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Friday, September 14, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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8:58PM BBT Kaycee and Angela in HOH talking about noms.  wondering what tomorrow's comp will be.  They need 3 more wins to get to the final 3 with Tyler.  Sam is the target this week and the only way she stays is if she wins veto.

Angela was worried about her nom speech



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BB Evening until 10:05pm


Since the feeds returned we have learned that JC and Sam have been nominated for eviction. The veto competition is tomorrow.


The house guests were treated to a private concert, and all of them liked it very much.


JC seems to be upset with Tyler, we heard Tyler tell Kaycee about it, but with no explanation to us.


Sam is in a good mood, she told JC that they should be grateful for such a fun day.


JC tried to talk to Kaycee earlier, and after a few minutes Kaycee claimed the need to take a shower (this was after she told Tyler she was not taking a shower just in case the back yard did not reopen—she was afraid of running out of clean laundry.


Sam was in the have not room packing, then went into the kitchen and cleaned Kaycee and Tyler's mess out of some refrigerator drawers (she says there was rancid chicken blood pooled in the drawers) Neither Kaycee nor Tyler offered to clean up after themselves.


JC was in the living room talking to the cameras. He told us he would be happy to return to the real world, that the problems inside the BB house are not real. He told us real problems were paying bills and illness. He also told BB that the cameras had many, many cobwebs.


Tyler traveled the house, used the scope mouthwash, (swish and gargled), then tiptoed to the HOH room where he was able to cuddle and whisper with Angela until they were interrupted by Kaycee.


The couple heard her coming and Tyler raced to a chair, so when she came in she found Angela on the HOH bed and Tyler relaxed in one of the chairs.


Conversation is about JC and how he was unreasonable in believing he should not be on the block. The three of them are concerned if JC wins the veto (no mention of Sam), because if he does one of them will have to go on the block. Kaycee, specifically, is making a case for JC being the only person (aside from Sam), that should or could have been nominated.


Kaycee asks Tyler if Angela sounded tipsy at the nomination, Tyler denies (but not a hearty denial).


Angela says she was looking over everyone's head while she talked at veto ceremony.


JC is on the green section of the sofa, they notice him sitting there, looking alone. Tyler repeats that JC is upset with him, Angela says it is the saddest thing she has ever seen.


Angela decides to go out and yell for JC to come to the HOH room, Kaycee says it would mean more from Angela.


Tyler says he has told him several times he is fine, Kaycee wonders if he believes her.


JC comes into the room.


Angela tells him she can't stand to see him on the block like that. She gives a big justification explanation to him, saying she could not beat Sam in jury votes.


JC says he doesn't hold a grudge, it is what it is.


Angela justifies again.


JC tells her he is sitting on the green part of the sofa, he avoided it all summer because it could have been bad luck, but now he wants to experience it, and it is close to the DR.


Angela tells him the four staying have been loyal and Sam has not.


JC says it is just a game, (IMHO he is blowing her off by being very casually “not caring” and while JC does this he enjoys some of Angela's snacks, he shows much more excitement about those snacks that he does about Angela's promises.


JC tells Tyler “You should have told me I was going on the block”

Angela: kick him in the balls.

Kaycee and Angela laughs, Tyler not so much

JC tells Tyler that now he owes him.


They are counting days, they say 11 more days after tomorrow, and tomorrow they will not have to pick players for the veto.


Kaycee says one of the band members was staring at Angela, Tyler says Angela was winking at him. Angela denies.


Conversation continues with no game talk, just general discussion about who each house guest would choose to date.

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10:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC in front of the mirrors in the LR. He is bouncing a ball from one hand to the other. He speaks directly to the cameras. He says that he hopes Angela does not win this. He does not want her to be the winner of BB20. He then says that he is waiting to be called into the DR and that it takes like 20 f'ing hours. Meanwhile Tyler and Angela are snuggling in the HoH on Feeds 3 and 4.


10:09 PM BBT JC is sitting on the couch with Orwella. He is still talking to himself. He says that he almost made it all the way to the end without ever being on the block. He then asks Orwella if she is proud of him. He tells the stuffed owl that he is sorry if he ever mistreated her. He then tells the owl that she is beautiful. 


10:17 PM BBT JC continues to sit alone in the LR and talk to the owl. Meanwhile, in the HoH Angela, Kaycee and Tyler are watching him on the screen in the HoH. They laugh at him talking to the owl. Tyler says that is the saddest thing. Angela invites him to the HoH. 


10:20 PM BBT JC has joined Angela, Kaycee and Tyler in the HoH. Angela apologizes for not talking to him earlier. She tells him that he is not the target. Sam is the target because the jury loves Sam. The jury hates her. She also felt like Kaycee and Tyler were just the HoH and didn't put her up. Therefore, she couldn't justify putting them up now. However, Sam is the target. JC is not because he has been completely loyal where Sam has not been.


10:28 PM BBT Tyler, Angela, JC and Kaycee are joking in the HoH about whether or not each of them would be willing to date Rihanna if she asked them to be their girlfriend. Angela is the only one that would want a definition of her idea of girlfriend. Tyler jokes "You can't just say no to Rihanna. She is Rihanna." 


10:30 PM BBT JC, Angela, Tyler and Kaycee are talking about Hollywood stars. JC admits that he has a real crush on "13 Reasons Why" actor Brandon Flynn. JC says that Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian. Kaycee says that a friend once said that she looks like him.


10:44 PM BBT Tyler, JC, Kaycee and Angela talk about how JC has been pranking people by hiding bacon in their clothes. He put bacon in one person's pants pocket and then again in those pink shoes. Meanwhile they start complaining about not being called into the DR yet. Sam has been in there forever. Kaycee "She is probably venting."


10:48 PM BBT Boredom has taken over the HoH room. Tyler is now going through the basket of nail polish and make up and asking them to guess the price that is listed on the outside of the bottles/containers. Kaycee is amazed that such a small bottle of nail polish costs $5.00. Angela tells her that it is cheap. Most nail polish is more expensive than that.


10:55 PM BBT Tyler has noticed through the spy TV that Sam was called into the DR while cleaning out the fridge and that the items have been sitting on the KT counter. He goes down to pick up where she left off. 


11:00 PM BBT Kaycee says she is going to bed and goes down to the KT. JC says that he is going to do the same. As he comes out, he calls out to Kaycee "B**ch" from the balcony. She is in the KT. He then tosses her a piece of food down to her and she catches it in her mouth. 

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11:07 PM BBT Sam comes out of the DR. Kaycee jokes that she thought someone took her, she was in there so long. Kaycee, JC and Tyler are hanging out in the KT and eating s'more flavored goldfish crackers.


11:10 PM BBT JC comes out of the WC and shows Kaycee that his finger is swelling and it is really starting to hurt. He noticed it was sore earlier but now it really hurts. He wonders if he broke it without knowing. Kaycee describes it as having a big bruise on it and swelling. Sam comes in there and is looking it over real good. She says it is not a bite or anything. It looks more like a pinch. 


11:15 PM BBT Kaycee says she is going to bed. Sam says she is going to eat ice cream and go to bed too. Because she got to see BeBe Rexha today and she is on the block. It was a big day. 


11:20 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are showing the KT where Tyler is doing dishes while Sam eats ice cream from her perch on the stairs. Feeds 3 and 4 show Angela up in the HoH. 


11:28 PM BBT Tyler is still cleaning up the KT. Sam is eating ice cream on the stairs. Angela has gone to bed in the HoH. She has the lights out and is watching Tyler through the spy TV. 


11:30 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam sitting alone on the stairs. She says to herself that she never had dinner today. But "this is better, ice cream and beer". She then notices the cameras zooming in on her. She plays a little game with the camera where she hides her face behind the steps. She smiles, says that her cheeks her, and heads to the WA where Tyler is. They briefly discuss that today was a really good day.


11:37 PM BBT JC and Kaycee are in bed downstairs. Tyler has gone to bed up in the HoH with Angela. Sam is the only one up at the moment. She says to herself that she is going to bed and that her back hurts.


11:40 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam in the WA getting ready for bed. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Angela in bed in the HoH with the lights out. They are discussing that they got their old JC back. He has been weird the last couple weeks. They wonder if it was because Brett was in his ears recently. 


11:43 PM BBT Tyler and Angela kiss and then go all the way under the covers for some heavy petting while making out. 


11:49 Tyler and Angela finally come up for some air. Tyler "Nothing going on in here." Angela "Not a thing, nothing to see." 


11:54 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam smiling from her saucer. She talks to BB. "How can I ever thank you enough? I don't know." Feeds 3 and 4 are on Angela and Tyler in bed in the dark HoH. 


11:57 PM Sam is talking to the camera from her saucer. She says that sometimes she pretends that her and BB are the only ones there. 

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