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FX Announces another American Revolution

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Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring and West Wing executive producer Thomas Schlamme are developing a new drama titled AR2 at FX, reports The Hollywood Reporter. AR2--short for American Revolution 2 we presume--follows a group of Michigan youths who incite a second revolution on home soil.

Conspiracy theorists will likely put down their tinfoil hats, stop writing television-related news articles, and latch on to AR2's premise, which sees a situation in which "corporations undermine the common man and the government is not interested in helping (the average Joe)," according to Scheuring.

However, it won't just be Cleetus and Travis spouting front-porch epithets against the White House. AR2 will examine the situation from all sides, exploring what it means to be a "patriot." Hey, one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.

"The subject matter could be incendiary, and we were afraid that it may adulterate the message if it went to a broadcast network," Schlamme said of taking the project to FX.

Indeed! FX is currently my favorite of the ad-supported cable networks dishing out original programming, and this is exactly why.

Source: TV.com

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