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August 26, Live Feed Updates

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Eric is now telling her everything hes was thinking.....an everything she was thinking......an wants to know what she is thinking know...he just thinks way to much

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they spend the next few minutes talking about what he thinks she has been thinking all this time. Like why is he laying on me

She says today is day 57. He won his first POV and they had their first kiss!

He says it was a tad awkward.

she says but it worked out

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ITs so funny how they are rehasing the details leading up to the event. Talking about what was awkard, but now it will be easier. Its mainly coming from Eric who is saying he was socially awkward. They are talking about how the kiss will be portrayed on the show. (which member of their families will comment on the Showmance)and now we have round 2 of the make out session

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After another kiss..

J: Oh no what have we started??

E: This is bad!

More kissing...

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Kissing is now turning into a makeout session. Jessica says oh no what have we started. Kissing continues. Eric thinks he might need some chapstick she says no not at all. More kissing.

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<Now that you guys are all wound up and awake, I'm gonna pull away from the updates keyboard. Enjoy!>

Jess comments again on Eric's being a good kisser. When he asks what makes a bad one, we get 'Jessica's Lessons' on what makes a bad kisser:

Too much teeth.

A lot of slobber.

If you eat my face off.

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now eric wants to know if she would have told him if he was a bad kisser. She says no but she wouldn't say that he was good if he wasn't.

He asks what makes a bad kisser. She says too much teeth or if you don't open your mouth enough.

Wondering if there will be a diary room session about this since they don't usually have them on sundays.

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Now they have switched to college and mascots. eric's college mascot was a Boston terrior.

7:30 BBT: idle chit chat for the last 20 minutes. Talking about the weight of each of the girls, who gained or lost weight etc.. Now rehasng past POVs and HoHs.

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Jess got up and went to the BR. Came back to bed and crawled right up on Eric and layed on his chest.

Eric started asking how he would be portrayed on the show. Whether they would show all the awkwardness and him laughing and poking her face or if they would make him look smoother. Jess says they will show all the bad stuff.

Jess talks about how this has been a liberating week for her. First running around naked during the PoV and then kissing without even getting under the blankets.

They discuss whether Zach saw her naked during the PoV comp and they both think he did.

Back to general chat about school and the teams she dances for.

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Eric and Jess in HOH they had been kissing now they are chatting about the POV comp and the fact that jess cant believe she did that meaning got naked...

No they are just general chit chat about some kind of bra for cheerleading, jess saying running alot during game during the arena football games, he is asking her about how many seats in the the arena she says 12k in seats and the hockey games sell out all the time. She said she live in hazel and it takes 30 or 40 minutes to get there.

Eric saying he worked for the wrestling saying it was an hour ride to conn. everyday, ok just general nothing exciting if something happens I'll post it

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E:so right now you and are are laying in a bed in a s udio lot in ca on basically a set together with each other appearing on a tv show and further more you are HOH and i hold POV is this not, this might be one of the most intersting experience of my entire life

J:your right it is

E:i was looking around and thinking about this is crazy i think it automatically by circumstance is the most memorable first kiss

J:duh if we are going to be married it bette be your most memorable

E:im right here you dont have to shout

J:im kind a a loud person

E:do you think that i am a soft person im loud

E:i do see how i acted so different from then and now

i kind knew it was probably cause you were hot

J:Your mean,

E:m kidding

Now JEN bashing going on

Which HG accidently lost her top the last day they were in the house (they are talking about JEN)

She was in bikini and her top fell off Jess saying so you say her boobies eric saying NO i didnt!

E: yo usaid you wouldnt pose for Playboy for 5k but yet you are naked on national television talking about jen, saying she tried to be conservative yet she did all these things like hawaian tropics... Not sure why they are talking about this.

J: Did i say i was asking for your opinion your opinion menas nothing to me becasue you kissed me, i got what i wanted and now im done with you

E: i wont let it happen again

J Good!!

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Eric and Jess i nHOH

Eric saying he snuck in another round of mouthwash I think he wants to kiss some more Jess is talking about MTV shows and talking about the show intervention, now they mentioned Dustin not sure why

E Just so i am mentally prepared are you going to tell anyone about this

J just america, maybe others

E do yo uthink it will be rushed into show or tuesday talking about the kiss

E At least you know what one of your questions will be from Julie Chen

J:You had an emotional week this week saying she would say that

E So are you going to tell people

J I dont know I mean will yo utell anyone

E No

E But

E if you did i just want preperation you know gigliing in front of me

its totally up to you

J no i would tell you i know what you mean I wouldnt do that

J It not like it will come up in conversation you know what i mean

E Yeah that prolly true, saying telling dick he had nothing to worry about

E You going to beD

J Im just laying here

E Cool

E Its good to be us right now

J Your right it is

E There is very few people left to not do anything to us I think because DD and have won one of the good things they wont hold partnership against us caus they have one too, everyone else would hold against they are close we have to break them up

E R we still going to do something tues or wed night

J Oh yeah

E There better be mr bubble involved

J saying going to make lasagne with jameka

E saying he doesnt like lasagne and cottage cheese and why would she want to make it

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E/J Talking strategy saying what they should win should they win HOH this week just talking about them having to win no more kissing

Who ever wins veto is the one that cast that vote saying if Dick wins HOH we go up who ever wins veto decides who goes home so it might be better if they win the HOH

Final three blood bath Id much rather see dani go first then dick, seems like that arent going to try to make a move now and not use the veto

E I have afeeling i am going to start winning alot

J that a s good feeling to have

E im glad i got to play in veto i still got to play and win

I have experice now

E Experience in winning

E Dani played like crap today

E i expect more celebrations to come HOH veto holder we are on top of the BB universe

J Big time

they are repositioning sheets laying back down

E this darkness is confusing i think this is an arm

J it is

J what if i said it was a boob

E i would have said i was sorry but then would i have been really sry

J No

E where you going

E i can use darness as excuse

J yeah you coud

E whats this

J OH whats this

E shut up whats that for

E so think about tall this its crazy

E so are you for example if i put arm on you would like we to move arm or stay still

J its all good i like it all Im flexible

E talking about her being flexible your hair is soft

J yep

E yo uthink you can still do that something about a pose

J i only havent cheered for whatever years ect.. bit she has danced

E see i really can see poked her in the face he is soo smooth LOL

J seems like she wants to sleep E seems like he wants to kiss again

E has his face right up against hers and she is laying flat on her back

E what are you doing just playing around

E for like and hour you didnt move a muscle didnt speak or anything

J whatever

E i was moving around you were dead still (like she is is now) an inch away from your face and no response

J i can fel you breathing

E i didnt mean to

J but you did

E well ha so here I did

Kissing has insued :party_smilie:

Eric still talking about kisses jess saying they are whatever kisses he has no game LOL

Talking about aking mic off and if they will yell at him jess says yes

Giggling a little


J Are you serious

E No more slapping you seem like someone who can take a good slap

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Eric asks how long she thinks they can sleep, she said she doesn't know, probably about 6PM. He wants to know if they should look at the time, she said she doesn't really care what time it is. More from Eric wondering what she is thinking....she is on her back, face turned away from him, she is ready to sleep.

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Eric is moving is hands under the covers towards jess

Jess is wrapped up like a mummy in the blankets she aint having it

jess looks like she is sleeping and eric finally shut up for a minute


Eric and Jess Have had there first second third fourth and like a mini make out session

Eric kept analyzing through it otherwise it would have went somewhere

Now they rehased it over and over again for the last hour

talked about game

Now they are like mumbling

E asks what you thinking about

J says nothing

E i dont beleive you

J You?

E im thinking about you most recently i was thinking what is she thinking, prior to that i was thinking this is really really cool

J Yup

Jess has head turned away from him eyes closed they will be sleeping as long as eric doesnt speak again!

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are you sleeping

J No

eric is looking awkward at jess he seems like he is moving closer to her by the second but she is turned away from him on her back with head turned away, he is clearly wide awake she is cleary exhausted

I presume everyone else is sleeping but havent switched from feed 1 in a hour so if anyone else is on another feed let us know if they are sleeping!

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8:41 bbt all HG's still sleeping on all other feeds :)

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E Did you ever think it owuld happen before tonight

J i mean i thought about it I dont know (seems irritated)

E I mean there are one of two times we were doing something and got closer and had a pause youve been quiet

J no ihavent

UH oh

E what do you mean uh oh

E she alive r u ready for bed yet

J im def getting there

E deep breath exhales opps sry didnt realize

Eric has his faced practically smashed into the pillow next to jess LOL looks like a lost puppy

Wich yo uthink is worse zach or amber naked for the rest of the time she say zach then they both agree it would be btter for it to be zach cause of ambers boobs

Me or zach naked the rest of theim

J You duh

E will you e ver kiss me or will i have to kiss you

J No i will kiss you

E i like to annoy with te questions

J your not annoying me

E ok then i just like asking

Eric face still smashed into pillow jess still has head turned away

Now game talk is going eric saying no complaints

E Your boobs are big (dont where that came from i must have missed something)

E I know i mentioned before but i am glad you are here

J and im glad you are here

E all very strange

J what

E this whole experience i shouldnt have any complaints i am quite happy with anything right now however got here

youd be some crazy girl in kansas and me drinking in Ny but wouldnt be together

Talking about to be able to actually drink and get wasted without being in the house na dcounting down the days

Talking about tickling and how she could get info out of him by doing that

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Ty Jessy

All other HGs are sleeping now, not J and E they have been kissing and taking game all night

Eric saying bedtime and he saying you havent gone to your side

E you can stay in middle all you like

J ok

they are both in middle of bed very close heads together eric tilting his head back and looking at jess now he lays it back down on her shoulder but he wont stop moving around i think they might be going to sleep even thoug h I said that 30 minutes ago i think this time for real LOL

Eric moving his head out of jess shoulder I actually think its to breath

E you comfortable

J r u

E i think something he said about not being able to breath

J im sry

E no no im fine really

e for two non cuddlers we have done alot of cuddling

j Yeah I know BB game has changed us LOL

Eric looks awkward laying there with his head up, now his head back down in jess shoulder

E i need my night vision checked out

all the sudden my nose was in your ear

J it wasnt in my ear

E oh ok

E im just getting some water yo uwant some

J no thank you

E whats it the difference bewtween the first thing yo usaid and the no thank you

J hmmm

E opps sry (he keeps saying that like we dont know he is doing it on purpose)

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Can hear Dick snoring (like a respirator in a hospital) and grinding his teeth.

Eric occassionally says something, but Jess is trying to sleep. He just asked Jess if she was comfortable, she said yes. He said something about coming up for air, she apoligizes. he said no, it is him, he buries his face, then has to come up for air. He said for two non-cuddlers, they have been doing a fair amount of cuddling. Jess agrees, and says it is BB.

All quiet again. (except for noises coming from Dick on other feed)

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they are facing each other very close nose to nose not sure if they are kissing though

OK smacking they are kissing Jess GOES In for a huge kiss

OK they are seriously making out now

OK well now eric finally keeping his mouth shut and just keeps kissing her

J what

E did i say something

J i got chills

E awe now

J no just something

It seems like she stopped the kissing that time

E im really attracted to you

J you know I am too obviously

Ok cant see jess;s head now under covers

J butterfly kisses

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Eric asks how she cracks her fingers. Jess said she just pushes on them. He said does it do anything? She said no, just habit.

Eric now commenting his night vision isn't so good, he has his nose in her ear. She said it wasn't her ear. He is propped up looking at her again while she tries to sleep. He decides to get up for some water, asks if she wants any, she said uh uh, then changes and says "no thank you". He asked what the difference is between the two. (manners, I would think).

Back in bed after a drink. Jess turns on her side, facing away from Eric, he has his arm slung across her, I think. He whispers to her, hard to hear. She answers no, and they are quiet again. Jess has chills on her neck. Eric now saying this could be bad news, he is REALLY attracted to her. Jess says "awwwww". He said that is her reply? and she said obviously, she is too. Talking about fluttering eyelashes next to someone and Eric asks what they are called. Jess said butterfly kisses. He said they are fun, Jess said they are all right.

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Eric asks if she is squeezing his muscles, and she says "yes, his MASSIVE muscles". Still flirting...

Eric said that was a pretty big move, she moved about 2 inches down his arm...Jess said "shut uupppp".

Dick rolled over and made some very weird noises..aye yaaayaaa yaaa yaaaa, very lou.

Eric asked Jess if he was smooth. Jess said oh sure. He said it took him and hour to do something that takes about a few minutes. He said he poked her in the forehead trying to find her in the dark, then he hovered over her mouth for about 10 minutes, before going the final inch.

Eric asked if she still smells his "Love Spell" She said no. Eric thanks whoever left it in there. Thanks the production crew. He said he requested some earlier, and Dustin used it all. Just joking.

Jess says..."what" and he said nothing. He said in case it is like 10 PM, then they are being watched. Jess moves, and groans that they really are on TV and she said it is Sunday (more people watching). He said people are enjoying it. At least they know they don't have x-ray cameras.

Eric complained that he made Jess roll away from him. He asked if she is coming back and she said no. He rolls over, and said she is going with him. She said no. He said really and she said yes. He said he is sorry he got her flustered. He said he just thought it and said it. He said 10 million people ar watching, Jess really groaned over that !!! She said they better get used to it, for their spin-off show.

They start discussing the show Newlyweds, and how they treated each other down to earth. Eric then complains he had to bring up the cameras. (spoiled his fun)

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