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Survivor 39 Show recaps

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September 25, 2019


Episode 1


Welcome to Survivor: Island of Idols. Its about to get crazy. Rob says what these new kids dont know is that he and Sandra are here to tell them how its done. Sandra says its about time the Queen taught someone else her tricks. They will serve as mentors, they will live on the Island of the Idols. They will not play, vote or win. 39 days, 20 people, 1 survivor. Day 1 Lairo: Karishma says she is so excited. The  boat lands on the beach and everyone hugs. Lairo is orange. They start right in making shelter. Elizabeth is a 3 time competitive swimmer and the girls get excited. Missy tells us she used to have a brain tumor and with medication its gone. 


Day 1 Vokai: The tribe is purple. Lauren wonders where the idols are. They introduce themselves. Janet is worried about being a vote off being an older woman, she wants to make an impact by making fire and she is a life guard. They have fire. Back at Lairo: Vince knows what he is doing with tools. Elaine, Tom and Vince hit it off right away. The rest of the tribe notice they have been gone for a while and make themselves a 10 vs 3 group. Easy to get the 3 out. 


Vakai camp: Jamal says they are doing well, they have fire, shelter, good will, they are chillin. Jason says its Island of the Idol and heads off to look for an HII. The tribe notices he is gone. Dan says Jason is done. 


Vokai, Jack finds a giant clam. Jack and Tommy connect. Noura says she feels she can trust Jason and she tells him that the others are after him cuz he disappeared. Lairo camp: Elaine says she uses humor to deflect ppl from her. Missy says she likes the girls, the seem like they are not subservient, they are self sufficient.


Day 2 Vokai: Dan gives massages. Kellee is a germaphobe and she doesn't like that Dan touches her all the time. Molly says Dan doesn't know personal space. Kellee tells him she is uncomfortable with his touching and he understands. Day 2 Lairo:Vokai, Jack finds a giant clam. Jack and Tommy connect. Noura says she feels she can trust Jason and she tells him that the others are after him cuz he dissappeared. Lairo camp: Elaine says she uses humor to deflect ppl from her. MIssy says she likes the girls, the seem like they are not subserviant, they are self sufficient. Elaine is not hungry yet, she has a lot of insulation. Ronnie says he watches and sees what they bring to the game. Lairo: Ronny and Elaine talk, she doesnt trust him. 


Day 3 Immunity challenge time. Jeff's first look at the tribes. Elaine tells him they were a little mad he didnt meet them on day 1. They have to race up and down an obstacle, drop a bridge, climb to the top of a tower then solve a massive village puzzle. They are playing for the Idol and flint. 


Ready...go! purple is first to the obstacle but both are moving quickly. Both are good and on to the next part. Purple hooks the rope and pulls to lower the bridge. Orange gets the rope and pulls. Purple making a human ladder to get to the tower and gets to the top and releases the rope. Orange is right behind. Orange takes the lead and starts on the puzzle. Purple right behind them. They have to build the village on piece at time, one hut at a time. Purple has 2 huts done, Orange has 1. Purple  wins immunity and reward. Lairo will go to TC. Jeff tells Lairo that one of them will be the first to experience Island of the Idols. Elaines draws Elizabeths name from the bag. Elizabeth will be the first to go to ioi but she will return for TC. Elizabeth is scared and not happy she will miss out on strategizing .


Day 3 at Island of the Idols (ioi) Elizabeth says its beautiful but she doesn't know what she is going to walk into. She sees huge statues of Boston Rob and Sandra. Rob and Sandra come walking out, she hugs both. The walk up to camp and Rob reads The Oath of the Idols. Think of this place as a Survivor Bootcamp. Rob teaches her to make fire. Sandra takes her away to try it on her own. She makes fire and comes back to Rob. Now she has will race Rob in making fire to win an HII, if she loses she loses her vote. Sandra tells us its a miss match but you never know. We dont see her decision. 

Lairo the tribe says its not on the puzzle makers. Tom, Chelsea, Vince and Elaine talk about voting Ronnie. Others talk about Elaine. Karishma says she is so torn right now. Vince doesn't want Elaine either, he trusts Elaine. Elaine says she knew it in her gut she is going home. Back to ioi: Elizabeth goes for it, she will race Rob in fire making. Rob says she took the first option not thinking he had something else in his back pocket. Elizabeth gets sparks first, Rob wins. Rob says Survivor is full of pit falls like this. Always trust your gut. Elizabeth loses her vote at TC tonight. Rob has her reach in a bag from the other tribe and pull out a name to be the next person to come to ioi...we dont get to see who it is.


Back at camp, Dan and Elaine talk, Dan says they don't have the numbers dont worry. Elaine tells them she will do anything that inst mean, she will vote anybody they want. Aaron tells her she is to personable. Aaron tells us it could be Vince or Elaine. Elizabeth tells camp that you go to ioi, there is a path that brings you to 3 urns, you break one and she got a card that says she loses, no game. Aaron tells Elizabeth that between her and him the vote is Vince. They all want her vote but she wont tell them she doesn't have one. She says her brain is scrambled eggs right now. 


Time for TC: They all grab a torch, dip it in and get fire. Rob and Sandra watch from behind the scenes. Chelsea says day 1 they walked onto the beach and wondered where Jeff was. Karishma says Yes Elaine is a in trouble because she is so likable. Ronnie says they need to keep the tribe strong or they wont win the next challenge. Elaine says she is devistated she may go home. She is crying, says its heartbreaking to think you wont make it. But it will also be the best thing that has happened to her. Ronnie says they lived similar lives, we all have our stories, this is a dream come true for all of us, its a heart breaker to get voted out in 3 days. Vince talks, Rob and Sandra like him. Rob asks Sandra if this is hard for her, she says .____ no. 


Time to vote. Time to tally the vote.  Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Vince, Ronny, Vince, Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie, First person voted out is Ronnie. He is surprised, Vince and Elaine grin. Jeff says wow, well the theme of tonight's tribal were how hard was it to vote someone out and yet the results was a devastating blindside. They get flint and head back to camp. 


Next time on Survivor: When there is a blindside and heartache you can go insane. 

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October 2, 2019


Episode 2


Lairo camp: They talk about the votes, Vince is worried about his votes. They tell him it was all about Ronnie. Aaron was mad. Missy says with a guy gone the girls are doing well. Aaron says their day will come. Day 4 Vokai, Noura is complaining. Molly says as each day goes by its harder to like Noura. Noura doesn't hold her tongue, she tells everyone what needs to be done or gathered when they are out and about. Noura says Molly is put together and charms people.


Noura says her and Jason are the underdogs and the others are the popular kids, its like HS all over again. Lairo camp tries to make fire, Chelsea makes a suggestion and they ask if she wants to make it...she succeeds in 2 min. Dan says it ruined his male ego for life. Chelsea says the girls can do anything the guys can do only better. Chelsea collects fire wood and finds an HII. Chelsea says she doesn't know where the guys heads are but the game has started and they are behind.


Vokai Day 5: They are on the beach doing yoga led by Noura. A boat comes in into shore with a note. They gather as group. Kellee needs to get on the boat and got to ioi, she is freaking out. They tell her to assume nothing and think outside the box


At ioi Kellee is nervious, she says maybe Cokcron will pop out of the bushes, out pop Boston Rob and Sandra. Rob reads her the Oath of rules. They chit chat for a few minutes. They bombard her with info and she starts to look confused. Rob tells her that her lesson started the minute she landed on the beach, paying attention to others and forming bonds and trust is important. How well was Kellee paying attention to them. If she answers 4 out of 5 questions right she gets an HII that is good for the next 2 TC, if she loses she loses her vote at the next TC. Rob sweetens the deal, only 3 out of 5 questions and the HII good for the next 3 TC. She agrees....Q1 is correct, Q2 is correct, Q3 is correct, she gets the HII and cries. Kellee picks the next person to come to ioi.


back at camp Kellee starts to cry. She tells them about the wooden statues and offers to strip down to see that she doesnt have anything but she hid it in her hair. They hug  her, patting her hair in the process.


Day 6 Immunity challenge, they have to swim out and release a ladder from the ocean floor, use it to retreave a bag of balls, lad the balls in 3 targets. First tribe to win receives Immunity and reward of a cooking kit and spices. Vokai sits out Lauren. Ready...Go!! Both find their ladder. Lairo gets their ladder first the Vokai but Vokai has trouble getting ladder to the bag. Lairo gets their bag and the loses it in the water, they find it. Vokai cant hold the ladder while Lairo gets ready to start putting the balls in the holes. Vokai gets their bag of balls. Lairo gets their first ball in the spot. Vokai gets to the ball part. Lairo gets 2, Vokai gets 1, Vokai gets 2, its tied. Vokai misses. Lairo wins immunity.  Tommy says it will be either Nouri or Jason, he feels bad for them, you can't put your neck out for somebody, you have to play for yourself.


Vokai day 6. Nouri tells Jamal and Jack that she knows its either her or Jason. They ask Jason if he has a HII and he says no. They will split the votes between the two. Nouri campaigns to stay. Molly says to have a good afternoon and not mess this up. Jamal takes a nap. The girls wonder about Molly, Janet says Molly has the guys in the palm of her hand. Lauren says she is not going to let Molly play her, she will play Molly, she wont be a sheep. Jason is excited to hear its going to be Molly but its sounds to good to be true, he tells Nouri who dances. Janet tells Tommy and he says its to early, the turmoil will be crazy. Its a tough decision, shuffle the deck and make a move or go with the cool kids. 


Time for TC: they grab a torch and get fire. Rob and Sandra go into their little hidy hut to watch TC. Jason says he noticed that everybody except him got along from the start, he has been in purgatory accused of looking for a HII. It could be an easy vote then lets start playing the game. Kellee says the group culture was to get camp started then look for a HII. Jason turns his bag upside down and shakes it showing has no HII. Noura says she sticks out but she doesn't like to stick in, she does her own thing, but what makes you happy is fitting in. She says some of the problems in actual life is reflected here. Molly says she will tread water until she drowns. Jamal says the pedal is not to the metal, Survivor is a slow burn. Jason says you didnt come to TC will a bag, Jamal says the game Jason is playing is not the game he has to play right now. 


Kellee says there are a lot of contradictions about how they feel about the vote, when they are gone the group will be gone forever. Time to vote: we see Jamal vote for Jason, Noura votes Molly. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use the HII? nope. Votes: Jason, Noura, Molly, Jason, Molly, Molly, Molly, second person voted is Molly. Sandra says Dang they played her a**. Molly says good luck guys. Jeff says there is a brutal but exhilarating true to every blind side, if it can happen to them it can happen to you. This tribe is definitely not in first gear. 


Next time on Survivor: In a game of manipulation there will be blood (one of the girls says I can see my bone as we see blood pour out of a hand) and an impossible mission. 

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October 9, 2019


Episode 3


Vokai Night 6: Jason says at TC Molly went home and he stayd, it was a total blindside. They all stand around not wanting to talk. Jack says he had no idea about the vote, he has a lot of work to do. Jack says that was amazing. Tommy says he has to do damage control with Jamal. Jamal says he is not happy, forgive but not forget. Lairo day 7. The girls are in the water and the guys are at camp. Kaishma is uncomforable with her lack of coverup but she has to make the girls feel strong about their alliance and if that means she is in her underwear so be it. Aaron says 5 girls/4 guys ...the guys ban together. Vince says ifthe girls have control of the game fine, he will work with the women. Vokai make fire. Dan says he wants a win win and thats Noura for the next vote. 


Dan says he thinks they can go 8-1 for Noura and no one will be upset. Jamal says this will be a nice unifying vote, but he reserves the right to go rough. Jamal says Dan has a car salesman vibe about him when he wants you to do something. Jamal talks to Janet about maybe getting Dan out. Tommy says Jamal is coming on to strong, do they consider Jamal? Maybe he is the best vote for Tommy's game. 


Karishma is shredding coconut and stabs the knife into her hand, she can see the bone. She is on the ground and no one comes to her aide. She says if she had cut her hand off no one would have helped her, everyone on the tribe is dead to her. 


Lairo: a boat shows up and they are slow getting to it. Vince is headed to ioi and will return in the morning. The tribe thinks he will come back with an HII and they need to flush it. Dean says split the vote and its silence...was everyone thinking it, yes...was any one going to say it...no. Vince gets to ioi, he is worried that ppl will make plans against him. Sandra and Rob come out to meet him. He is star struck and over come with emotion. Rob says its awesome that they were just playing the game and it made such an impact on ppl. 


Rob tells Vince that his lesson is staying calm under pressure, his test is to sneak into the other tribes camp and steal fire with this torch. If he does it he gets a HII that is for the next 2 TC, if he doesn't do it he loses his vote. He says he will take the test. Rob gives him a map of the other tribes camp. Sandra says its late at night, doesnt know the camp. They give him hints on how to succeed. Rob says Sandra takes it a step to far..as usual. Good luck Vince. Vince gets to Vokai and he says his shoes squeek, he heart is beating, some one is having a bad dream and wakes the camp. They settle down and Vince sneeks in and sees there is no fire, he is going to collect ash to show Rob and Sandra he tried. Tommy keeps looking around but rolls over....Vince gets out of there and back to the boat. Back on ioi...Sandra says he didnt get caught, Rob says he adapted, its a win he gets a HII.


Immunity Challenge time: one person will swim out to get a key, the rest will climb out onto a teeter totter while retrieving 2 bags of puzzle pieces then use the key to unlock the last bag, Put the puzzle together and win. Its also reward challenge for comfort items. Elizabeth and Janet will swim out for their tribes, Elizabeth is first to the net and gets the key. Lairo heads out to the teeter totter. Janet having trouble getting the key, she gets it finally. Lairo is almost to the first bag and drops it into the water. Vokai making up time, gets their first bag. Lairo gets both bags, and starts on the puzzle. Vokai gets to their puzzle (its a hanging fish puzzle) Vokai takes a big lead and Vokai wins immunity and reward. 


Lairo camp. Tom says ppl are mad they didnt win, they said Karishma messed up the comp but Vince probable has an HII they have to make sure the girls vote Vince. Missy says the girls have the vote why should they vote out Vince when he will be a vote with them. Do they shoot for Tom? Elizabeth says Dan is like their dad, she wants to vote out Vince. Karishma is worred its her. Vince tells us Karishma needs to give them a name, Vince tells her to vote Tom. Vince says he will play his HII if he feels the need. Chelsea says Tom? Vince? Karishma? The tribe is being run by the women and Vince is an ally of the girls. 


Time for TC: Rob and Sandra get in their little hidy hut. Tom says this had a difference sense to it then the first TC. Its frustrating, they are 2-0 with puzzles. Karishma says there is heat on her back, when push comes to shove and when it comes to her tribe she will push so hard, she can be a strong ally. Karishma says she feels like an audience member to the girls sorority. Dan says he came into this game with the idea of not losing a challenge and they have lost twice. Aaron says he is 100% with his tribe. Vince says dont let the paranoa kick in. Karishma gets up and starts whispering. Dan says he doesnt buy it, nothing has changed.


Time to vote. We see Vince for Tom, Dean votes for Karishma. Time to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Tom, Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, Vince, Vince, Vince...tied....Vince, 3rd person voted out is Vince. Sandra is saying oh no. Rob says Vince was voted out with a HII in his pocket. 


Next time on Survivor: When romance blossoms, you must protect your secrets, while flying blind. 

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