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July 27/28 - Live Feed Updates

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6:51 BBT: Keesha and Renny in HOH talking about someone trying to figure out who has money outside of the house. Renny said something about Rice University. Keesha says it doesn't matter, we are all here for the money. Renny said "she" (LIBRA) also looks at her stuff and says the name brand of her things outloud.

April & Ollie outside doing situps and other exercises. When they finish April says any hunger she had, she doesn't have anymore. Dan is on the elliptical. April and Ollie are playing basketball. FOTH

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6:55PM BBT: Renny and Keesha are in the HoH room. Keesha tells her that Angie never tried to cut any deals with her and wanting her out isn

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7:25PM BBT: Libra, Renny and Keesha are up in the HoH room. Keesha and Libra look to be getting ready for BBAD making sure they have their war paint on

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8:30BBT - BB calls Keesha to the DR.

Angie and Memphis on the BY couches with Dan and they're all chatting about what it's like to live in the BB house and Angie says it feels like the walls are closing in on her the last couple of days.

Someone is playing pool, but don't know who.

Memphis says it's hard when someone else is making decisions for you. Dan says he appreciates people on the outside so much more and Angie says that's the understatement of the year.

Dan notes it's not even 9:00 yet and Memphis notes the beer is all gone and wants someone to make a beer run.

Talk goes back to the BB house making a person appreciate their freedom.

All 3 note that the public is probably at home saying "You're on a damned TV show, quit bitching" or something like that.

Angie asks Dan to teach her something about biology and Dan says "I have summers off for a reason!"

Memphis suggests they learn about evolution. Memphis asks if "we" used to be monkeys. Dan says kids ask that question. Mem asks how Dan responds and Dan says it requires a lot of hand gestures.

Dan starts in on the teachings of the Catholic church and that we have a brain and free will because God wants us to figure things out for ourselves. He informs Angie and Mem that the Catholic Church recently declared that it's ok to believe in alien life. Not little green men, he clarifies. The conversation goes to the "Abyssal Zone" in the deepest parts of the oceans and Dan teaches about glow in the dark fishies.

Memphis says "We should go there" and Dan says if you went to the deepest parts of the oceans you'd implode and die. Then he explains the bends, but doesn't call it that.

Memphis talks about sink holes and tunnels he saw on TV in Tallahassee Florida that go to the ocean. He says it's like a lake that you can go down into that goes hundreds of feet into the earth and how they were explored by some guys for years.

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8:40 Mem, Ang and Dan still talking deep sea exploration, or lack thereof.

Memphis has lots of questions, but Dan says his interest is our government's secrets!

They smell someone BBQing or Philly Cheesesteaks, they don't know which.

Memphis wonders what people have dropped into the Abyss of the oceans (***Maybe Big Pussy from Sopranos?- MrsF***)

Dan comments that Steven's "suck it bitches" was the hilight of the season so far. They agree.

(**gotta run - someone take over**)

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8:45pm-ish BBT

In BY - Dan asking someone to throw a bootleg copy of The Dark Knight over the Big Brother walls, they will be "forever in debt" to them.

Angie, Dan, and Memphis discussing life outside the house and Angie being flagged down at the airport.

A, D, and M discussing having to change their cell phone numbers and how people can pay to get them online.

Memphis says to remind him to never go to Rhode Island. Begins to back track and then just laughs and says "I already put my foot in my mouth..."

9:00pm BBT

In BY - Angie and Jessie discussing sabotaging themselves.

J says there is no point in staying if he is just going to be voted out in a few weeks anyway.

A says she hates everyone and tells J to lay low so she can leave.

9:10-9:20pm BBT

In BY - Jessie saying that he would not press his thoughts and beliefs on other people, mentions Jerry reading the Bible "out of nowhere". Angie says he might have nothing else to do as he has no one to really talk to.

Jessie says Jerry could have had Michelle and Jessie to talk to but he tried to be controlling.

Jessie says that he has "won everything and been everywhere" and "seen every aspect of the game in two weeks already" then corrects himself to three weeks. J ays "nobody else knows what I know" (uh, cocky much? - Brit973)

Angie says the only thing she has been thinking of when she lays down each night is how great it will be to leave, Jessie agrees. A says she still doesn't really understand what she has done to constitute her nomination. They agree that it is because they refuse to kiss ass.

A and J continue to discuss not minding to get away from the house and how they will regret not leaving. J regrets missing out on "things" and "opportunities" outside the house.

Memphis comes out into the BY and says Keesha was asking if he liked giving oral.

Angie and Jessie calling leaving the house a "priviledge".

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9:28pm BBT

Memphis, Angie and Jessie in BY

Think they just heard someone ask if they wanted to see the colonel change his teeth...

They can still hear other HGs talking about Jerry's dentures.

Angie says April keeps looking at herself in the mirror in the kitchen. Jessie says they have probably put it in the show and A says she doesn't know if April realizes they are two-way mirrors.

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9:40pm BBT

In BY - Memphis asks what they will do tomorrow... "Oh yeah, the same thing we did today"

Angie is excited about packing her suitcase the next day. Jessie says he will be in the same position as her in the next few weeks.

Jessie says he will turn and smile, gives thumbs up sign, if he is still in the HOH competition and Libra and Jerry get out.

A speculates she should be a bitch the next day to make sure she goes home. J says he will have to one up her if she does that. A says he is not going home.

J says he will have to re-think his whole plan if he stays in the house. Says that he will have to re-think being respectful and that he hasn't really attacked anyone yet.

J goes into movie quotes again (*Third movie he has quoted in the past half hour... And I do mean movie, not just quick passages or quotes.*)

A, M, and J speculate on how they fell out of favor in the house. A says it is because they have not been hanging out with the new HOH but they had the upper hand when Jessie was HOH.

A still going on about how angry she will be if J leaves, says she thinks it is the first time noth nominees are battling out because they both want to go home.

(*going to bed! someone pick up where I left off* :sleep1: )

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11:00 BBT

Outside Angie and Memphis talking about the game...Dan being a floater......Angie saying "I can't say a bad thing about Ollie" even if he's in their alliance....Angie saying its the actions she goes off of and that's why she thinks its April and Libra causing the trouble..

Memphis is saying he wants to approach Ollie about Libra....just in case he gets HOH and get some sort of some agreement even before HOH..telling Ollie he wouldn't go after him..saying he would rather compete with him at the end......Angie saying she thinks Ollie would be truthful..

Memphis say he'll talk to Dan also just in case he gets HOH..saying no matter how important alliances are..."you need to watch your own back"

Angie saying Jesse and Michelle who they are going after....Memphis saying "they're fucking stupid" if they don't get Jesse out now...Angie "they are stupid"

Making fun of Jesse "saying "you're all going down"..Angie saying she has made herself "grossly underestimated"..and would be "shocked" if she stays...Memphis says she should try to talk to Keesha again..Angie says she could plant the seed who is better competitor and is causing trouble..

Memphis says "talk to dan" "fell him out" and get the" conis..consa...consesus" of who's going home...

Angie says she keeps flip flopping about wanting to stay or leave.....talking to Dan is definitely on her agenda tomorrow..

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11:13 BBT

Memphis goes in and Angie just laying outside by herself..

Indoors Jerry April Reeney Libra and Keesha talking with Keesha saying she is going to watch BB10 over and over....

Keesha says "you have to buy it" the dvd of the season...April says she would because it would be betterthan "sitting on the computer"

They are talking about being "10 pounds heavier" on TV

In the sauna room Michele and Jesse talking Michele saying her family saying "do whatever it takes"....Memphis comes in...Michele asking if its cold he says its cool and she comments on his "fancy jeans" she wants...

they are whispering about pictures and someone being self conscience about theirs...talking about how good their pics came out with Michele saying "Don't hates us because we're beautiful"

Jesse says what's "Leeches problem {Dan} about looking at himself in the mirror....also abot "scarecrow" {April} too..ragging on her hair and her makeup......

Michele saying "i've been doing modeling since i was 14" Jeese asks for what..she says "casinos" and "hair salons" "few movies" and "a few documentaries for TV"..she is also talking about something she's been on TLC..{sorry missed it}

Outdoors Memphis and Angie talking again.....

Inside Libra talking about all the places she's been in Los Angeles.....Libra goes on all the places she's been for breakfast...and goes back to who saw what when they arrived in LA...April says "very dirty" {pot meet kettle} Libra gets upset when she gets BB warning to talk about production..and places... Reeney going on abot a comic club "the one I'm not suppose to talk about"....

BB producer says "I just want to clarify about what you were talking about" then camera switch to outside...

Keesha "11:30.....1/2 hour till your birthday" she tells Reeney...Reeney saying her theme "Bells and Whistles"

Memphsi goes to DR and Keesha says "to ask for champagne" ..Libra says she doubts he'll ask..Kessha sure he will because he will want some..

Reeney saying she wants lobster for her birthday {Obviously she's never seen BB's ghetto birthday parties}...and its sets Jerry into a lobster story....Reeney laughing {time to switch camera}

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11:34 BBT

Dan talking about the old days when they would sit outside and laugh......with Angie and Memphis..they are telling Dan about their sock puppet show from last night....

Memphis laughing at Jerry's paper airplane skills saying "any thir grader" could make it fly...

Dan and Angie talking about how they didn't like each other at first but when he started hanging out outside they got along

Memphis asking what he would do with the $500k....saying he would pay his Mom's house off and invest the rest so he can stay teaching where he's at because he doesn't want to teach in "public school" wher he can make more money...

Angie saying she would use it to "go back to school" becaose a "physician assistant" because she wanted to be a doctor but ended up with a degree in Advertising...but has a lot of science classes .....Memphis saying "they make a shit load of money"

Memphis if he won.."I don't know ..maybe invest" saying he only needs $50k for his clothing line...and "buy my mom a new Car" and help fix up their cabin by the lake....Memphis saying his "step dad" lost a lot of his retirement in the stock market.."it hit him hard" maybe "just help out his family" saying now "1977 Bronco"..Memphis thinking about selling his car to get that bronco..

Dan ask Angie to whisper the company she works for and we get FOTH briefly...

Making fun of Memphis ever growing resume and all the jobs he's had..

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11:52 BBT

Memphis talking about the Kids and medications and his experiences with them and some of the kids he was involved in a study he made "$500/day"

Dan saying he's going in 10 mins for Reeney 's B day...

Angie saying usually she's excited for people..but here..."screw you" they laugh..

Memphis saying he likes hearing "what people will do with the money" ...says his friend says he should sit on the money for a year..so you don't impulse spend..

Memphis says "i need the full amount of money" Angie "the stipend" he says yes so he doesn't have to head straight back to work..

12:00 BBT Dan never comes back to tell them as they Celebrate Reeney's Birthday...heard yelling and cheers...."thanks Dan" after they run in...

"reeney Reeney'" I guess its time to stand on my head" she does it...everyone cheers.. someone says "Jerry you're next"...he says no...

Michele "Champagne..champagne...champagne"

Jesse asks her "most memorable birthday" she says "My 40th"

Everyone in LR for Reeney's birthday...

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