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5:40 PM BBT The feeds just cut to "Houseguests are shooting something awesome" [interesting]

Well, false alarm. The feeds are back.

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 3:02 PM BBT Holly and Analyse are up in the HOHR weather they should let her (kat) in the room.

3:14 PM BBT Nick and Kat are in the RVR talking. Nick tells her she doing good at what she is doing she is amazing and to keep doing her. She said she said knows it just who she is and Nick agress and she tells him she going to go outside. He says okay and that he is welcome to join her. she gets up and heads out.

 3:22 PM BBT Sam said Holly was throwing out names. He then says the 2 names names that she threw out was Nicole or Kat. Sam said he would it rather been Nicole because then he would have had a fighting chance. He said that holly told him that she wanted to sleep on it. He agreed to let her do that.

 3:25 PM BBT Six shooter meeting in the HOHR. Jackson does the the dance for then six shooters and says "we did it"! Holly says she loves it when they have the power. Jack stands up says Kat goes up and we send Sam home and asks "How does this affect Cliff and Kat" and then asks "are we going to let Nick shed some blood here?" Jack interjects and says yeah. Jackson tells the group that he told him that Nick wants HOH and try to gain the trust of the group. Jackson says " they got pick people outside of the six, regardless they got to go", he also says why not let him do it for us then we pick him off ". he goes on to to say we are eventually have to do let him do it so why not let him do it for us. Christy says fact. they want him (nick) do whatever he wants. Christie agrees. Jackson says it not breaking their agreement with cliff. Jack says let not put nick up up til it the "six shooters" and him. Jackson says "lets not vocalize the deal" yet. Jackson also says they need to keep their mouths shut in all aspects of the game. Jack adds in and says okay Nick wins HOH that all good... but what about if Jess or Nicole wins HOH, the group chimes in and says they dont know. Holly says for sure 2 of us will go up. Christie says if Nicole wins it will definitely be 2 guys but she not which two guys will go up because she is all about thw girls thing.

3:30 Christies said it going to nick and jack that nicole would put up because of the hole girl thing . Holly says that Nicole sketches her out big time because she doesn't know she where she lies.

 3:31 PM Nobody in the six shooters know where they lie with nicole. Jackson says he pretty sure be can get to nicole. Jackson then suggest they be a little quieter. Jack says they have talked about Nick,Jess,Nicole but what about cliff.  he says that jack has aproached him multiple times in the past 48 hours  about solidifying things. Christie said he doesn't feel included.



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4:20pm BBT In HoH, Christie, Holly and Tommy assure Kat she is safe this week. Christie says it's pretty straightforward. In BY, Sis says Kat is on her nerves. Jack tells her to keep her fake face on. He warns her that if she talks to Christie about Kat, she might tell her. Kat comes out of DR and stops to chat with Nicole and Christie in the living room.


4:40pm BBT Sis tells Jack that Christie has been talking a lot this week and it's starting to worry her. Jack thinks she'll settle down. Sis says it always comes back on them. He doesn't want to mention anything because it could come back at them.  In HoH, Michie tells Holly that Sis has been going off on Kat. Holly says Sys is going off on everyone, especially Christie. She says Sis hates everything.  In the Boatroom, Jack tells Tommy it's OK for the Six to meet in a room together as long as Cliff and Kat don't realize they aren't with them.  Cliff notices if he's not included in talks.


5:00pm BBT In HoH, Jackson says he doesn't get guys putting women down for trying to look pretty. Girls don't wear makeup to cheat or even to impress their men.  It's really to impress other women. The more a guy is overbearing or controlling, the more likely the girl will look elsewhere to it's smart not to treat women that way. Holly says he is wise for only 24hrs old. She finishes her hair and he tells her she looks great, better than the other girls. She says he's cute for saying so.


5:20pm BBT Nick cryptically tells Tommy in the LR that he wants to warn someone something about Thursday. Tommy tells him to not freak out and just protect himself. Nick says he has real information but "they" will probably deny it. Nick says it would show his loyalty. Then he should tell that person, Tommy says. If the person finds out the info and learns Nick didn't tell them, it could be bad. Michie comes in and asks Nick what he is talking about and Nick tries to explain without saying anything.


5:40pm BBT Nick decides to tell what he knows to whomever it is he knows about. Michie thinks it's something Sam said about Sis or Christie and Tommy agrees. In the BR, Sam tells Cliff and Christie something Sam said and Christie wonders what to do with the information. What it he said is unknown. Christie tells Nick and Cliff she'd be happy to never have to use her power but would never say that to Sam because Sam has been targeting Jack & Jackson all along. Nick leaves and Christie again says she never said that to Sam. She confirms she said it to Cliff, but never to Sam.


6:00pm BBT Cliff tells Kat that he and Nick gave someone a heads-up on something Sam said. Kat guesses it was Christie. Cliff says Sam told him this morning he was going to blow up Christie's game as he goes out the door, accusing her of plotting against the others. He says if they had kept what Sam said a secret from Christie, it would have backfired on them. He doesn't think Sam will actually do it. Nick wanted to prove himself by saying something.

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 3:34 PM BBT - Christie says he only has one more week so she cant blame him. Jack says yeah but he just giving them a heads up and then adds in there there should never be six in a room never.

 3:36 PM BBT Jackson tells the group the reason why they meet as a group is if they don't it becomes a he said she said bull crap stuff.

 3:41 PM BBT jack tell them the order he want it to go leading up to double eviction. he wants nick then then nicole then cliff last. all four cams switch to sam and cliff outside talkong about cars. then switches back to the six shooters in the HOHR talking about what they are going to do with cliff.

 3:50 PM BBT - the six shooters discuss who they think cliff will put up of he wins HOH during the DE. Christie thinks 2 of the six shooters will go up, but tommy disagrees. Kat chimes in the room while one of the six shooters leave. Tommy doesn't think cliff will because thry kept him safe in a previous week. jack gets up and leaves and says the meeting is done kat walks in and says hi.

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7:40 PM BBT In listening to a conversation on the hammock between Holly and Kat with Michie snoozing beside them despite the "no napping" warning from production, I have discovered that the conversation Holly and Michie had at 3:11 AM this morning was actually about Sis flirting...NOT KAT. (Sorry about that, folks)

7:46 PM BBT Jess and Sis try to pull their prank on Michie (send him to the SR to get toilet paper with Sis hiding in the cabinet to scare him), but Michie seemed to have been given the heads up about the prank and it ends up being Kat who goes to the cabinet to get toilet paper. She jumped when she saw Sis. They are going to try to prank Cliff or Sam.

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7:45PM BBT CLiff and Sam talk. Cliff warns Sam about what he tells Nick. Says that Nick has been going to the other side and telling them to try andmake them feel secure.


8:00PM BBT Sam tells Nicole and Cliff that they need to go after the couples. He says they are running the game.Cliff talks about Christie's power an Sam tells him that power should have been flushed. He tells Nicole her name has come up.


8:05PM BBT Sam tells CLiff and Nicole that he is going to call people out in his eviction speech. He is definitly calling Christie out. Nicole says she wishes it was before eviction night. Sam tells her that if he does it then, Christie will start with the dramatics and spiral out of control.


8:15PM BBT Kat is telling Christie how Analyse is spilling all the infoChristie gives her. Kat tells her she doesn't because she is her friend. Christie agrees that she has trusted Analyse to much with information. 


8:20PM BBT Christie and Analyse talk about that Jack has never given Analyse an orgasm. Anaylyse says none of the guys she has been with has been able to. CHristie gives her tips and she says she will try them out tomorrow.



9:12PM BBT Jackson telling Christie and Jess that he stopped breathing last nigth in his sleep and Holly had to wake him up. He was gasping for air. He says he is just off. They tell him it is because he just exhausted his body in the comp and it hasn't been able to heal.


9:19PM BBT Cliff is talking to Nicole and Sam about season 1 and how there was no sequester and that the HG came back and voted after watching everything. He thinks that the jury should have a "none of the above" option.


9:25PM BBT Tommy is irritated with the punishment. Christie says that she is irritated that she has to talk in DR with her face like this. Kat was hugging Tommy and Christie made a comment about neededing to keep her face as it is and Kat immediately asked if Brett was coming in.


9:29PM BBT Analyse comes into the LR. She does a dive onto the couch and show her back side (with undies). Christie says"nice ass". Analyse sticks her backside in the air and shakes it. She says it jiggles. Tommy whining aout his punsishment. Hesays that it is dirty and irritating his skin. He says when it is actually annoyng it is to much and should be done.

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9:00PM BBT BY Jack, Sis they talk about who they want out next, DE, ...  Jack says they may want to let nick do their dirty work then get rid of him when it is just him and the 6 left.


TBR: Bunch of general talk, ugh,...


BY Nick yells equations about the Jesus, the holy trinity, Judas, Simon to Sam, Cliff in Hot tub.


Jess, Nicole join Sam, Cliff in Hot tub


9:41PM BBT KT Nick, Holly, Sis, Tommy, Snackson, Christie, Jack all going over days.         


They talk some about how different people did well on diff comps like Kat on the puzzle, Cliff on Camp Comeback, Nick said i guess i can herd sheep.


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9:45PM BBT General chatting going on around the house. No game talk or specific topics.


9:56PM BBT CHristie and Tommy decide since it is 10PM, they are oging to be. Christie takes off to go wash her feet.





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10:03PM BBT BY Cliff, Jess They discuss Nick trying to get back in with the 6 and how he likely will tell them anything they talk with him about.  Cliff says the only people he trusts are Jess, Nicole and Kat.  Jess thinks she has a good feel for Christie, Cliff thinks he does too.  

[wrong, because if you tell her anything, it goes to 6 and you just said to not trust Nick because he does that - rms]



Cliff says, people who are left have to start thinking about building your resume.  You have to win some things.  You can't just sit there and make it to the end and expect to win.  Jess is worried about Kat going up, she could've put Tommy up and Sam wouldn't have had a chance.  She is worried Kat will start getting paranoid.  She didnt handle being on block well before.  Cliff is happy Holly told Jess and him. They will keep an eye on her to try to keep calm.  Jess told her that if she gets paranoid, do it to her, not anyone else.  Cliff says that their putting up Kat helps them to make sure she understands that the 6 see her as expendable.




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10:21PM BBT outside RV Cliff, Sam  Cliff, it worried me when i saw nick in there.  You know Nick better than i do if he would do anything to try to gain trust back with them.  Sam says maybe at this point, I would respect that, at this point i'm screwed.  Cliff said i didnt want to say that with nicole there.  Sam says i still trust him.



10:29PM BBT CBR Kat, Jess Kat says i hope we can stay strong though, because everyone who went home first will be so surprised to see us right at the top.

[wow, so delusional! - rms]



most of rest of house in TBR general chat  some discussion of video games


10:49PM BBT WA Nicole, Jess  more just chatting



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10:25 PM BBT Jess and Kat have a conversation in the RV about Sis

Kat tells Jess about Sis trying to get  Holly to put up Nicole. Holly wasn't agreeing with that play.

Kat- Sis came in so nice and quiet. When was the last time you saw her sweet?  

Kat goes on to say that she has noticed Sis is always in a pissy mood and saying how much she hates it in the house. [this is very true about Sis  -MamaLong]

Jess farts on Nick's bed  

Kat- oh gosh...the slop is getting to you

Jess- sorry Nick, I didn't even realize...I don't know if I should tell him (he is not in the room) [why? he farts everywhere, in front of anyone, with no apologies]

Kat- I'll tell him Jess left you a little present



10:34 PM BBT Jess enters the kitchen to Holly talking without a mic. It seems someone has been vomiting

Jess- food poisoning?

Holly- she indicates that he was throwing up all over

Jess asks if he saw the doctor, and Holly said yes

Later in the bathroom, Jess says to Nicole and Cliff that her worst fear is getting food poisoning in the BB house.

Cliff- how miserable (I think it's Michie that got sick)

Jess goes on to talking about how he is always eating leftover fish and that's a no-no..

11:15 PM BBT HOHR (Michie and Holly) They are cuddled up in bed with the lights off. Holly is stroking Michie's arm.

Michie- you are way too sweet to me

Holly- it's part of my strategy

Michie- well, it's working

He goes on to say that the whole thing feels like being in college again....coed....fraternities

Holly- initiations

They discuss the Flaming Fives. Holly said she heard it was Christie's idea.

Michie said maybe Christie and Tommy are so close because they feel on the outskirts of the 6.....they decided to work with Nick and Sam then kinda got pinned so now they have to get rid of them to protect their game secrets.

Holly said that if Sam had sold them out, things would be different. But, she couldn't go on gut suspicion. "Apparently Christie said she doesn't want to go far with the couples."

Michie- she said that to Nick, too




They talk about Sis and how she is so cold in the game...she doesn't really care about anyone. Holly tells Michie that Kat thinks Sis flirts with everyone...Christie too. She tells him about her butt hanging out of her shorts and Sis shaking her butt in Christie's face..."like, are you flirting with her, too? What's happening?"

Holly said Sis is her best friend in the house but now she is starting to see what everyone is talking about. "Nicole was saying that she hasn't had a chance to prove her loyalty, but if she were HOH she would be able to prove her loyalty....show how appreciative she is."

Holly said she told Nicole that she could have put her up but she didn't...that they (Michie/Holly) have advocated for her to stay. Holly says that she told Nicole they have chosen her to stay for a reason.

Michie asks to use Holly's Burt Bees for his lips "I'll use my finger"

Holly- oh, in case it is the stomach flu...I mean I make out with your face a hundred times a day

Michie- I think something just didn't sit right with me

They talk about Michie struggling to breathe in his sleep. He apologizes to Holly.

Holly tell him not to be sorry...it just scared her.

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