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Survivor 37: Show Recaps

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Welcome to the season finale of Survivor: David vs Goliath! We say hi to the early vote outs, then the jury so far, and the final six. We are live in Los Angeles!


For our 37th season, 20 players were divided into two tribes. For 35 days it has been a battle, with ever changing alliances leading to a string of stunning blind sides. And based on the last tribal council, this battle shows no signs of slowing down. Now only 6 remain. 4 Goliaths: Alison, Mike, Kara, and Angelina and 2 Davids: Davie and Nick.


We are back at camp after tribal council and Mike says the David’s have been under the gun since the beginning and since idols got played at the last TC, everyone is panicking and looking for the idols. Mike wants that idol for himself and there are high stakes and everyone needs to be out of the shelter and looking for that idol.


Alison knows her name is been out there and she’s on the hot seat and she wants that idol. Davie and Nick check in with each other and neither have found it. We see all of them looking and it’s Angelina that finds a clue to the HII. The idol is at the top of a rock behind their well and there is a ladder to help her. Angelina says this will be tricky to find, she doesn’t know how tall the ladder is or how tall the rock is.


Angelina starts digging for the ladder. It’s a full sized ladder and she hides it and she walks to the well so she can scout out the area. She starts looking in her blouse and she has lost her clue. She decides she has to make a dash for the idol now because she’s afraid someone will find her clue and her ladder. She’s struggling.


The others are back at camp taking a break. Angelina comes down and hides her ladder again and goes to the well and Nick and Davie are there and Angelina comes in crying and she tells them she fell really bad. Nick hugs and comforts her and Alison comes in and checks Angelina for bruises. She thinks they bought it, but she is not giving up. She will come back and find that idol.


Immunity is back up for grabs! They are going to race through a series of obstacles, then use a ball to snag a hoop that has puzzle pieces. Then they will release a puzzle staircase. Once their steps are together, they will climb to the top and put together a 63 piece Survivor puzzle. The challenge is also for reward and it’s a spaghetti dinner back at camp.


Davie and Nick are quickly through the obstacles. All are at the ball and hoop. Kara and Davie both have their puzzle pieces. Nick, Angelina, and Mike all have their pieces. Everyone starts solving their staircase puzzle. Alison finally has her puzzle pieces. Kara and Mike are leading on the puzzle with Angelina right behind. Kara is on her last piece and she gets to start her puzzle. Davie finishes his puzzle and then Angelina is behind. Mike then starts his final puzzle while Nick and Alison are still working on their staircase.


Nick finishes his staircase puzzle and begins his puzzle. They are solving the logo of their season. Alison finally finishes her staircase and all castaways are on the puzzle. Kara has been in the lead from the beginning. Angelina is right on her tail and Mike is in this. Nick is still fighting to stay in it. Kara and Angelina are side-by-side and neck and neck. Davie is slowing down and Mike is making more progress. Jeff tells them all to keep fighting.


Nick is in it now, he’s made up a lot of time. One of the most competitive puzzles Jeff can remember. Angelina, Kara, Mike, and Nick are in it. Jeff tells them when they think they have it step back and yell and let him know. Nick quickly slides the last pieces into place and he steps back and yells for Jeff. Jeff checks and he has it. Nick has won immunity!


Nick gets to pick someone to dine with him. He chooses Angelina because she’s a vegan and she was only 4 pieces away. Jeff lets him pick someone else and Davie says Nick doesn’t have to choose him because he picked him for the family reward and he doesn’t owe him anything. Jeff asks Alison about not getting picked and Alison says she’s clawing her way through this game. Alison says it was crushing to lose and not go on reward. She’s the person left behind every time and it’s so hard to constantly be caught in the crossfire.


They get back to camp and the table has been set up for Angelina, Mike, and Nick at the water well. Angelina says she can’t remember the details from her clue, but hopefully she can find it. Alison, Kara, and Davie are at camp talking about the challenge. Davie is hoping Alison is the one to go, but he’s feeling vulnerable as well.


Mike, Angelina, and Nick are talking and Angelina thinks all three of them have a shot and they’ve been together since Jabeni. Nick thinks Alison first, and Angelina agrees. Mike says he thinks Davie should go out because he could be a danger at final tribal. Nick says he’s wanted Alison gone forever and he needs Davie there because he can’t be the only David there at 5.


Talk shifts to the idol and if Alison might have it. Mike asks Angelina and she looks like a deer in headlights and then tells them about the clue and the idol. She says she realizes she needs help from her friends. She takes them to the ladder and Angelina says the clue is probably in the sand and Mike starts looking for it. Angelina says she needs to use the man power to find her idol.


Mike finds the clue and Nick stabilizes the ladder and Angelina climbs to get it and they celebrate and she hugs Nick. Angelina says it was a team effort. She says it’s rare for a woman to find the immunity idol and she made it her mission to find it. She says this bonded her even more to Mike and Nick. She says they are so relieved Alison doesn’t have it and this idol is everything.


They go back to camp and Alison says if she doesn’t do some work today, then she knows she will go home. She knows Angelina wants her out. Alison pitches Davie as a threat. Angelina says she can sway the votes, she’s driven the last threeish votes and she feels like a mob boss. She is eager to get Alison out and get some revenge.


Mike is talking to Kara and he’s pitching getting rid of Davie. He says he gave his word to Angelina and Nick, but he can’t let go of it that Davie is a threat. Kara says Mike has been behind all the blindsides and she thinks Davie is a threat. Mike talks to Alison and says they need to get Angelina. Mike says Angelina is a Goliath and she has a big ego and he needs to make it seem like her idea. Angelina says she’s conflicted and she’s not sure she can vote Davie out. Mike says he’s in a treacherous situation because he gave his word, but Davie and Nick have been bros from the beginning and he needs to split them up.


Tribal Council on day 36! The jury is brought in. Jeff asks Nick what the feeling was to pull out that win and he says it’s the best feeling he’s had so far. Jeff asks how camp was with people concerned they were in trouble. Alison feels like maybe two names were thrown out, hers and Davie. Davie agrees. Jeff asks Alison what do you do? Do you go to Angelina? Alison says they were first allies and even as adversaries there was a connection and a bond. Angelina says she could have voted for Alison at either of the last two TC’s and she hasn’t. You never know where you will end up with people.


Jeff says Angelina just said she could have voted you out previously, maybe the next sentence could be she’ll just do it tonight. Alison says that could happen. Jeff turns to Davie and he says he feels there is a pecking order and he is not feeling great. Jeff asks Nick how he feels with the immunity and Nick says it gives him a chance to play more aggressively and people should be on the same page as him. Jeff says that sounds like a threat and turns to Mike and Mike says Nick is a great partner without the necklace.


Davie says blindsiding someone you have trust with that can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Jeff turns back to Mike and he says he understands the feeling of betrayal, but you have to make a more analytical perspective on it and see what will help you move further. It’s the nature of the game. Time to vote.


If anyone has a HII and they want to play now is the time to do so? No one moves. First vote Davie, Alison, Alison, Davie, Davie, last vote…Davie. He says you could have spelled my name right, geez. Nick apologizes and says he didn’t know. Davie says no hard feelings, but the person who orchestrated this will have his vote for a million dollars and it’s up to someone else to make a bigger move.


Jeff brings Davie out live and he gets a standing ovation. Jeff says there are tears in his eyes and he says the fan response has been overwhelming. He loves them and he wanted to get out and make the black audience proud because they don’t watch the show as much as they should. Jeff says he wants to address the kids who are dreaming about being on Survivor and Davie was that kid. Davie says he always told himself to be himself and he created an audition tape.


Jeff says they originally told Davie it wouldn’t work out this season and they said no and they get out to Fiji and something happens and they call Davie with 40 hours before the start and he started packing. Davie says he didn’t even tell his mother they told him no and then they called. He says he jumped around screaming and he went to get as many Hawaiian shirts as he could and now he’s here.


We’re back at camp after TC. Nick says he was blindsided and they stabbed him in the back and it makes him sick. He says they sat at the dinner and Angelina and Mike looked him in the eye and lied to him. Angelina and Nick talk and Angelina says Mike really wanted Davie and Nick says they couldn’t give him one vote? Nick says he’s next, they are going to come for him next. Nick says he knows Angelina is telling the truth about Mike, because he does it every vote. Nick says when his back is against the wall, that’s when he does his best.


Mike is talking to Alison and Kara and says he needs to put his big boy pants on and Alison says Nick is acting like a child. Mike says he’ll go comfort him. Mike says Nick isn’t happy he got his buddy gone and he could blow up his spot so he might have to get him out of there now before he can go after Mike.


Immunity is back up for grabs! They are going to be perches on a pole and use a bucket to get water, pour the water in to get a key. Once they have their key, they will unlock their puzzle piece and use the pieces to build a block puzzle. Jeff says this is a big challenge and it puts them in the final four.


Mike is scared and Alison can’t balance. Alison is still struggling and Jeff says she’s already on her knees because she’s nervous. The bucket has holes in it so they have to pull it up fast. Angelina pours some water but misses the chute. Nick is doing a good job of getting his key to rise. Alison is still in it even though she’s petrified. Everyone’s key is on the rise. Mike is in dead last. Alison can’t quite reach her key and she has to get one more bucket. She’s in the water and swimming towards shore. Nick has another good pour, but he can’t quite reach his key still.


Alison is unlocking her puzzle pieces. Nick is giving it another pour and he has key and he’s in the water. Alison has her pieces unlocked and she can start on the puzzle. Kara has her key next and she’s in the water and Nick is unlocking his pieces. Mike has his key. He throws his key in the water and then jumps in. Nick has his pieces unlocked. Angelina still can’t reach her key. Alison and Nick are working to get their pieces free.


Mike and Kara are unlocking their keys and Angelina finally gets her key and is in the water. Angelina swims back slowly. Nick is very methodical and not panicking at all. Mike has one piece. Alison takes a few pieces off. Angelina finally gets her pieces unlocked. Alison looks over at Nick and she’s still fighting. Nick puts his last piece on and calls for Jeff. Jeff checks and Nick has it and has won immunity!


Everyone congratulates Nick on the win and Angelina is elated because she is dead set on getting Alison out next. Angelina says she wants to create an epic TC and create fireworks and be the star of the show. Her dream is to play the HII at the right point in the game. Angelina wants to look like a badass for the jury. Angelina says she knows it looks catty but it’s Alison.


Mike says they don’t need the theatrics right now, they are all fried and he doesn’t need a showcase for Angelina. Mike says it would be a more exciting TC for sure. Mike says this shouldn’t be a complicated vote and Angelina wants to rely on him to do the lying. He doesn’t mind lying to Alison, but he doesn’t want to jeopardize his relationship with Kara. Mike then tells Kara about Angelina’s plan and that makes it worse for Angelina. Kara says that is evil.


Kara says Mike wants Alison to go but maybe Mike is the better target because of his social game. He could beat them all. Kara and Alison talk and she tells Alison about the idol and then pitches getting Mike out and they need to get Nick involved. Alison is excited. She goes to pitch to Nick and Nick says they straight up blindsided him and lied to him and he has to look at options to get himself to the F3. Nick says Mike is playing a good strategic game and he’s a threat to win and he’s racking his brain on what he should do. Alison tells Kara she is on board with that. Nick says the vote tonight will come down to what Kara and him think is best for their game.


Nick goes to talk to Kara and they discuss their options. Nick says he was blindsided last night and now he has Mike’s life in his hands and if he wants to pull the trigger he could just let it go. Angelina says Alison is going home tonight and she’s feeling catty, borderline mean girl. Alison has found a fake idol and Angelina sees it and she says she’s feeling naughty.


Jeff goes to Zeke live and asks what he thinks and Zeke says it could be too much this close to the end. Jeff talks to Zeke’s boyfriend and they met when Zeke represented Survivor at the GLADD awards.


Night 37 Tribal Council-The jury members are brought in. Jeff says it appeared that Nick was blindsided by the Davie vote and Nick says yes, he thought everyone was voting Alison. Nick says he was hot headed after TC. Angelina says she was there after TC to explain why she voted the way she did. Jeff recaps what Davie said and asks Alison if they took that to heart and she says yes.


Nick says he has had to reassess because he’s blind sided some and it put him in a bad position but now he has to decide what to do the next two days. Angelina tells Jeff that it’s between her and Alison and Jeff says still? Angelina says it’s a sign of their social game but she feels confident. Nick says his vote is valuable because Kara and Alison are a threat and Mike and Angelina are a threat. Alison calls out Mike as a threat and Mike says how’s that? He says there’s a difference between laying it all out and leaving with a shred of dignity.


Alison says her relationship with Mike was one of the ones she valued most out there. Mike says whatever. Jeff says so that’s another relationship with friction. Alison says yeah. Kara says they keep talking about the end of the game, but it’s here. This is where you have to make moves. Nick says it’s not just about who to vote out, but who you keep in the game and who will be there tomorrow. Time to vote.


If anyone has a HII and they want to play it, tonight is the last night to do so. Alison gives her item to Jeff and she’s almost certain is fake, but she’ll try it out. Any votes for Alison will not count. Angelina says she may have made the jankiest idol in Survivor history, but she’s going to play her idol. She’s sure she has the vote to get Alison out, but she wants to ensure her spot. It is a real idol and any votes cast for Angelina will not count. First vote-Mike, Alison, Alison, and Alison. Alison has been voted out. Alison wishes them all luck as she leaves. Tomorrow they will compete in their final immunity challenge.


Alison says she’s not surprised and she was on the hot seat for five tribal councils and you can only avoid the grim reaper for so long.


Day 38 and Immunity is back up for grabs! Jeff says Angelina is already studying the apparatus, she’s seen this challenge. They will have one hand tied behind their back and they will drop a ball and they have to catch it before it falls. At intervals they will add another ball. If they drop a ball at any point, they are out. Last one standing wins immunity. The winner will decide who will go to the F3 with them, and which two will be left behind to battle it out for the final spot.


This challenge is on and it’s three Goliath’s and one David battling it out. Jeff says it’s easy with just one ball, but when more go in they have to remember right and left. In a moment, we’ll be adding a second ball. This challenge is all about pacing, where they place the second ball. They have 15 seconds to add their second ball. Everyone has two balls in now.


All four have a good rhythm. Time to add a third ball. All have their third ball in and Nick looking a little frantic. Everyone is alert. Angelina drops her ball and she’s out. Mike drops his ball and he’s now out. It’s down to Kara and Nick. They will add a fourth ball in a moment. As they are getting ready to drop their fourth ball, Kara forgets she has a ball in and she drops it. Nick has won the final immunity!


Kara says this is the challenge she felt like she could do but she forgot she was maintaining three other balls. Nick says he feels amazing, he’s wanted to be out here for years and he didn’t want this challenge, he wanted a puzzle. He feels like he underestimated himself and he can’t believe he won. Nick will choose one to bring with him to sit in F3 and the other two will have to earn their spot.


Back at camp and they congratulate him on the win. Angelina says Nick wins his third necklace in a row which is amazing for her because his winning is her winning as well. Angelina says everyone wants to pitch to him and it’s a twist of fate that the last David holds the fate of three Goliath’s in his hand. We see everyone making their pitches and they all says they can’t beat him. Nick says they all say it, but you can’t trust anyone especially on day 38. He says this is his time to make his decision for his game.


Nick tells them he’s not sure he can beat Mike or Kara so he may take Angelina. Angelina says she is a closer and she successfully convinced Nick to take her to the F3 and she thinks she can win. Kara is practicing fire making and she says she’s not going to go out without fighting. She says they have underestimated her and her game this entire time. She’s a Goliath and she’s not giving up. Mike says making fire in front of the jury is giving him more anxiety. He doesn’t think anyone thinks he can win this and he has never felt more like a David.


Day 38 Tribal Council-we bring in the jury. Jeff says Nick won immunity and accomplished his goal and made it to F3. Nick says he cried actual tears, he thought it was just something people said. Jeff says now Nick has the power to bring someone with him and put the other two in a challenge. Nick says yeah, he realized that. Kara says she’s proud of the game she played, but she didn’t do much of anything. Angelina says nobody wants to give away more than they have to in case Nick hasn’t made up his mind. Angelina says Nick was cool enough to tell them earlier what he thought.


Jeff asks Nick about his decision. Nick says I think I have a better probability to win if Kara AND Mike aren’t there. So he’s going to take Angelina. Jeff congratulates Angelina and she says she is so grateful to Nick. Jeff asks Kara how confident she is and she says it’s going to be a good challenge. Mike and Kara take their spots, Mike with a purple flag and Kara with an orange flag.


The fire making challenge is on. Kara gets a spark and a flame, but it doesn’t stay lit. Mike is struggling to get it going but he has a little bit of a flame and he blows on it. Kara is still working on getting fire again. Mike is now building to get that fire taller to burn the rope. He’s struggling to keep the fire lit. Kara is still fighting for a spark. Kara has a flame now, but it goes out again.


Mike is continuing to build and nurture his fire and it’s a nice one but it’s not high enough for the flame. Kara still struggling to get fire. She gets sparks but the flame keeps going out. Mike’s flame is getting taller and taller and it’s burning through the rope. The purple flag goes up and Mike has won and Kara will become the final member of the jury. Jeff asks Kara how she’s feeling and she’s says defeated and it’s frustrating that it ends here.


Nick, Angelina, and Mike have made it to the Final 3. They have now gone as far as they can go on their own. The power now shifts to the jury and they will decide who has earned the title of sole Survivor. Kara says she’s proud of the F3, but she’s disappointed she’s not there. She’s taking her spot as a juror very seriously.


Angelina, Mike, and Nick are on the beach discussing where they are. Angelina says it’s surreal and even though she loves Nick and Mike, she wants to win. She says she fought tooth and nail to make it to the end as a strong player. She says this game taught her she doesn’t have to be perfect and polished all the time and she’s capable of anything.


They get their Survivor breakfast. Nick says day 39 is so surreal and he’s so proud of the game he played and he fought hard to get here. He says to do it as an underdog is a badge of honor as well. Nick says he has always been a David and it made him who he was. He had to build relationships at the right time and find immunities and advantages. He has a chance to win a million dollars tonight. When does that happen to boy from Southeast Kentucky.


Mike says David vs. Goliath is an epic story and he has felt alive out here. He wants to feel like he’s leaving it all out on the island and he thinks he did that. He’s going to take that lesson and live the rest of his life that way. He thinks his social game was inspired and he wasn’t always the lead, but he was always behind saying which direction they should go and he hopes the jury will see that. He didn’t just come to play, he came to win.


Final Tribal Council-the jury members are brought in. Jeff says they keep saying this game has been fluid and there have been 10 immunity challenges and they’ve been won by 8 different people. He says this F3 capitalized on what the advantage was and now the jury will decide who played the best game and who is the most deserving.


Outwit-social part of the game. Elizabeth congratulates them and she wants them to know they are almost all undecided and she wants them to cut the crap and be real and authentic. Christian says beautiful statement and he’d like them to highlight a move they made in the game to showcase how they outwitted. Nick says in his mind it was his one-on-one alliances to build a personal connection and to get information. He says and then timing is the second part that’s important. He says John going home was a pivotal game move.


John says one of the most important things in a wrestling match is the finish and he thinks that moment was Nick’s highlight and then he tapered out. Can he highlight anything he did at the end? Nick says John probably was his biggest game move and he was upset when Carl and Davie got voted out. Mike interrupts and asks if he was upset he was blindsided or they got voted out. Nick says both, he wanted to work with them.


John wants to hear from Mike about his game moves? Angelina wants to interrupt and she thinks her social game was adaptable and she saved their life with getting rice. Davie says a selfless act means being selfless and Angelina says he’s right. Angelina says she got herself from the weakest position in the game and when John mentioned the wrestling finish, she feels like she made moves at the end to get herself there. But she wants Mike to speak now.


Mike says he had F2 deals with almost everyone, except Davie and Carl and he felt on the periphery of their plan and he didn’t think Gabby really trusted him. Gabby says she didn’t trust him because of what he just said. Alison says sometimes Mike was snarky when he didn’t need to be and Mike says he regrets what he said to Alison but he came out wanting to play and he’s always been a “character”. He just started playing the character that he’s happy to be there and he knew he had his moments he could influence the game at the merge.


Nick says he was doing the same thing Mike was doing and he knew what Mike was doing. Nick says the difference is he had to turn his game on and he couldn’t ride to the end. Jeff asks if that’s good and Christian is not happy. Gabby wants to talk to Angelina and how different women are treated in the game where if they are as aggressive as a man they are seen as bossy. Angelina says one-on-one she can be more of herself.


Kara wants to touch on each of their social games, she thinks Nick’s social game was impressive and Angelina’s social game evolved and she thought Mike was impressive and she knows he’s an actor but he was also himself.


Outplay portion-living with the conditions and how they dealt with the twists. Dan says Mike essentially didn’t do much around camp, and they never seen him make fire until TC the previous night. Mike asks if Dan is calling him lazy and Dan says no. Mike says that part was not going to be his game. He kept up in challenges though and he was never the monkey on anyone’s back.


Davie wants to know how Angelina was a David and Nick was a Goliath. Angelina says she was fearful of the challenges, and she found an immunity idol and found a ladder and climbed a rock wall about 150 feet and it was a hard idol to find. Alison asks about the fake idol and she felt it was a ploy to embarrass her. Nick shakes his head and says she wanted to embarrass him. Angelina says she didn’t want Alison to go after Mike and she wanted theatrics and create an epic TC.


Nick says a Goliath is someone who just is. He says Dan is 6 foot 3, it’s just him. John could break a boulder, that’s just him. He says looking at it that way he was good at puzzles, not because he practiced them, but because he’s good at them. And he found the advantage with Davie and intelligence helped in challenges.


Outlast-their personal journey. Angelina says everything she set her mind to, she accomplished and as a military wife and they are some of the strongest people. She hit rock bottom out on the island and out of control, but she was able to rise and pick herself up and build relationships and get back into a position of strength. She feels like she’s the most battle tested player in front of them and her story is about triumph.


Nick says he went through a lot of ups and downs in the game, from being on a tribe with 3 Goliath’s and 2 David’s, to gaining the advantage in numbers and then being the final David left. His mom overdosed on drugs and that’s why he does what he does and helps people overcome addiction. He says he was a David an entire game and he had to find whatever slighshot he could.


Mike says he came out and wanted to play and didn’t want to be a goat. He wanted to play and to win. He had to find out what this meant to him and he had to find the battle he needed to win. He says it wasn’t a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it was the rainbow. This was more about the struggle to feel that it was a worthy endeavor to win the game. Carl wants to congratulate all three of them


Jeff says every adventure has to come to an end. He’s going to give the jury a moment to take it all in and then they will vote. Jeff finds a 13-year old in the audience, Simone, and wants her to vote on who she either wants to win or thinks should win. He says they’ve done it before and both previous audience members were correct.


For the last time, it’s time to vote and bring the season to an end. He’ll remind them they are voting for a winner. Elizabeth is up first, followed by Alec. Kara votes then we see John vote for Nick. John says it’s all of the decision he made in the game. Dan steps up next, then Carl. Gabby is crying and says it’s such a hard decision. Davie steps up and prays for them. Alison steps up and seems to be thinking. Christian steps up and has voted for Mike and says he played a transformative game. He hopes this changes how the game is played.


Jeff will go get the votes. Jeff thanks them for a great season of Survivor and he’ll see them in Los Angeles. We’re live and Jeff says fun theme and fun season and it was such a joy to see them play and open themselves up and it’s one of the best times he’s had in a long time. It comes down to this. It’s a game for a million dollars. The jury has decided who has earned the title of sole survivor.


Time to read the votes. First vote-Nick. Second vote-Mike. Third vote-Mike. Fourth vote-Mike. Fifth vote-Nick. Mike 3 and Nick 2. Sixth vote-Nick. Tied. Seventh vote-Nick. Eighth vote-Nick. 5-3 with Nick in the lead. The winner of Survivor: David vs Goliath…Nick!


Jeff goes to the audience member and Simone shows her vote for Nick. Jeff shows the jury votes and the count was 7 for Nick and 3 for Mike. Mike’s three votes were Christian, Alison, and Kara.

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Jeff said they had know way of predicting a David like Nick would actually win David vs. Goliath, but all the things in your life came together to mold you for this season.  Nick says it felt like fate when he heard the name of the season.  He says he wanted to be a lawyer to be rich because he wasn't growing up but then had a calling and went home to help people.  Now he has the freedom to stay home and do what he was meant to do.

Jeff says Mike was the polar opposite, a big, successful career in Hollywood and you turned down a job to play Survivor.  Mike says as a writer, you don't want to spend your creativity on work, you want to spend it on living. Even if it means embarrassing yourself in front of millions of people, getting out from in front of your computer and having an adventure.  Jeff asks Mike if he's been able to mold his Survivor experience into his life? Mike says he will keep chasing the adventure.

Jeff says we haven't had anyone as polarizing as Angelina in a while, social media can be so brutal.  Angelina says she's not polarizing in real life.  She does have an aggressive, outspoken side and wanted to lean in on that at the beginning and that's what she did, that's the game she played and she is proud of that. But there are some people out there that do not want to see women like that. It's been an honor to represent that on the show and times are changing.

Jeff says if a man had played the same game Angelina play, we would have commented on it differently, 100%.  You played an aggressive, smart game, went for it, but bringing up the rice, or the ladder that was 100' in the air (it was about 8'), or my favorite moment (roll clip) when Angelina asked Natalie for her jacket.  Given that you're a strong woman, was there any self-awareness in that moment that maybe you pushed a little too much?

Angelina says no one laughed harder at JacketGate or the rice situation than myself. I was asking myself, please not so many times! Let Natalie go!  Let the rice go!  You have to have a good sense of humor about it. In the moment, you feel the creativity and adrenaline, and you just lean in. I could probably tweak some things in my game given another chance for sure.

Dan, we're at Tribal Council, you've played your idol and have as much security as you can have in the game. Then you see me do something unusual - reach back into the urn to pull out this round, odd disc.  What were you thinking in that moment?  I knew it was my time, Dan says, I'm done.  There's some loop, some crazy something going on here.  I was heartbroken, man.  I was in full on shock - don't even remember you snuffing my torch.  You were part of a historic moment, Jeff says of Dan's Idol elimination.  That's an honor, Dan says, to be part of the history of the game. It's a big deal.  And Carl played it perfectly, Jeff laughs.  

Christian, you play this came and it's clear you're becoming a likable big threat and can win the game, but in the beginning, what was your biggest fear? Being ostracized as soon as we hit the beach, Christian says.  I know I walk and talk a little differently from most people, use words not typically used, hypothesis and algorithms being chief among them, and while it flies well in my engineering department back home, I didn't know how it would fly with the Mayor of Slamtown or Carl the Trucker.  But it turned out well and I gained confidence and steam throughout the game.

Jeff says you were one of the best examples of in life, how liabilities can become assets.  Like the 5hr challenge when your ability to talk forever, it was a very conscious decision on your part...  Indeed it was, Christian confirms. I noticed when I talk, I feel no pain, a nice skill to have in that specific circumstance, and I had you right there captive, I realized I could talk to you for six hours and people would pay good money for that.

What's the big takeaway, Jeff asks Christian, from playing Survivor.  Survivor is kind of like your first ever day of school, he says, you think you know what it's going to be like but once the door closes behind you and there are kids running around you, you realize you know nothing of what's going on.  Game plan goes out the window.  The things you thought you might be good at are your weaknesses but maybe the things you thought were weaknesses are strengths. Or you might find completely different friends than you thought you might have. Like Dan the hot cop.  Brochacho, says Jeff.  So don't limit yourself, Christian says, you might be surprised what you can do.

Jeff asks Gabby if her friendship with Christian survived her betrayal?  Yes, she says, I was rooting for him to win as soon as I was voted out and I was so sorry when he was voted out.  

Natalie, you are not happy with how you were portrayed. Natalie says I was portrayed as lazy and controversial, the worst player ever. I own bossy, though.  I didn't really get to show who I really am. I love the show but couldn't really celebrate being on the show.  That hurts my heart, Jeff says, I really liked you on the show and thought you were fantastic at Tribal because you drove story with your opinion, saying what you felt. But how I experienced you at Tribal is how I experienced you on the show.

I may regret this question, Jeff asks of the cast, does anyone else here think we just completely got it wrong with Natalie, with her story?  Nobody raises their hands.  What, Natalie asks? They lying, Jeff!  At Tribal Council, I was in the hot seat, she defends, so of course what you saw was where I needed to be because I was always on the defense.  They wanted to take me out night one.  My whole game was not being voted out first and not the first Goliath to go out.  What you saw at Tribal was me trying to stay in the game.

Well, we didn't see all the flavors of Natalie, Jeff says, but for anyone who wants to question the realness, very transparent, we always want to be honest. Here's the weight loss.  Kara lost 26lbs.  Dan lost 26lbs more, Allison lost 27lbs, and Davie lost 36lbs.  And what's crazy is that nobody came close to the record that Big Tom set back in the 3rd season in 2001, nearly 80lbs.  

This season the players had to endure some really tough conditions, including 2 cyclones, resulting in us having to evacuate them from the beaches, and a really freak occurrence on the boat led to a really scary moment for Pat.  Pat was in a lot of pain back in Episode 1 and had to be medically evacuated.  Pat, you look good now.  Are you back?  I feel great, Pat says, I'm ready to go back if you're ready to make the call.  I'm ready for you, Jeff says.  Did you feel you were in good hands after it was all said and done? You were vulnerable and trusting us.  The medical team and everyone on the beach that day, Pat says, it's truly heartwarming how much you care about us.  It is a great family.

As one season ends, another begins.  Here's what Survivor is doing next.  For our 38th season, a new group of players will take on the greatest social experiment ever created.  They'll be joined by four returning players: Joe, Aubry, Kelly & David.  And a new layer to the game (Extinction) will push them further than ever before. It's Survivor: Edge of Extinction!  We're taking it to a whole new level, Jeff says.

David vs. Goliath. I hate to say goodbye to these guys, Jeff says, and if you want to be a part of this experience, go to cbs.com/casting.  And if you want to bid on props from this season, go to SurvivorAuctions.com.  Proceeds go Survivor: Stand Up To Cancer.  Thank you for watching and your continued loyalty. We'll see you in the Spring for a brand new season.  Good night!

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