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Guest bones

AusBB timing out

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Guest bones

Does anyone know how to stop the feeds from timing out every 25 minutes. Thanks

:cry::cry::cry: :arrow: :D

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bones... I was wanting to know the same thing... I finally just gave up and stopped watching yesterday... but, I'll try again tomorrow... LOL

(P.S. I love your sig. line... very funny.)

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Guest ranster627

I found this at another forum and it was titled "preventing the live feed time-out tutorial" under BB AUS, if someone tries it, please report back and let us know if it was helpful --- Ranster

This may seem complicated, but it's not. I have talked non technical people through this, just follow the directions.

Setting this up will take a few minutes of your time. After this first time, it will only take you a minute to load the stream so it doesn't time out.

1. Download Mozilla Firefox if you don't already have it.

2. Open Firefox. Go to the tool bar at the top and click tools > options.

3. Click the "downloads" icon on the left.

4. On the right side of the window check to see what File Types are in your file types box. If you have ASX or ASF- highlite it and click "remove".

5. Now click "plug-ins" on that same screen.

6. Uncheck the option (3rd down I believe) that says ASF window media file and ASX.

7. Close Firefox.

8. Reopen Firefox.

The following steps you will do now and each time you open streams from now on.

1. In Firefox go to http://bigbrother.3mobile.com.au/live.asp, it will prompt you to log in.

2. You will see a page with a graphic that looks cartoonish of a man sitting and a lady standing behind him. You will also see an orange button that says "Launch Live Cam".

3. Click anywhere outside that orange button, i.e. click the picture of the graphic instead. (Some people report having to click this graphic 3 times to get it to work.)

4. You should get a windows box that pops up and asks if you want to open this or save it. Select "Open with..."

5. Browse to your C:Windowsnotepad.exe (notepad.exe is in the main Windows folder, look for it. You will NOT have to look for this file again, firefox will remember it next time.)

6. Check "always open with this program".

7. When notepad opens up you will see a bunch of lines of code.

8. Scroll down until you see "<duration value="00:20:00" />". Look a couple lines above it and you will see a line that starts out with "<ref href="mms://streaming.bigbrother......".

9. Copy the entire line starting with mms: and ending with the last number. Do not include brackets, quotes or any other code. As an example it will look like: mms://streaming.bigbrother.3mobile.com.au/BB2005/?TOKENID=wMC3S2jEsi90OLQwp4thmUu0o04uw1d6lXn2udYgF2DAz324uEiHP1deSt62spTOq2VT


10. Paste that address in the firefox address bar at the top. It will prompt you to "launch application". This should open WMP and start streaming right away.

11. If that doesn't work, just open windows media player, click File > Open Url. Paste this entire line in and it will start streaming ad-free with no time-outs.


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Guest bones

thanks!!! I will try that and report back :P

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Apparantly they are effectively cutting the feeds around 11.30pm local time each night.

This is when the "Uplate" programme which has live action from the house airs - and also when they stop updating the website until the following morning.


The Australian Big Brother producers have a really strange attitude - it's as if they don't want any fans!

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