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September 7, Live Feed Updates

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6:00AM BBT: Yes, they are still chatting across the room, very much like a sleepover and keeping each other awake with quick memories and silly giggles.

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Jameka & Dani in the small room talking about past HG'sJameka "wow eric ummm mmm mm"Jam"eric try to take you out during the comp"Dani"he mould me.. punch me... I felt I was in cops or something"Jam"I cant wait to see the video..."Dani"zack" "he even uses eric as a boost"Dani"so freaken much happend today"Jam"yea but..Dani"oh well"Jam"the thing is I overlooked"Dani"reeeaally"Jam"just like the visitors we studies all the stuff but its all basic"Dani"were overthingking it"Dani"he was too much tonight"(zack) " some people enjoy it a little too much... oh well"Jam"mm hhmmm"All HG's sleeping now.

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8:25am bbt

Just in case anyone's wondering... everyone still sleeping

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10:10am bbt

Zach is soaking in the Hot Tub, Dick is roaming around the Hot Tub

Daniele is brushing her teeth and Jameka was walking in and out of the bath room area

(yep, everyone is up for the day)

10:30am bbt

Everyone has found their respective place... Dick is smoking on the patio(and doing laundry), Zach is soaking in the hottub, Daniele is sunning on a lounger, and Jameka is napping on the hammock... not much conversation going on...

Daniele/Jameka briefly talk again on what the issue was between Jessica and Carol, speculating if it was something to do with their parents

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10:15AM BBT: Daniele and Jameka are in the bathroom doing ADLs. Dick is outside with Zach asking him not to put Daniele and Dick up on the block together. Zach says, "It doesn't really matter." But Dick thinks it does. Jameka joins them and the conversation stops.

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I heard Dick from my laundry saying, "I'm still here mother f&*(ers."

Lots of sighing going on. I think Dick is on the couch smoking, I can't see him on the feeds. But I can hear him cough and spit. Daniele tanning still, Zach in the pool deep in thought. Jameka isn't on a feed.

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Danielle and Dick in BY on couches

Jameka in Hammock

Zach in Pool

BB is asking Danielle to put her mic on.

Dani cuts BB off and yells "It's on please give it a rest already"

Dani saying to Dick "HE can't put both of us up"

Dani can't hear Dick (NIETHER CAN I)

Dani says about Zach she deson't wanna interrupt his "meditating"

And my phone rang I missed the rest

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Lock down is over

Dani: OMG Jess and Eric are back (Everyone laughs) We are doomed

Dick: They are gonna kill us they have knifes

Dani: Green Plastic ones


The table is smaller they say it's ugly

Dani: I'm hungry I wan't food

Dick: What do you want I'll make you something

Dani: NO I'll make it

Jameka: Anyone using the bathroom

Everyone - No

Dick" Why are you pooping

Jameka: Oh yea

Dick: Wait let me pee first

Jameka looking at wall

Jameka in bathroom ..Dick comes, Jameka says "Nick of time" Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Dick washing his hands and burps

Feed four is foth


Danielle in bedroom

Dick in Bedroom with Danielle asking if there are any clean towels

Dick says "Oh everyone is getting the nominating treatment"

Danielle "OR ARE THEY"

Dick says "I am" with a chuckle

Dick goes in bahtroom "PU that creeped out of teh door" EWWW

Jamke says sorry

Dani asking Dick if he's taking orders for breakfsat, says she wants an omelet

Zach alone in HOH room

Dick yelling at BB cuz there is no hot water

Dani wants a brocolli , ham and cheese omelet

Dick asks if he has to cook broccoli first lol

Dani says just put it all together

Dick never heard of broccoli omelet

Jamkea yelling about cold water, Dick yells 8 days is up "MFs"

Dick yells "DAY 9"

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Dani went to HOH and began with "I want to know if you're going to put us up together because if you do, one of us will go home." Zach says, I know that" and a 10-minute debate begins. (See video thread)

<Zach stands his ground and for once Dani can't railroad someone into a new position.>

When the discussion ends and Dani has already gone out the door, Zach mutters, "Dani, you're an idot." Quoting her, he mimics, "Nobody can beat my dad?"

His last statement aloud: "Your dad's an idiot."

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Zach and Dani in HOH room

Missed a lot of conversation cuz of a phone call

Danielle is obviously scared and huffy. Basically saying her and dick had his back and that it sux.

Zach is saying he has a good chance of going into final 2 with saving Jameka.

Danielle saying that zach is saying that doesn't believe in himself to keep dani and dad in the game.

Zach says he belives in stats. Zach is saying its better having a 3 percent chance vs. 0 chance. (Dani begging practically)

Zach: IF I take Jameka to the end if I play and dont' succeed I have a better chance going to the end then going with Dani or Dad

ZacH: There is NO possibility getting to final 2 with Dani and Dick

Zach: There is a possibility with Jameka

Zach: I"m thinking it over, what is the best scenario for me. I am playin this on instinct. He says it sux he won HOH, but he has this poisition of power and he has to figure out what to do. He has to worry about himself. Playing chess against himself eating alone, everyone had an alliance except him.

Danielle: I"m not gonna touch this subject, but do you what you want I won't be mad, "whatever."

Danielle" Do what is better for you I've been in that position it sux

Zach: I'm here to play a game

Danielle: there's nothing wrong with that

Dani now in kitchen with Dick and Jameka

Dani now whispering to Dick about Zach saying he has no chance getting to final 2 as long as D/D are in the game.

Danielle is saying that a LOT of people had his Back (Zach didn't believe him cuz he said he floated a lone for a long time)

Dani told Zach that Dick has his back since week 2..Zach said that "I'ld like to believe it but I can't"

D/D talking about how even Dani doesn't think he'd win in F2 against Dick cuz Dick played teh better game

Dick saying he's going to go talk to him

(D/D are really ripping and scared )

Danielle and Dick in Kitchen":

Dani: Maybe it'll be a drinking water comp and he'll get DQ'ed (Zach)

Dick: I'm not gonna worry about it

Dani: He (zach) said "I threw so many competitions"

Dick: "F" him

Zach in HOH room STARING at his letter for about 10 mins now

Jameka out of cold shower

Dick doing dishes

Dani said she was going to go "ask questions" about stuff in the house

Dani to Dick: Don't be mad at ME

Dick says someting

Dani: Hello I am too (Obviously they are livid at Zach if Zach sticks to contemplating putting them up)

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Zach still in the same spot, on his bed with his letter from home in his hand. It appears he is also glancing at the spy screen, where he would see D&D in the kitchen, doing close-up whispering.

In response to bebecka's last statement above:

The one other thing Zach said (after 3 or 4 minutes of silence) was "Yup, you two are goin' up."

12:37 bbt

Zach just walked through with a bag (of clothes?). Don't know that they saw him. D/D are now both outside. Dani tells him that if Zach wins the POV he can change one of his nominations. Dick is now saying he's not going to talk to him. Dani doesn't seem to like that either.

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(All feeds on backyard)

They work hard on psyching each other up. They trash Zach. They trash his choice of Jameka. They revert to "All we have to do is win the POV."

Dick: "Honestly, maybe this is what I really needed to get focused, cuz right now I'm dialed.... whatever it is it is. And the nominations don't matter all that much anyway. It's all about winning the POV."

..."And you know what? He's right, bottom line. That we would take Jameka."

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Thanks Katy!! (I hope it's true on that sidenote)

D/D in BY

Danielle saying the only thing harder than this game in her life has been her granpa being very sick and dying. Not everyone in this house may not say that personally I feel that "I'VE BEEN THROUGH A LOT IN THIS HOUSE"

Dick says Zach WILL NOT win against the 3 of them . HE(zach) is playhing for 2nd place and he knows it.

Dani mocking Zach: I'm not coming all this way for nothing.

Dick: We HELPED him come this way. You know we turned on Jess and Eric it's the way it should be, but if HE (Zach) turns on US it's a "F'n lie (Hnmm)

Dani: It's not the FIRST time someone hasn't turned or lied to us

Dick: We can do this it's just 1 compeition

Danielle: It's so much easier sad than done.

Dani: I just want to win it, and look at him and say "Well I guess you have a 0 percent chance going to F2"

Dick: He has 0 chance of winning and if he wants to give it to Jameka who has done (Bleep) in this game then he's a (Bleep blee bleep)

DIck: I'm not stressing (YOUR NOT??)

Dani: All of thise would of been prevented if I put one more square on that stupid thing. I hate myself. I will live with this therest of my life (oh boy)

Dani: I hate myself and lets out a big sigh

Dick: All we have to do is win POV

Dani: All I had to do is know how many houseguests there were and I couldnt do that

(They are talking really fast trying my best)

Dick: The most important compeition so far coming up

Dani: The 3rd one out does go to Jury house for a couople days and it doesn't make sense to her

Dick: Yes it does make sense

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D/D in BY


Dani: Dont' you think its weird how they are reusing competitions this year

Dick: It's not weird they recycle a lot

Dani: Anything new?

Dick: Everything is take off on someone else

my feeds froze they are talking about final POV (Season 4 had a pyramid etc)

Dani complaining and whining about different POV and HOH Scenarios and contests

Dick: I need to get extremely focused

Dani: Do yo uneed to go yell at him and smack in his face if that'll help go ahead

Dick: Whatever it is it is..the nominations dont' matter that much anyway they to a certain extend..WE have more than a 50 50 chance(If they combine everything that they have won)..Jameka hasn't won Sh*t..

OK MY feeds keep freeizing its annoying me

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Dani to Jameka in Bedroon

Dani: I HATE Zach

Jameka' Dont' say that about your brother

Dani: No you know what he said he said he's played the BEST game in this house (ARE YOU KIDDING ME DANI SAYS OUTLOUD)

Dani to Jameka today doesn't matter

Jameka "YEs it does"

Dani: Nominations "No" Just POV

Jameka: Yea POV

Dani: I jsut want to go to bed

Now talking about yesterdays POV

Dani: I am SO MAD about POV yesterday not knowing how many people in this house if I go hoem because of this I will NEVER be able to live with myself (parapharsing)

Dick in room and out

Dani: IT's so easy to look back and saying "I jsut wish I would of done this and that" It's sso different

(Side note Jameka saying a lot of ummm hmmms not talking to much)

Jameka: The hurrying of time I'm not a big fan

Dani: if they ask what percentage of Americans think Zach would win I would win that (being sarcastic)

Dani: I'm a WRECK I can not sleep

(sidenote Dani doesnt' take rejecton very well does she?)


Dick says to BB that he wants to be called into the DR if Zach is in there if he gets out cuz he wants to ask a question

Dick in BY Smoking, spittin, hacking the usual

Dick: (Lots of F bombs dropping) We win POV Go final 3 F him (zach) F her (Jameka) one of us wil iwn this Fin game end of Fin story

spitting, hacking, smoking

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Zach in Dick in BY (this outta be good)

Dick: Basically we had a deal to go to the F3

Zach : Yup

Dick: We held up our deal but you are gonna do what u want. There's been a lot of s*t since the beginning of this game

Zach: At this point in F4 you have to do what want for yourself.

Dick: I dont' even want to have this convo with you we agreed to bring you to F3. Dani had your back since NIck left and you kn ow it.

Dick: You better hope you win POV

Zach: It doesn't matter at this point

Zach: If you end up surviving your in F3 anyway

Zach back in HOH room

Zach saying to himself Fear is not gonna work buddy (Talking about to himself about DIck)

Zach sayjng "OH Big Brother"

Your plahying for a half million dollars do you honestly think your gonna give 2 sh*ts about me?

Zach mumbling other stuff to himself


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(video of above available)

Dick goes to his room. Zach goes to HOH. They cross paths (in silence) once via the kitchen as Zach ends up outside on the chaise, eating a sandwich.


It is silence everywhere.

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Zach in Hoh room talking to himself. He said that if they win, their lives will be changed, and in 6 months, or 3 months, they won't give a shit about him. He then states that if he wins, he won't give a shit about them. Zach goes downstairs and rummages through the fridge for something to eat. He makes a sandwich and gets something to drink (gatorade, maybe) and goes outside to eat. He asks out loud if they think they can get through the whole game without doing anything. Thinking hard, but not out loud.

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Feeds 1/2 on Zach eating in the back yard, no talking.

Feeds 3/4 on Dick sleeping (or resting) on his round bed. Also not talking.


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Zach finishes his sandwich and goes inside and sits in the LR. Dick turns over, gets another pillow, and says "It's all about the POV".

Zach goes to storage room, then back to HoH room and lays down, yawning. (I can sympathize!)

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Zach listening to music with the headphones on. Dick gets up and mumbles about something not being a big deal, then goes to get something to drink, goes outside and spits, burps, lights up, etc. Dick says it aint't nothing he hasn't been through before, and "All good, man". Continues smoking and spitting, chewing his fingers....

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