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August 7 & 8 - Live Feed Updates

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7:32pm Renny comes in the hoh now.... michelle tells her that its one of those things that she never told any hoh and i never told anyone who to put up or throw anyone under the bus, and im the hoh now and im gonna make my own desicion, she goes on again and again about why then says she actually debated about putting keesha up, she deserves to be up there.... renny says i dont think you want keesha out, michelle says i dont want her out too.... renny says i told keesha why dont you offer michelle your hawaiian trip and she said fuck that...... michelle says that keesha is not a pawn to me she is the threat to me because with jessie gone im next, i should pack my bags and leave if i didnt think i was up next..... renny says most people like you; michelle says this is not personal, this just so happens that it personal and strategic...... and its not like i woke up yesterday and thought of this and renny and if we do the pov tomorrow and i would like you to respect my decision, im sure you will use it on keesha, i dont want you to use it but im not gonna tell you what to do, renny says hell no i want libra to go.... michelle says i think keesha has the people has the people to stay here, i would put my money on it, renny says if there is a tie vote you would have to break the tie, michelle says then it would be me to have to do it... michelle says i hope she comes and talks to me, renny says personally i think libra has a very selfish side, she cooked fried rice the other day and didnt give me any and hid it, she knows how much i love chinese...... michelle says i want you to look at eveything and make your decision, i know the pov is tomorrow and that will determine things, but i really want people to really look at things and i think people that have been up here every week living la vida loca and not seeing whats really going on, i went thru hell having him on the block every week.... michelles says she still doesnt know why jerry put them both up, she saw they didnt fight..... renny said i never asked him anything, they left me out of the loop on lots of stuff.... michelle says i know your not stupid and renny says i know your not either... michelle says i heard you say the other day why you talking to me now and that made me say, i like renny she says what she wants.... im just asking that you need to put yourself in my shoes and see what ive been thru, renny says i think keesha needs to talk to you..... michelle says i do too.... renny says i want keesha to stay, michelle says i know you do, i know you want her to stay, i know memphis does and im banking on dan, but im not sure, im sure ollie april and jerry feels the same way so for me that makes me sure that libra will go, im hoping so.... renny asks if she heard that dan was in an alliance with jerry, april ollie....... renny said it ticks me off that someone says that people talk behind peoples back, renny says we all do, michelle says actions speaks louder then words, michelle says i hope she comes and talks to me and respects my decision, and she realizes where im coming from.

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7:47.. sauna room.... keesha, dan and libra in there and keesha says that this house is so uncomfortable being in this house anymore, it has nothing to do with being on the block, its just soooooo uncomfortable. i hope that either dan, renny or memphis makes the final two if its not me, i would be so happy.... libra says if i dont make it i will be sick, dan said that jerry has bailed his son out of financial trouble in the hundreds of thousands of trouble, libra said he can use it or he wouldnt be here, come on.... dan says if they ask jerry what was your big move in the game you would here crickets..... jerry walks by..... renny walks in and they tell her april is looking for her, she walks out and looks for her in the kitchen... she runs into michelle and michelle wispers to her like 'say i left something in your drawer and you dont want me to go thru them"... renny disapears and comes out with some cloths and then goes back into her room i think... cameras didnt follow her

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8:09pm - april, ollie and jerry outside on couches, april says that michelle says she hasnt fed the fishes and dan goes running to do it, jerry says isnt it late to be kissing her ass, just then libra opens the sliding door and looks out then closes the door, april says is she wearing her pov jersey and jerry says i think it was a yellow sweater, april says is she wearing her pov jersey, whats she trying to say by wearing that? ollie says did you see how she saw us and went right back in..... they turn on memphis.... jerry says i know who im putting up if i win hoh... april says me too the same as this week, jerry says we have to protect her next week, ollie says we are all the same page, we know who is going, april says do not say anything bad about memphis to her, ollie says i wont, i almost did yesterday but we are going to have to do something about that, ollie says a double eviction is coming soon, april says it happens everytime, jerry says oh and they might bring someone back, april says they will they do it every year, usually after 3 or 4 people are in the jury house, jerry said they will let america vote someone in

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8:16pm - ollie, april and jerry still outside talking about what they would do with the money.... jerry says he would buy himself a harley but help his kids out.... april says joking i have a wedding to pay for then tells america and he parents she was just joking.... libra is in the sauna room by herself.... michelle heads up to her hoh room an dan is in the kitchen.... keesha was called to the Dr... dont know where renny or memphis are.... michelle gets in her room and tells the camera to come here and she winks and says hi to jessie, tells him im trying to do what you would, but there is is only 2 seats, one at a time baby, ... feeds turn to renny coming out of the toilet.... goes into sauna where libra tells her i know im her target, she trys to make feel stupid by saying lets talk... renny says i thought you had some fight in you, libra says i do, im gonna fight in pov but im not gonna go up there and say shit about keesha, im gonna fight my ass off tomorrow and thats all i can do.

renny said what did you tell michelle, libra said she asked me what people would you put up and i said its 3am and she says who would you put up and i said someone you wouldnt expect, someone close to me, you were coming after me and i was going to put you up, i would put her up against april or ollie.... feeds change..... michelle and dan in hoh again on 3/4 and dan,ollie,jerry in backyard on 1/2

michelle says she would love to tell libra on thursday, her parents anniversay, to get the hell out (then acts like she is doing the hula...lol) she says she wants to talk to keesha so bad because she wants her to understand that, she wants her to not listen to lies, to make up her own mind, i feel like keesha was talked into putting up angie, she deserves to be up there, but i want libra gone.... dan is saying he is gonna tell her something that if it gets back to him he will know she said something but on the hoh when they had to pick someone he picked libra and renny, i told everyone it was because they were the first two i saw but i wanted libra out and the on the pov, i had choice, i picked her you know why, michelle said cuz shes stupid, he said noooo she had been on slop..... michelle says she is the puppet master and by getting her out im cutting the strings (she makes a cutting motion like she is cutting a puppets strings) she then repeats how she wants to put up 2 friends.

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8:31pm dan asks what if libra wins the pov who will you put up, i mean who is coming after you, not me, keesha, april or ollie ... michelle says that im hoping that keesha renny april ollie all kill each other or jerry renny or keesha april, i would think they would go after each other and forget about me or memphis, this is what im banking on (she still hasnt answered his question) dan says after you talk to keesha i think there will be no question who she would put up, michelle says i want her to feel what jessie feels, i didnt put her up as a pawn, i know she has the votes to stay .... she says she knew she couldnt put dan up cuz it would come back to bite her in the ass, she isnt gonna sit back wait for the game to come to her, just make the biggest play, dan says if you get libra out this week, i dont see anyone coming after you

8:35pm ollie, jerry and april show has moved into the kitchen, they are eating.... jerry walks away and they start wispering, they got it down to an art, i cannot hear them.... april says i wonder whos up with michelle, ollie says probably renny, who else (i think he said renny im out for a bit)

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9:19pm BBT (just jumped on)

Michelle and Keesha in HOH talking. Michelle telling her exactly what she has told everyone else. Libra is her real target, not that she is a pawn but it's what made the most sense to get Libra out. Keesha saying she understands.

Looks like everyone else is sitting on couch in BY chatting about random things.

Memphis called to the DR

Dan and Libra alone in BY. Libra ask Dan if he made a deal with Michelle to not use the POV if he won, Dan said no. Libra says would you tell me, Dan says yes. Libra asks who will go up if she wins POV, Dan said he thinks he would go up. Libra says she HAS to win POV. Libra going over how many POV comps she has been close to winning. Dan just saying ummhmm.


Michelle/Keesha still having the same convo. Conversation just going in circles. Keesha not mad at Michelle, Michelle not mad at Keesha (don't think they are bonding enough for an alliance, I think they are trying to cover each others behind with this week and next-smooches)

9:32 BBT

April/Ollie in spa room whispering (can barely hear) Sounds like April is kinda worried about Michelle if POV is used. April said Michelle really likes Ollie though.

April changes convo to getting out of the house where she can change in the open if she wants too. April leaves to go get her clothes. Ollie by himself with his head down (breathing really loudly and 2 feeds are on this)

Other 2 feeds are on the neverending convo between Michelle/Keesha

Reeny just came into HOH to see if Keesha wanted to go walking, sits down and tells Keesha she doesn't think that she wants to walk now. Keesha/Michelle start with the same thing they have already said.

April jsut told Ollie she saw Reeny go up to HOH and when she (April) gets done (with clothes I think), she will go up to HOH because she is not scared of them.

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Dan/Libra still on BY couches. They aren't talking about much. Libra asks Dan if he knew for sure he would go up or was he guessing, (I think) he said he just felt he would (couldn't hear too well)

Libra rehashing to Dan her confessions to Michelle earlier. She tells Dan that her going after Steven saved Dan (think she is trying to get Dans vote-smooches) Libra gets up to go get her clothes to take a shower, Dan walks in behind her. Memphis in kitchen making a protein shake. Dan sitting at the bar eating.

9:50pm BBT

Michelle, Keesha and Reeny STILL in HOH Libra bashing. Still saying the same things over and over. Keesha asking if anyone noticed how at the food comp when Libra stepped up, noone clapped for her. Michelle said Brian said "okay, can someone give Libra a clap" Michelle says that someone went like this (claps once) They all laugh. Back to same convo again

April in Shower, Libra getting ready to get in, Neither are saying anything to the other. April done and gets out (she didn't wash her hair, it's in a ponytail). Libra jsut got in the shower. April wrapped in towel brushing her teeth.

10:02pm BBT

April just finished in bathroom. Libra still showering. They never said a word to each other.

Dan/Memphis playing chess outside HOH. April jsut went up to HOH. Michelle lets her in. April says "hi honey" Michelle "hi" April says "I haven't seen you all night" then goes and sits down. Keesha says she will leave and let them talk. Keesha and Michelle hug and Keesha leaves. Michelle now telling April what all she said to Keesha. Michelle telling April that Keesha isn't her target and April is just saying yeah and ummhmm.

Keesha now with Renny walking. Libra says she is going to bed. Keesha keeps saying what time is it. Libra says she is tired and going to bed. She walks in and then turns back to Keesha and says "you notice you couldn't be up there for 20 mins without April going up there"

Keesha/Renny walking and Keesha telling her what all Michelle said. renny asks does Keesha believe her and Keesha says yes. Keesha thinks that Michelle is blunt and straight forward. Renny says Michelle will probably put her up, Keesha says no, she won't. She thinks Michelle is being honest and feels good about the talk.

Keesha says she wants to tell Michelle that she is putting alot of this on Libra and April is not getting anything but she can't say anything right now given her position.

10:13pm BBT

Keesha/Renny walking and talking about Libra. Saying that right now libra is being calm, but after POV she will be on the campaign trail and it will get crazy in here. Keesha says that Michelle said to her that she thought of putting April up but it wouldn't get Libra out, too many wants April out.

2 feeds on Renny/Keesha walking,talking about the same convo Keesha had with Michelle

Memphis jsut walked out, he his playing pool (alone I think) Keesha/Renny say hi and they thought he was sleeping

2 feeds on Michelle/April rehashing her talk with Keesha.

(it's really the same convo over and over and over. I'm sick of hearing it-smooches)

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10:26pm BBT

Renny tells Keesha it may be her kinda comp (pov) and if they (bb) want her stay then she will. Keesha says they are probably like get her but outta here. Renny says to Memphis what does he think. Memphis says if one of them get HOH next week he will for sure be on the block. Keesha laughs and says she will right beside him.

Renny/Keesha walking and talking about Jerry and how annoying he is. Memphis says awile ago he had a plan for Jerry because he is always telling these stories, even he it's a story he has never heard, he was going to say to Jerry "you jsut told me that story like 10 mins ago, is everthing alright, you feeling okay" and say it too him everytime so he would think he was losing it or getting alzheimers. Keesha/Renny laugh. Then Memphis says he could take his stuff and put it in different place. Renny says Jerry thought Memphis hide his sweater earlier and it was by the sugar.

Renny says there goes Libra, Keesha asks if she was headed upstairs, Renny says no she was headed out here. Renny jsut corrected herself, it's not Libra, it's Ollie. Keesha and Memphis laugh because she thought Libra was Ollie.

Keesha says she is done walking and she is hungry. Renny says to have a pickle. Keesha is having a pickle and I have to switch feeds (cannot listen or watch her eat-smooches)

Michelle/April/Ollie in hoh talking about worst case scenerio (at the same time Dan/Keesha/Memphis outside having the exact same convo) Seems the entire house is for saving Keesha and getting Libra out.

Memphis called to the DR

10:47pm BBT

Dan/Keesha talking in BY. Keesha saying if Libra won POV they could totally backdoor April. Dan says Michelle wouldn't do that because she would have to worry next week Keesha says she will have to anyway because either way Libra would still be in the house and Libra would for sure vote out April. Dan is worried he will go up if one of them wins POV

Dan says he doesn't even want to be alone with Libra because all she does is ask if has deals and stuff. Keesha says she is too. she says Libra is following her around and she gets so tired of talking about the game and that's all Libra wants to do and it's the same thing over and over.

they are now wondering how thngs are being edited. Keesha saying she has one word about April editing "hi honey" Keesha says she is probably being edited as the bitch because Keesha flips out.

Keesha called to the DR

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10:55pm BBT

Memphis/Dan talking. Dan saying he had no idea Keesha and April hate for one another ran so deep.

Talking about they hope Michelle doesn't make any long term commitments with April/Ollie

Dan called to the DR

Keesha back outside with Memphis. She walks out and says she loves Renny, she is so funny and laughs. Keesha says Rennhy totally has her back no matter what, Memphis says yeah. Keesha says funny thing is that she doesn;t have an agreement with her, she jsut knows. Memphis says that's the way it should be. He says people that start swering ontheir mothers graves and all that is total bullshit. Memphis says he will go to bat for Keesha and Keesha says yeah you and Renny are the ones I trust and Keesha says she doesn;t have an agreement with either of them. Memphis feels the same way and it's the smartest way to play.

Dan back outside. Memphis says "what's your next assignment" Dan says "have fun"

Michelle called to the DR

April/Ollie go outside and want to play pool. They ask Memphis if he is in the middle of a game (couldn't hear his answer)

Dan/Keesha/Memphis talking about when they use to sit out and laugh. Just random talk now. Ollie/April playing pool, whispering about something (Keesah cackling so loud in the background I can't hear) april jsut asked Ollie if he was wearing underwear, he said no. April told Ollie they can't eat whatever they want tomorrow so don't get up and eat. He says he knows, April says she is just reminding him. Ollie says he wants some coffee, Aprils says no because it will keep him up all night and they have a comp. tomorrow.

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11:12pm BBT

Libra in bed. Keesha walks in and Libra says "you alright?" Keesha looks at her and Libra repeats "you alright?" Keesha "about as good as can be" Libra "what did Michelle tell you, you weren't the target" Keesha "no, she told me the reason she put me up was because I was after Jesse, but it's nothing I didn't already know" Libra "yeah" Libra asks Keesha if she told Michelle that April/Ollie wasn't after jesse (she rolls her eyes,being sarcastic) Keesha says she told Michelle that she heard that Michelle thought they convinced April to put Jesse up and that April did not need convincing to put jesse up. Libra really stressing. Keesha playing along with her. Libra says she is just ready for this to be over so she know where she stands (meaning pov I think) Keesha telling Libra about April coming in HOH and Jerry staring her down. Libra says she wishes we could backdoor one of those mother fucker so bad. She says she wishes they could talk Michelle into that shit. (I hate typing these swear words but it's what they are saying) Libra says they are going to need security in sequester because she will go crazy in a way she couldn't on national tv. They hear a clicking in one of the cameras

Libra says she will try to be her bestfriend next week (not sure who she is referring too, April or Michelle), if Keesha is still there. Libra says she set them up perfectly with the fight. Keesha says they all came outside so she came in. Libra says it's all over tomorrow at 10am, does she (Michelle, I think) know that. Keesha says yes. Keesha leaves and we get quick FOTH..

Keesha going to take a shower.

April/Ollie/Michelle talking about last season orgy after the wrap party. Ollie says that it came out mid season that James was busted for gay porno, Michelle says how do you cover that up? Ollie says bb covered it up and we get FOTH....

Feeds back 11:30pm BBT April/Ollie/Michelle now talking about the schedule for tomorrow. BB"you are not allowed to talk about production" They wonder who is in the diary room and who is talking about production. They hear sirens in the background (so do I)

Michelle walks off and April says to Ollie you can tell he doesn't have underwear on. April says it's mean.Ollie says disrespectful? April says no, not fair. Ollie says what do you mean?April says she gets worked up knowing he doesn't have any on. Ollie says that's how he feels when she is running around in those skimpy dresses (i've gotta go throw up). Talk turns pool. Antoher brief FOTH

Ollie says he should go say goodnight to you know who (meaning Libra's room) and ask if anyone wants anything to drink (being sarcastic)

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11:39pm BBT

Renny/Dan/Memphis talking about Stevens exit speech. Renny says he cleared it with BB first. BB "you are not allowed to talk about production) Talk turns to wondering what Steven is doing now, Dan says probably playing with his dog. Renny says he was so funny and such an exhibitionist. They are talking about their close calls with being caught naked on tv

Ollie/April playing pool in background. (I hear Jerry, think he is at the pool table)

Keesha out of the shower, in the bedroom with Libra brushing her hair. Talking about the POV comp tomorrow. BB"Libra do not obstruct you microphone" Keesha says sorry. Keesha/Libra whispering (can't hear..again) FOTH....

Feeds back. Keesha saying to Libra she totally forgot about those things (have no idea what) Libra asks where Renny is. Keesha says outside. Libra says she probably enjoying the air. Keesha says she is hungry. Libra had a protein shake earlier

Libra says a part of wishes there wasn't a jury house but a jury call that way she could see her kids....we get FOTH again (I have no idea why we keep getting FOTH) Feeds back after a couple minutes.

Same BY crew talking about hollywood stars. Ollie/April still playing pool. Keesha brushing her teeth. Libra still in bed.

Keesha back outside. They are talking about Brett Favre (guess they found out he was traded to NY at foodcomp).

Jerry out with Ollie/April playing pool talking about food.

11:57pm BBT

No game talk anywhere. Just random talk about high school reunions, growing up. Another brief FOTH...

Feed back, same random convos going on

12:05am BBT

Jerry says goodnight, he is going to bed.

April heads up to HOH and notices Michelle is down by the door and tells her tomorrow is a big day and she was going to bed. BB calls April to the DR. April says she looks like crap, she wishes she could wait until tomorrow.

BY Crew now trashing Jerry and April. Keesha says at least this week she won't have to see April because she will be stuck up Michelles ass.

Memphis says even Ollie/April treat Jerry like crap that they don't like him either. Everyone laughs. Still bashing Jerry.

Michelle walks outside and says what's up? They say they are just talking about high school reunions. Dans says what High School did she go to, Michelle says Cumberland High. Now Michelle is talking about her High School

Renny says she made someone mad at her 30 year because she asked her when she got those (meaning boobs) because in high school she had 2 fried eggs, everyone laughed. She later said sorry.

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