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The Voice - Season 15 Show Recaps

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Tonight, we are live with the semi-finals! We will have our 8 semi-finalists perform twice, they will perform alone and then pair up and do a duet. All performances are eligible for votes.


We kick the night off with Team Kelly’s Sarah Grace. Kelly has brought her team to a showcase for last year’s winner, Brynn Cartelli. Brynn watches their rehearsals as well. Sarah is going to perform Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. Kelly wants her to bring the drama and Brynn gives a few tips on phrasing.


Sarah takes the stage to perform and she plays the piano. Jennifer says she doesn’t know if she’s more of a fan or her bravery. She loves her confidence and she loved how she commanded the entire room from start to finish. Kelly says Sarah is such a musician and her voice is so pristine and so pure, she has some subtleties to her voice that her soft and sweet.


You can vote for the duets via a twitter hashtag that will be included in the recap of each performance. You can tweet or retweet the post. If you vote on your own, then please make sure you tweet the hashtag as posted or votes will not count.


Reagan and Kennedy will be our first duet. They are singing blended songs that include Happy by Pharrell and Tightrope by Janelle Monae featuring Big Boi. To vote for this duet tweet #KennedyReaganDuet.


Next we have Team Jennifer’s MaKenzie Thomas. Jennifer took her team to where she was inspired. MaKenzie is going to perform Vision of Love by Mariah Carey. Jennifer tells her to own it as she performs.


MaKenzie takes the stage for her performance. Kelly says she is so good and that is what this show is about. Blake says Mariah’s biggest song is All I Want For Christmas is You. Blake says that was one of the biggest performances he’s seen. Jennifer says please vote for MaKenzie. Everything she just did was amazing and she is a coach’s dream.


Kirk Jay and Chevel Shepherd are going to perform She’s Country by Jason Aldean and Country Must be Country Wide by Brent Gilbert. To vote for this duet, tweet #ChevelKirkDuet.


Kymberli Joye will be performing next. Kymberli is going to perform Never Alone by Tori Kelly featuring Kirk Franklin. Kelly says this song should showcase every moment from every performance so far. Kelly says she needs to let America know why they should vote for her.


Kymberli takes the stage for her performance. Jennifer says she wants to know if Kymberli realizes she’s on The Voice because she sounds like she’s in church and that’s how she made Jennifer feel. Kelly thinks Kymberli is so talented. Kelly says everything she sings comes from the heart and that was so fantastic.


Chris Kroeze is up and he’s going to sing Can’t You See by The Marshall Tucker Band. Blake says Chris brings the party to the room. Blake gives a few arrangement and phrasing tips. Blake says he’s in touch with what the fans want to hear from him.


Chris takes the stage with his guitar to perform. Kelly says Chris is such a story teller and his voice is so nostalgic. She says he has a lot of different sounds in his tone and he represents an important part of music. Blake says thank you for giving a beer drinking, back roads driving viewers of this show someone to root for.


We’re going to have two back-to-back performances. First, Kymberli and MaKenzie are going to perform their duet. They perform Best of My Love by Emotions and Got to be Real by Cheryl Lynn. To vote for this duet, tweet #KymberliMaKenzieDuet.


We’re moving on to Kennedy Holmes and she’s going to sing This is Me by Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman. Jennifer says she felt that performance and Kennedy had her in tears and it’s a great time for America to see her vulnerable.


Kennedy takes the stage for her performance. Jennifer says she is so proud of Kennedy and she loves to see how she’s grown, not just vocally and a performer, but as a person and to be able to come out and show who she is and own it.


Reagan is up next and we see her and Adam volunteering with Toys for Tots in California for those affected by the wild fires. Reagan is going to You Are the Reason by Calum Scott. DeAndre calls Reagan and tells her to step out and do her best.


Reagan takes the stage to perform. Blake says he always loves her performances and that performance was a breath of fresh air and he really enjoyed it. Adam says he is so proud of her and he’s so happy for her because she gets to carry the torch. She commanded the stage and was so quiet and it was a raw performance and her voice was so pure.


Our final duet is Chris and Sarah and they are going perform Jumpin’ Jack Flash by The Rolling Stone and Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin. Sarah plays piano and Chris plays guitar. To vote for this duet, tweet #ChrisSarahGraceDuet.


Chevel Shepherd is up and she’s going to perform Blue by LeAnn Rimes. Kelly says Chevel needs to make her moment and she needs to have a diva moment. Kelly advises her to slow it down at the beginning so she can showcase her voice.


Chevel takes the stage for her performance. Adam says he loves Chevel, but he really likes her voice and he loves what she represents and he’s such a fan of hers. Kelly says she loves that this is her final girl and they don’t make country music like this any more and she thinks Chevel can bring it back.


Our final artist is Kirk Jay and he’s going to perform I Swear by John Michael Montgomery. Kirk is doing a song in honor of a friend of his who is a cancer patient. Blake gives him some phrasing advice. Blake says America, vote for Kirk. Are you thinking about it right now, stop thinking about it and vote for the man.


Kirk takes the stage for his performance. Jennifer says she’s his biggest fan and once this season is over one of the things she’s going to miss is watching him sing every week. Adam says he loves Kirk and he thinks he’s so awesome because of the distinct tone of his voice. Blake says Jennifer talks to him a lot about Kirk. Blake says he wants to tell Kirk, as his coach, he could not be more proud of him.

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Tonight, the finalists will be revealed! Tonight is a big night and Jennifer will be performing tonight. We will have the last instant save tonight! Michael Buble and Hailee Steinfeld will also be performing.


You do not have to be on the east coast to vote! Stay tuned in about 35 minutes for your chance to vote!


It’s time to get some results! Chris Kroeze was the most streamed on Apple Music this week.


Your first finalist is…Kirk Jay from Team Blake!


Michael Buble is taking the stage to preform Where or When from his new album.


The second finalist is…Chevel Shepherd from Team Kelly!


Hailee Steinfeld takes the stage to perform Back to Life from the new Bumblebee movie.


Your third finalist is…Chris Kroeze from Team Blake!


Three artists will be performing for the final spot! Stay tuned as voting will begin as soon as all three artists have performed!   


Jennifer takes the stage to perform I’ll Fight.


We bring out our five remaining artist and three of them will be performing for your instant save.


The first artist performing for a spot in the finale is…MaKenzie Thomas from Team Jennifer!


The second artist performing for a spot on the finale is…Reagan Strange from Team Adam!


The final artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Kennedy Holmes from Team Jennifer!


Kymberli Joye and Sarah Grace are leaving tonight and they did an incredible job!


MaKenzie Thomas has chosen to sing Up to the Mountain by Patty Griffin.


Jennifer thinks MaKenzie has done enough a million times over and there is nothing else she could have done. She can sing on until she gets to her dreams.


Reagan Strange has chosen the song Wherever You Will Go by The Calling.


Adam says Reagan has not had a bad start to her very long career. He wants Reagan to understand this is a crazy show on a crazy stage and at the end of the day he is nothing but super proud of her and he truly wishes her the best regardless of this outcome.


Kennedy Holmes has decided to sing How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes.


Jennifer says Kennedy is amazing and she is going to be a major star and she knows we all want to be a part of that.  


America has instantly saved…your fourth finalist is…Kennedy Holmes!

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