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July 20, Live Feed Updates

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The houseguests are stirring.

[unfortunately I am at work so no sound until 10BBT when everyone goes to lunch]

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Kail bonding with Dustin, talking about her alliance and how they all betrayed her.

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9:25am bbt

Dustin/Kail done talking at kitchen counter, Dani at round table and Dustin now reviewing HOH questions, wishing he had won HOH, Kail sitting quietly at counter still... Mike/Nick/Zach all in bathroom doing ADLs

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9:28am bbt

Mike/Kail in SR... Kail says she found out about Zach going on day 2 to make a 2 person alliance... you don't do that when you are in a 4 person alliance... she hopes to go up against Zach... back out to kitchen and idle talk with Dani

Nick goes to weight room, Mike back in bathroom with Zach

Kail asking about the letter from Dani's grandmother

Dani: just the first episode with him walking down, and me getting emotional

Kail: your dad says she is ordained minister, what denomination?

Dani: Pentecostal... they are rebuilding it, it's rediculously huge where we went, 3 services on tv... she went to bible college there... to get certified as an ordained minister, she's taken a few things where she goes now... just to have it... she speaks at the small church where she goes now...

Zach at the table with them now, Nick working out, Mike at bathroom sink, and (Dustin?) in the shower with water running LOUD!

9:38am bbt

Kail/Mike alone in kitchen... Kail amazed again that Zach sold out their alliance

Kail: did you hear Jen telling me last night that Zach told her about our alliance? She said she knew about us, and I asked how because I didn't tell her, and she said Zach said he was in an alliance with us, and she figured out Nick...

Mike: interesting..

Mike leaves and Kail does dishes

Nick is seen in small bedroom sitting/staring/half sleeping, no conversation going on

9:42am bbt

Nick moves to big bedroom, calls Ambers name to get her attention, they are both laying face down on beds, neither one awake enough to hold a conversation yet

9:46am bbt


Dustin: so what's your plan?

Kail: well, first is POV

Dustin: he may put up someone who isn't in your alliance... our your alliance and set it up for next week

Kail: is there anyone I can win against besides Zach? But no one likes him so he may stay?

Dustin: no one likes him so he'll go

Kail: he may put me up against a pawn, but the pawn always goes... because I have no one

Dustin: but you are the only alliance

Kail: but people think there are non-verbal alliances going on, no hand shake, but... people know who has peoples back... I don't have to tell Jen I have her back

Dustin: do you call that an alliance, or just if she's on the block you wouldn't vote her out?

Kail: you would always protect Amber... you'd always take her off the block

Dustin: I wouldn't always if I won POV...

Kail: ours was an alliance to the final 4... it's going to depend on who I'm up against... what if it's Jen?

Dustin: I think it would be campaigning against both of you... would be back since she is your friend

Kail: she's done more for me than Zach/Nick

Dustin: think who would go home, you or Jen? you both have good odds of staying, you know? because she has made herself to be a target, by the way things have gone down, you are both at a 50 50 point, depending on how you worked things

Kail: and if it was Zach? or Mike?

Dustin: Zach, same thing... Mike hasn't really talked game to anyone, he'd have to work harder than you, ok Mike, week 3 who are you, where do you stand? I think you would go because you've done so much talking

Kail: regardless, it sounds like I go no matter who I'm against

Dustin: no, you have alot of work ahead of you


9:55am bbt (gotta be quick, have to work here lol)

Nick caught Dick in SR, told him Kail is already campaigning...

Dick goes up to HOH room, warns the girls (Jessica, Jameka) that Kail is campaigning hard... they groan that they don't want to go down there, they just got done listening to Joe chase after them...

also in SR Nick questioned Dick about Dani asking him questions, now in HOH Dick asking Dani about it and asking if it makes her wonder...

Dani gets Nick and goes to SR

Dani: I can't ask you a question? and you are fliping out... I can't do that?

Nick: do you believe me? don't ask me anymore questions

Dani: ever? all I did was ask you one question

Nick: do you want me to sit in the corner and not talk?

Dani: what's wrong with you? it was just one question... I don't understand you

Nick: I'll just sit in the corner and have your dad put me on the block

Dani: seriously, what's wrong with you?

Nick: I've said I trust him

Dani: I'm baffled, I asked you one question.. I apologize


Nick: it's just hard for me, I wake up and see you smiling... it's ok

Dani: it's not ok though

(long silence)

(I think he likes her and wants to tell her but is worried about the game and her having a boy friend and...)

Dani: what are you thinking?

Nick: nothing, I'm probably going to be laxidazical

Dani: so I can't ask you questions? all I said was what did you tell zach in the weight room?

Nick: it was the way you said it... you don't have to apologize

Dani: I already did... omg...


talk about who trusts who more now...

Dani: if it was fine, you could have just answered it, but now you are upset

Dick comes into SR... drops off trash... tells Nick we can talk soon... (checking up on Dani?)

Nick: so you just wanted to see where my heads at? things that I'm doing?

Dani: whats wrong with that?

Nick: that's fine then... I took it wrong... so are you still (couldn't here the rest... sounded to me like getting married or mad at me? and he chuckled)

Dani: I don't get you

Nick: and I don't get you, that's what makes this so magical... (pause) are you still furious? ok...


Nick: I think it's the best thing, now this is out there... no huge talking... you know?


Nick: I'ld like some sort of answer

Dani: if I ask you a question, I don't want you to flip out

Nick: I'm gonna go then

Dani: I just don't understand, I don't get you, I ask you one question, and you flip out...

Nick: I haven't flipped out, you'll see that if Mike or Kail get in my face... ok? (he's smiling at her now)

(Jessica/Jam talking in HOH making it hard to hear Dani/Nick)

Dani: I'm still upset at you

Nick: you can't be upset at this moustache

Dani: are you going to flip out every time I ask you a question?

Nick: ok... we can't handshake on it, cause you know I'll break that in a minute...

he puts his hands out for a hug... she stands with her arms folded...

Nick: pinky swear? I'll pinky swear on my life...

he holds his pinky out, she punches his abs, then mock spits on his pinky

she finally takes his pinky with hers, but he needs them to kiss (their own hand) during the pinky swear to make it official.. she refuses, punching his chin instead... he gets off the counter and finally they go into a real hug, lasting 25 seconds

Nick: are you going to be nice to me now?

Dani: whatever

Nick: whatever you

Dani: I'm going to kill you in your sleep

Nick: I already knew that was going to happen

they leave the SR... Dani goes to Dick to chat

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Nick and Danielle First fight

Nick: I am just going to tell your dad to put me up and I am going to get the votes and go home.

Dani: what is wrong with you, I can't ask u a question.

Nick: the way u asked it, what u implied.

Dani: why are u acting like this?

Nick : You don't trust me , that hurt me.

Dani: I just asked you a question. I can't believe you are acting like this.

Long silence

Nick:I wake up and I can wait to see you smiling, i can't wait to hang out with you

I swore on my whole family , You can trust me.

Dick comes in the storage room and interrupts. Talk stops. Dick leaves

Dani: i dont get you

Nick: I dont get you either , that is what makes this so magical.

Dani:I can't ask you one question without u flipping out.

NicK; I am going to leave if we are not going to talk.

Dani: I cant , you will flip out. I am pissed off at you.

Nick: i love your dad to death.

Dani; I am mad at you.

Nick ;dont be mad. give me a hug. not a hand shake, i will turn on a hand shake. (kail referrence)

give me a pinky swear I wont break a pinky swear.

Dani (pouting, )will u be nice to me now.

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Nick and Dani in the SR

Lovers spat

Dani: What's wrong with you

Nick: You don't trust me

D:Oh My God I asked you one question

N:nut you don't trust me

D: I do

Those may not be exact quotes but that is the jest round and round

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Nick and Dani hug.

Dani : you better be nice or I will kill you in your sleep. I will sick Zach on you,

Nick: that f-ing guy follows me everywhere.


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10:19 AM BBT Nick and Daniele are in the storage room talking. They just hugged and Daniele just left. Nick leaves too. Dick is in the HOH room, with Jameka and Jessica. Nick is in the big beds room. Daniele heads up to HOH sitting area to talk to Daddy. Zach in the big beds room laying down. Daniele and Dick are in the HOH room talking and making his bed. Jessica is now in the kitchen downstairs. Nick and Jessica talking in the kitchen. Mike sitting at the counter. Nick looking at himself in the kitchen sink mirror (nice up-close shot, thanks BB). Amber in the kitchen making something. Jameka sitting backwards in one of the kitchen table chairs facing the kitchen. Nick comes back to the kitchen area near the table.

10:26 AM BBT

cam 1 & 2 - kitchen with amber, jameka, jessica, and mike

cam 3 & 4 - daniele and dick in the HOH room

Dick now in the living room area with amber, nick, and jameka. can't make them out. BB get me closer. Jessica in teh kitchen at the counter with Mike and Kail. (mike and kail together forever)

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We had FOTH for like 2 seconds because Jam was singing "ant lady" at Jess [like there is a copyright song out there called "Ant Lady"]

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Nick and Dani must be all better they are laying on the big bed on feeds 3 & 4

Dustin comes in talk of food.

No one is really talking about much.

Feed 1 & 2 Eric and Kail talking about slop.

Some one somewhere is singing [prob Jam] because irritated BB Voice " Please STOP singing"

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Nick was in the Big Bed room with Dani, Amber and Dick, singing "Cant Get no... satisfaction" when he made a kissy face to dani and she shook her head

Dani and nick talking but cant tell what they are saying cause Dick and Amber are talking and Amber is really loud

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10:20am bbt (I'm about 25 mintues behind now, sorry!)

Dani/Dick conversation on couch upstairs

Dani says not to worry... Jameka comes from HOH asking about scar on Dicks leg... Dani/Dick move to HOH room

Dani: I don't know what it is, but that's fine... if everyone wants to think I'm the stupid blonde, that's fine

Dick: and everyone doesn't want you to be at the end of the season in the DR being played like last season

Dani: his thing is that he flips out if he doesn't think I trust him 100%

Dick: I don't think we need to whisper in here(thank you!)

Dani: he said he has a perfect life at home...

Dick: he said the same to me, he's just here to throw a monkey wrench... no one comes in just to have fun.. that's Jen's story too, I don't need the money, I'm just here to have fun and meet people.. I'm like then get out of here.. somethings going on... if we get rid of Jen... and I want to get rid of Kail this week.. and Jen has to go after that... if there is any scheme going on with her and Nick... the whole thing with the 3 guys, Mike, Nick and Zach, they were the most likely to get together and they did with Kail... eric was like, second day here, they are scrambling to set me up to try to manipulate me, like I did, to put up Zach.. I'm putting Kail/Jen up... Eric was saying should you put up Zach?

(left feeds for a bit again, sorry!)

caught the end of Dick/Dani

Dani: don't worry, me and Nick are cool...

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11:03 BBT FOTH

Was only about 2 mins..

All feed on Big Bed Room

And as i type that we are Foth again

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We are still falling down the rabbit hole....

Slipping down the water slide....

However you look at it, it is still FOTH

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This is Crystal with your quarter hour FOTH report....

It's not lost. It's still right where we left it.

[sorry Morty, Jem and all others reporting on FOTH can get boring so I'm just trying to spice it up]

It's ok. Glad you can keep us up to date.
Edited by Jem
answer poster

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*yawns at the boring music that she is hearing very low so that she knows when feeds come back up...*

Cant we at least get trivia? *sigh*

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It's 12:15 in the BB house ....

Your weather update is FOTHy...

Which this reporter hopes will burn off soon.

[thanx jem... NP on the helping... this time of day i'm at work with no sound so i'm glad i can help some]

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Hear Ye Hear Ye the time is 12:30 BBT and all is FOTH


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