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August 13 & 14 - Live Feed Updates

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5:45PM BBT: Feeds are back. Michelle and April are talking about the audience on the show and April mentions that Julie looked great. Feeds change to the BR with Memphis, Keesha and Libra. Keesha is trying on Renny's sunglasses and that weird pink face she wears and looks weird. Memphis comments that on the show they think Memphis is the silent type and he doesn't agree, Keesha says he is kind of quiet. All four feeds end up on just Libra packing then follow her to the kitchen for food. Michelle and Memphis are in there getting something to eat too.

7:00PM BBT: There really isn't much going on, it's a typical night before eviction. The calm before the storm...

7:10 PM BBT

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7:20PM BBT: Michelle is talking to Jerry in the bedroom. He tells her that Keesha is being cocky and knows she isn't going home and maybe they should evict her. Michelle explains that Libra is due for a win in the HoH competition as she's always second and this could be her week. She really wants Libra out. He also tells her that Memphis will target April and he thinks he'll go up on the block with her and that tomorrow is the big competition and he's going to try his best.

Meanwhile... Libra is telling April about her and Dan's conversation.

7:30PM BBT: Michelle, Ollie and April are again speculating about America's Player and think that Libra and Dan are working together.

8:00PM BBT: General chit chat again.

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10:50 BBT

Keesha and Libra in the 60s room......Libra "this sucks" Keesha "oh well" before that exchange there was a brief discussion about packing..

Libra asking if she wears her hair up to work...saying she has to wear it down "its gotta be down..its the rule"

Dan and Michele in the bathroom Dan finishing up his shower....Dan telling her "it you worring about someone its not me" Michele says who.......Michele asking about his vote Dan saying "there is no scenario" to vote to keep Libra here

Memphis comes in saying if you take a "cold shower for 10 minutes everyday" you will lose weight..{sooo stupid}

he tells Keesha shew like "does it work"..

Michele walking around runs into Jerry exiting the DR....Jerry says something to her and then she's called in...

In the 80s bedroom Ollie/April talking asking her if she's sleeping in here...April complaing someone never shuts the door when she comes in...Jerry walks in to change....Aprils "I'm so frustrated I'm so cranky" "I can't handle myself" Jerry offers up the lack of sleep and being on slop..April adds "your at a breaking point" Jerry warns he's getting 1/2 naked...April closes her eyes..Jerry"do I have a cute ass ollie"..we get a camera shot of his tighty err saggy whities..Jerry heads to bed..

11:02 BBT Upstairs Dan and Memphis playing chess..

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11:25pmBBT Ollie tells APril the DR gonna want her to come back in later, April says she wont as she just took off all her makeup.

Libra talking with April about voting out Jesse, April says its BS that we dont see it how "Keesha is fake."

They say they feel sad, at how their being portrayedby Julie & on Ferguson as always Fighting. Libra says: "im not a nut case, i need my job." April agrees about herself.

In HOH bedroom Dan & Michelle are talking stagedy, Michelle says "Dont Fuck me over." Dan says " i wa just trying to get name sfrom her." Dan leaves

Renny,Libra, & Keesha are in 70s room, Renny has her PJ's on and had her pink boa on.

11:32pmBBT Kessha called to DR. then again "Keesha."

Michelle looks stressed in the HOH room. "Fuck Fuck, Im gettin Fucked in the Ass." Paces back & Forth

downstairs Libra tells Ollie she can hear him from in hear,

Memphis & Dan are playing chess outside HOH.

Keesha out of DR(quick), Libra called to DR(Goodbye messages?)

11:35pmBBT April & Michelle are whispering in Pink Room. Michelle telling April she weants Libra one and hopes Dan dosent go back on his word twice. April says Libra told her about voting out Jesse. Saying Libra takin full responciblty for her actions.

Dan in Living Room asking Questons to Renny of what Patrick(er husband) can do for her when shes out of house. What can he do expernisve? What can we do chaep?

Michele asks questions Will U run up to him and jump in his arms.

Renny says she gettin fat, Michelle says she i not fat

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Ollie and April in bed ..no talking ..Dan and memphis playing chess and no talking.......

11:08 BBT the silence is broken when Keesha comes up to say something and sits and does her nails......

Dan asks Keesha "is that suppose to come off easy"..saying is it easier at home...Keesha calling it "a pain in the butt" that's why "at home" she has them done "in a salon"

April is downstairs asking Michele how's "holly doing"..Keesha whispers to Dan and Memphis "she go kicked around a little today" they all three chuckle..

11:14 BBT...Libra offering her "free waterbed" while taking a shower...as April picks at her warts err pimples on her face...

They are just talking April politely laughing.

Back upstairs Michele has come out to join Dan/Memphis and Keesha talking about "going out" and places she goes...saying she gave someone "CPR" to someone who collapsed "on the dock" saying she brought him back to life...Michele saying the kid was drinking "it was sick" when Keesha asks if he lived...she said she didn't wait...after the ambulance came..saying "his friends" just watched and kept "drinking their drinks"

Dan saying he's been playing chess since elementary school... Memphis says prior to coming her he never played.....Keesha "who has time" to play chess in the real world....

Keesha saying "Jerry's childhood" was sad..saying "I hate" hearing stories like that "hate it" Michele agrees...

11:20 BBT

Dan won and are playing again.....no talking...

11:22 BBT Libra to April "just to let you know..it's a game"..going on about cause and effect...Libra apologizing about hurting her feelings...saying "outside the house"..Ollie comes in and warns April they are calling her in to DR..April saying "I just took off all my makeup" whining she's not going back in..

Libra saying "its so hard" being here everyday...."I have no hard feelings for whatever its worth"...saying she's not go balme "my feeling for her on somebody else"

Libra saying "i think its going to be interesting"......April syaing "I already know" her fate with some people in the house...Libra complaining being on the block and some people won't talk to you.....

Libra going on about "the ugly part of the game" throwing a million "you know" throughout......keeps repeating herself..

April saying "things are going to start happening" with friends turning on each other...Libra worried about her protrayal with JC mentioning all them not getting along...and Craig Furgeson questions.....worried if she'll have a job afterwards...Libra "who knows what happens on the otherside"...Libra says in her daughter ever wants to go on BB...she says hell to the no..

Upstairs Dan says Libra approached her about staying and he's the swing vote but Libra wouldn't "give me names" and Dan tells Michele he'll find out..but she's either protecting them or she's bullshitting...Michele looks pissed and just stares and paces ..mumbling..Michele leaves the HOH and heads downstairs....

11:33 BBT Libra is in bed now with Keesha in the 60s room and is called to DR.....

Michele goes to ask April about her convo with Libra....and April tells her what Libra said to her a few minutes before {see a few paragraphs up}...April says Libra didn't ask or say anything about staying...April affirmed she is voting Libra out...

11:36 BBT

Michele has gone to the LR to talk with Reeney and Dan..

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11;39 BBT

Reeney asking Dan what he would think is a romantic getaway with Monica..then says "just what you like" and not the woman..Dan "go somewhere warm" Reeney "like" Dan "New Orleans"....Dan says he would just like to spend time......Dan saying she would like to "come out here" Reeney says California and Dan says she would like to see "Rodeo Drive"..

Memphis chimes in "my girlfriend use to work" at a shop on Rodeo Drive...

11:42 BBT Ollie and April whispering...saying the Libra wanted "to say her peace with me"....and tells him that Michele had asked what their convo was about and told her just that she just wanted say her peace..

April saying "its over its done" whispering quite inaudibly...

11:43 BBT

Back in the LR the talk has turned to drying nail polish.....Keesha says she messed up her "big toe" and thats why "I don't do my own nails"

Ollie and April whispering and all you hear is ruffling and mic static...but I hear they are talking about who would put who up....and HOH...and "best case scenario"...calling them a "stupid alliance" if the didn't "put me and you up" Ollie saying Reeney or Dan "won't do it"..

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11:48 BBT

Reeney taking a poll as to wonder Dan needs "to sow some wild oats" and Dan ask why..

Reeney going on about his closeted "wild side".....Dan says something about meeting someone and "fit together" Reeney "Did you says fit...like a puzzle" laughs

Reeney saying "eyes don't lie" picking on him about being mischievous..Dan saved being called to DR..kidding him to go "get his clues"

Reeney a man "needs to sow a few wild oats" before settling down...Keesha saying "he's a virgin" about Dan....Michele says "I don't think so"...Memphis "I think he parties" and can't do anything "on camera"...Keesha still convinced he's a virgin....Memphis that would "be a first for me" to meet a 25 year old virgin...Keesha says Jason BB2 was..Memphis says "I never met him"

Reeney saying "something's with up with Dan" "he's like a mystery box".....Reeney he's the same age as my son....Michele do you think he's a virgin..reeney rolls eyes ..going on about being normal for "a guy"...to have sex....reeney says something about being bashful even taking showers......

Memphis saying "maybe he does the shower thing because of Monica"

Reeney going on "I got a good view of Jessie one time"..saying "i don't think you can forget it" when Michele asks if she went to bed with it in her head...

Reeney saying Dan needs to realize..you can see through the shower.......going on "that little palm tree" on the curtain....Reeney laughing...

michele leaves reeney "so you think its his job"..Memphis "his boss told him" as long he represents "st Mary's"..he can have his job back..

Reeney "don't go there..Catholic High schools" saying she doesn't thing he's misrepresented the school "at all"

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12:04 BBT

"what's up Dan.....Dan laughing as he comes out of DR..saying he can't talk about it...lays back down

Reeney goes on with her inquisition..asking if he's worried about what goes on...saying He's worried what he does..and says "he always knows students are watching"

Reeney "how many women have you dated" Dan avoids.."what you can't count..its a simple question"....Reeney trying to clarify her question...Memphis says "just dating"....Michele asks if he's ever "dated two girls at once" Dan answers "no".....

Reeney "how many girls were you seeing in college" Dan "i'm just trying to get your verbage down"..Reeney clarifies..and Dan answers with more questions ..Reeney "why is this driving nails " asking him why he makes it more than it is...

Reeney upset Dan won't answer her questions tells Dan "go suck an egg" and tells the Camera that he's been with a lot of women..Reeney now upset calling it crap she can't have a conversation with him...."stop BSing around" and the students "are getting tired of it too"

Reeney "just answer it"....Dan "I've been out with some girls" Reeney "are you for real....you're not acting human"

Dan says he has had two girlfriends...Monica and Stephanie in high school..Reeney grills.....asking if he had a pick up line..Dan says no....

Reeney "how old are these student you teach"..Dan 14-15 and says coaches seniors...saying they can "relate to me" since they are so close in age...

Reeney saying his students need to see aside to you "that they haven't seen"..Dan say him being goofy and smiling....Reeney "you see priests drink" wondering why its bad for Dan to.

Reeney saying "its hard to do" being a good role model "In this house"..Reeney "are you coming in for the kids or for yourself".....Reeney saying its important that they see "a sense of who you are" and he needs to be "more himself"

Dan saying he had standards set by "the headmaster"..Reeney not buying it...saying she's had words with one...

Dan saying he doesn't have a certificate for teaching Keesha "welcome to Michigan"...Dan says "private schools" don't need teachers to be certified..Dan says he's working on his credentialed..Dan saying once teaches are tenured some "coast" {I say bullshit to that}

Reeney "some people are not meant to be teachers" Michele "once your in your in"....

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12:30 BBT

Reeney Keesha Michele Dan Memphis are talking about past teachers....Keesha/Reeny tells nice stories about doing it in her pants because a teacher wouldn't let her use the bathroom..

Reeney going on about "a fat" sister when she was in school

Everyone else are asleep..

Keesha "if you have a good teacher you don't forget them" "they are so rare"

Reeney goes on about her teachers "and what they wear underneath there"........

Keesha and Reeney head to bed and so does Michele..Dan says he'll work on opening up...

12:39 Looks like everyone is in or heading or getting ready to bed...

{im out..be back tomorrow}

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12:42amBBT Michelle & Memphis ar eonly 2 up and are on he patio in the BY. Memphis is spraying the ants. Michelle says "The ants are gonna carry away this tab le oneday."

Memphi stells Michelle "i hope Renny wins tommrow, as it keep the light off of me and i can go for it next week." Michelle "and She will ut up A[ril/Ollie in a hear beat." "You think Dan will vote out Libra." memphis "Deff Yes." Michelle "im fine with breaking tie if not." Michelle says how Jerry gave her & Keesha his word, as we both kept him off the block.

Memphis "Libra's gone its not a chance in hell she will stay." He says hes talked to Dan and Dan gave his word to him & Keesha

Memphis says he will stay in HOH comp entire time, but if its only him,Renny &/or Keeha he will drop out as he knows hes safe

12:58amBBT Memphis/Michelle wondering how April/Ollie is going to vote

1amBBT They Both agree its down to a numbers game, if u win HOH u become a big target

1:06amBBT Both head inside and to their bedrooms

1:09amBBT Michelle is in HOHBR trying to sleep & Memphis is in his bed tryin 2 sleep.

1:11amBBT Michelle uses the bathroom

1:13amBBT Michelle eats a candy, then grabs her letter & stuffed lamb "Hollie" and gets into bed and reads her letter from home outloud

1:17amBBT Michelle eating more candies and lookin into space then turns on her music, goes to bathroom gets mirror and does her eyes

1:23amBBT While plucking elebrow hair, she Sneezes then more plucking

1:31amBBT Plucking Nose Hairs

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1:34 am BBT

Everyone asleep except for Michelle who is up in HoH plucking eyebrows. She will ocassionally look up at the camera and start dancing.

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1:38amBBT Michelle finshes plucking grabs "Hollie" and dances with it in front of camera. Eats some more "Dots" cany then makes baby talk with "Hollie"

1:40amBBT More dancing then looks at her nails

1:45amBBT Michelle & Hollie(in baby Voice) talking to American (I feel like im watching "Lamb Chop's Play-Along!"

1:49amBBT They read the Letter Aloud

1:52amBBT Michelle has more DOTS, & Hollie dances & listens to music, Michelle talks to her about Snoop Dogg

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1:39 am BBT

Michelle is now taking Holly the dog and dancing with it 'making sure the cameras notice', then she stops and starts picking at her hands, dances with the dog, picks at her hands, dances with the dog, picks at her hands, over and over and over again. This is odd behavior.

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1:54amBBT Michelle picks at hands again,

1:56amBBT Eats more DOTS & then talks more with Hollie, then bites nails

1:58amBBT Eats Dots and stares into space

1:59amBBT Shuts off lights

2amBBT hugs Hollie but still has eyes open starring into space

2:01amBBT Keesha use BR nd wash hands and heads back to bed

2:02amBBT Keesha tells Renny "Shes hot but its cold out their." Renny laughs

2:04aMBBT Keesha & Libra are very hungery, Keesha says shes also thiking alot. Renny laughs.

Libra "Im a dead woman walking." Keesha & Renny say they shold scare Memphis

Keesha "we shold put Whipped cream on Memphis hand" Libra "no then he would get a penatly Nom for eating." Keesha "toothpaste then." Renny has a head ache.

2:06amBBT Keesha & Renny get up to eat Salsa

2:08amBBT Libr joins them for "their last meal together"

Libra is also eating a Pickle, Renny has Milk in her salsa. Keesha "i wonder how funny we look eating salsa"

Keesha has some pickles, Renny eats some Slop Balls, & Keesha has one

2:15amBBT Libra "i ll never eat anything with slop in the name again."

Renny & Keesha have some Honey. Keesha "im soo hungery."

They talk how thi sgame is a love/hate game

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2:18amBBT Keesha puts Honey in her Salsa, Renny puts Milk,Honey, & Olve Oil in her salsa. Libra "Youre killin me im gonna be sick."

Libra makes a protein shake

Renny is putting her Slop Balls on the Oven. Libra "when i get home, i eating out for 2 months."

2:31amBBT they have finshed eating and are talk about Food & Sleep

Renny puts stuff on lips & Libra uses Bathroom

2:33amBBT The 3 head back to bed

2:34amBBT they talk about 1st day here, Renny says she cryed at the nice thing Keesha talked about, Renny talks about her Mon who died in 1982

Keesha talkin abut a prevouis boyfriend who she had for 1 1/2 year

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2:42 am BBT

L & K talking in the BR about relationships... we get fishies

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2:43amBBT Libra talkin bout her 1st marriage

2:51mBBT after a FOTH, Librais out of room(DR?) Keesha's rolling up her mic pack.

2:53amBBT Keesha & Renny whspering about Michelle

3:33amBBT the 3 still talking & Laughng as they try to say goodnight

(Im Out)

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3:51 am BBT

Keesha, Renny and Libra still yapping away in the 70's room... lots of laughing and goofing around.

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3:59 am BBT

Libra finally says "We need to go to sleep y'all"... they all say goodnight to one another... all is quiet and then Keesha says "Goodnight __________". Not sure to who (I have the olympics playing in the background). All HG's in bed and quiet now.

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7:21 am BBT

Jerry went to use the WC, he actually washed his hands after exiting. Back to bed for Jerry, all other HG's in bed sleeping.

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Good morning. HG's still sleeping.

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