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Sanctuary - Scifi Channel's Newest Series

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Sanctuary premieres tonight on SciFi! Here's some back story information!

Courtesy of: SciFi Channel

12:00 AM, 03-OCTOBER-08

Sanctuary's Tapping Does It All

Amanda Tapping, star and executive producer of SCI FI Channel's new series Sanctuary, told reporters that she also directs when called upon.

"God, man! Are you insane? Shoot me now!" Tapping said in a group interview at SCI FI's digital press weekend in Estes Park, Colo., last weekend. "I'm actually the go-to director, so I have directed Sanctuary. Not an episode. [Director and executive producer] Martin [Wood] had to do a talk at the Vancouver Television Festival, and so I was directing that day."

Tapping fills in if the principal director calls in sick or if something happens, and she will also step in to helm a second unit or for insert shots.

When not behind the camera, Tapping plays Dr. Helen Magnus, an enigmatic 157-year-old scientist out to protect mankind from monsters of all kinds, including the monsters within.

"I'll tell you a funny story," Tapping added. "Here I am, my first day directing on Sanctuary--not like I don

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Is anyone watching this show? I was just introduced to it and I must say I am really really liking it. Love the characters even the really wacky ones and all of the variety in the show. I really wish I knew what is going on with Ashley? I laughed at the show I was watching last night...there was a reference to True Blood in it!

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