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BB-Aussie Update

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Vesna, Vesna, Vesna

We need to give the HM a hammer. Then maybe they can pound the Chef rules into her head. She Did It Again!! Two days in a row she has put her fingers where they should not be. Yep, dinner was confiscated AGAIN tonight!

Maybe it is her love for food? BB has admitted that Vesna is a good cook. After she took a plate of dinner in to the dairy room and offered it to BB last week, BB told us on the website that over 200 crew members were vying for the desert that she promised for later. Well tonight, she just had to taste what Kate was cooking on the stove for dinner! Did she not trust Kate's cooking and wanted to make spice suggestions? Who knows, cause BB was right there (he can see everything)!!

Here is a quote from the Aussie website:

Vesna tastes Kate's cooking and gets called into the diary room. BB asks her to bring the meal in and says that, because only the shopper/chef is allowed to taste the food, he's confiscating it. Vesna obliges and comes back empty handed. She throws herself down on the couch and complains that BB seems to be picking on her this week. Kate suggests: "Maybe this is V-Week."

Greg comes back inside and asks why Vesna got called into the diary room. She tells him: "Nothing." He keeps asking and she admits: "I tasted the sauce!" She says she forgot she wasn't supposed to taste it.

Vesna gets called into the diary room again and returns with the saucepan. She tells Kate, impressed, that BB must have washed it.

On the other hand, when BB took last nights dinner (this is a photo BB posted of that dinner)


"We're having marinated beef, marinated in herbs and sauce and we're also having a peanut satay sauce. We're going to have it on rice with beans."

he was so impressed that he didn't even take the time to wash the dishes. Maybe he was to busy licking his chops! Vesna should open a restarant next to her hair salon after she gets out. The crew has asked previously for some of her recepies!

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Lights!, Camera!, Action? - Continued

Well the HM have successfully put Scene One of this weeks task "In The Can". But not without some bumps in the road. They got up early and put the finishing touches on the script, planned what to wear in the way of costumes, and set up the set for the filming. Just as todays cast, which consists of Tim, Kate and Melanie, get ready to start and Greg acting as director with Vesna holding the boom microphone, and BB steps in!

You see BB is the Executive Producer of this extravaganza. And he has final approval on all matters dealing with script, costumes, sets, etc. So todays input! - They have to do todays' dialog with an American accent.

Now we all know that any self-respecting Aussie Bloke can do anything, right? You betcha!!

The HMs took BB's direction on board like true professionals. Although their accents sounded a little awkward at first, they soon got the hang of the Yankie twang, fluctuating between John Waynisms and Forrest Gumpisms... and occasionally lapsing back into the good old Aussie drawl.



You see, BB had a little side action going with us on the website! He had a poll where we could choose how todays scene would be filmed. The choices were

a) American Action film,

B) Musical,

or c)silent film.

I guess A won for today.

Here is the link to the final cut of Scene one


Tomorrows choices are

a) Badly dubbed foreign film (ie. the actor mouths the words and another HM speaks for them) which is currently running at 52%,

B) Musical at 37%

and again c) Silent Film which is at 11%.

Unless the vote changes in the next 5 hours, looks like A will win again.

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Lights!, Camera!, Action? - Part 3

Well guys, Scene 2 is finally "In The Can" as they say in Hollywood. And the Title of the movie is "Desperate Housemates". Watching them shoot this one was actually painful. They had to act the part and mime the words without uttering a single sound, yet the lipsink had to follow the dialog for the scene exactly, since they would be recording the audio later in the afternoon after camera shooting had finished.

Ever try to say the words, yet NOT say the words. And at the same time, remember the cadence of the dialog and then later try to match it exactly so the sound will match. This is why the sound man on a movie set gets paid the big bucks and has so much equipment. If you watch a movie being shot, when the clabard is clicked to start the scene, you also hear a set of tones which is the camera and the sound recorders matching up. The sound is NOT recorded on the film or digital video tape. It is seperate and has to be matched up during editing.

Here are some shots of the scene being filmed today.







Tim, as todays director and camera man, gave the 3 actors from Scene 2 (Kate, Vesna and Greg) some pointers in how to enunciate their words so they would be clear and understandable for the aucience and yet mask the enevitable Aussie accent and make it sound more american. He says they need to over-pronounce every word. He gives a demonstration (very big mouth movements) then tells them: "The words should hurt."

Now the direction from BB (Executive Producer) was that this scene should look like a badly over-dubbed foreign film. Well that is what he got. And after spending 30 minuted recording the audio for the over-dub, in steps BB again. "To make it sound like a dubed foreign film the voices can't match," he says. "Tim you do Greg's lines, Melanie do Kate's, and Kate you say Vesna's!" So they did it again. Here is the link to the final edit of Scene 2.



Stay tuned for a wrap-up of the climatic Scene 3!!

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Finally - Part Thee of "Desperate Housemates"

BB took his time with the editing of Scene 3 of the movie the HM shot this week. It only made sense since he threw the biggest roadblock at the HM just as they got ready to start shooting. "HM," he said, "You must sing your lines during this final scene."

Not fazed in the slightest, the HM were real troopers. They said "Why not, we have spoken in american accents, done scene 2 like a badly dubbed foreign film, why not a musical ending."

BB should know that the last 5 HM have been tested and tortured since the beginning of the show. Thay are ready for just about anything that he can throw at them.

After putting the last scene "In the Can" thursday afternoon, BB gave then sort of a wrapup party in barbeque style that night and let them rest all day friday. He even let the farmhand (Melanie) sleep an hour late, poor little animals!

They were beginning to wonder themselves when BB was going to have the premier of their movie. But he was holding it back so the suspense would build and he could have a big premier on saturday night!!

Finally BB called all of the HM to the lounge so he could show it on the big screen. The HM sqeeled and yelled as they ran from wherever they were in the house!! Finally, they would be on the big screen! Who knew, maybe a hollywood producer or director would be there and they could get discovered. They grew quite and pensive as BB waited until tension grew. Now....!!

Scene One


Scene Two


Scene Three and outtakes


Well, that was exciting! The HM really enjoyed the results of their efforts. Kate almost had a fit as she laughed so hard she almost couldn't breath! They ran to the diary room hoping that BB would show the movie again so they could get a better view of themselves. As they waited, it was almost like Oscar Night.

Then BB came on the speakers with the results of their task. Remember this was a task and they had wagered 100% of next weeks' grocery budget. BB read out each part of the task that he had set forth way back on monday. On each part he approved of their dedication and hard work! THEY WON!!! They don't have to eat staples again!!

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Final Four

Remember the 70's song/ballad that goes "The Road is long, with many a winding turn." Well that song has nothing on the Australian Big Brother House.

Tonight is Eviction Sunday Niight!! All day pandamonium has run thru the house! Tim even came out of his shell and persued a lively pillow fight with Kate and Melanie (Kate 2)! He started off just trying to squirt water at Melanie from a shampoo bottle. When Kate jokeingly told him to stop, he started in on her. Then Melanie threw a lounge pillow at him tring to help out her fellow girl HM. Wrong, the war was on!! Greg meanwhile has quietly escaped into the backyard and locked the doors! He is staying out of this one. Vesna is busy cooking so she just watches.


Pillow Fight


Later, BB called all of the HM to the farmyard where they find Pinky and Spam are back. BB had removed the 2 pigs from the farmyard 3 weeks ago after they had grown too large for their small enclosure. Kate especially had wondered where they had gone. One of the HM had joked that maybe they would have a grand finale return as a Pork Suprise Dinner! The girls did not appreciate the remark. The HM all yelled and showed genuine pleasure at seeing the growing young swine. I must say, they are just the right size for centerpiece in a Hawaiian Luau.

After the excursion to the farmyard, it is time for the girls to go through their weekly ritual of getting ready for the live eviction show. Primping and talking as they go, they start in. But the mood is not the same? They realize that they are down to it! There are only 5 HM left and who knew how many would leave tonight. Last week they lost David in a suprise mid week eviction and then on sunday they lost Rita and Christie in a double! Kate is certain that she is the one tonight! As they stand in the bathroom, they can't decide what to do. Vesna styles Kate's hair for her and instructs her to look in the mirror. She adds: "See? Sexual." Kate wrinkles up her nose and tells her: "I look like a Spice Girl... Scary Spice."

Tonight, as the HM sit on the lounge the mood is very quite. Then Gretel appears on the screen and its like every other sunday. They all scream and clap. She congratulates Tim on his FNL win and asks the girls how it felt to be without them since he took Greg with him into the rewards room for firday night and saturday. She asks about Vesna's personal task - to organise a dinner party and keep the conversation flowing for an hour.

Gretel tells them BB has said to say the show will be finishing in six weeks. They squeal, not believing her. She eventually admits the show will be finishing in two weeks and Kate exclaims: "Two weeks?" Vesna adds: "Bloody hell."

When the HM signed up for the show, they thought that the show was 3 months, or 12 weeks, some said 84 days. Wrong!!! The web site even had a calendar with only 3 months on it for the diary section - May, June and July!! The show started on May 7 and today is day 85 in the house!! Two more weeks!!

They all go into the dairy room one at a time for their private interviews. Kate returns from her turn in the diary room and tells the HMs Gretel asked her about her theory of five. Kate explains she was in car number five when she entered the house, and there are five HMs left and this is her fifth week in a row of being nominated. She thinks this means she'll be evicted tonight. Remember, all week she has been convinced that this is her week to go. Maybe something of Christie has rubbed off on her. Remember always had premonitions and thay aways came true!

Gretel joins the HMs in the lounge again. She announces: "It's time to go... Kate."

Vesna comments: "Oh my God!" Kate jumps up and assures Vesna: "It's good babe. It's so good."

She insists that she's excited and that she wants the others to feel the same way. She hugs Tim and tells him: "Please babe, you know this is what I wanted."  

Kate runs up the stairs and pauses up the top. She squeals, kisses the security guard, and walks down the corridor.  

Tim slips into the toilet to have a cry.

Melanie, Vesna and Greg gather outside to listen to Kate making her way to the eviction stage. Tim washes his face and joins them, asking if they've heard the crowd yet. They say they have and Tim sighs: "I missed her."





Kate would have been safe this week, but Tim winning the weekly competition last week (he won this friday's too) took 3 nomination point away from Greg's total so he would be safe, thereby putting Kate over the nominations threshold. They don't know their totals, just who is on the block. And Tim would never intentionally put Kate in danger, but he has to award 3 points to someone!! Prior to this Greg (3 points), Melanie (3 points) and Vesna (6 points) were up. But by reducing Greg's total, he went to 0 points and Kate's 2 points put her up, since there are always at least 3 HM on the block each week.

They all go back into the house and wait for her eviction video. After a long wait, Kate finally appears in her recorded message...

She starts with Vesna: "Vesna, Vesna, Vesna. Where do I start? You are such an amazing person...I think Hate would totally agree with me as well... You are so intoxicating. The more you give, the more I want and the more I crave."

Vesna grins: "Aww."  

Kate says she's enjoyed every moment and says that Tim is right and that Vesna is "the funniest person" and "so warm". She apologises for not being as sympathetic as she could have been and tells Vesna she really needs to think positively. She tells Vesna she's sure her family are doing well and that she'd love it if Vesna sat down and talked with her mother and father.

Vesna starts crying and Greg pats her hair and urges: "Listen to the message, mate."  

Kate moves onto Greg: "Greaseball Greg... where do I start? You absolutely crack me up. At times you totally surprise me... I think it's because there's so much to you." She apologises for comparing Greg to her ex-boyfriends and says he's really opened up a lot in the last few weeks. She says she loves his "business side" and appreciates his passion for his work, and can't wait to hang out with him and his mates.  

Kate tells Melanie: "You are so totally fetch." Melanie grins and starts crying when Kate says she doesn't have to say a lot because they understand each other. She says it was great when Melanie came into the House she felt revived after spending so much time with differently-minded people and that even if they're seen as the boring ones, it doesn't matter as long as they find themselves funny. She continues saying that they'll go podium dancing and adds: "Greg, I'm sorry if I close my eyes... but sometimes I do that."

She tells Melanie to stop second guessing herself and to "be the strong person that you know you are". She adds: "Go intruder, go. I mean guest."  

Tim's turn is next: "What can I say? I think you are an absolute star. You totally blow my mind away and I think you know that." She tells him to stop over-thinking things and says she wants to met his flatmates and promises to play a game of soccer with him. "I want you to know that I truly do think you're a very, very smart and amazingly passionate guy," and says she loves the way he talks about politics but didn't like his war on filth because she had to be housekeeper and stage whispers: "I'm kinda glad I don't have to do that now."

She tells Tim he's given her confidence and helped her think about what she wants to do in life.

Kate finishes her speech, saying she wishes them the best and loves "all four of you" to death.

Now we are down to four. Boisterous Greg, whacky Vesna, reserved Melanie, and right now a very distraught Tim who has just seen the love of his life leave the house.

What will they do with their remaining time in the house? And how long is that time? Gretel said 2 more weeks, but we all know BB never tells us everything!!

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Just wondering Hanklee what you think of the series this year.

I've followed the Aussie version quite closely the last three years but completly lost interest in this years series about half way through.

The producers have shown very little imagination and many of the tasks are just rehashes of previous events.

And apart from the usual "Intruders" and Double Eviction, there hasn't been any decent twists.

The Liars Eviction in week 1 just shouldn't have happened - and the twins eviction was done two months too late!

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Overall I think this years Aussie BB House has been a good one. I disagree with you on the week 1 eviction of Constance and Nelson. The producers were very explicit in their statement that all HM this year must meet three basic requirements.

1) They must be between 19 and 29 years of age.

2) They must be single and not have any serious relationships outside the house.

3) They must be up front with the production staff in all statements made prior to and during the selection process.

The main aim of these three requirements, foremost above all other requsites for this years house, was that there must be a balance in the house of men and women, that:

a) were of a like age group for forming in-house relationships and not be too overbearing of others in the house due to age brackets and immaturity.

B) willing to form those relationships or foster relationships between others

c) had similar life experiences and or levels of maturity which would not cause undue friction in the house.

Both Constance and Nelson violated rules 2 and 3 of the prime requisites of the house. Although Dean did violate rule 2, he did notify the selection staff of the change in his relationship status during the process. This alone saved him from week 1 eviction. BB instead put him up for nomination and let the voting public decide his fate. He stayed.

As to rules a, b and c, all of the HM have varied life experiences which when mixed together in this closed environment, did bring out some friction but not nearly as much as we saw in the first 2 weeks of the US house. In this we see that the Aussie staff did a much better job at selecting HM than we did. Overall, the mix did well. We saw Christie and Greg form a bond. Vesna and Hotdogs also. Geneva was always a wildcard. Glenn and Michael were typical Aussie blokes and had more fun together than they did with the girls although Glenn did have a lot of fun with Michelle. Gianna didn't stay in the house long enough to really affect the outcome.

As to the twin twist of David and Greg, this was an attempt to possibly add a little spice into the house, ala our last years house. The selection process for the twins was not as thorough as ours. The fact that David lacked Gregs tattoo on his ankle was a fatal flaw. Why did he stay in the house to long? The twins matched so well with the other HM that until the number of HM dropped to the point that they might have an advantage over the other HM it made sense to leave both of them in. Only when the other HM started thinking about the twin advantage was one evicted.

All in all, we have to look at the house as the producers do. The house is a source of revenue. As long as the viewers come back, they watch TV and that sells advertising. This year held the Australian audience VERY well. Their ratings are far better than ours. As long as they stay up, then the staff did good. And the HM are having a ball at the same time!!

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Brekkie Boy Response - Part 2

Now as to the conduct of the Show and the House.

I think you have to look at the house as a microcosm or a contemporary society in miniature. In my experience, the typical australian is different from the typical american.

You can see it in just the way they say hello. "Hey Mate" is a familiar catch phrase known the world over as being australian. They want to get along with each other. Although they have just as many business people as american cities and european cities, they have a more relaxed society than we do. Especially the younger people. Most australians live within 100 miles of the ocean and boats and water play a very large part in their life. Taking this into account, we see that competition is not as paramount in their life.

So they would tend to lean more towards the "mates" kind of entertainment than we would. Our house is full of competition. Remember Richard Hatch in Survivor Season one. One day one he was trying to get Tagi to come together and build the team so they could get further in the "game". Richard would love the Aussie house.

Team plays a central part in the house. Conflict is intentionally downplayed by the production staff. Not in our house. Even nominations are totally secret. Yes you got points, but from who? And when you get voted out, it in NOT by your HM but by the watching audience, distant from teh house. And when you get out, who is there but a live audience who adores you and is supportive. Again Team! Even in the weekly tasks it is all about forming a collective group effort towards a common goal!

Australia and New Zeland are a much more relaxed society than here or in the UK where if what I see here on Morty's is true, competition between houseguests is just as keen. Not true in the Aussie house. Competition is against BB not against your HM. The only direct competition between HM is in a controlled environment each friday night during a short timespan and it is for a stay in the rewards room during the weekend with one of your mates.

So if it seems more sedate and not as exciting to you, then yes it is if you are looking for the typical US or UK house. But to a Bloke or a Shelia, its just fine mate!!

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Guest ranster627

fantastic discussion, the American Forum could get some tips from you two!

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Thanks for your response Hanklee, though I think you've swallowed in too many of the production teams justification.

Firstly, regarding the Liars Eviction. Yes - the criteria was set, but regardless of opinion on whether this criteria was fair, I still say the liars eviction was completly unfair.

The producers knew exactly who was lying before the show began (Dean even spent lockdown with his girlfriend - but then again the producers knew about this!). The auditions process should eliminate any so called liars - and once in the house, everyone should be treated as equals. The producers effectively decided the first nominees - and the way they treated Dean as a second class housemate until the moment he was evicted was disgusting.

Secondly - the friction. I think it's quite fair to say that selecting housemates that get on isn't a success. For the show to be successful, there needs to be friction.

In the US this is done through the format of HGs selecting alliances and the competition throughout - while in the UK it's generally down to selecting a diverse group of people, some of which producers know won't get on - along with a few twists thrown in to test friendships.

The Aussie producers failed on all these counts. The HGs on the whole were very mainstream Australian, and the producers have done nothing to test relationships.

As for the twins - it was the production that caused this twist to fail. Last year the US producers did it very well, only swapping every few days and giving them 15 minutes to share information. The Aussies tried to do it at least once a day, giving them just 3 or 4 minutes to share info.

The main problem though is there wasn't a "Plan B" for if they were found out. BB just paniced and really didn't know what to do - just confirming the suspicion of the HMs. At the time all the fans said that by failing to keep their swapping mission a secret, one twin should be evicted. It took producers a full two months to realise this - stating it was clear now the twins had an advantage acting as "one housemate".

They should have predicted this would happen.

The final negative thoughts - Friday Night Live. At 90 minutes it's far too long, and the Reward Room being the same week in week out is plain boring. When we had the reward room in series 4 it changed each week - and as a result, worked quite well.

A couple of positives though. The "-3pts" nominations twist has worked well - and virtually all scenarios have been covered, with sometimes the winner unable to save themselves or putting themselves up for eviction by saving someone else.

The fines system has also worked well - but all rumours suggest BB is going to completly ruin this twist by turning around and giving the winner the full $1m anyway.

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Behind Big Brother is now reporting that Big Brother Australia has been axed and will not return next year.

This series has had the lowest ratings of all five BB series.


We have said over and over here in the US that BB can't go another season. Well the only way to test a theory is to actually put it to te test. In Aussie BB's case, time will tell. If channel 10 does not pick up the option, then it's their loss but I believe that BB will be back. If not next year then in 2007.

Remember Star Trek? They said that there was no support for the concept. And there have been how many follow-on series that have way surpassed the first and an entire series of blockbuster movies. The cult following of the series has only grown over the years since the series started in 1973?

If the Aussie house is not back in 2006, the fan base downunder will force the production company to bring it back. At least that is my opinion. This show fills a need in the human mind and soul which we here at Morty's surely realize, otherwise why do we follow it every day?

At least this is my opinion. If you don't feel the same, then that is your right and I respect that.

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And now we get down to it - Week 13 Nominations

How do you choose someone to evict when you like everyone and you have to choose. And you have to choose 2 and you have a pool of 3 to choose from??

Let's look at Melanie, who has been in the house less time than anyone else.

Melanie took some time out from the usual morning chatter, eating breakfast in the garden so she could think things through in silence. But when it came close to nomination time, she still wasn't feeling confident so she sat on the couch with a blanket over her head, rehearsing her nominations in a whispered voice and occasionally moaning: "Oh God, somebody kill me."

And to make matters worse, you have to give a reason that BB will accept!! Again, lets look at one of them, Greg for example...

Greg struggled for a long time in the diary room, awarding two points to Vesna for accusing him of showing no emotion, and one point to Melanie for switching off during conversations. Big Brother stopped him several times, reminding him: "You have been in the house long enough to know what is expected of you during nominations." After a lengthy stay in the diary room, Greg emerged looking weary, and grumbled to his HMs: "That was just ridiculous in there."

It was not easy as you can plainly see. The only one with even the slightest edge was Timmy who as winner of friday night's challange had a 3 point bonus that he could award to anyone (remove 3 points). Last week when he took 3 points from Greg he accidentally put his love-interest Kate up instead. And now she is gone!! So This week he took 3 points off himself!

Tim is the only one safe this week, everyone else is up for nomination!! We will let the public choose; Greg, Melanie or Vesna, It's time to Go! Which HM is unlucky in week 13??

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Now This is Funny

When the HM first entered the house, they found that it already had some inhabitants. Farm animals that they had to care for! Yep, I have mentioned the contraversy about Pinky and Spam, the 2 little pigs that had grown so large that BB decided to remove them from the small enclosure where they had grown up. it was just too small for them now.

Well there are some more problems with the animals. Originally there were 2 pigs, 2 lambs, 2 kids (baby goats) and one alpacha (a lama).





Well 3 months later, and not only Pink and Spam have grown. Look at one of the lambs...


And the goats have gotten a little more frisky much to Tim's surprise...


Well today (Monday) the HM made a mistake. A big one!!! It seems that the goats found out that the grass is greener on the other side. When Melanie went to do her evening chore as farmhand, as the door rolled up, there were the two goats, out of their pen! And they were investigating everything. As the door opened, here is a new place on the other side, and there is green grass!! Eat!!! Well the HM all had fun escorting them around the back yard and letting them see everything. It was fun, or so they thought. They had little problem escorting the goats back into the friday night games enclosure where the farmyard is. The goats even went into their pens. Its keeping them there that is the problem. They wanted back into the backyard where their masters always went. Watch the video and see! Click the link below.....


If you get an error message on the video clip, use this link to go the the Aussie BB site page on the escaping goats and click on the video link


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Week 13's Task - "Chain Reaction" or "Getting To Know You"

It had to happen sooner or later you know. The HM get on each others nerves so they must be getting on BB's nerves too. So it is Payback Time.

Today the HM were all called into the diary room for a mid-day battery change, An unusual occurance in itself so they were suspicious. As they began to leave, BB told them to take the box on the table and the letter with them and read it in the lounge. When they came out, they noticed that 2 new things had appeared in the house. A pole in the living room and one in the bathroom.

Vesna started to read the letter. It is their new task. The HM must stay chained together 2x2 for the remainer of the week 24/7. Tim is cuffed to Melanie and Vesna is chained to Greg. The only exception to the rule is when showering and when in the diary room.

When one member of the "team" is either bathing or in the diary room, the other must be chained to the pole either outside the diary room or the one in the bathroom. They must even stay cuffed while sleeping together and using the toilet - the chain has enough slack that one member can stand outside the toilet door while the other is occupied inside. Upon completing a shower they must reconnect within 10 seconds of the showering member becoming dry. Upon exiting the diary room they must immediately reconnect. the only exceptions to the rule is in the case of an emergency or at the explicit instructions from BB.


According to the letter that Vesna read, no providion was made for changing clothes except while showering. So BB is going to make the HM get on each others nerves - literally!!


The HM have decided to wager 100% of next weeks grocery budget on the successful completion of the task.

Once chained to Melanie, Tim wonders: "How will I do weights? We'll have to do them together." Vesna warns Greg: "I get up to go to the toilet a lot." Melanie tells Tim: "When you snore, I'll be smashing you in the face." She adds: "When you're running, you can just drag me along."

Greg places his hand on his lap and Vesna's hand follows, she tells him: "I've got no choice but to put my hand on your lap. Just letting you know that."

I wonder how this one will turn out. Will Greg murder Vesna since she can be abrasive or will Greg commit suicide to escape? Tim should have it easy since Melanie is Kate-2. But is 24/7 with a good looking promotions model who is only 19 be to much of a good thing. Remember, Melanie has yet to show any extra skin in the house unlike the rest of the girls.

Stay tuned for updates....

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Chain Reaction - Part 2

Well I guess this is where I get to say "I told you so." It is slightly over 24 hours into week 13's task of being chained together 24/7 and the nerves are getting a little frayed. Especially in the Greg and Vesna pair.

It seems that last night as they lay in bed trying to get some sleep their subconcious took over. Vesna was constantly trying to move closer to that warm thing on the other side of the bed and Greg was constantly trying to get away from that thing which was causing him to get too hot.

Vesna is always extremely body consious. She is quick with the "Are you saying that I am fat/ugly?" whenever someone says something that even resembles the words large, fat, big etc.. Even the vagest mention of what she is eating she takes as a comment that she is eating to much.

So now Greg is saying that she is ugly and he doesn't want her to touch him when he moves away in his sleep. She doesn't even consider that he might not like to get hot when he sleeps. No matter how much he says he is sorry, it doesn't count!!

Bicker, Bicker, Bicker is the order of the day this morning. When Tim and Greg started a little play hitting match behind their backs as the girls were making the porriage for breakfast the two girls started screaming at them to stop, since the boys' movements also moved their (the girls) arms.

Just a few minutes ago, Vesna was complaining to Greg that BB has to stop this NOW because it is dangerous, and she and he chained together could get trampled by the alpacha when the walked it in their farmhand duties. The list of reasons went on and on. Vesna is in finne complaining form today and you can see Greg rolling his eyes in frustration.

I am not saying that Tim and Melanie are getting along much better, but their are not the types that constantly complain. They are more the type who put shoulder to that task and push thru to the finish. Complaining quietly with only accasional outbursts. But nothing like the Vesna and Greg show. Or as Tim is now putting it, Vreg or Gesna, his play on their combined names!

Stay tuned for the results of round 3......

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Getting to Know You - Too Well

Yep, Vesna is still complaining!! And the others are starting to NOT like this side of the raven haired shrew in the house. Vesna has never been one to bottle her feeling up. And now she is like a dam that has broken from all of the pressure.

Melanie is also breaking out of her reserved shell. Today while in the bathroom, she and Tim were doing as little personal grooming.

When Tim got started on his personal grooming for the day, Melanie was horrified. Her hand hovering dangerously close to Tim's nose as he trimmed his nostril hair with a pair of scissors, Melanie screamed: "Eew! That is revolting!"

Exercise buff Tim may have had to forgo his run this morning, but he just couldn't go without his daily workout, so Melanie reluctantly tagged along with him to the gym. As Tim lifted weights, a bored looking Melanie stared off into space, giving Tim's right arm an extra workout as he lifted hers up and down as well.

"I have no motivation to exercise when I've got a sweaty man attached to me," she told Vesna, screwing up her nose, "It makes me sick." 

Later, Tim needed to do his physiotherapy exercises. With her patience fast wearing thin, Melanie agreed, but warned Tim: "I'm not talking to you."

"Good," replied Tim. "The sound that's like a mozzie going around my head all the time will cease."

After Melanie had endured half an hour of Tim's physio stretches, Tim suggested they unwind and go for a swim. "Do you honestly think I'd like to go for a swim with you attached to my arm?" asked Melanie, making it perfectly clear she'd had enough of Tim's gruelling exercise regime.

So, with Tim's workouts over and done with, what else was there to do but talk? And what better to talk about, when chained together, than all the things that annoy you about each other?

After Melanie labelled Tim a "clean-freak" and Tim labelled Melanie a "slob", the pair rounded off their argument with a barrage of humour-laced insults.

"As far as you're concerned Tim, kiss my arse," smirked Melanie.

"As far as you're concerned Melanie, you're dead to me," retorted Tim. "I have no chain partner."

BB is not one to let things go, he has to push you to your limits. Tonight during dinner, he gave them a letter which called for each on to tell the group things they found attractive about each of the HM and what they would change.

Timmy first:

Melanie - he hasn't gotten to know her well enough but he likes what he sees. He would like her to open up more.

"Greggles" - He likes that they have become "mates" in the house and likes that he can be serious and still funny. He dosen't want Greg to do the typical male thing where a wall grows between friends where they cannot talk about "deep" things."

Vesna - Tim says she is the house comedian. She is open and has a lot of energy. She cooks for them and he feels comfortable talking with her. He would change her mood swngs though.

Melanie next:

Tim - Tim is so intelligent and has an ability to use "all these big flowery words" but likes that he's always willing to learn new things. She likes his passion about issues, and about his line of work but is also willing to assimilate new points of view. She also admires Tim's relationship with his parents and that he's not too proud to admit when he needs help from them, and says she also likes being able to treat Tim as "one of the girls". She moves on to what she'd change and says until two days ago she didn't think she'd want to change anything, explaining she saw him as an angel with a halo above his head. She says she did find he tended to ignore her when Kate was around, and says she doesn't agree with his strict hygiene regime.

Vesna - She says they had a rocky start together and she was offended that Vesna took so long to get to like her. She says with Vesna what you see isn't always what you get and explains that she has a lot of levels. Melanie says friendship with Vesna means taking on the whole package - both the bitchy and the nice sides. "I also find that her whinging is kind of attractive."

Greg - "What I would find attractive in Greg would definitely be the whole contradiction." She explains it's rare to find a man who wants to be successful but also knows how to relax with his mates. She says she doesn't know Greg that well and if she had to change something, she wishes they could chat more and get to know each other better.

Vesna third:

Greg - "Things that I find attractive about Greg, apart from his physical appearance, is that he's quite placid." She says Greg is very adaptable, but also independent and "likes to satisfy". Vesna continues, saying Greg has a strong sense of right and wrong, and that he's loyal and forgiving. She grins and adds: "He has a good tan." As for his bad habits, Vesna says he does "something annoying" with his mouth that she's noticed since she's been chained to him. On a more serious note, she says she's annoyed it takes him so long to trust people and to open up.

Melanie - She calls her embarrassed and prudish and says: "I would definitely change that." She says she'd like to see Melanie be louder, saying loudness is a quality she finds very attractive in people. She adds: "You're stimulating to the eyes so I think you should also show it," and: "I just feel like you could do a lot more but you're not."

Tim - Vesna says she loves that he's so dignified even during the FNL challenges. She adds: "I love the way he sits at a dinner table and eats... very slowly, calmly and collectedly... it's very professional." Vesna says Tim listens well when Kate isn't around and Tim grins. She says she doesn't like the way he babbles.

Greg last:

Vesna - He calls her a thoughtful person and says he can see she'd go to any lengths for people she loves, and that she appreciates other people's generosity as well. Greg calls Vesna trustworthy and reliable.

"Timbo" - He is his closest mate in the House. He says he likes the way Tim shows respect and his sense of realism, and says he is one of the most trusting people he's ever met. Greg called Tim "an all-round top bloke" but says he wishes Tim could relax more and enjoy life.

Melanie - He tells her she's beautiful inside and outside and that he'd be extremely nervous to talk to her if he met her in a pub. He tells her: "You definitely have a great heart," but says she tends to switch off mid-conversation sometimes. "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen," and adds he thinks both Vesna and Melanie have a bit of that coldness about them.

Now that BB has gotten them to open up about each other it looks like the bickering has calmed down a bit and they are looking at each other in a little different light. Never one to let things slide, BB has to push Vesna's buttons on more time.

So he says, 'Vesna, it's time to bowl!" This is not one of her favorite things to do in the house. She comments, "I don't have to bowl, and I won't!" So since she is chained to Greg and he like to bowl, she drags a chair over into the alley and sits as he tries to bowl left handed. Vesna is chained to his right hand. Tim and Melanie alternate bowling, She with her right hand and he with his left.

To make matters more challanging, BB says "We are going to have a tournament. The winners "will win chocolate... a lot of chocolate". Since Vesna wants chocolate, since she can't have sex, she decides to bowl.

But it is no contest. "Team Lovely," as Melanie and Tim call themselves win easily. They go to collect their prize and emerge from the Diary Room carrying a giant stash of chocolate and sweet biscuits. A dejected Vesna comments: "It's not good when the group gets segregated like this," and adds: "That's, uh, a lot of chocolate." Melanie says BB reminded them they "may not share".

Greg, ever upbeat tries to stay strong, telling Vesna that if they'd wanted chocolate, they would have bought it on Monday: "Healthy food, that's it." Vesna speaks out: "I hate BB. I never win in this House ever. Everyone's competitive in here. It's always about f**king competition in here.

Stay tuned for the latest twist in the house......

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Chain Reaction - All Too True

As I have said before, Vesna is a little outspoken and set in her ways. She complained and bickered almost constantly since BB chained the HM together for this weeks' task.

Last night, Vesna could not get comfortable while she was lying in bed next to Greg. So at some point, she unclipped herself from Greg and went to the bathroom. This morning when Greg woke up at 9:30 he found that she was still unclipped!!!

When he asked her what had happened, she said:

Vesna gives him an apologetic look and Greg tells her: "Don't worry about it. It's cool." They wonder if they should reattach themselves but Greg says: "There's no point doing it anymore."

Vesna explains: "I couldn't tolerate it. I was literally going crazy." She says she couldn't sleep last night because she couldn't get comfortable with the chain.

Tim and Melanie wake up and Vesna tells them: "I took the chain off last night. I couldn't deal with it anymore."

"Fair enough," says Tim. Adding: "I wonder if there's any point going on then." Vesna says: "I'm sorry, I really am. But I couldn't do it."

After talking it over, Tim, Vesna and Greg are willing to continue the task. But further discussion brings them to the conclusion that since they have failed the task, why continue with the torture. They continue to ly in bed talking over the pros and cons of staying chained over taking them off.

Finally, at 10:30 they decide to remove the chains as a team. They take them off and have an impromptu dance and cheer arounf the bedroom.

At 11:00 BB calls them into the diary room. He makes them wait for quite a while in the air-lock entrance way. When they finally get in, there on the chair is a printout of the House Rules.

BB says: "Your task this week was to stay connected. You are not connected. Why?" Vesna tells him: "I was having serious issues with being chained up." She says she couldn't sleep last night and the stress was too much for her.

BB asks Tim and Melanie why they are no longer chained together. Tim replies: "We felt that we had failed the task, but more importantly we felt that Vesna was suffering." Tim and Melanie say they unchained themselves out of respect for Vesna's feelings.

BB tells the HMs: "Before you all entered the house. You agreed to follow the rules." BB tells Vesna to read rule number nine from the sheet provided: "All tasks, unless otherwise stated, are compulsory."

BB tells the HMs: "There are consequences for breaking the rules... Vesna, from this moment, you are banned from using the kitchen." Big Brother tells Vesna she's not allowed to cook or spend time in the kitchen. She can only use the kitchen as a thoroughfare. BB continues: "Vesna, Big Brother is fining you $5000. Tim, Big Brother is fining you $5000. Greg, Big Brother is fining you $5000. Melanie, Big Brother is fining you $5000. If you do not want to follow the rules of the Big Brother house, then you can leave. The task is continuing. The task is compulsory. That is all."

So they had a little fun and freedom, but the lost $20,000 in fines. They were suprised at the severity of the punishment for breaking the rules. Vesna even went back into the diary room to ask BB for further clarification of the prohibition on her using the kitchen. As soon as they reconnected after they got out of the diary room, Tim and Melanie started cooking breakfast. As they did, Vesna sat with Greg on the Lounge and watched. It didn't take long for Vesna to start in on how Tim was cooking the porridge wrong and that he was ruining it. Tim finally got fed up and asked her to go outside. She started having Greg relay her instructions to Tim until Greg got fed up also. Tim finally said:

"Dude, Ves... You're not cooking because of your own behaviour. I'm not going to have orders barked at me through the entire process."

Vesna mutters under her breath: "It's wrong how you're doing it anyway." Greg tells Vesna he's not going to relay any more messages for her.

Things are betting hot in the BB House folks. I will be back with more on this weeks task.

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Aluminium - It's Not Just a Metal

Just to break the monotony in the house this week Greg and his partner in crime Tim have come up with a unique idea. Aluminum Underpants! Last night, while he and Vesna lay in the bed, he took the time to slowly fashion speedo underwear for Tim and himself. It took him several tries, but finally he succeeded in his self-made task. This morning after the freedom dance when they took off their chains he and Tim donned their metal underwear.

All day they wore the stylish metal garments. From time to time they had to tweak the fit so that they we not pinched in delicate places. The girls bravely refrained from commenting too often on what they thought of this idea, but you see, they were not wearing them themselves, ha ha.

At 3 PM today, Tim and Greg tethered their partners to the pole outside the diary room and entered to wish BB a Happy Aluminum Undies Day and to deliver him some gifts - two pairs of custom made aluminium undies, one for Big Brother and one for "Mrs Big Brother." Holding up Mrs Big Brother's skimpy aluminium g-string, Tim generously offered: "Gretel's welcome to wear this. We can make some more."

When BB asked what this was all about, Tim said:

"Aluminium Undies Day is a celebration of the mining industry and we celebrate it by wearing aluminium underpants.  It's all about glamorising aluminium, bringing the glamour back to aluminium. Aluminium is exciting!  It's not just a metal with lots of syllables, it's a metal that is malleable, reflective, it doesn't rust, it's recyclable. It is an amazing metal..."

The boys went on to say, that there could be one small problem which needs, er, ironing out before aluminium undies can really hit the stores... what happens when a person wearing aluminium undies bends over? "Well it's very much like a Scotsman and his kilt," said Tim. "It's one of those eternal questions."


At one point, while they were getting some sun, BB told tham that the aluminum was interfeering with the wireless microphone reception and to make sure that no part of their attaire was touching the antenas of their sending units. The guys just laughed and did a quick check.

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Chain Reaction - An Update

After more than 48 hours chained to their female partners, Tim and Greg finally got some welcome relief. And so did the girls!! At 4 PM, BB finally took pity on the ears of the HM and told them that the entire purpose of this weeks task was that they got to know their HM better. So now they should switch partners to broaden the experience.

Tim is now chained to Greg and Melanie is chained to Vesna. But Vesna's No Kitchen penalty is still in force. Now Melanie can't go in the kitchen along with hew new female partner.

After the switch, the girls were quick to escape their male companions by running to the bathroom to do some much needed female primping, bonding and much application of make-up and other assorted female concoctions.

The guys immediatly started in on the girls as soon as they were out of earshot:

The second the girls are out of earshot the boys start to bitch about how both of them are relieved to be unhooked from their previous partner. Greg says that he didn't think he could have taken being chained to Vesna for much longer and says: "She whinged 78 times yesterday. I counted out of boredom." Tim comments that he was letting Melanie walk all over him just to avoid any conflict. He says that he was also getting sick of talking to Melanie about the same things over and over again.

Once they were finished with their primping, the girls came back in to inform the guys that they were headed to the sauna for about 3 hours of rest and relaxation - and some much needed girltalk!!

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This is definately the funniest twist I have ever read. I wonder if they will make a partner switch again. Putting Vesna with Tim and Greg with Melanie. It has certainly made the Final 4 more interesting. LOL

Keep us posted hanklee...I can't wait for the outcome of this one.

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Housemate's Revolt - An Update

BB has now posted a page on the Aussie website which contains further information about the Housemates Revolt against this weeks task.


Apparently BB was all-seeing and saw Vesna unhook herself at 3:30 in the morning after waking Greg so he could accompany her to the bathroom. But BB decided to wait until 11:00 when all of the HM were up and had discussed the situation. Apparantly he was waiting to see what they would do when confronted by Vesna's rebellion against BB's rules.

To jump to that page use the following link...


To watch the video of the HM explaining their actions to BB use this link...


Even after BB had laid down the law, Vesna returned to the diary room to get some clarification about the kitchen ban and vent some during the process.



More information on the progress of the task as facts become available....

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Still a Chain Reation

It is now early saturday morning and the HM are still chained together as they are asleep.

BB did let them unchain during the Friday Night Games much to their pleasent suprise. And the games were quite a trip. In a suprise move, BB invited 4 previous years HM to come back and play the part of apposing team.


The guest All-Stars were (from left to right)

Wesley - housemate turned Totally Wild reporter who once professed his ambition to become Prime Minister. Expect him to fly under the radar with Mel.

Jo - the petit blonde bombshell that stole the hearts of every man in series 3. Expect gritty determination and hope for a one-on-one jelly wrestle with Vesna.

Paul - the surf-boy-rebel-come-family-man who argued his way through series 4. Expect him to set up a John Howard fan club inside the House with Tim.

Jessica - the zany blonde from BB02 will be back sans husband Marty. Expect a wacky hairdo and a lot of very silly fun.

The prize for the competition - If the HM win they add $20,000 back into their prize money. If the All-Stars win they split the $20,000.



The first part was filling an inverted cap on their head with water and driving a mini-4-wheel ATV around an obstacle course. It was for time and how much water you had left at the end.

The ALL-Stars won round 1.


Round 2 added a team-member for each team. Bree and Ryan - two of the hosts for the "Friday Night Live" were kidnapped by the black suited Ninjas (the guys in the background) right off the live stage and taken to the arena. Bree joined the All-Stars and Ryan joined the HM.



In this round each person had to climb the giant inflated pillar and capture valued stickers that were velcroed to it. The HM got a total of 330 points.

The All-Stars got a total of 420 points.

In the final round each team had to pick a single player as their representative. Greg was chosen for the HM and Wesley fro the All-Stars.



In this the final round each guy dons a giant road warrior suit made of sponge rubber and has to manouver through an obstacle course barefooted. First a line of tires. Second, up some steps onto an inclined ramp that is made of slick plastic that is very wet and slippery. And last through a zig-zag course on a giant sheet of plastic that has water sprayed on it. Greg fell several times so he lost time on the first run. Wesley watched him and took his time on his run and didn't fall once. He didn't move as fast but the not falling made his time quicker.

The All-Stars won the third round as well. So they won the Friday Night Competition.


After the competition was over, the HM left the arena and BB told them to re-don their chains. Since they were still on an adrenaline high they didn't complain too much. And the fact that as soon as they could see thru the windows of the house they saw the big pizza and snacks feast that BB had laid out for them was a big plus also.

BB did throw in another damper to their spirits though. He had them change partners yet again. So now Tim is chained to Vesna and Greg is now chained to Melanie. So now they have each been chained to every other member of the BB house.

They did have some discussion over pizza as to when the task would finally end. Usually they end before the Friday Night Competition. But since there is no Rewards Room prize for this week BB has decided to make them spend another night chained together.

I think he is just punishing them for the time (3:30 AM - 10:30 AM) they spent UNCHAINED the other night and will let them out tomorrow morning. Tim said that there was one task that her remembers from a previous season that lasted thru Sunday.

We will have to wait and see..... Stay tuned........

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