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August 11 & 12 - Live Feed Updates

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9:38 BBT (as I proceed to poke my eye out with a pencil, I hope those of you NOT watching the feeds are grateful that you are not enduring this...but here I go....)

Dan Michelle Renny Memphis still in BY. Dan is telling a story about an embarrassing story from college...

and apparently she didn't sign a release because.... he went into too much identifying info...and we have FOTH... grrrr. On the bright side...either we have file tapes of the fishes or BB put new ones into the tank.

And we come back to... "and the girl was cool...prof said have a good summer..... and i never heard from her again..." and then... MORE FOTH.....

And we come back to...Dan finishing his story.... "probably the time I was the biggest Ahole in my life.... and i never got to apologize....and if she's watching, I'm sorry..." BUT WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS!!!!

Whatever it is... Michelle says "wow that's pretty deep...."

:food-smiley-005: :food-smiley-005: (I think I NEED A DRINK....)

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And Michelle's turn for an embarrassing story...

M : I was at a bar. Friend came over said "hey michelle!". "I was standing on the stage. I was drinking. I jumped off the stage...and fell but I didn't spill my fuckin' drink..."

Oh my...and her "other story" is how one night her mom woke her up to tell her that her phone was vibrating. and well... it wasn't her phone....Dan asks "what was it?" (poor guy....he has no clue what it was)

she says she was drunk...she passed out with the um...item working....(WAY too much info) and when her mom came to tell her Michelle threw it across the room and pretended it was her cell phone she threw....

Dan looks rather uncomfortable... (that makes several of us squirming over that one.) Girls ask him "what's wrong?"

Dan: "I um...just didn't know what you were talking about... "

Keesha tells her story next but... the entire story was FOTH'd because she used a name.

9:49 BBT. And we are back.... until Dan starts singing.... more FOTH (note to BB producers... I preferred the Guinea Pigs over this season's fish)....

Note: Right before FOTH Keesha had said "I don't want to tell my story". And they said "Oh it's ok, the cameras are on Memphis and Renny... we aren't even on....

And the gross talk continues.... they are now playing "never have i ever..."

Keesha says "never had Anal Sex" (yay for you?)

Girls try to get Dan to say something... he passes on this game (good career decision, Dan--Chipmunk)...

Michelle has never "fucked a friend's boyfriend"

Memphis has "never done that to a good friend"

Keesha has apparently done it to an acquaintance but...they were broken up.....

Now they are debating the merits of who counts as a friend... Michelle says Rhode Island is so small you almost can't help but f*** an acquaintance's ex...

Keesha is teasing Dan "come on dan... never... have I ever ....had sex?....with any woman?...." (Dan is still not playing... STILL a great career move Dan...stay above the fray buddy!)

Keesha continues undaunted... "never have I ever hired a prostitute..."

Michelle "dan... he's too innocent..."

Dan no reply.... still

Michelle...this game sucks...no alcohol....

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Truth or Dare at 10:00 BBT: Memphis, Keesha, Michelle, Dan in BY

M: Keesha when lose virginity?

K: Hope parents not watching 17.

K to Michelle: How many men you had?

Memphis: not fair...

Keesha: Dan Truth or Dare....

Dan: not playing

Keesha: come on Dan...

Dan: not playing (still good career choice).

Keesha to memphis: ever had sex with a woman old enough to be your momma?

Memphis: no. 11 years older is most.

And they continue.... and continue... rapidfire questions from Keesha... some rather gross...

And it goes on vulgar vulgar vulgar....

And they try to suck Dan into it... he's not biting...

:death: (Ok...this is going WAY too vulgar... just kill me now... Sorry folks... I'm out.... )

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10:51 BBT

Memphis and Keesha talking aoutside saying "we can not let her win".......Keesha if I'm still here..Memphis saying that won't happen Dan says "and not by my vote"

Keesha saying its getting intense..Memphis "she's gotta be put up".....

long silence

Reeney comes out...

Reeney tells them that they are all sitting there.....Keesha worried..Memphis saying they only have 3 votes and Michele will not vote her out....Keesha saying "there's a slime chance"...Dan telling her if Libra stirs something up "I'll let you know"

They are all trying to convince Keesha she's staying.......Reeney "i'm so sick of her" about Libra...Reeney "I'm going to have to catch a plane out of this country" when the see her DR..talking about how bad the DRs will be..

Keesha saying she hasn't said anything bad about anyone...

In the kitchen Libra preparing popcorn..Keesha comes in and and Liobra offers her some and Libra goes out and offers people popcorn..

Ollie is cleaning while April and Jerry just sitting there....Ollie warns Keesha "you have less then a hour" until they are back on slop...

Back outside...reeney "that bitch thinks she's going to close this deal" she has another thing coming about April saying "this game is closed"....Reeney..Do you think I came over on a banana boat..Why am I talking like this"

reeney asks Dan "what's your take on her"..Dan not answering...finally saying "I don't feel a whole lot differnently then you guys"..saying he did not think that way first.....Reeney says she knew "from Day 1"......

Talking how April and Libra were "best friends in the beginning"......Reeney talking how bad it will be if "one of them" win HOH.....

Memphis "fucking Michele should have put one of them up this week"..Keesha saying she was worried one of them would leave and not Libra..Memphis "she's right"

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11:06 BBT

Talking about HOH and it its a pick against each other..they need to put them against each other...Memphis warns..

Reeney still ragging about April..."who wants someone like that"....about all her wierd quirks..Memphis "she will go insane" if she's nominated..

Memphis "if she's on the block..I will make sure she doesn't win the veto"

Talking about Jerry will take her off....they all agree..

Memphis saying you can risk backdooring..."there's not that many people left"

Keesha saying they will threaten Jerry if he wins HOH..

Keesha saying you don't hear about the car since she accumulated prizes..

"April I put you up because those clothes are worth 20 grand"....Memphis saying that's what he would say to her..

Talking about the "rules" of the gold bars...saying he would take it and then put her up..and keep it anyway..

Keesha explaining their POV money split from a few weeks ago......

11:16 BBT

Inside...Libra stuffing her face with popcorn..Ollie and April head to the BR to have their "scenario" talk...

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11:20 BBT

April and Ollie talking in bed..

Outdoorrs Mempis Keesha Dan and Reeney are talking.....

Dan says "a twist" is coming soon...Reeney says could you imagine voting her out and America sends her back in...about April...Memphis "there is no way" America would vote her back in....

Keesha wonder if pre jury could be voted back in saying "they would have to be in sequester".....Keesha saying she will be nervous..Memphis "she cannot win" saying "its about our time"

Michele gets out of DR and heads back outside.....Michele saying its a little "nippy out here"

Keesha says she wet Dan's underwear and put them in the freezer....Memphis says she needed to put them in bags..

Keesha looks in freezer and laughs and heads back into kitchen.....talks to Libra..before she heads out and says they are frozen

BBAD switches to OLLie/April talking Feeds are foth......April talking about "all the things " she would do for him..."open my house".. her friends..be there "5 steps ahead" for him to help his tranfer to Arizona...hugs Ollie he says "I love you for it" and Ollie offers the "shirt off her back" and would do the same for her....

talking about going to clubs saying "hes not going to not like"..that she has a lot of guy friends.

Libra comes in says if She would have voted for Jessie she still would have gone up....Jerry looks confused.....Jerry says "we have to get Dan" Jerry says to let Libra work on Dan..April agrees..

Michele runs in and lays on Apil and Ollie and notice how dark her hair is.....they talk about her hair saying she probably won't get any dye until she wins another HOH...

Talking about when they were on "vacation" {pre BB in hotel}...saying she thought ???{she refered to him as that dude} was a "set up" because he kept talking...Ollie said he noticed she was sharing her ipod....she said so he would "stop talking"

11: 40 BBT Michele warning them they should eat because its almost 12:00......

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11:43 BBT

Jerry says he's going to bed..while Keesha Memphis Reeney Dan and Michele are in the kitchen preparing food to eat

Reeney "i've never made out with a girl" "I love men too much"...answering about Michele and Keesha have kissed girls before..

Libra kissing Michele on the cheeks and forhead...

Dan says "I'm not gonna eat for another 48 hrs"

Eating has picked up at a faster pace...Memphis ready to {gorge his fat face}..Michele "memphis are you going to eat all that"

Michele say for him to eat like it was a comp....

Dan looking for a band-aid when he cut himself doing something with thepool..Michele trying to get Keesha to eat..she says "I'm full".........

Memphis and Dan singing..saying if you want to say something in private they cut you off on the internet..

keesha gives the "5 till" warning...Michele doing dishes...

Not much talking as people are just eating...

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11:59 BBT

Memphis "12:00" time to put everything down as eating come to an end and they are back on slop..Prior to that Memphis was tellig Keesha a year ago he was 230lbs and "all muscle" but now down to 205 ...Dan proudly says he weighs a measly 150-160..when reeney asks.....

Feeds are FOTH

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12:04 BBT

Reeney Libra and Keesha talking about being on slop and Keesha talking about the frozen of underwear....Reeney saying the freezer "is going to stink" reassuring her the underwear was "clean"

Ollie and April still talking about "their blossoming realationship" as Libra called it when she came in....they whispered Libra comes back in to say goodnight..

Ollie/April go back to their relationship talk........

In the 60s room Libra and Keesha are getting ready for bed..Keesha heads in for a shower Libra follows


Michele gos in and tells April/Ollie goodnight..

12:13 BBT Keesha heads into the sauna room talks to reeney who's in the massage chair..whispers "what do you think about Dan..he nevers answers questions" Keesha saying "i don't know what to think about that"

Keesha brushing her teeth {whats left of them} and tells Reeney she's fat but Reeney is not Reeney saying "oh please"

Keesha heads out to talk to Memphis talking about hating the camera......saying "its impossible to be camera ready" all the time Mephis says..saying he hasn't gone so long without putting of regular clothes...saying "I have a lot of shit at home" about all their clothes back at home..

12:20 Ollie and April arguing about redundant crap....

{slow tonight}

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