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September 6 & 7 - Live Feed Updates

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9:05 PM BBT - Dan and Memphis chatting about getting the $4K from Jerry but Memphis says that he

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8:00 P.M. BBT- Memphis in the kitchen making quasadillas. (looks like it to me) Keesha and Jerry in the BY talking about when the last day is. Jerry is complaining that BB got them up early to do nothing and that upsets him. Jerry- " We still don't know if it was a change in the game either, I dont think it is." Talking about the luxury trip.

Keesha- Is in the kitchen with Memphis now. " Where did you learn how to cook Memphis" Memphis- " my parents"

Jerry coming back in the kitchen. Jerry talking about how there isnt any bugs out there and poor Debbie didnt get to eat today. Debbie is one of the spiders for those who dont know. Dan is still sleeping on the couch in the BY

8:05 P.M. BBT- not much has changed. Dan is awake and all the HG are in the kitchen eating Memphis quasadillas.

8:15 P.M. BBT- Dan is in the BR staring at himself in the mirror while he washes his hands. Jerry, Keesha and Memphis are sitting at the bar. Jerry " Tomorrow is 9 weeks guys" Dan is back in the kitchen with the other HG. Keesha is talking about how tired she is and she has slept all day. Of course Jerry says " I feel the same way" As you all know Jerry has either done it first or done it better! Keesha says she is exhausted and she doesnt know how she is gonna get back to functioning again. Jerry says " what bothers me is this is how they want you to feel" Jerry yells "BUNCH OF CRAP!!!!!!"

8:30 P.M. BBT- Keesha is in the BY. Dan and Memphis are up in the HOH talking about Jerrys neck. Memphis is telling Dan that he told Jerry to go in the DR and get something for it. He also said that right after Jerry was complaining he was doing push-ups so they think that its just for attention. Jerry is in the BY noe with Keesha. Keesha is sitting at the hot tub with her feet in it. Keesha says she is tired again and as usual Jerry says he is too. Dan and Memphis are talking about Dans trip and how bad it sucked that he was alone at the beach. Dan says he was just waiting for someone to jump out.

Jerry is complaining to Keesha about his neck again. Dan just told Memphis that he thinks Jerry is faking the neck thing. Memphis agrees only because Jerry was doing pushups right after he said how bad it hurts.

8:45 P.M. BBT Everything still the same. Memphis is talking about the competitions for the final three and they are talking about what they are going to do after Jerry falls in the endurance comp. It definitely sounds like they are going to backdoor Keesha

9:00 P.M. BBT Still the same. Jerry is telling Keesha that he thinksBB is only going to have 3 more seasons then an all star show and thats it.

Dan and Memphis still in the HOH talking about how its going to be in the final two. My opinion, If they backdoor Keesha I really hope Jerry wins HOH just so it messes up their plan.

9:15 P.M. BBT Still the same. Keesha and Jerry in the BY and Dan and Memphis in the HOH. Jerry told keesha that he wonders how the veterans associations are going to accept him since hes representing them. Memphis is listening to music in the HOH. Dan is in bed, not sure if hes asleep or not.

Jerry is going in to check the storage room for alcohol. Keesha now on the BY couch. Jerry is back outside now so must not be anything for them tonight.

Jerry is going to put his feet in the hot tub. He sat down and started to take his shoes off, sounded like he was about to have a heart attack. He was struggling.

9:30 P.M. BBT Still the same. Jerry and Keesha in the hot tub. Jerry is bragging about how much his little rat dog loves him and rins right to him when him and his wife go home. Keesha says her dog is the same way to her.

Memphis still listening to music in the HOH and looks like dan is asleep.

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11:20BBT Dan sleeping in HOH, Memphis and Keesha are both sleeping, Jerry went to bed but was called to DR. Jerry out of DR now in spa room sitting in massage chair. Dan now called to DR, but not up yet. Real exciting night.

11:35BBT Jerry is the only action going on and he's jogging around the back yard. Dan never did get up to go to the DR, and they didn't called him again, they must figure he's called it a day.

(I think I'll call it a day too. Good night.)

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