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Friday, September 7, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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BB Time 9:13pm


Angela and Tyler are in separate beds, they are talking in the blue bedroom.


No game talk


Haleigh, Brett and JC are in the hallway upstairs


No game talk.

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BB Time 9:16pm


Angela is asking Tyler what he says in his DR sessions. He tells her to please not watch the show.


The others are still just talking quietly.




BB Time 10:21pm


Tyler goes to the storage room and finds alcohol. He mentioned merlot.


Cameras do not show the kitchen, they all move to the bathroom area,so we only hear house guests in the background.



After a few minutes the camera moves to the kitchen area. The house guests, with the exception of JC, are sharing the beer and wine.


They are talking, but there is no teasing or horsing around.


Haleigh is being excessively quiet, she is laughing, but not loud, she talking, but not loud.

Angela is leaning on the counter watching them

JC is on a stool talking with them.

Brett has gone from the room

Kaycee is leaning on the stove.

Sam did not come into the kitchen.

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10:30 PM BBT Tyler, Brett, Haleigh, JC and Angela are hanging out in the KT. They are discussing TV stars and television shows. Brett brings up Ashton Kutcher. Haleigh tells them that he is now with Mila Kunis and she was like 14 years old when she did That 70's Show. She lied and said that she was 18. 


10:45 PM BBT Angela, Kaycee, Tyler, JC and Haleigh continue to sit around the KT. Haleigh said that the alumni said that they were a really good group this year. That they were funny. Kaycee "This is a good group. We are a good group." Tyler says that they have half girls and half guys left in the house. Kaycee jokes "because there are 7 people in here and that is really an even number". Haleigh "Math is hard." Angela "Harder than words."  Meanwhile, on the other feeds, Sam has washed her hair in the bathroom sink and is now blow drying it. 


11:00 PM BBT All 4 feeds show Sam and Angela grooming in the WA. They are doing their hair and makeup as if it is 11 in the morning instead of 11 at night. Meanwhile the others are all in the KT hanging out together off camera. BB tells them 3 times that "You are not allowed to talk about production. BB then says "Tyler, Kaycee, JC, Brett." A moment later "Tyler, Kaycee, JC, Haleigh, Brett. Chill out." 


11:15 PM BBT The HGs are still hanging out in the KT together, except for Sam who is putting on makeup. They are talking about what they were doing a year ago today and how none of them would have dreamed this is what they would be doing right now. 


11:28 PM BBT The girls are leaving the KT and starting to head for bed. Sam is doing her hair in the WA because she expects that BB is going to call her to the DR soon. She calls out to the guys, who are still in the KT, if they would put the kettle on for some tea. Tyler agrees to do it. When Tyler walks out of the KT leaving Brett and JC alone, JC and Brett start whispering. JC says that Sam has been in the bathroom for 4 hours now. 


11:31 PM BBT JC and Brett are in the KT. JC says that he was so tired today that he actually tried to take a nap. Brett says he doesn't take naps during the day because JC doesn't even wake up until 2 in the afternoon. JC then asks Brett was sloppy drunk means. At first Brett asks him if he is serious and when he sees that he is, he explains that sloppy drunk is when you are so drunk, your body is sloppy. The way you carry yourself. Their actions are reckless. Sloppy drunk is not a good drunk.


11:34 PM BBT Brett and Sam are in the WA. They refer to their "baby". Sam says joking "The fact that we call it our baby and put it in the microwave bothers me." Brett says that he thinks he will be a great dad. She says that she thinks he will be a really fun dad. 


11:44 PM BBT Brett and Kaycee are alone in the HoH. Brett says that he is glad the hacker is over. Kaycee says that this is the 20th season. Unlike the last few seasons, BB has gone back to the basics. A few crazy things, but it keeps it simple and the general concept of the game. None of this is written and everything has been crazy. Brett tells Kaycee that "We will keep her (most likely Sam) calm. There is only one person that can't win (JC)." Kaycee said it would be perfect if JC isn't picked to play. Brett says that JC doesn't want to play, doesn't try to play, and throws every single comp." Kaycee and Brett say that the others have no clue that the two of them are working together. Well, maybe Tyler and Angela know. And the jury is going to flip out when they find out that they have been part of an alliance since Day 3 that still exists. Brett says Haleigh knows and reminds her that Haleigh walked in and saw them celebrating.


11:50 PM BBT Brett tells Kaycee that the only way they don't make it to final 4 is if Sam or JC wins HoH. Because they will put two of us up. Kaycee "But they won't win." Brett "They throw everything. Because they both feel so safe. They think we are going after each other." Brett says that he wants Haleigh out for sure first. Then it's just Sam and JC. I don't know if Sam will go after JC. Haleigh has been skeptical about JC since day 1. 


11:52 PM BBT Brett and Kaycee continue to talk in the HoH. Brett "As much as I love her as a person, Haleigh is driving me nuts." Kaycee says that Haleigh is the fakest person in here. Kaycee has been biting the bullet and hanging out with her. She has no one. Brett says that is even more reason she has to go. She is the last one from the other side of the house. That's four votes right there. Kaycee and Brett both have no doubt there will be a double this week. 

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12:00 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are on Brett and Kaycee in the HoH. They can't believe that they are down to 18 days. The time is moving. And it moves faster when the BY is open. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Angela asleep in the BBR. 


12:00 AM BBT Kaycee and Brett said that their alliance is probably one of the strongest alliances in BB history. They stayed loyal, kept everything within their group. It couldn't have worked out any more perfect. 

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