."

Now she can add Big Brother 11 media house guest to that colorful list.

Ann can't wait to share her Big Brother experience with all of you and she'll have the updates that you've all been waiting for on June 29th. That's when the moratorium on information will be lifted for all 12 who were in the house and she can share all the details on how the new Big Brother 11 house looks, who was Head of Household, who had to eat the Big Brother slop, and so much more. She share her entire experience inside the house and give you a true inside look into the upcoming season of Big Brother 11.

We'll be bringing you Ann's account of her experience inside the Big Brother 11 house as soon as she has it posted on Fancast.com. We'll also update you on Ben Mandelker ( Bside Blog), Big Brother 8's Jen Johnson (for MSN), Dennis Luciani (Average Joe), Carrie Ann Moten ( JohnJay&Rich radio show) and Katie Neal (correspondent from WLBB) the other five members of the media that we have already uncovered. And, we feel sure that before the 29th arrives we'll have additional insight into the remaining 6 that have so far been super quiet.

Stay with us right here at Big Brother Updates for all your Big Brother news and updates. Don't miss the Early Bird Special for the Big Brother 11 live feeds. Just click the link below and get signed up before this special pricing comes to an end. It's a great deal and a great way to help support this website at the very same time!

Source: BBUpdates.com

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Big Brother 11 is less than 2 weeks away

Greetings all of my beautiful friends of Big Brother blog! We have come a long way over the past 3 years and Big Brother 11 looks to be another wonderful season of the greatest TV show ever.

I know that every year there are many rumors and many things that people guess will happen so it is very hard to believe what you hear. However, so far I am 1 for 1 with the premier date so let

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Big Brother 11 Twists Revealed!

Per Corner,

First up, we have a theme throughout the house this year

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Big Brother 11 Twist Update

Yesterday, we broke the news of the Big Brother 11 Twist.

Tonight, we have a little bit more information on that.

Once again, per Corner.

There will be four

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Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 1: The New BB11 House

WeLoveBigBrother.com was selected by CBS to be one of the few media outlets represented during the annual media in-house day which took place Friday, June 19, 2009. For the past couple of seasons, a select few have been able to live the experience of a Big Brother houseguest for twelve hours. We can now say that so far, Katie Neal from WeLoveBigBrother.com is one of only 12 people who has ever lived in the Big Brother 11 house. These members of the press lived the life of a full-fledged houseguest by competing in challenges and even going through the nomination and eviction processes. Below you will see WeLoveBigBrother.com correspondent Katie Neal's account of her experience in the Big Brother 11 house. Plus, we've got plenty of details about the new house and possible twist ideas.

NOTE: UPS lost our DVD that was supposed to ship overnight from CBS. The DVD finally made it into our state, but it won't be delivered until later this morning. We hope to have it posted for you ASAP today. We apologize for this error by UPS and will have the video for you soon. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so we can let you know as soon as we get the video.

If you enjoy watching and reading about Katie's experience in the Big Brother 11 house, consider supporting WeLoveBigBrother.com by signing up for the live feeds. Sign up before July 9th and pay only $29.99 for the entire BB11 season. The price goes up to $39.99 the night of the premiere.

One more thing before we get into Katie's experience. The picture above was recently posted on Zap2It.com. We can confirm that this picture is Julie standing in the spa / exercise room. Be sure to read about that room below!

The video below from WeLoveBigBrother.com correspondent Katie Neal was taped soon after she left the Big Brother 11 house. It is a detailed description of the brand new Big Brother 11 house. For her reflection on her time in the house, continue to Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 2: The Competition.

Big Brother Media Day Part 1: The New BB11 House

WeLoveBigBrother.com's Katie Neal:

When I went into the Big Brother 11 house to represent WeLoveBigBrother.com, I was joined by eleven other journalists. They were Jen Johnson from MSN.com, Gunther from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Rosanna Tavarez from the TV Guide Network, Reagan Alexander from People.com, Dennis Luciani from National Lampoon, Melissa from CBS2 LA, Stella from CBS.com, Carrie Moten from Johnjay and Rich, Ben from BSideBlog, Ann Murray from Fancast, and Jay Schwartz.

After going through security and arriving at Big Brother, all of the journalists were instructed to sit in a room together. We were not allowed to talk to each other at all during this waiting period.

We met with the executive producers and they led us to the stage where Julie hosts the show. We were instructed to stand on the stairs just like the houseguests do before they enter the house. The producers ran through a list of rules and things we weren't allowed to do in the house. Chewing gum and breaking house items were off limits! Allison Grodner told us that we would be able to choose a bed upon entering the Big Brother house. However, there weren't enough beds for all of us because one of the rooms was locked. Allison said that since we were there for 12 hours, we didn't all need a bed. She wouldn't tell us why the bedroom was locked other than it was involved in the twist.

Eventually, our names were drawn at random and we were allowed to enter the house four at a time. I was picked to enter the house with Gunther and two others.

When we first entered the house, I noticed that the one big wall on the side had been changed. It had tons of plants and all the walls had been changed to different colors of plywood. It looked really cool. The interior decorating looked really nice. When I turned to my left, I noticed the kitchen had an oriental theme with Buddha statues and Chinese heirlooms.

I remember there were plastic chopsticks and the plates were actually made out of bamboo. The plates were really thin and almost looked like paper plates. The cabinets were made out of bamboo as well. There were a lot of orange and red colors in the kitchen. It looked like the houseguests will have to grow their own spices because there were garlic and thyme plants in the kitchen. The oven, refrigerator, and all normal appliances were still present.

Before entering the house, Allison Grodner informed us that the house was going green. She told us that there were two compost machines in the house. One was in the backyard and we weren't allowed to use it. There was also a compost machine in the kitchen, but none of us ever really figured out how to use it. Also, the garbage cans in the kitchen had a side for paper and plastic and another side for glass.

Once we became acquainted with the kitchen, we ventured down the hall to the bathroom. It had an industrial look to it. The couch was still in the corner. The bathroom had its normal setup with no major changes, other than the walls looking industrial. As far as online rumors go, there were no urinals on the wall! The shower door was clear with a little portion of foggy glass so you can't see the midriff of anyone. There was a sliding shower curtain in the middle to split the shower in two. There was another online rumor that the sinks were had motion sensors. Jen actually thought this was the case and waved her hands under the sink, but no water came out. Then she figured out she had to turn on the handle!

The exercise / spa room has two bicycles that have light bulbs next to them. When you pedal each bike, the light bulbs light up. At one point, Gunther and Jay were riding the bikes to see who could get the brightest light bulb. We joked around that it would be funny if the houseguests had to continuously ride a bike to keep the lights on. Half of the gym has the tops of bottles on the walls in interesting designs. The other side of the room is decorated with giant bubble wrap. The green recycling symbol is painted on the walls.

On the other side of the house, there were two bedrooms that we were allowed in. The first was straight down the hall and had no doors to it. There were three really cool beds in there. That room was painted with reds and the headboards were really tall. Those beds looked really nice and comfortable. This first room didn't really have a theme to it.

But the other room had a swimming pool theme. The first third of the wall had wallpaper that looked like water. Above the wallpaper was a cement border that looked like the edge of a pool. The last two thirds of the wall were designed to look like the underside of a pool. So it felt like you were literally under water. There were safety ropes running along the ceiling to make it look life-like. The beds actually had giant floats on them so it looked like you were floating on water. Coming out of the wall was a slide that was complete with a ladder. There were extra sunglasses and floats around the bedroom to make it feel like you were actually at the pool.

The diary room looks similar to the way it looked during Big Brother 10. There wasn't a theme or anything to it. It is just a dark and dimly lit room with a comfortable couch to sit on.

The living room still had a similar setup with two couches that were a shade of purple. There were two green nominee chairs that faced the monitor where Julie Chen talks to the houseguests. The walls were different shades of plywood. I know "plywood" doesn't sound really nice, but it did look really cool.

One strange thing I noticed was that in the living room there was a random dish of keys. At first we thought maybe there was a twist and we had to use the keys to unlock a secret room. But we ended up just making up games of hiding and searching for the keys.

Back to the kitchen area, the spiral staircase is painted orange to match the kitchen theme. There are a lot of cool pictures upstairs. They were hung up high with lights shining behind them to light up the pictures. In the Head of Household balcony, there was a large comfortable couch that was sage-green. Oh, the chessboard it still there too. When we first walked in the Head of Household room, the one wall had glass over it and behind it there was an outdoors picture. So it almost looks like you're looking out a window. So that part of the room has a recreational or outdoors theme. There was actually a big, comfortable chair in the HOH room that swiveled around. Everyone took a turn spinning around in the fun, new chair. The spy screen in the HOH room looked the same. It had a looping Big Brother 11 screensaver on it.

The HOH bathroom had a big surfboard on the wall with a wetsuit attached to it.

The first time the door opened to go into the backyard, I right away noticed that there was still a pool table. There was new patio furniture. The hot tub, pool, and hammock have all returned this year. The mural on the back wall was of a windmill field and looked really cool.

Another online rumor is that the clothes washer has disappeared. However, there was definitely a washer there when I lived in the house.

The compost machine was set off in the corner and we were told not to use it. I'm not sure how it worked, but I saw it over in the corner.

Copyright 2009 by WeLoveBigBrother.com. This information may not be used elsewhere without a proper link to WeLoveBigBrother.com.

Continue reading Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 2: The Competition. What do you think about the new house? Leave your comments below.

If you enjoy watching and reading about Katie's experience in the Big Brother 11 house, consider supporting WeLoveBigBrother.com by signing up for the live feeds. Sign up before July 9th and pay only $29.99 for the entire BB11 season. The price goes up to $39.99 the night of the premiere.

Katie Neal on Big Brother Extra! TV on July 2nd

WLBB's Katie Neal will be joining Bunky and Keesha on Big Brother Extra! TV live on Thursday, July 2nd at 7pm Eastern. Since Katie is one of only 12 people who have lived in the Big Brother 11 house, we thought it would be nice if the fans could ask Katie questions about the house and her experience. So tune in and give Bunky, Keesha, and Katie a call live on the air! Tune in this Thursday at 7pm Eastern, 6 Central, 5 Mountain, and 4 Pacific.

Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 2: The Competition

WeLoveBigBrother.com correspondent Katie Neal spent 12 hours in the Big Brother 11 house. Be sure to first read her detailed description of the entire Big Brother 11 house in Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 1: The New BB11 House.

If you enjoy watching and reading about Katie's experience in the Big Brother 11 house, consider supporting WeLoveBigBrother.com by signing up for the live feeds. Sign up before July 9th and pay only $29.99 for the entire BB11 season. The price goes up to $39.99 the night of the premiere.

This video from WeLoveBigBrother.com correspondent Katie Neal was taped soon after she left the Big Brother 11 house and is a detailed description of the competitions and game play on media day. For her detailed account of the new Big Brother 11 house, go back to Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 1: The New BB11 House.

Big Brother 11 Media Day Part 2: The Competition

WeLoveBigBrother.com's Katie Neal:

Everyone who entered the house with me was really nice. The people I enjoyed the most were Rosanna and Carrie. We all spent a lot of time together. Nobody really split off by themselves. However, Gunther was really strange. Within five minutes of being in the house and exploring each room, we turned around and Gunther was wearing a leather suit and has a leather strap around him

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Your First Glimpse Into The 'Big Brother' House!


Ten days ago, an exciting thing happened: I was invited to spend the day in the Big Brother house along with eleven other members of the media. This was a minor dream come true: I got to taste the Big Brother experience without committing to a summer of national exposure (most of which I'm sure would be extremely embarrassing for me). While in the house, we played a week's worth of the game -- from Head of Household to Veto to eviction. Yes, we did it all, and it was, in short, awesome.

Nevertheless, I've been under a media embargo for the past week and a half -- but as of 6 AM this morning, the blackout has been lifted! The house guests are safely sequestered, which means I can now share not only my experiences but also the neat video that CBS edited together of us in the house. It's all sorts of fun (although, curiously, the eviction ceremony was not included on our DVD). Either way, the videos are highly entertaining, and if they don't get you psyched for the season, I don't know what will.

Also, be sure to check out my very thorough account of Media Day. It's up over at TV Week (and while you're there, be sure to check out a nifty profile of my college classmate Mindy Kaling). For those who don't need to read every single detail of the experience, I'm planning to write an abridged report that I'll have up on this site at some point. Plus, if you have any questions about the house or the experience, feel free to ask them in the forums on a thread conveniently titled "Big Brother House Q & A."

After the jump, parts I, II and III of the Big Brother media day video as well as some screen shots to help give you a sense of the house...


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Big Brother 11: The New House

Well, Big Brother 11 has finally arrived with its first reveal of the season. The house has taken a very creative turn this season. The first thing you notice is the front door. It is unusual in its composition with a white panel covering of what is supposed to look like plexiglass, but obviously isn't due to its apparent sagging material. The doorway is flanked by two mauve colored lighted panels. The mauve mixes well with lots of steel and shine. The living area is flanked by a large two sided sofa, where houseguests would be divided even when they sit down. There is lots of purple throughout, with orange trim and lime seating, both upholstered and plastic modular. The theme is completed with mood lighting that reflects off the shiny grey flooring.

One bedroom is very interesting with its pool theme. The room itself is designed as an swimming pool with depth markers, pool ladder and even a pool slide. The beds appear to be matresses covered with air mattresses in bright colors, and decorated with pool toys. Even the floor tile mimics the bottom of a pool with a bright blue and white checkerboard theme. Another room is devoted to exercise with mounted bicycles that actually generate electricity. The walls look like a terrarium layerd in a variety of stones and there is a seating area in the home gym, a new addition. Another room appears is decorated in purpe and red softened by greys. Seem are two twin beds and one sofa. That room may well be dubbed the "Trophy Room" due to the large number of trophies tht decorate the space.

The kitchen still sports the long bar counter, grey this season surrounded by red/orange bar stools that match the decor of the dining table. Greys and soft beige geometrics offset the bright colors. The refrigerator is a stainless steel side by side and the cabinetry is paneled in a light tan. Undercounter lighting highlights the appliances and splashes of bright orange. Heading up to the HOH room, the open loft is decorated in reds with a bright orange railing flanking the spiral staircase. That meets the loft railing which is an equally bright purple. The loft repeats the sea theme with paintings of sea shells in soft pastels.

The diary room has two toned blue walls created from horizontal panels. The background is softly lit which accents the deep maroon seating which appears cushiony and comfortable. The bathroom area has double sinks and Big Brother has returned to sunken sinks, and the half round cushioned settee has remained, although recovered in a dark blue. Rag rugs decorate the apricot flooring.

Outside, the pool remains along with the raised patio deck and hot tub. It appears that the houseguests will have an outdoor exercise bike, and the yard continues to have chaise lounges throughout. The walls are hues of blue with multi-color lower walls of apricot, lime green and beige. Lots of garden accents complete the theme.

The Big Brother house has taken color of conflict and melded them together to create a theme that both clashes and meshes reflecting life as we know it in the Big Brother house.

Source: TVGrapevine

More house images








Source: bsideblog.com

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