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8:44pm BBT Feeds return and Jackson has even more slime on his lab coat as he washes off his hands. He sits down in the BY couches with Sis laying against Jack, and Holly laying down on the couch. Cliff  andNicole are making small talk in the RV BR but all feeds are on Michie, who is still wet and dripping. Michie says this coat is so heavy now. He didnt have any underwear on when he went in to get his costume and they wouldn't let him go back out. The mood is very laid back and subdued.


8:55pm BBT Jack tells Sis that Cliff is switching rooms tonight so that Jack and Sis can have the room to themselves. Jess and Kat are in the HoH bed, looking at the spy cam. Kat tells Jess about Tommy's attempts at damage control. Nicole tells Cliff she hopes her family isn't embarrassed with her not winning anything. She misses her mom and her students. Tommy and Christie were in the SR but he's not on an official mission at the moment. Christie joins the BY group. FotH.

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9:11PM BBT Cliff, Nicole and Nick talking about David. They really liked him. Talking about how they will be out next if thngs change.


9:15PM BBT Kat in HOH bed with Jess. Talking about who runs the house. Jess wonders what the HOH comp will be. Kat says that Analyse can not win. She thinks she will put her up. She says they don't have a strong relationship with in the house.


9:30PM BBT Holly and Jackson talk in the BY.They talk about Jackson and Jack needing to talk. Jackson says they will at the jury house. Holly is going to set up towels for Jackson.


9:33PM BBT Tommy and Nck talking about sex dreams they have had in the house. Tommy had one that had to do with Nick. Nick says he had one where it was a femal body but Jack's head. Jess and Cliff are laughing.



9:42PM BBT In the HOH BR Cliff, Jess, Nicole and Kat talk about Jack. Jesssays that him being so loyal to Christie and Tommy means he can't be loyal to anyone else. Jess says that he apologized and she accepted it.


9:45PM BBT Jack and Tommy talking about Jack trying to get Cliff to vote his way. Jack says that Kat didn't even want to talk to him. Tommy says he had a talk with Kat. Says that Kat wasn't upset with him for doing the same thing Jack did.


9:52PM BBT Tommy rinses his feet off in the shower. Walks across the WCA and wipes them on the rug leaving water on the floor. HG making foodin the KT. Kat and Jess sleeping in the HOH BR.



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9:19pm BBT


Kat and Jessica are relaxing on the HOH bed.


Jessica mentions it being stressful, we hear Tommy get called for a mission.


Kat says the day she decided she couldn't stand Tommy any more he is dressed in a silly little costume.


The two of them are watching the HOH screen and are laughing at Tommy's antics. The decide to hide under the covers in the HOH bed.

We can hear him yelling as he goes through the house, the girls are not moving. Tommy comes into the HOH room yelling “I am traveling at the speed of smell.” He doesn't see them in the bed.


One of them says, “that was too easy.”


they take off the covers, Jessica starts spraying the febreeze.


Nick is yelling at Tommy, asking him if he did it three times to be mean, he chases Tommy up the stairs yelling that he is going to get Tommy, then self evict. They tumble into the HOH room laughing.


Nick says Nicole is not sleeping, he told her she has to go to bed early. It sounds like she was feeling bad and Nick was concerned.


Tommy tells the girls he knew the were under the covers.


Holly and Jackson are in the back yard talking about Jack. Holly says Jack is good at faking and finesse but he cannot talk from the heart. Holly says that Jack and Jackson will talk at some point but it may not happen in the BB house. Jackson doesn't seem sure that will be the case.


(Jackson is a mess, he is covered with slime stains)


Holly is going in to put dirty towels down to protect the floors so Jackson can go inside. Jackson says he is very cold and will not spend the whole night outside.


Cliff finds ants in the fridge in the back yard. It looks like gatorade has been spilled inside.


Camera goes back to the HOH room.


Tommy is talking about some sort of dream he had, he calls it promiscuous. He says Nick was in the dream. Nick shares his dream from a few days ago.


Nicole comes into the HOH room and a few seconds later Cliff comes in.


House guests were talking about dreams in general, Nicole crawls into the bed, Tommy leaves the room.


Cliff stays for a few minutes while Jessica tells him that Jack has come and apologized to her. She says Jack told Jessica he understands how it feels to be on the block now.


Kat says Jack never really apologized to her, he feels justified for what was done.


Cliff says the meeting upstairs bothered him, and says that he heard Jack telling Tommy to go apologize to Kat. Cliff says that Tommy was like a little soldier and immediately did what Jack told him to do.


Jessica says that Jack seemed sincere, and she encouraged him to campaign as is his right, she tells Cliff she would rather him say that she (Jessica) has not indicated how she would vote.


Cliff says he does the same thing when he is asked about his vote.


Cliff goes close to the HOH screen to determine who is in the kitchen.


Jessica mentions Jack telling everyone “you are not my target, so who is left?”


Cliff thinks Jack offered the safety because it worked before when he offered it. He says he has made his decision, and is adamant that it will not change. He says if they don't do it now, they won't do it. He says this is the opportunity to change the game. He will vote against Jack even if he is the only one doing it. He will not leave the house not having voted Jack out.


He plans to be non-committal to the others. He tells the girls he does not hang out in the HOH room often because he wants to make sure it is not noticed.


Jessica says Michie is involved in the punishment right now and doesn't expect him to do much, she just hopes he doesn't do anything stupid.


Cliff wonders if the lights can be off, he turns them off and waits to see if Bob tells him to turn them off. Bob does not disappoint. Cliff turns the lights back on and says he will be back at 10pm to turn them off for them.


Nick is in the kitchen telling the others that he has told Nicole she is not allowed to stay up late tonight.


Holly, Jack, Christie and Nick are cleaning up. Michie and Holly are standing by the bar. Holly is feeding Michie. Tommy is wandering around in his rocket outfit.


They are talking about changes in sleeping arrangements.


Christie is complaining about the smells in the house while Sis yells profanities.


Michie decides to flip Nick with a towel. He wets it and gives him a pretty good whack. Nick whacks Michie but it isn't a very good one. Michie takes the towel back and starts flipping it. (we used to do that and it hurts).


Nick shows off his red welt and his gray underoos.



Christie and Tommy in the rv bedroom.


They are discussing the circumstances of either Jack or Michie leaving. Christie says that Jack's talk with Jessica went well.


Tommy thinks Jack will approach the other girls and work it out before eviction. Tommy tells Christie that his talk with Jessica went badly today.


Christie tells Tommy something about a talk that took place in the have not room. So muc whispering it is impossible to figure out who “she” is. After a few minutes it becomes clear that the subject of the conversation is Kat. It seems Kat is five days late with her menses.


Cameras move to the back yard


Cliff and Jack are talking about the votes. Jack is promising Cliff the moon and Cliff is not committing to anything. Jack tells Cliff that they will talk about what Jack will promise him later. Jack wanders off to bed while Cliff stays on the lounge.


Camera moves back to rv bedroom.


Tommy and Christie are still talking about Kat. Sis is in the room too.


Christie is telling Sis that part of the problem is a lack of personal relationship with Jack.


Tommy is whispering something to Jack about what Kat said, but Christie is making noises in her microphone that cover it up. (yawning, rubbing hands, whistling, humming)


Tommy mentions that they feel excluded, Jack seems to be frustrated about this information, he seems to think Cliff is ruining any inroads he makes with Jessica. Christie says something about using Kat, but the rumbling noises cover up enough to make it impossible to catch.


Christie tells Tommy and Sis (Jack left the room) that Kat has a personal relationship with Michie, she says Kat would like to keep Jack, but is worried that it is bad for her game to do that. Christie says she discussed it with her, and asked her to talk to Jack. Christie says she told Kat that Jack was feeling down and “like a fish floating in water.”


Sis says there is not much she can do. Sis wants to know why Cliff changed his bed, Christie tells her it is because he thought they (Sis and Jack) would like the privacy. Sis, “it seems weird to me.” (looks annoyed).


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9:00PM BBT Kat is talking with Jess in HoHR about someone saying they always take note of who is talking to whom, where people are and Kat says that's not a house she wants to live in where she is being watched like that. [Umm, you SIGNED UP FOR IT!  It's called BIG BROTHER for a reason! - rms]

Jess says there are thinks she loves about Michie and things she is like, get out of here.  They don't have things they like that with Jack at all.


CBR Nick tells Cliff his plan was f'n brilliant.  It thinks it worked. Nicole is listening in.  

Cliff asked what's that.  

Nick: To split up the...  As long as you continue to lay low, too, we won't be targets.  

Cliff: Did you see me laying out there in the living room.  You have to do that with a bible and all that.  

Nick: It is so boring but you have to do that.  

Cliff: This isn't his week to be campaigning.  This is my week to be sitting.

Nick: Chilling.  After this veto meeting, you are 100% safe until the end of the week.  Now we are gonna see how people are when their back is against the wall.  

Cliff: They are coming hard and heavy.  

Nick: And at each other.  

Cliff: They are now all campaigning to Nicole and Me and I'm sure to you, too.  When they think that it's against each other, it will be real curious to see.  

Nick: They are pitching that you (Cliff) and me flip it to make it 5-4 (really 5-3).  

Cliff: Let them pitch it.  

Nick: Yeah, I am not gonna not hear them out, because if Jackson does something really stupid, Then we can be like ok, that deal you offered for 3 weeks of safety, yeah, we want it.  Jackson would have to do something REALLY stupid.  

Cliff agrees it would have to be INCREDIBLY  stupid.  

Nick told Jackson he just has to lay low and not do anything stupid.  

Cliff agreed.  If it works, he's a target for them and they are his target.  They are pissed at each other, we get a few weeks out of it.  

9:05PM BBT Nick: The vetos are gonna be huge for us this week.  Whenever one of them wins, we have to make sure the target stays up there.  Right now, this season has been poetic justice.  Otherwise, it could be one of us going home.

Cliff:  That's the risk you take. In this game nothing is guaranteed. I am still a hell of a lot more excited than I was a couple of weeks ago.  It's poetic Jessicice (Justice).

Nick:  Jack could've won that Veto.  He was so close.  It hit a rope and went off and turned.  Nick asked him how many clicks he did.  He replied 5.  Nick thought to himself didn't you do 5 last round? (thinking he was dumb for not changing it).  He continues with how his went


9:07PM BBT Kat talking to Jess in the HOHR about who doesn't knock when they come in.  Everyone does except Tommy and Sis.  Kat says every time she looks Tommy in the eyes, he looks super frantic. Jess tells her if she sees that she needs to calm him down.  Kat says she does.  She had 2 conversations with him today.  She always thinks about who would be at the bottom of her list and who she would want to get rid of. I don't have a list right now, It would literally just be Tommy.  She tries to figure out what he is trying to hide from her that makes him so frantic.  Jess believes he is on edge with everybody.  She believes he is frantically trying to save his relationship with Michie and Holly.  She believes he hopes they can get Michie and Holly to forget all this happened.


They both talk about how they don't really have a relationship with Sis.  


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Cliff tells Michie he wants Jack out. They are in the back yard alone. Cliff is amazed that the others follow him like “little soldiers”.


Michie mentions Christie's spinning tales and her constant talking about “energies and vibes and things.” Michie says he told Christie that she has made things personal and has insulted him.


Nick comes out to the back yard,


Cliff tells him they are waiting for the next call.


Michie says he is soaking wet and gets cold. He says the punishment will last until about 6pm.


Cliff mentions the outdoor shower, but wonders if production wants him all colorful.


Michie says the jacket is heavy canvas and soaks everything into it. Michie goes to the storage room to check on something he is waiting on.


Cliff says after Thursday there will only be four guys in the house. Nick says he hopes Michie doesn't do anything stupid to mess it up, but Cliff says he won't.


Nick thinks if Michie stays, he will be a target ahead of them.


They both think Nicole is in a good spot, and she will work with them. Both of them hope she wins the next HOH, and would toss it to her if he had the opportunity.


Cliff and Nick both agree that they would put up Christie, Tommy and Sis as a back up.


They are talking about voting numbers, Christie using Jack as a target, and trying to manipulate other people to put him up so she would not have to. Nick says Jack is loyal to his side, and that is why he needed to go because of that. Nick says Jack is also very smart. Cliff says he does not want Jack anywhere near the game. Cliff says if there is a battle back they need to get his power base out of the house before that happens.


They agree that Christie is playing both sides, that she tells too much and shares information that should not be shared. Cliff says some of the things she says should just not be said. Nick says this is the first time he has seen her scared, and she will really gun for the HOH. They both agree that in the HOH they will feel safe as soon as Christie and Tommy go out. They realize they have positioned themselves into a situation where they have four votes against three without an alliance.


Jessica is worrisome to them since they don't think she would put up females. The agree to revisit that later.


Nick says in a final three he would rather take a competitor with him. Cliff agrees that a competitor should win the game.


Nick says the now defunct group of 6 are feeling low right now and it is the first time they have experienced what the others have experienced earlier. Nick talks about the spinning in the competitor they did for the veto, he says he hates spinning.


Tommy comes to hang out, the camera moves to Michie, who is fixing his shirt and tie. (It looks like they have allowed him to add some layers and take a much needed shower. He is putting on his underoos and he moons us 10:44pm )


Camera moves back to back yard where Cliff is talking about being on an oil rig. He says the waves rocked him to sleep. When he left, they took him back to shore in a helicopter. Her says when it takes off it drops off the rig before gaining lift so it can fly away. He says they do that because of safety. He says he had to tell them his weight before taking off, he says his pilots were VietNam vets and those guys like to mess with people who are not experienced. He says the pilot yelled “uhoh” and asked if Cliff had his life preserver handy. He says a few minutes later the pilot laughed and told him he was just joking.


Cliff say when you take a boat out there is no ladder so they use a crane with an inner tube lined with planks. He says you have to throw your gear in the tube and hang onto the netting around it. He says they swing you across the ocean for about 5 or 10 minutes until you are dropped onto the boat. He says the rigs in the Gulf are in places where all you can see is flat ocean. He says there are capsules ready for evacuation, it is like a life raft with a lid on it. He says they are not really reliable because they can flip over. If that happens, he says people in it will not survive.


Tommy is called to the DR.

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10:03PM BT KT Snackson(Jackson) combines 3 chip bags into one.  Then, Holly proves MicFridgie's (Michie's) problem is contagious!  She walked over to the fridge, opened it and walked off.  Shortly after, MicFridge morphs into Snackson and reaches in and gets out his dip from last night.  They both talk with Jess, backs to the fridge, cooling the house.  Holly eventually returns and closes one side but the other is open for a while until she closes it 79 seconds later.  [BoB, call me, I can make an audio clip that will ensure they close it!  Play it so loud everyone wakes up and are scared and peer pressure will QUICKLY solve this PROBLEM! - rms]


[PoPTV code: HOLLY - rms]

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10:17PM BBT Michie talking to Cliff about what his speech should contain.  He says he has a heavy secret of Jack's and his on the fence on whether or not to air it out.  If he is leaving, he doesn't know what good it would do.  It affects someone who is staying here.  His speech could go one of two ways.  He can bite his tongue and keep it civil, or he can air out some dirty laundry.  It would rattle the cages of him and someone staying in the house.  

Cliff:  Does it help to us either now or later if you need it as a bomb.  You know better than I do on that.  You have a couple of days to decide that.  Short term play it cool seems like things are going your way.

Michie: I am.  I am gonna keep doing my thing.  I don't get paranoid and I am also very realistic of the fact that there is nothing I can do.

Cliff: It's in other people's hands but I think it's in the right people's hands.

(Michie moves his hand and the slime pops some as he lifts his arm or hand.)


10:20PM BBT Christie and Tommy continue their talk in the CBR with Sis listening in.

Christie claims Kat hasn't made up her mind.  She is not (air quotes) "keeping Jackson" she is weighing it out.  On one hand I have someone (Michie) I want out, he is my target, he is many people's targets.  I don't want to play this game.  I am gunning for him. I have a personal relationship with him.  In 85% of that relationship, I have been treated like sh*t.  On the other hand, I have someone (Jack) I do not have any personal relationship with that hasn't given any reason to think they would be gunning for me but but hasn't given me a reason to think they would keep me safe.  This person (Michie), I know their motives, I know who they are and I know someone will take them out.  This person (Jack), is protecting a small group of people and I am not one of them.  That's what she said to me.

She's like it's a catch-22 ... to me.  She's like ethically and morally and person to person, I want to keep Jack. I want to keep Jack.  I don't think he screwed me over, but do I think he would have my back, I don't know.

Christie replied, well, you should talk gamed see where he's at.  You are casting a vote here and are entitled to ask him any questions you have.  You are very much a part of our team.


10:22PM BBT Cliff telling Michie in the BY that they are barking up the wrong tree. They can tell me whatever they want.  First of all, I am probably not gonna believe much of it, but I could be working with the devil himself if it helps my game, whatever. I don't care.  Jack does not help my game being in this house.  It is an easy decision for me.

Michie: I just want to know what they are saying.  They are not even worth my energy.  the only reason I sat out here so long is I didn't want to go in like this. I don't want to be fake with them.  I don't want to waste energy kissing a$$ with people who turned their back on me when everything I have done has been for...

Cliff: Yeah, but even if you have to be a little fake about it, just rest assured that everything's gonna feel when you are sitting in this house and they are in the jury house.  There is its own kind of justice in that.  To be honest, there are some of us who have been sitting in this house 40 freaking something days kissing some a$$, doing some stuff. You play the hand that is dealt you.  If that's what it takes.

Michie:  I've been playing fake with them to because a lot of the things that have happened have not been ok with me or Holly.  Unfortunately, we have been with majority of the votes, we can't just... Your instincts and intuitions for the real life are different than in here.

Cliff: I get it.  If the roles were reversed, I would have been in the thick of it as well.  You stick with the strength.

Michie: It is what it is.

Cliff:  I think this week's gonna go fine unless nothing really weird happens. I am more concerned about the next week or two.  I know you will be a target and and I am sure I will be a target  I don't know who else.

Michie: It will be if I stay, Me, Holly, You, Kat, Nicole, Jess versus Christie, Tommy, Sis, 6-3 with Nick somewhere in the middle.

Cliff: That's kind of what i figure.

Michie: A new 6.

Cliff: Hey, you know what, that's alright.  A new 6 but a lot less people.  You know what, I am not gonna talk names tonight but there are some targets within those 9 that are left that I think we probably all can agree on.  After that we see how things fall out and I am fine with that.  I want Jack out

Michie: I know you do.

Cliff: It's not personal.  I like him as a guy.  If i was in the jury house with him, I am sure we could be good buds and all that.  From a purely gameplay standpoint, he's gonna walk away with this money if something isn't done and I've known that for quite a while.  This is the "Cult of Jack" it seems like.  There are people, Tommy and some of these, that just follow him like little soldiers. 

Michie: Not even him though so much as (he doesn't saw but is talking about Christie)

Cliff: I know, I know. The name's coming out.

Michie: I told her today, I was like, you'll go back and watch this.  I am praying for you.  I hope you can find some peace about yourself because for somebody who is so in touch with energies, the universe, vibes and spirits, the way she carries herself is so "bulliesque".

Cliff: I have caught that multiple times in the way she's spun some things and said some things and I have just let it slide.


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11:04PM BBT until 11:24PM  and more Cliff in BY talking to his family.  He says his calf had a very slight tear and it's 95% healed he thinks.


11:12PM BBT Tommy went into the HN room to do his Speed of Sound mission and he walked in on Michie and Holly doing the nasty!

(ok, so he was pulling his pants on....)


11:14PM BBT Tommy comes into the TBR followed by Christie and tells Jack and Sis that he walked in on them "banging."

Christie says she must like the Dr outfit.


11:18PM BBT Michie and Holly come in and Michie says, Sorry, Tommy.  

Tommy said he didn't see one piece of Holly.

Christie says she was getting herself a drink and she saw Cliff outside waving at her.  He had her come outside to say hi to his family.




11:23PM BBT Tommy runs into the TBR doing his mission and Sis scares him!  He yells!  He, Sis and Jack all laugh.  Jack asks if he wet his rocket.  Tommy says he wet his rocket.


11:45PM BBT Christie is in the CBR with Nick, Tommy and Cliff and they are all ready for bed.  She picks up her mic and says, ok let me try my trick.  Let's see if this works.  She talks to production, "Hi, production, this is Christy in the RV.  I am here with Nick, Tommy and Cliff.  As you can see, we are all ready to go to bed now.  We all have our masks on and we are not gonna talk any game or talk at all for that matter.  We are ready to go to sleep and we would love it if you would turn the lights off.  It would be greatly appreciated.  We are so thankful for everything you have done for us and for the great music you played this morning.  Please do that again tomorrow.  Once again, please turn the lights off.   Thank you so much.  Love you. Peace and Love. XOXO,  Christy Murphy, Bye."

BoB replies,, "ZING!"


They all scream and go nuts!


11:52PM BBT The lights are still on in the CBR where Christie made her plea.


MicFridgie (Michie) is in the KT WITH THE FRIDGE OPEN as he takes a swig out of the Kombucha bottle that he and Holly both have drunk directly from, who knows how many other people have as well.


11:56PM BBT Obvious BoB is making a point, so power hungry, lights still on.


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