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July 20, Live Feed Updates

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Not sure why but the kitchen crew (Dustin) has cooked up sweetbreads (the pancreas of a calf) while boiling the water for lobster. Jameka had said she would try some because she's the birthday girl, but I think she has since backed out. People in and out of the kitchen have varying reports on how it smells.

Most of the girls already had a bowl of cereal. They are all expecting beer. Jameka mentioned wanting some hard lemonade or Schmirnoff Ice but doesn't think it fits in their 'allowance'. They're also planning on the Zooma (sp?) game again tonight.

8:20 BBT

Beer has arrived. Dick goes to get his Guinness upstairs and then slides down the spiral railing, saying, "I had some serious friction going on there."

The group thinks the sweetbreads aren't that bad (with garlic salt) and Jameka gets to go pick out her lobster. Nick sits down and starts on his lobster tail before anyone else is even sitting. Kail seems to be missing (so far) -- oh, she's in the DR Dick says. <see video>

12:00 BBT

Zach and Dick outside -- seems Zach is making his move to align with Dick.

Dustin, Eric, Jameka at kitchen table while the other ladies clean the kitchen.

<I'm out - g'nite>

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Dick & Zach on the BY sofa chatting.

Many HG hanging in the dining/kitchen.

Dani & Eric showering.

Lotsa casual chit-chat all around, nothing really happening.

9:34PM BBT

Kail is using some makeup remover to take off her eyeshadow & mascara. So far she has applied 4 coats (I think she needs a better remover if it takes 4 coats--WOW this is exciting)

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