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August 9 & 10 - Live Feed Updates

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7:03 pm BBT. Feeds are back. Renny, Keesha and Libra doing ADLs in HoH BR. Looks like it

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7:16 pm BBT. Sounds like Memphis has to wear the onion necklace until tomorrow. He says he has to make sure his hair looks good for the next 24-hours as he know BB will be showing lots of clips of him in the necklace. BB told him he does not have to sleep in it, or wear it in the pool. He plans to be in the pool a lot tomorrow. April hopes the designer dresses are simple in style, as she

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8:04 pm BBT. Renny puts her ear to the HoH door. She can hear a lot pans still. Keesha is at the HoH table re-applying her make-up. Michelle starts listening to music. Ollie is spralled out near HoH door, April is lying next to him using his leg for a pillow. Ollie is playing with the white stuffed dog.

8:10 pm BBT. Renny asks what time it is. They guess it has to be 8:00pm or so. Renny thinks they are making them wait so they will be really starved. Keesha says they might be waiting to give them alcohol until it

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8:27 BBT. The feast is on! HGs yelling with excitement. They call out what they see, bread, white wine, potatoes, red wine, lobster, flowers on the table. Everything looks good and smells so good. They wonder if BB put onions on the table as a joke because of the PoV. Thank you Big Brother! They are so excited!

Memphis opens the wine. Libra says it's so beautiful she may cry. Group is waiting on Renny, who went to change her shirt. They start to dig in but Memphis says they should say grace first. Renny does the honors. The group toasts each other 'Cheers!' and they dig in!!!

Ollie helps himself to some salad. There are baked potatoes, sour cream, lobster tails, butter for the lobster. After a brief shot of the table, it looks like BB used red onions as a table decoration. Renny is going in the DR to ask BB if there will be beer and if they will refill the lobster/wine when it's gone. Memphis complaining that his food is cold, and he doesn't even have a microwave to heat it up. Renny tells him to stop complaining.

HGs thank Michelle for winning the feast. She was competing against Jase and won. (It sounds like Jase may have been trying to convince Michelle the earthquake was not real, but she didn't believe him.) Lots of quiet as HGs enjoy their food. They comment how good everything is. Lobster is great. Bread is great.

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they were all toasting each other and sharing good things about each other and Jerry starts about the game and Dan is AP and he is going to support the HOH... so much for the toasts

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8:40 pm BBT. All the steak is medium-rare. So good. Ollie is even eating some. Jerry likes to make left-over steak sandwiches. He makes them really good. Ollie wants Renny to ask BB if they will have any desert when she goes into the DR.

Libra gobbling up seconds of bread/butter and potatoes, says she

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9:21 pm BBT. Jerry will carry them all in his heart until he dies. Shake everyones hand when they go out the door.

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9:34 pm BBT. O, good feelings are over. Michelle and April in spa. They think is Keesha is being really honest, and Libra is pissing them off. Dan comes in, wants them to go weigh themselves.

Post-feast weigh

Memphis gained 5.5, Michelle gained 2

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10:17 BBT

Keesha and April finish their talk with a smiling Libra 'whats up guys".....April and Keesha head to the bathroom where Michele is talking to Dan....Keesha saying she never expected to come "into this house and never be put up"...Michele says thanks..

Keesha brewing saying she wants to have a "head on head" with someone...instead she says "I need to go pee"

Dan takes April into the sauna telling dan "i'm really really hurt" telling him she would have "respected you more" had he not gone behind her back and come up front and tell her...

Keesha crying saying she doesn't want to get worked up.......Michele trying to calm her down.....telling her that she wanted designer clothes in POV and Keesha very upset wants to head to HOH..because she's "having a really hard time right now"

In HOH Keesha "I'm really pissed right now"...saying "i promised myself" she wouldn't ne the "naive" person..

Michele saying that she trying to be honest and people are "still talking shit"

Libra comes in ..all calm "what's wrong" Libra wants to know why she's pissed..Libra says she'll let them talk and tell michele she was going to target her and going to the "jury house" and is fine with it...asking if she's ok and says she's fine...Libra leaves..

Michele telling Keesha what Libra was saying during the Dinner......telling Keesha that she told April that she was trying to be genuine and Libra's "ouy of line and uncalled for" comment about "the designer clothes" comment ruined the moment....Keesha says "how did I miss that"...Keesha says "I don't feel bad anymore" and calling Libra "that bitch"...Michele adding fuel to the fire....Memphis saying April was "cold hearted" and Michele come back....and talk returns to Libra.....April come in with her...April ries to explain the comment...Keesha "BRING HER ON IN".........Michele says "I'm going home anyway...you might as well get a designer outfit anyway...."

Keesha wants to bring her in.....they are all talking over each other..Keesha loose lips fly'':she wanted to take you out"..Memphis wanted to leave but Keesha wouldn't let him..

Libra in.......Michele sying the diner round table was to be honest and heart felt positive........imitates Libra about her comment about Jessie..and Keesha say the designer clothes comment...Libra says she didn't say it except to be "Joking"...Keesha "why would you say that"...Libra "I was joking" Libra asks if she sounded rude..Michele answers "YES"....Libra "I apologize" for the way it came out .."I was joking"

Memphis leaves...

Michele "It was the way you said it" and the her and Jesse comment warning her "the way you say things" and its "not cool" when she was being honest and positive......Libra "who is everybody" ..April chimes in...she heard it..

Keesha "let's go there"

they are yelling saying they "never said anything about you"

Michele yelling and Libra "what the fuck are you talking about....don't talk to be like that"..Libra saying "other people talk"

Michele saying not to put her name in her mouth...Libra "that's part of the game" Michele "Lies?"

Libra saying "I got stuff made up on me..we can go there"..Michele "lets go"....Libra says Ollie told her that she "got all 4 votes together" and Michele "you told me" that she did

Libra "the votes came to me"..bring up Angie.....Libra back pedaling that Angies "was coming after us" Michele saying "you yourself" when she came up and talked to her...

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10:43pm BBT

Keesha, Michelle, Libra and April are in HOH room fucking have it all out war about what was said to get Jessie out. The talk that Keesha with April in the Sauna room earlier. They are all drunk, especially "Keesha". They are basically yelling and screaming at one another.

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(wow the girls are talking the real deal now!)

Keesha just challenged April about her truthfulness in front of Libra and Michelle.

Keesha is letting Michelle know that April was the one behind her putting Jessie up for eviction, and lying to her that Jessie was gunning for her.

The are all screaming and its kind of hard to hear what one person is saying...

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10:39 BBT

Keesha voice two pitches higher saying to Libra "I protected you two" to April and LIbr...saying "i liked Jessie" and April "whispered into my ear" about Jessie...."Are you kidding me" ..Keesha "bitch bring it on"...Michele "you called me a two headed snake because I saw a fucken banner"....Keesha "I honestly don't give a fuck if I leave" trying to call April out.....April "jessie talk shit abvout me"..Keesha "OH MY GOD"...she says April walked into room and and lookes at me and said "you and Memphis are like you and Steven" and Keesha says she shhd her and went out and asked jessie "what the fuck is going on"...keesha said April told her Michele was in the room......Michele "i wasn't in the room".....Keesha "get fucking real dude" and all are yelling and screaching over each other...{impossible to decifer}

Keesha "april set you up that night"........Michele saying "I wasn't in the room"...April said "michele heard yelling" and Michele "I heard yelling"

April says "jessie said" she heard them talking about her.........after Keesha says she didn't say anything about April...

Libra apologizing now...keesha leaves "you are going to evict who you want" when Michele asks why are you leaving..

April saying "she can't lie to herself" that's why she left..

Libra wants to talk to April....syaing "keesha said things about me" and April saying she'll listen...if she doesn't try to "protect her" and Libra says she isn't and doesn't remember..what Jessie said...and Libra claiming she doesn't remember..

Michele heads downstairs to a crying Kessha downstairs...saying April is aking like little miss innocent..

UP in HOH..saying she promised on her kids "not to put you up and not to vote you out" they are talking about being hurt that she didn't apologize......April going on for letting her make a birthday cake...saying "I felt disgusted"....and saying if she told her not to make it the April would have known she was voting against her wishes.....April "at least you would have been upfront"

Libra going "it made me ill" for the birthday cake and voted against her.....Libra "I seen what happen to me this week"..."you seen what happen to me this week" Libra saying she doesn'y have realtionships with Memphis and Dan...April da "the only one who has your back...the only one"...Libra saying is she wants the truth "just ask".....saying she'll walk out with her head held high...April explains herside of the flip of what she heards..........April "I don't give a shit about him" saying about Memphis...Libra going over her Ollie convo and her crying "on his shoulder" and says she won't throw anyone under the bus..and have "no reason to hate on you"...saying "i have no competition" with her....saying "if you think for 1 minute" that she "rallied up votes"..."you're sadly mistaken"..she gave "a vote"......saying if she got hOH "I would of put you up"..saying if you have an ounce "of care".........sans birthday cake..Libra talking calmly trying to get April back on her side..

Michele major meltdown..."Fuck EVERYBODY" she's laying on the floor...talking about being screwed here...

Keesha outside "I look like an idiot right now" crying the money "is not worth it to me" "I don't care anymore"....."they are both made..throwing each other under the bus..and I am in the middle of it all"...saying she wants to go home to her boyfriend and her parents.........

Jerry "get it all out"

Keesha going on that "that little blond barbir doll" is "innocent"...Jerry saying "he has the vote".......

Keesha saying she wants Dan to win all the money ..Jerry "I don't know about that"

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10:59 pm BBT

Michelle goes outside and lays on the couch with the pillows on her. She is throwing a fit now. She is like fuck everybody, they fucking did all this shit. It is their responsibility for the mistakes they have made. Michelle says all you fuckin do is get screwed here. So now she is crying by her HOH room, with a bunch of pillows.

Keesha went outside. Now the feed switch overs to Keesha outside and she is crying because it all blew up in her face. She feels like an idiot now. She says it isn't worth the 1/2 million dollars. If you want the money take it. I am in between the two of them. April and Libra have placed me in the middle. Keesha wants to go home to her boyfriend and dogs and family. I don't care about this fuckin money anymore. Fuck, fuck I look so stupid right now.

Jerry "no you are not. Good get it out. Everyone wants the fuckin money".

Keesha says "I am the one in the fuckin in the middle. I can't fucking do this shit anymore. I would go home tomorrow and tell them I don't care about this money. I don't want to talk about shit about these people. She said that Libra said that I am selling my soul. For what, to stay another fuckin week. All the fuckin power to her. I have nothing against anybody at the table tonight. She wants to be voted out because she can't deal with this shit anymore. I would be able to have video phone calls to my boyfriend. She keeps saying she can't do this for any kind of money.

Memphis says "we all feel what you are you feeling".

Keesha says she feels for letting Jerry walking around by himself. I feel like I should be in the mental institute. Keesha said something about someoen wants Jerry out that is part of his alliance. Jerry you have always had me. But you were fucking friends with April.

Jerry "I am playing this game. I have been alone in my room for the last two weeks."

Memphis and Jerry - Both say you are not leaving. Jerry says " i don't break my promise. Memphis says "if you fuckin leave me in this house, I will never talk to you again."

Keesha goes on and on about what happened in the HOH room. She is trashing April for not taking responsibility for her actions in this house. Keesha keeps saying "April was going to put my ass up last week".

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11:04 BBT

Libra and April are talking calmly in HOH

Outside Keesha going crazy...

"I'm loosing my mind"......telling Jerry tahta April wants "to take you out"......going on saying she wanted to give people a chance......going on saying "I know you Ollie April are fucking tight"

Upstairs yelling at Libra..."how dare you guys" making me feel like I'm "an asshole".....Michele...."you guys got some fucking nerve" saying she would be on the block if she didn't get HOH..

Yelling who are people to do "what to fucking do".."I'm going to do what I fucking want"..calling people selfish......Libra "can you please calm down"

Michele yelling "Its my fucking my decision" because she would be in Libra's position if she didn't win HOH....

"i'm fucking calm"...Libra "don't get crazy" Michele "not even my Mother and Father tell me what to fucking do" complaining that everyone is telling her what to do..

Michele saying if there were 7 seats she would have put all them up "except Memphis".....

Keesha "guess who's gonna win this fucking game"...tells them top guess"she's got it all figured out..down to the final three"

Keesha has taken her pychosis indoors telling Ollie "I like you" with Michele going on.."make me feel like I'm an asshole"

Keesha complaining about putting up Angie....when she like her..

{wow feed gold}

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11:15pm BBT

Michelle is in the livingroom wiht April, Ollie, Libra, Dan

If this was different, I would be the one going home this fucking week. I am talking about what was said to me. I am talking about what was being said to me, myself and I. I am the asshole, if I didn't win i would be the one out the fuckin door. I am the person who has been outside looking in. You guys know what you did and that is not fair to put me in that position. No one has my fuckin back. There were seven people up there you knew was going home. Nobody has anything to say. I have been pretty fuckin cool with the situation. What else could have do. Have you all sit here and be that. Everyone has to to understand I know what has been going on the last few weeks. I am the fucking person who going out the fuckin door this week. April at least you had a fucking team.

Libra said I am sorry you took it that way.

Michelle says "This is all about that fuckin banner, what the fuck do you think says " fucking roses are red and violets are fucking blue". I see a fuckin banner and so that makes me the next one to go out the fuckin door.

Libra says Jessie and you are fucking strong team, so you two need to be separate.

Michelle goes on says "go ahead you two stand up for her, because Libra is right. Libra is the one that is responsible for everyone that has left the house so far."

Libra says " Damn I am good".

Michelle and April said that "Libra and Keesha are the ones who wanted Angie out.

(it is getting hard to keep up with all them talkin)

Michelle is trying to go through one week at a time as to who wanted out of the house.

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11:13 BBT

April going over what Keesha said to Michele and Ollie in the LR...

April saying "keesha's calling me a lying bitch" about what Jessie said...Michele saying thats not what I'm talking about......saying she tired of the people wanting her out and lying about it and her nominations....."my choices are wrong" who she put up..."I got fuck" and "fill em all".......April saying she was fucked.....Michele saying she's not talking about that and only "me myself and I"

Michele saying they are "talking junk about me"..saying "you know what you guys did" and "its not fair to me"..saying she has no one and "how am I an asshole"....Libra trying to get a word in edgewise...Libra "I said what I was going to do"

Michele "I've been on the outside looking in" and knows she was being "talked about"..April trying to say her team turned on her..Michele "at least you had a team"

Michele brings up "the two headed snake"..Libra yelling saying she stood up herself...libra saying the banner "put salt into my game"..........Libra "I'm out"..............Michele saying "you got everyone out and you didn't have any power".....thats why she's up........Michele asking someone "to stand up for her" {no one does}

Michele goes over all the people she got out......April supoosed "you went to Keesha" saying she wanted Keesha out...Libra saying no...michele "yes you did"

Libra "I got the power of pursuasion"....and say she did not "go around getting all the votes" saying ask Dan who has long left..

Libra "jessie was on my ass and was targeting me"..Michele 'so you just said it"..Libra yelling she was only one vote Michele "because it all comes back to you"

michele saying "if there was more chairs" more people would be up..

libra "Not just me" "if I'm that bad of a bitch" that she had all the votes "you're sadly mistaken"..Michele saying she was the majority "are you fucking that stupid"

Libra saying if she believes that "you're crazy"...Michele "you're crazy"

going over the Angie eviction..."don't tell me some shit I don't know" michele pulling keesha back in as the person who told her that Libra told her Angie was coming after her.....

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11:29pm BBT

Libra wants to fuckin go home now. If i don't go into the diary room soon I am going to go fuckin nuts.

Michelle: Someone is in there now

Libra: I didn't get those votes, I was the fuckin 4 vote.

Michelle: who was setting up each week who was leaving the house

Libra: I never did say that I went up there and tell who was leaving the house each fuckin week. Why the hell am I the fall guy for Stephen.

April is sitting there like she has nothing to say.

Michelle is going to Dan in the shower.

Michelle: Why the fuck am I the asshole. I am asking you a fucking question. What you do don't have any to say to me. All of you need to get over yourselves.

Michelle leaves the bathroom and goes outside where Jerry, Renny and Memphis are outside.

Michelle: these fucking people are nuts. Everyone went upstairs and had a majority of the house votes and knew who was going out each fuckin week. I am not fucking stupid. I am the stupid one here.

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So to put it in a nutshell, the conflict that seems to maybe be alcohol fueled has resullted in both Keesha and Libra saying they are done with the game and they both want to go home because they are not willing to go through this anymore.

It's been quite an exciting night in the BB house! Lots of yelling amongst the women, with Michelle and Libra competing for the title of loudest and Renny playing it smart and staying out of it.

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11:37pmBBT Libra & April in SR seem to try to reconsider.

Outside Keesha is talkin with Michelle and every1 else(except Dan in Shower)

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April confirms Keesha came to them about Angie

Libra "if you don't vote me out I'll never talk to you again" michele tells her I guess we'll be talking again...

Libra screaming..wanting to go into DR.....Libra saying "They came to me" and I jumped on it about jessie's eviction..

Michele bring up her going back on her word...Libra "you'll see the tapes"

Michele going over the past votes...Libra can't understand "why Iwas the fallguy for" the votes.....

Michele in bathroom now asking Dan'explain it to me'......

Libra and April talking in SR...April saying Keesha "calling me a Liar" wheOllie confirmed what Jessie said..

Libra going on playing the "fallguy"...

April...raging about Memphsi saying he'll win...Libra saying "jessie made me crazy" and April agrees.....but says memphis "is silent but deadly"

April saying the floaters are the ones "that are going to win the competition"....April saying that she watched everyseason....

Libra going on with her admitting "the two headed snake'..."but i'm the only one taking the blame"...

libra wants to go outside to talk saying "i know I went back on my word" but went with her gut accepts reponsibilty "guesswhat where are all my friends at now" "I was a tool and I was manipulated"...

Outside Michele to jerry "that decision will stay final"...Michele saying Libra trying to back pedal....Jerry "Oh fuck Libra"

Michele telling Keesha saying Libra was the last vote that caused the flip...Michele saying she doesn't believe a word that comes out of Libra mouth "you're going to stay whether you fucking like it or not"

keesha crying saying she probably won't talk to April or Libra again...still woeing the person she's become in the house...

Keesha saying "i would love to have a phone call" because she's having a rough time...

Kesha and Michele head upstairs..as says to Ollie "I hope you didn't take offense to anything I said"..ollie says he knows where she stands...

They head to the HOH....saying she doesn't care whether she stays or leaves...saying she knows what Libra's trying to do....

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11:43 BBT

libra talking to April in the storage room in her calm voice apologizing to April..April "that's fine"

Libra being sarcastic..if she can turn the votes before then she should be able to safe herself.......

saying "it funny how that happen"..says Libra in her {svengali voice}

Upstairs Keesha "her and I will never speak again" about Libra.......Keesha about April "we don't get along" but will talk because she's fake..."I can't stand either one of them"

Michele says "I never understood it" the revolving door.....

Keesha and Michele saying they both like Ollie..

In the hot tube..Jerry and Memphis bonding...

Libra and April talking trust...Libra saying "remember it aint just me"...telling her "just be weary" {still in svengali voice} denying being ring leader.....

Libra "its a game" and need to "pipe down" "all of us can't win the money"..now April saying "I can't be ugly" while Libra says it will get uglier...especially when people want to get "to the next level'

Lobra crying "my kids and my husband" saying she wishes she could beJessie "at home with my kids" instead of the BB house..

April saying just wants to say "one thing"...is that..."I'm tired of being pinpointed against him" and saying that he isn't there to "stck up for me".....telling Libra she has a husband at home who loves her..

Libra turning around how everyone makes it about her....Libra going over Ollie {feed cuts off}

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11:56 BBT

Reeney and Dan having philosophical bible studies in the 80's room..

Jerry and Olie talking saying libra "can't keep up with me"...the two PoV's Ollie says "thats two more than I got"

Keesha still going on about April because she doesn't "get along with her" ......keesha says Libra says she "was the bigger competitor" because she's come in 2nd in all the comps...and thats why she's getting voted out....

brief FOTH

Michele going on about Libra and Keesha "she is a stuck up little bitch".....Michele going over her convo with Libra the first night with HOH and admits "she was the one"....and Michele trying to get who's idea was it to get Jessie out...Keesha saying Libra saying that her Ollie April and jessie were in an allinace...Keesha admits she knew Dan wanted to Keep Memphis....

michele saying that she told her "iwas the fourth vote" and her denials of Steven......Michele "she thinks I'm stupid"...

Reeney comes in..saying its 12:00 oclock were off slop.....go to the DR......"all three of us"

Reeney says that April and Libra are talking in SR and goes in and tells April "can I talk to you a minute"..they leave but feeds are not showing whats being said

libra denying she's the svengali of getting people to vote her way..telling BB to get her suitcase...Libra saying "thats why we don't get any alcohol..she's talking to Jerry and Ollie

Upstairs Aprilsays she's voting out Libra but next week shes voting out Keesha next week saying "the bitch" is gone next week..

Michele and Libra talking in 60s room...saying "its a game" shes not going to be fake..saying not her game is bad..but she took out someone close to her......Libra "at least I was honest" and "i said it" and goes on about her targeting her...Michele saying who said it....telling her who said it..'you have nothing to lose" and Libra throwing Keesha under that bus..it was her that told Libra that she had "three people in mind'..Libra saying she used deduction "the red unitard" "hawaiin vactaion " "jessie " and her had words..and put her name in from "deduction" from the events "what was I left with"......saying she never named any names to Keesha..

michele says the banner what was the reason Libra said she was targeted...saying 'I didn't go to college like you..but I can still read"...

Micheles saying she never went to any HOH and try to sway anything...going over the "revolving" HOH door...even though she only went into all hoh's once except April's she went twice...

Libra going on about Jessie wanting to use POV but michele cuts her off saying what that has to do with her...Libra saying they were close..Michele retorts with she was close to all seven..

Libra saying she wanted to get Jessie out after the fight and saying Keesha said that Jessie was targeting her too...Libra saying she wasn't the last one approached "buy didn't do the gathering" and corrects herself from earlier..

Michele warning her to be careful about switching words around Libra says 'do you think I'm the only one doing that"


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12:10am BBT-Michelle and Libra in Hippie room-rehashing everything. Before Michelle went in to that room, Keesha and REnny in K making Ice Cream stuff, Aprill and Ollie in Bed, Dan in bed, Jerry back to bed after getting his meds. Michelle passed April and had a quick convo--April said she will vote for Libra to go this week, but " That fucking bitch Keesha is gone next week" Now back to Hippie room with Mich and Lib--same old stuff as earlier, 2-headed snake, banner, etc. Now FOTH

Out for now--all yours Stephen--back in about an hour

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