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Thursday, July 11, 2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Updates

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11:28 AM HGs called to HOH Room....looks like lockdown happening


*feeds cut at 11:29, we get "Houseguests are filimng something..."  then a leak with Don speaking sternly "go to the HOH Room" and back to kitty cam


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11:14 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Tommy says Cliff goes in and out of rooms and stays for 5 min.  Christie says she’d tell Cliff to go look for his owl.  Jack says this is our game and we control it.  Christie says she’s gonna win the next power.  They wonder if Jackson has a power.  Christie thinks it would be hard for Jackson to not brag that he has it.  They want him to have it over Sam.  


11:17 AM BBT.  In the HOHR, Tommy says if Sam has the power he is the best liar and has to go next week cuz he totally bought it and doesn’t think he has it.  Jack says it’s Sam or Jackson.  Tommy says it’s u or Jackson.  Jack says I’m like butter, I’m on a roll so I see why you think I have it.  


11:19 AM BBT.  Christie says when she looks at Nick wearing Bella’s clothes that are 2/3 sizes too small and his painted nails, she doesn’t see a winner.  she says and his mouth noises, I’m gonna theow up.  Christie says I’m PMSing.  Jack says yeah u are.  Jack says I swear on beans that we have this game.  He says I’m so confident that even if we don’t win HOH this week, I’m sure it’ll work out our way.   Christie says Jackson is growing on her more every day.  She loves him, she says I like boys!  Then she laughs.  


11:21 AM BBT.  The HOHR crew says they prove themselves by winning amd taking a shot at Nick and Bella.  


11:23 AM BBT.  Jack says Nick and Bella are both back door players, they have to back door them.  Christie says they are an actual couple and will leave this house as a couple.  She says Bella has a boyfriend she lives with so for her to risk that, she is really into him.  Christie says Nick sucks at this game.  She says just bcuz he’s a therapist, he thinks he knows everything.  She says and he runs like a girl so I don’t see him as a physical threat.  


11:28 AM BBT.  The HGs are called to the HOHR for a lockdown.  

11:29 AM BBT.  The feeds go down.  

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1:30 PM BBT The feeds are back

Houseguests are just hanging out, cleaning up, and playing backgammon. *nothing interesting and not any game talk, yet

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1:32 PM BBT.  In the HOHR, Christie and Jackson are talking.  she is hoping the vote is unanimous but it may be good if the vote splits bcuz then a clear line will be drawn and Jess will know who voted against her.  she says then Jess will come to us.  She says she wants to ideally win the HOH after the comeback.  Christie says Nick is after the 4 of them.  she says Nick and Bella are the priority but if Sam has to go then he does.  


1:38 PM BBT.  Tommy and Ovi are playing backgammon.  In the CBR Christie and Kemi talking. Christie asks if she is ok.  She says yeah.  Christie says she hasn’t heard if there are any changes.  They are putting in make-up.  Holly comes into the room with a towel on.  Other HGs are in the KT cleaning up.  


1:41 PM BBT.  Holly says she likes geeen bananas.  Jackson is now in the CBR too.  They are all discussing how they like their bananas to be.  


1:45 PM BBT.  Kemi tells Holly and Christie that every day she gets info that she would never have gotten if she wasn’t in the block.  


1:47 PM BBT.  In the CBR, Christie says after this week there’ll be more division in the house.   They complain about pimples and Christie has mentioned several times today that she is PMSing.  


1:54 PM BBT.  Jess in now in the CBR with the girls.  She thinks the feeds aren’t on.  She says not on live days.  She thinks that’s why they get the vacuum and clippers only on live days bcuz they make so much noise.  


1:57 PM BBT.  Tommy wondering what he should be eating since there is a comp later.  Jackson tells him high fats.


2:02 PM BBT.  The HGs are just hanging around the KT or getting ready in the CBR.  Just general talk.  They seem to think there are no feeds on live show day.  Analyse says she knows nothing about the feeds and feels stupid.  Christie says I don’t know why I didn’t watch them.  


2:07 PM BBT.  Still just general chat and getting ready.  

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2:30 PM BBT.  HGs still just getting ready and general chit chat.    


2:32 PM BBT.  Some HGs discussing what they are gonna do in the hallway when they see each other during the live vote.  

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2:32 PM BBT Tommy yells that Orwell is in the storage room

Cliff doesn't think it's the same Orwell


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Analyse showing off her assets.  


2:45 PM BBT.  Still nothing going on but hanging out and getting ready. 


2:54 PM BBT.  In the CBR, Sam says he may go for HOH.  Analyse says I am going hard, please go for it.  Sam says this wouldn’t be a bad week.  Then sam says but that’d be 2 vetoes and an HOH in a row, that’s a lot of baggage.  


2:58 PM BBT.  In the CBR, Analyse, Christie, Sam and Holly are saying how funny it is that Kat brought a huge caboodle but no underwear or “live night” outfits.  


3:00 PM BBT.  IN THE CBR, Sam asks the girls what PMSing is?  Christie says 10 days before u get your period you get pre-menstrual syndrome.  She explains it’s complete imbalance of hormones and mood swings.  Sam asks what a hormone is?  He says is it fluid in the brain.  Christie says yeah, picture tiny scientific balls that are feelers and they feel everything.  She says when a woman gets pre-menstrual they bump into each other and get in fights and you get more emotional, angry, irritable.  Sam says he thought it just flushes u out.  Christie says physically but there is a whole emotional thing.  Sam wonders what. hormone looks like.  


3:02 PM BBT.  Christie says if a study was done about women killers that most of them would have done it while they were PMSing.  Sam says why are we made like that.  They girls continue to tell him about estrogen, progesterone & testosterone.  

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3:16 PM BBT.  HGs are cleaning the KT or hanging out and getting ready.  General talk.   

3:24 PM BBT.  The feeds have gone to the furballs.  

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7:11 PM BBT Since the feeds came back there's been a lot of talk about Kemi's eviction speech. The HGs are all a bit floored by her mention of Nickella, and Sis is upset with Jack over something.

Sis and Jack in the dining room with Bell and Kat

Jack- you were just sleeping with me because I was HOH, right

Sis- yeah

Jack- Man that girl is heartless...(to Bella and Kat) I think she just wanted to win

*Jack goes to find her in the campsite room

Sis- I'm fine

Jack- right, that's why you aren't hugging me right now ...what, am I raping you?  {wow, Jack}

Sis- I'm just annoyed; it's not even a big deal

Jack- why won't you tell me...why are you annoyed with me 

Sis- there's too many people around let's talk later

Jack- so I have to stew in my own shit for 3 hours, you won't even tell me....cool.....we'll talk about it later I guess

Sis- well there's just so many people around and it's not even a big deal...why are you looking at me like that?

Jack- I just feel like a scumbag, and that's why you are annoyed

Sis- no I just talk to you later

*Holly and Kat walk in and their conversation ends


David approached Nick to try to talk about what happened as he is in the dark and says Kemi won't tell him anything.


Tommy counsels both Bella and Nick individually to keep their cool and not react impulsively over what Kemi did. They both agreed but are hurt feeling they were her only real friends in the house.


Bella is telling HGs that she thinks Nicole was the flip vote (it was Michie). Michie delivers this news to Nick in the boat room.



7:24 PM BBT Kemi and Bella get in to a yelling match. It almost got physical. Sam reminded Bella not to touch Kemi.


7:35 AM BBT Sis and Jack in the storage room;she tells him she's annoyed because he talks more game with Christie than with her; he's telling her they can't be attached at the hip


7:40 PM BBT Michie and Holly kissing on their bed in the Target Room




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7:09PM BBT - The feeds are back and the HG are scattered throughout the house after the live show.


7:10PM BBT - Jack is discussing with Sam and Bella where he will possibly sleep now that his HOH reign is over.   They are throwing out options.


7:12PM BBT - Christie, Holly, Nick, Tommy, Jackson and Cliff are in the target BR chatting about how Jess was trying to engage Holly and Christie in conversation earlier in the day and they ignored her without asking her to explain her cryptic comments about information in the house.  Nick said that during her campaigning, that she said she took the fall for Nick and Bella.  


7:13PM BBT - Jack was alone with Analyse in the area outside the camper trying to figure out why she is annoyed with him.  They are then joined by Jackson, Kat, Bella, Ovi and Sam, interrupting their talk.


7:21PM BBT - Tommy and Nick chat in the boat room where Nick talks about how hurt he was by Kemi because he was always there for her.  Tommy leaves and Jackson comes in and high fives Nick that Kemi is out.  They are trying to figure out who voted to keep her.


7:22PM BBT - David is cleaning the KT while Holly, Kat, Ovi and Tommy watch on.  Kemi is called to the DR.  Kat says that Nicole told her that it was between the two of them to throw Kemi a pity vote.  


7:24PM BBT -  Kemi stopped  back in the common area where Sam, Nicole, Cliff and Bella were sitting where an argument ensued between Kemi and Bella.  They started to get a little physical and were moved apart by Sam.  Kemi left the room, but they continued their spirited words in the hall.  


7:30PM BBT - Kemi is finally let into the DR, and Bella tells the others how she has said nothing but good things about Kemi and how disappointed she is in her.  Tommy said that Kemi will be seen by the viewers as the villain, not Bella.  Bella felt that they could've been friends outside of the show.


7:36PM BBT - Sis and Jack are in the SR where she's telling him that she's annoyed by his attention towards Christie.  He asks if there's something she'd like for him to do about it, followed by how he'll talk more game with her if she'd like.  He says he's not being condescending and she says she feels like he is. He commends her for speaking her voice, which is "awesome".    He tells her that he's protecting her game.  She says it's annoying and that it's not a jealousy thing.


7:38PM BBT - Michie and Holly are noisely making out in the target BR.  She then says "I keep forgetting we're on stupid TV".  


7:41PM BBT - Tommy and Jack are left alone in the SR where Jack explains that Sis is upset with him because she's taking all the risks by being a couple with him, but that he spends more time talking game with Christie.  The feeds cut to Kemi talking to David about how there are live feeds/cameras all over the house, and then Cliff walks through and interrupts their conversation.


7:53PM BBT - Christie, Sam and Tommy are cooking soup in the KT.  Nicole and Cliff are in the RV BR whispering about Bella and Nick, and how she feels that she's the next target.  



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8:06 PM BBT Kemi and Nicole in the boat room- Kemi tells Nicole that Bella said Christie overheard Cliff talking and saying there is an alliance between Nicole/Ovi/Cliff called "the Zing"

Nicole- Oh my God




8:22 PM BBT Jackson confides in Jack that he was the rogue vote by saying "poor Nicole". Jack congratulates Michie for his "brilliant move". Michie makes him promise not to tell Christie (he probably will)


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8:23 PM BBT Nicole is in RV talking to herself and freaking out. She has the Gr8ful alliance all figured out "it was so obvious" and she is furious with herself that she didn't figure that out earlier. She said "I watch this frickin' show; I heard rogue vote and oh my God someone is pinning it against me."  "I'm so frickin' stupid. Why am I such an idiot? I am the dumbest person ever. But I can fix this..but, it's camp comeback week. I'm screwed. If I can survive this week....I could have won that....I was so freakin' nervous; damn it....I can fix this...I can freakin' fix this...see New Yorkers will come up to ya and stab you in the front. The thing about Long Islanders... they'll sneak up behind ya and will stab you in the back"



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8:15pm BBT


Kemi and Nicole are having a conversation in the boat bed lounge. The two of them are discussing Bella and the things she has told them (mainly Kemi) over the past two weeks. Kemi is ready to begin sharing the information she has.


Nicole wonders if Nick and Bella have been trying to set her up with their talks.


They are trying to figure out if the single vote was a sympathy vote or rogue vote.


They leave the room after a few minutes of sharing confidences and advice.


Kemi goes to the kitchen where several house guests are cleaning up. She gets food and sits at the table but does not speak.


**Earlier at 725 Kemi and Bella had a confrontation that got loud. At one point Bella tried to push Kemi from the room and Kemi said, “don't touch me.” The confrontation ended quickly. During the aftermath David came into the room and was watching them as he munched on popcorn (I don't know if it was on purpose, but I hope so.) **


Camera moves to the living room with Jack and Michie. Michie told Jack he was the single vote to keep Kemi. They chuckle about it and agree to keep it a secret.


Camera moves to rv bedroom, Nicole is alone in the room. She is talking to the cameras.


She keeps repeating “Oh my God, I watch this show. Why am I such an idiot? Oh my God.” She says she was so caught up in her own head that she did not stop to look at the main picture, and it is “so obvious.” She names the 8 members of the alliance. She follows up with the names of the people who are not in that alliance. “Yesterday I said I didn't have to win the HOH, the two sides would go against each other. As soon as the rogue vote happened...” She says she was shaking so hard when throwing the arrow that she “spazzed out.” She says the rogue vote will probably be used to target her. “Why am I so stupid?” She says she needs to find a way to turn the alliance against itself. She says she failed to look at other people instead of focusing on herself. She says she is one of the dumbest people ever, “But I can fix this.” She says it is Camp Comeback week, so if she can survive the week someone will come back to the game, hopefully Kemi of Ovi. She says she should have thrown straight. She doesn't want them to put up Jessica and Kat, they are her people. “I can fix this, I can friggin' fix this.” She continues to berate herself while the camera flashes back and forth on her memory wall picture. She says Bella's role was to get them into something then put them up after blowing it up. She says the mentality is that everyone ropes in little side people, she is in a catch 22, if she tells people what Nick told her/or if she doesn't the result will be the same. She wonders why they tried to flip the vote, unless it was to get the upper hand on Jack in the future or to see who would align with them. Nicole says there needs to be anger and animosity between the couples, and Nick's HOH could be a good thing. She realizes it could backfire on her,and she tells the cameras she loved Kemi's speech.


Camera moves to Sis and Tommy


Sis is worried that she will be back doored, but she thinks it would be stupid because she is good at competitions. (Really???). She feels like she is at the bottom of the totem pole.


Camera moves to the target bedroom where Jack, Michie and Christie are discussing Sis. Christie tells Jack that he did it, and he can't go back. (His closeness to Sis). Christie tells him they will touch base, she tells him to stop saying things about getting married to her. He tells her he is stupid, she says, “Yep, but you did the thing so..” They leave the room.


Cameras move back to Tommy and Sis in the boat bed lounge.


Sis is swearing Tommy to secrecy about something, and he agrees that he will.


Sis mentions the rogue vote, she wonders if someone close to them did it. She does not think it was Cliff or Nicole.


Tommy calls it a bold move, and it doesn't fit with Nicole. He tells her that it doesn't matter anyway, someone was just doing it to f**k with them. He says if someone tries to place blame on someone else, they will know it was done for that purpose. He thinks the person who did it will try to place blame. He plans to not discuss it so no one will think he was the one who did it. He tells her not to say anything about it to keep suspicion off them.


Bella is in the bathroom lounge area talking to Sam. Jessica comes into the room and joins Cliff, who is on one end of the sofa.


Bella wonders what the strategy is when players are nice to each other in Camp Comeback. She wonders why they are not being friendly with the house.


Jessica says she does not see it that way, she thinks they all care about each other, and there is only one person who is coming back. Jessica says they can be comparing notes so whoever comes back has information. She says that is why they are all asking questions.



Jessica asks Nick what happened with Kemi (eviction speech), she thought Nick and Kemi were close.


Nick says he was surprised too, but it fired him up.


Cliff says his arrow bent when he tossed it. The others are talking about their arrow tosses, Jessica is just happy she hit the board. Kat is laughing, she says she did better in practice, but it was so bad and embarrassing.


Nicole, Kemi and Christie are talking in the bedroom hallway.


Christie is telling Kemi that if she comes back she will know where she stands in the game. Christie insists she did not want to win HOH, but she did learn a lot about quite a few people in the game.

8:55pm BBT


In the bedroom hallway the conversation continues, Christie tells Kemi not to be petty. She tells her to be quiet this week.


Kemi seems to push that advice aside to continue to talk about possible competitions in the Camp Comeback.


Christie tells Kemi if it had been a solid 6 or 7 votes things would have been different.


They are talking about the rogue vote, Kemi believes it was done to be pinned on Nicole later.


The group separates.


Kemi goes into the kitchen and is listening to Bella saying she hopes America knows they say snippy things but are nice people. (I could almost hear her eyes roll—Grannysue). Kemi walks away.


9:02pm BBT


Sis, Jack, Holly, Tommy and Michie are whispering in the boat bed lounge.


Holly says she heard Nick tell Kat she is not going up. Tommy thinks Nick might want Jess gone.


Cliff comes into the room and talk stops. “Keep talking.” Cliff says, then he continues into the room as if he did not see the awkwardness at all and enters the conversation.


Cliff says, “The game certainly got more interesting.”


Tommy hopes Kemi is not being treated badly this week, and Jack says Nick has already said he does not want her (Kemi) in the HOH room at all. The others all say they are avoiding Kemi when she wants to talk.


Ovi comes into the room and conversation continues. Christie lies to them, saying that she did not talk game to Kemi in the hallway. Then she goes on to say that Kemi says they are making it personal and petty, and that people were kind enough to talk to her after the vote. Christie continues to tell them she did not talk game but keeps sharing the advice she gave Kemi.


Christie says Nicole is freaking out because the vote was not her, and the vote was done to pin it on her since she was defending Kemi. Nicole believes it was Nick or Bella.


Tommy says it does not matter anyway.


Christie says the vote did nothing, and they should not allow it to create paranoia.


Holly and Sis say they are curious.


They start talking about the missing items in the house, Orwell (he has returned), the white knife, someone's hat.


Talk moves to what is in the house to eat, Christie says there is no bread, and Ovi says the baking mix is gone two.


Camera moves to Nick and Bella talking to Jessica in the bathroom lounge, but leaves quickly.


Back in the boat bed lounge house guests are talking about the possible battle back for Comeback Campers. Maybe the winner will be HOH.


Camera moves to the storage room.


David is looking for food, he says “Just something, it doesn't have to be body builder healthy.” He rummages through cupboards looking for something he wants. He finds a bag of rice and takes it out of the room.


Back in the boat bed lounge the group continues to talk about the day.


In the bathroom lounge area there is more general chatter.

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9:00PM BBT Kemi trying to figure out who voted for who. She thinks that Bella and Nicole probably voted for her.  


9:23PM BBT Bella and Jess talk in the WCA. They are trying to figure out why it wasn't unanimous. Jess jokes that it wasn't her. She says that even though she was on the block, she never said anyone else's name.


9:32PM BBT Nicole talking to Nick saying she is sorry. Nick says it is no big deal, he is over Kemi. He says that she is out of the house and doesn't care. Nicole leaves andCliff thinks maybe that Kem has seen past seasons where a HG goes ballistic and becomes famous. Nick says he has been there for her.

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9:20pm BBT


Nick and Michie are in the bedroom.


Michie asks if he is thinking Cliff and Nicole, Nick says yes he is.


Michie asks about using the shower this week, Nick tells him yes.


Michie asks if Kat is a possibility, Nick says he is not putting her up.


Michie says Jessica is stressing.


They wonder if the vote was a job given to Cliff to complete.


Nicole comes in while they are telling Sam about the pasta in the kitchen Nicole denies making the sympathy vote.

Michie says if Kemi thinks it is Nicole, then they need to find out.


Nicole says there would be no purpose to finding out.


When someone says it could have been a messed up vote by Kat, Nicole says Kat asked if it was her.(Nicole).


Michie continues to talk about the vote, tossing out ideas (Michie did the vote). Every time the subject changes Michie comes back to who did the vote.


Nick tells them that everything Kemi says is lies. Kat walks in as he says this, followed by Cliff.





Bella is in the bathroom lounge area doing damage control with Jessica. She is telling her that she blew up the alliance because Kemi told it and she was trying to escape the consequences.


When Bella takes a breath Jessica tells her she is confused, since she (Jessica) never talked to Kat.


Bella comes up with more excuses, saying Ovi may have done it. Bella talks for a few minutes more.


When she takes a breath Jessica tells her she is still confused. She interrupts Bella to say that Kat was paranoid the whole week she was up.


Bella continues to make excuses, she mentions half the house at one time or another, talking fast, adding “and also” “and then” as she talks. She says, “And now that I know..” several times.


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9:39PM BBT Cliff, Kat and Nick talk about when the next whacktivity is taking place. Cliff says that they shuoldn't talk much about it. Cliff tells Nick to just enjoy his week. They talk about it being awkward with the Camp Comeback people still in the house. Nick says that he sometimes forgets the Ovi isn't in the game and almost talks game with him.


9:47PM BBT IN the WCA, Nick, Jess and Bella are talking aboue Jess is an emotional person, not an emotional player. NIck explains who he was chatting with. The rest of the hosue is in the KT eating and chatting except for Kemi who had been called to the DR.


9:53PM BBT Nicole and Analyse talking about the vote. Nicole says it wasn't her. Analyse says she believes her. Nicole thought it might have been Kat but Kat thought it was her.



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11:22 PM BBT

Nick- Who wants to see my HoH Room?

Everyone joins him upstairs but they have to wait on David because he just got out of the shower. His letter is from his dad. 





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10:00PM BBT: Ovi, Sam, and Kemi are in the KT talking about Scottie pouring the milk all over the floor. All agree they would not clean it up. Nicole, Jackson, and Holly are in the CBR talking about the rogue vote. Tommy and Analyse walk in, Nicole says they "look guilty." Tommy and Analyse say they'll leave because it looks like they interrupted something. Jackson, Holly, and Nicole talk about Nick.


10:01PM BBT: Holly tells Jackson and Nicole that she has "zero respect" for someone who would "sit at the dinner table and call someone a b*tch." Jackson says he wasn't there for that, he was in the DR. They talk about the situation in the KT earlier. "We're fighting to the death," Holly says.


10:03PM BBT: The three in the CBR continue to talk about Nick. Holly says Nick and Bella "cannot operate independently." Nicole says Nick wants to "throw a grenade at Jack before he throws one back." Cliff walks in and the conversation ends. Jackson says they're talking about "fears." Cliff says they'll deal with whatever comes along. "Nature of the game," he says.


10:08PM BBT:  Jackson and David have joined the group in the KT. Nicole is talking with Holly, she says they have similar game strategies and she feels a connection with her. Holly says she wants people here who "play with integrity."  Nicole starts to cry about telling people things she shouldn't have early on in the game. Holly assures her she can cry in front of her. "I want to be here so bad," Nicole says. They continue to have a heart to heart.


10:15PM BBT: Kemi is whispering with Tommy in the KT while the others chat on the other side of the table. Kemi says she wasn't sure if she wanted to go upstairs to see Nick's HOH room when he gets the key. She says she'll go up but stand in the back. They talk about Nick. Tommy says Nick has a "heart of gold" and attempts to defend Nick. Kemi tells Tommy that Nick needs to "grow the f**k up." Tommy and Kemi hug. Meanwhile, Nicole and Holly are still outside the CBR talking about their personal lives.


10:20PM BBT: David and Analyse play checkers on the KT table while Tommy and Kemi watch. Nicole and Holly are still outside the CBR talking. The trumpet sounds and everyone jumps up, thinking it was a wacktivity comp. Kemi is called to the DR and every claps. Kemi laughs when she finds out she has a skirt. Everyone is in the KT now, chatting. Nicole and Holly are talking about the process of eviction night. Kat joins them.


10:26PM BBT: The group in the KT talk about the photos on the wall and Kris Jenner. Nick didn't know you could "double jump" in checkers. Ovi and Cliff play backgammon in the THB. Jackson is showering in the WA, Bella is talking to him about the Kemi/Bella conflict and Jess. Jackson says he wants to "put her on blast." Bella says she "feels more solid" going into this week. They whisper about Kat.


10:32PM BBT: Bella tells Jackson that she trusts him. Jackson says he trusts her too. Bella says they're not putting anyone on the block from Gr8ful this week. Jackson says they need to have a meeting in the HOHR as soon as it opens. "This side sh*t creates doubt," Jackson tells her. She agrees. "There's eight of us and five of them," Jackson says, he doesn't understand why they would even entertain thoughts of putting one of their own up. "It's going to hurt our game," Jackson says. They agree to talk later in the HOHR. Christie walks in and hugs Bella.


10:36PM BBT: Christie, Tommy, Holly, and Jackson discuss where everyone is going to sleep. Christie wants their alliance to move into the TBR so it will be a party room. BB tells them to "conserve water," because Jackson has the shower going but isn't under the stream. Bella keeps having the same trust conversation with all of the members of Gr8ful individually. "I feel like I've lost a friend," she tells Tommy and Holly. She says she feels betrayed by Kemi. The group in the KT are playing with a checker, spinning it around. BB tells them to "please stop."


10:41PM BBT: Kat and Jessica are in bed in the CBR whispering. Jessica tells Kat that Bella is "f***ing with my mind." She says Bella said that she and Nick knew what Kemi was going to say during her speech. Kat says she thinks they knew she was going to have a speech, but not what she was going to say. Jessica says she wants to "trust Nicole" but since she is so close to Kemi she doesn't know if she can. "Nicole was frazzled this week," Kat says. "I don't know what the h*ll is going on," Jess says. Kat agrees. Jessica says Bella compared her relationship with Kemi to Jessica's relationship with Kat. Jessica says Bella said Ovi was the one who told Jack about the "all women's alliance." Jessica says Bella tells her things that she, Jessica, said and Jessica says she doesn't remember saying those things. Kat says, "I don't know, I don't remember." They agree Ovi was the one who was trying to flip votes. They talk about Kemi and the votes to send her to Camp Comeback. "Kemi should have just gone home," Kat says. Jessica says everything Bella says "makes sense." Jessica says she feels "bad right now" for thinking Bella was the snake and she and Nick were against them. "I don't know what to think," Jessica says. Kat tells her to talk to Nick because she (Jessica) is "good with Nick." Jessica is confused because she doesn't know why Jackson and "all them" don't like Nick.


10:52PM BBT: Jessica tells Kat she would "never f**k" with her game and never throw her under the bus. They hug. Jessica wants to make sure Kat knows she would never do anything to mess with her game and would never talk badly about her. "I want to be able to trust someone in this house," Jessica tells Kat.


10:58PM BBT: Kat tells Jessica that earlier this morning David got into bed with her. He tells Kat that "he's falling for her" and kisses her cheek. Kat says "he's such a sweet guy" but she doesn't want to be in a showamnce with him. She wants to be in a showmance with Brett from last season. Jessica tells Kat that everyone can tell David is "sweet" on her. Kat says she "gets so embarrassed" when David does things like that in front of Jackson "because it's awkward."


11:04PM BBT: Kemi walks out of the DR, "who wants to see my Camp Comeback uniform?" She asks. Everyone laughs and cheers. Kemi falls on the floor. Jackson helps her up. They call come to look at her uniform. "I like it," Jackson says. Kemi says it's a "skort" not a skirt. "The shoes are nice," Sam says. Kemi says she loves her boots. She tells them she has a special "Camp Comeback swimsuit" and they'll give David and Ovi one too.



Kemi Camp Comeback.PNG


11:05PM BBT: Kemi tells the HGs she told them to "take the hem up a little bit." Ovi says they will. General conversation right now. Kemi says she has five different Camp Comeback outfits. David says he only has one. Kemi says she has a workout outfit and stuff and they might give David and Ovi some too.


11:11PM BBT: The HGs are in the KT waiting for Nick to get his HOH room. Nicole, Tommy, and Ovi are in the THB playing backgammon. "I'm excited for you to actually make a move," Tommy tells Ovi. Nick is called to the DR and everyone cheers. Christie joins the three in the THB, she doesn't know how to play backgammon. "It's really hard," Tommy says. Nicole tries to explain it to her.


11:22PM BB: Nick gets his HOHR and everyone goes upstairs with him.



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11:25PM BBT: Nick has frosted doughnut holes, Famous Amos cookies, Oreos, PB Cap'n Crunch, a ball cap, and other goodies. He has baby pictures of himself and a letter from his dad. Nick says he's going to "get hammered."


Nick's letter:

"Dear Nick, hey buddy, how you doing? I hope everything is going well and you are enjoying yourself. We all miss you so much already. Just remember if you are feeling down or things aren't going as you planned think about all of your family and friends that love you through thick and thin. You are  Maccarone strong. Hang in there, you got this. I'm getting back from Las Vegas for work," His dad talks about his trip and that he won $25 at a Casino, "LOL, Mom and Alyssa also just got back from their trip all of our family and friends have been asking about you and giving you all the support you need. Just know we all are so proud of you. Of course we all love you so very much. Play smart as I know you will. Have fun and enjoy this special time. Everyone sends their love. Love always and forever - Dad."


Everyone claps and Bella hugs him. Nick asks if anyone wants anything and says they can have whatever they want.


11:48PM BBT: The HGs enjoy Nick's HOHR for about thirty minutes. Ovi, Nicole, and Tommy eventually leave to go play backgammon. Nick talks about his photos and headbands.

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