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September 17 & 18 Live Feed Thread

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10:39 BBT

Dani saying "what about all the stupid conversations" that CBS will show that they have forgotten about...

"tomoorow we can talk about our DR all we want mother fucker" Dick yells jokingly back to BB after being warned about bot talkinng about DR sessions..BB"thank you"

"there is no way of watching this show and not hate her".."I hope Chicken George despises her" Say Dani....saying we who watch should hate Jen and have no reason to like her...

"these people" Dick..Dani "uck..so disgusting"

"if you don't be quiet there's no tetherball around here I'm going have to use one of your heads.....stupid" Dani says [?]

Dani wonders "if people in real life who know you and hate you" caught this show and saw you...Dick says back"there's a lot of people who like me you know"

Dick searching for something to drink..."apple juice"

Dick "there is no nothing" nothing to advertise" "no product" No company" a Myspace page that only Zach has the password too...Dick saying about DolphinCrash....."what a brain"

Dick just thinking about "i don't remember" when Dani asks "what's wrong with you"

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10:50 BBt

"I wish this game would end so we can eat dessert" ..Dani "i thought you meant BB"

Dani "I wonders what's going to happen tomorrow"

Dick saying the vote will be at the end...talking about "boring nonsense" and editing "2 hours worth of crap"

Dani "what's wrong with you you look like crap all of a sudden"..Dick laughs saying "I'm tired" and wants dessert

"eveything is a pity party for Amber..everything" when Dani wonders if they'll show the banner at tomorrow's finale....

"how about Amber not shutting up about her boyfriend proposing" "she's mental".....making fun of Amber..and wearing diapers so her boyfriend doesn't have to wipe her "ass in the middle of the ceremony"

Dick says people says "3 kids and go get snipped" Dick says "just like China" saying more is too many...Dani "shut up" saying people cab have as many as they like...

"what's Vincents new phone #.....562 that's all I know" Dani says...Dick tells Vincent to bring his Mac computer..some gum and his phone and charger...Dani "and a gun"[lol]

Veto reminscing.....

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11:00 BBT

making fun of Joe and his "super sexy 6" and "velvet mafia" alliances...calling him "stupid Joe" laughing it fell apart when he "tried recruiting Eric"

"dick says he was wondering if they have started thinking "designs for next year" Dani says they have "an idea or two" but no "brainstorming"

making fun of character twists.....saying its been done..

Dick didn't know "CBS owned MTV and VH1"

"when do you think we get paid" Dick answers "soon I hope"..."dani me I've got places to go people to see ..bills to pay".........Dick saying eveyone neeeds it "except for Jen" ..Dani say she was "under the impression" they get it at the wrap party.......

Dani "lindsay has probably been on the show more "than anyone who wasn't a cast member....Dick "Vincent too".since he was in both their HOH pics..

Talking about Vincent and Linsay coming tomorrow..

their never ending card game continues...talking about commercials while playing

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11:10 BBT

Dani can't wait to wake up in a house without Dustin and Dick talking about his pot and pan banging session asking Dani if she would have enjoyed doing it to Dustin...Dani says no..but Dick isn't buying it..

Dick says "they haven't had an Alice" Dick saying "they had you"....talking about Alice in Wonderland theme..Dani going on about a Wizrd of Oz theme complete with poppies, witches castle....

Dick "I wish we didn't start this" about their 2 hr card game of War...Dick "this game's killing me"..."ok I'm calling a break..I want dessert and a cigarette"

"dani wonders if JC ever heard about "little Juile Chicken"

Dick "go from sitting in one spot to sitting in another spot" as he heads out to smoke and spit.

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11:21 BBT

Dick telling us/cameras.."last night".........Dick yawning...[looking really tired]

and the says "I'm tired"

Dani is doing her last minute laundry..........

Showtoo is scrolling a message thanking "all our loyal viewers.... this summer" [your welcome]

Dick heads indoors and tells Dani 'i'm tired"..."if I went to sleep now I probably wake up at three and be up all night"

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11:28 BBT

Dick come out of the bathrrom and Dani has dessert set up..."what with all the flies" swatting em away..Dani saying "they add flavor"

They are at the Pic wall saying "Jen's pic is lovely" making fun of her eyes and Dani making fun of Jessica's eyes...

well it looks like dessert is finally getting eaten..Dani "this house" Dick "these people" Dani "this summer must end...TODAY"

playful bickering..."you're annoying" "you're an idiot" and Dani compalining about the microwave.."you don't think that thing reeks to death"..Dick agrees...

eating finally.....

Dani "what was with Eric" always wanting sprinkles.."rainbow sprinkles"...laughing about Joe saying "look a rainbow they follows me everywhere I go" after cleaning up after "Butter me up" POV..Dick says "you love him" and Dani jokingly says "I should have evicted you" saying "joe was probably pissed when he got home" when he say how her and Nick "campaigned against him"

well "this cheesecake sucks" Dani declares....as they both shovel in the sweets...

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11:37 BBT

Dani wonders if anyone "watching the Power of 10" that saw them that didn't watch BB tuned in after seeing them..Dick "with Amber..are you kidding".......making fun of amber saying "she says everything happens for a reason and what was that reason...looking like a complete and total ass" in from of an all new audience..Dick making fun how she didn't know what scrutinized meant........Dani saying everytime she cried she thought the audience loved her more..

Dani says if she got out she would die if Amber "was really America's Favorite" [no worry about that]

Dick saying "I'm very tired" as he cleans up.........

Dani saying Dr was asking "bizarro questions about you" gets BB warning......

"i feel ill" dani says saying because "I'm standing next to Jen's picture"

[wow Dani is really on a surgar high]

Dani really smiling and gigling talking about Joe...Dick saying "we hung out with very different people in the beginning"....talking about hanging with Zach..Dani says she never hung out with Zach..."he followed us around"

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11:49 BBT

Dick talking about going to bed within the hour...

Dani on a manic high..meowing and getting a warning form BB "please stop singing"......

they have resumed their card game...

"are you really going to bed"..Dick "I'm tired" Dani "i'm bored"....Dick saying just a while ago you said "you look like hell"..Dani correcting him saying "I said you look like crap"[lol]

making fun of Amber and making up stupid Jury questions..she would ask...

11:53 BBT "I wonder if her sister is a whack job too" Dani says about Amber...Dick saying yes...Dani "there has to be someone normal"..Dick "can you imagine Amber on drugs" Dani saying maybe she's better...

Dick exasperated with "the longest game of war in history" according to Dani...

Making fun of Zach....how he would "get all pissed" when they said he was an astronaut...Dani who cares since someone started "something about him" Dani says "EXtreme Dating" Zach was naked so BB is the 2nd reality show he's been naked...."I have a 1/2 inch penis and i'm not afraid to show it" Dick mocks Zach...Bashing continues...

Well Big Brother After Dark has ended for the season at 11:58 BBT.... [gypped 2 minutes]

Dick saying "eric has more respect for the game" when Dani says she wasn't surpised he didn't have them do "rock papper scissors"

Dani "can't wait to see Kail...MOMMIE"

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12:02 BBT

Dani realizes they didn't get to says goodbye.."Goodbye Showtime"

they are still playing war......and bashing.......

Dani-"stupidest competeition name"..Dani "tickle me veto".."isn't that awful" "what a horrible name" Dick "if you guys need some writers..I'm free after I leave"

Dani talking how chessey they made her run around dog beach and have a picnic ..running around and "giggle"...at the beginning .

Dick was with Vincent at a club..playing the drums....."rock is the way I roll"

"and the commentary has stopped" Dick "what from me"..Dani "yeah"

game almost over....

making fun of zach saying his had something to do with chess "check is the way I mate"..talking about his "mom must of been dying" when everyone was ripping on him..saying "I bet she was crying"...but says 'his family seems nice"..then continues to Zach bash...

talking about "its almost over" Dick "maybe" Dani "it is" and we get FOTH

12:15 BBT

Dick outside by himself smoking...


"do they give the fucking cricketts bread or something"

[not saying anything of interest]

he heads inside and we get foth with trivia.....

12:30 BBT

FOTH with Trivia [i'm guessing production must be inside the house]

12:45 BBT Still the same as above'..Not much going on prior to that just the usual bashing and mocking...but both were in great moods tonight..[can't see how you couldn't be.. knowing you'll be $550k richer in less than 24 hrs] with that

[i'm out..thanks for a great BB summer and sorry for all my typos...till next summer..night all]

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3:00 am BB Time

D/D at the kitchen bar talking about past HGs and using one word to describe every HG:


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Dick out in the backyard smoking.

Dani at the dinner table with her head down thinking.

*looks like they are done and done*

*last live feed post of the year for me...be well everyone..its been fun!!*

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4:50 A.M. BBT

HG's now inside talking about the previous HG's.

Made fun of Carol always wearing sweat pants.

Talked about Eric and Jess kissing on Jess's way out of the house.

Now talking about Eric's T-shirts. The oregon trail.

Dani was giving Dick a little crap about some of his shirts, trying to switch topics to Amber.

Other things they would want to burn.

Carol's granny panties.

Amber's Lemon Shirts

Dustin's shorts, his pubic hair stuck out. Gray t-shirts and his capri pants.

Jen, every single one of her bathing suits and jen shirts.

Jessica - Slippers and the too pretty to work shirt.

Mike - Needed to wear a shirt more.

Zach - Hook necklaces and the dolphin crash collection. Dick wanted to know if the MF'er brought any other clothes.

Discussing if they will get a 11:00 a.m. wake up call, they don't think so.

Dick headed to the BY for a smoke, told Dani to think of some more good ones.

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5:05 A.M. BBT

Dani has been plucking her eyebrows, Dick out smoking.

Okay back at it, slogans or memorable quotes for the prior HG's t-shirts.

Kail - What is this the Kail show? Or the Mayor of Rainbow, Oregon. Vote for Kail. 19% politician. Sexist bunny.

Jameka - Your momma or Dick's Momma is a f'in bitch. Don't always believe in a majic ping pong ball. Hmm, hmmm, hmmm,

Nick - I'll use your head for a teather ball. Karma baby.

Carol - I don't want to be here, you owe me 5 dollars. Sorry dad.

Eric - Oh dear, Oh for the love of god, you are lucky it is a fast forward week. Hi Earl.

Amber - The bottle never lies, I went home on Thursday. I can't even look at the hot tub, I can't eat tacos.

Joe - I'm a lobster, oh my knees, I'm a 57% better boyfriend, story time, plagerism.

Jen - me, me, me, me. I was mad at big brother. Don't buy an u. Best competitor. I ran away from home because I didn't like rules. Family, I want pictures of my friends. This picture would look better in black and white any way.

Dustin - Princess, silence

Jessica - Booyah, coors lite

Zach - FSA, mastermind, the muscle. I'm in 29 alliances that I'm the only member of.

Dani just came up with a new nick name for Amber.....Wamber, Dani just said did you hear that America? They said the whole house would have used it. They are wishing they came up with the name months ago. Dani is mad she just came up with it.

[sorry I am off to work and can't do more]

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D & D are at the kitchen bar still discussing pass house guests and laughing together. [nice to see them laughing and having fun]

Nick -nick name bad Nick... dani says taco's or hot tub.

Amber - I can look at the hot tub.. I can't eat tacos'

Carol - trinkle toes... dancing drama queen

Eric - angry jew rabbit and CP ... crazy eye person

Amber - Wamber [wonder if DR told her] they are laughing hard... dani ask cameras "Did you hear that America"

Joe - lobster claws... super sexy single

Jen - eweee .. how many 4 letter words can we think of "c unt".. fable

Dustin - princess.. prissy princess

Mike - Meat log mike... Mike the maid

Zach - Rouger

Dani ask Dick if he has any.. for the next round

Stupid/Funniest or Duffus Mannerism

Kail - not talking .. not smiling

Jam - ummmmm ummmmmm.. the clapping... the bulging eyes when mad

Nick - chewing on his hands

Eric - leaning into his plate to eat... shifty eyes...moving strange

Carol - over the top posture .. arched back ... her walk..

Amber - Wamber ... squalling all the time..the duck walk

Joe - concentrating face... smoking face.. eye flutter

Dustin - mouth

Jessica - nothing they noticed... slept too much.. she was typical person.

Mike - eye movements..sleeping weird to protect hair do.

Zach - million things .. too much. zach had a scar from a belly button ring..how gay. Got it after he came home from hawaii.

Joe has scar from belly button ring

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7:22 AM - BBT - Just checked in on the Danotos, both are sound asleep in their respective bed.

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8:25am bbt D/D are asleep (if anyone cares still)

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9:50 AM - BBT - All four cameras are on Dick, sleeping. Haven't seen Daniele on camera in quite some time. A few minutes ago, two of the cameras went to the BY, watching a swarm of some type of bugs flying around. Then I heard sirens in the background.

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1:25pm bbt still trivia (are the feeds over for the year? :cry: )

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