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Saturday, September 1, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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633pm bbt still reruns on the live stream    [ lets go hayley!!] ...pokerlady:)]

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6:58PM BBT Hayleigh is talking to Angela about how slippery her lane was. Brett comes in. He says something about something Sam said. Hayleigh says she has just come to the conclusion that Sam is a b****. Angela tells her to calm down and she is going to be ok.


7:01PM BBT In the BBR, someone asks Kaycee if they can go on her trip with her. Kaycee laughs. She may have won a trip but not confirmed. Kaycee says she is looking forward to eating tonight and celebrating.


7:04PM BBT Brett and Hayleigh are talking. Hayleigh is complaining about Sam calling her a f'n b**** over and over. She says she is going to go off on her this week. (Sam said something during the comp that upset her). Brett says for her not to do that. Hayleigh says there is no way Scottie is going this week.

 7:15PM BBT Brett goes to HOH to talk to Tyler. He says Scottie has to go. He tells Tyler about the pact they made in the jury house. He says Hayleigh told him about the pact. Brett says it has to be the two of them left. Brett tells Tyler that Sam threw the comp but JC tried really hard.


7:29PM BBT Kaycee and Angela have on face masks. Kaycee jokes they are super heroes. In the HOH BR, JC and Tyler talking in general.




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BB Time 7:42pm


Sam is lying oh her bed, Scottie is in the room. Sam says she came into the bedroom to get ready for a shower, but now she feels stuck to the bed.


In the background we hear sounds of cooking for the midnight meal. Scottie says the garlic smell is strong.


Sam wants to know how Scottie is feeling, is he motivated or would he rather go back to the “nice place”


Scottie tells her he doesn't want to leave at all, he wants to stay.


Sam tells him she has missed his conversation, she enjoys him. Sam says they were dealing with the dwindling number of people. Sam tells Scottie that Faysal's speech was not a nice speech, she tells Scottie he is right, Faysal was very quiet after the nomination, and he basically disappeared.


Sam says he has been on the block 4 times, and was evicted once, he is the only one who can say that.


Garlic wafts through the air in the bedroom, they comment on it.


Scottie says he left, came back, and is probably leaving again.


Sam hopes Angela will not put him on slop, Kaycee comes in minus the face mask she had on earlier.


Sam continues about the slop, that they are all on the same page with slop. Sam says this will be her third time to do it, if she is chosen. They continue talking about slop, Scottie says the first three to drop could have to do it, that would be Sam, JC and him (Scottie). Kaycee says the second time for slop is worse, she really doesn't like the cold showers.


Kaycee says she is still dizzy, when she closes her eyes she spins. Sam suggests that she check out her ears, and see if it might be vertigo related. Sam says peroxide or alcohol may help. (they think there is slime in Kaycee's ears).


On cameras in he kitchen we see Haleigh and JC boiling chicken, Brett is mixing something in a bowl.


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7:41PM BBT Angela is going to make banana bread. KC is pulling food from the SR for when she can eat.


7:46PM BBT Sam and Scottie talking. She said she missed him last week. She asks him if he heard about Fessy's speech. Scottie says he heard it wasn't a very nice speech.


7:53PM BBT Kaycee, Sam and Scottie in the BR talking about Kaycee still being dizzy. They are discussing what might helped her ears.



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BB Time 7:58pm


Haleigh sits with Angela in the kitchen while Angela eats.


Angela asks Haleigh what she has been up to, and Haleigh tells her she just came from a job interview but it didn't go well, someone else had a better pitch. Angela grins.


Angela tells Haleigh she just moved from her apartment and will now have room mates. She says she is going on a new diet, all she will eat is “bird s**t”. She has to take cold showers, and thinks that will help her skin. Angela says it was expensive to go on this diet, but she will do it for six months.


Haleigh is asking if she is going for “the bloat”, Angela laughs and says, “Yes, yes I am.”


They have decided that the apartment Haleigh just moved out of is the one Angela is moving into. Haleigh offers her mattress, Angela says she is going to take a hot shower, the new place has no hot water. Haleigh tells her to get in the cold shower and stay, when the hypothermia kicks in she will feel warm.


Angela goes to the stove.


The house guests are around the counter eating, someone keeps humming, BB keeps yelling, no one pays attention. JC is eating chips, Haleigh is getting her midnight food ready.


Angela: Can I shower up there later Ty?

Tyler: yeah, sure.

(no one even looks up)


conversation is scrambled, someone says they get red soda. Sam wants them to save the bottles,

Sam rummages the fridge,

JC thanks someone for the fish,

someone else thanks Brett for the fish,

Haleigh says she set some aside for later.



BB Time 8:11pm


House guests are scattered in the kitchen.


BB tells them not to quote lines from movies and tv shows....


BB tells them 3 times to stop singing. No one listens, every time it is a new person


BB tells them the 4th time, Scottie was singing.


(all this happens within a minute or so, cameras move to bathroom area)


Haleigh is doing “facial maintenance”, she tells Kaycee she is going to lie down for a while and asks Kaycee if she feels okay.

Kaycee says she feels okay, they are now talking about spray on tan and vaseline.


BB tells them to stop singing again (8:15pm)


camera goes back to kitchen,


Haleigh is giving hair advice to Angela.


Haleigh goes into the bedroom.


Haleigh: I wish I could sleep on this side with you guys.

Kaycee: Sleep with Sam

Haleigh: (sarcastic) That's a good idea, why don't you ask her for me?

Kaycee: (cornered) you can sleep with me..

Haleigh: ohhh one bed, one love...


They start talking about playlists, Haleigh is talking about Elton John, Kaycee is not sure she knows his music. (what is happening to this world????-Grannysue1154)


Somehow Haleigh has spotify hooked up to a google app, the fourth song is when she has to get up, it signals that it is 9 o'clock.


BB tells them to stop singing again (they made it 5 minutes with no warning this time)


8:21 pm

camera 1


Scottie is eating and talking to Tyler, just goofing, JC is in the back ground.


BB tells them again...do not quote dialog from movies or tv shows. (I almost start to feel sorry for Bob (BB)...but not quite yet)


Sam is also in the back ground, some of them have agreed to share a muffin.


JC to tyler: do you want two ates of a muffin?

Tyler: two eggs on a muffin?

JC: two ATES of a muffin/

Tyler: oh (smiles)

JC does the math, with all the ATES he will only have 1 ATE of a muffin.

Sam: I can just make another muffin.

All the guys, (think dumfounded.. “ohhhhh”



They are talking about Scottie's resemblance to Macully McCulkin (boy I spelled that badly Morty, sorry-no, I am not JC's granny)


Famous people talk goes on, jumbled talked.


Someone asks Sam how many cats she has.

Sam says right now she has four cats, one is a minx from West Virginia. They are not expensive to feed, she buys food when she needs it. Sam also says she has one horse, she has no cows.


JC wants to know what happens when her animals get sick, she tells him the vet bills suck, she has done that before.


Tyler leaves to go upstairs, Angela is in the shower.


Before he left, he asked Scottie if he wanted to use the shower in the HOH.


Tyler goes to the bathroom sink, sprays on some smell good junk, then gets his headphones out. He fixes his hair to look nice with the headphones.


Camera moves to bedroom area


Kaycee is talking to Haleigh about Faysal.


Kaycee tells her that Faysal is pushy and self centered. Haleigh says she realized this the last week he was in the house. She says that she spoke up for herself in front of Tyler and Faysal was upset.


Kaycee says how you do anything shows how you do everything, she calls it grimy, and with no class. She says it is not cool.


Haleigh says Faysal never told her what his speech was going to be,

Kaycee says how he acted when he was leaving will taint how people “hang” with him outside the house.

Haleigh repeats “that was grimy” and says that Angela took the brunt of it.

Kaycee thought Faysal was much younger, and when she found out he was older, she felt he was very immature.

Haleigh says she doesn't usually hang out with people like Faysal

Kaycee says that he acted as if he was spoon fed, more so than anyone else in the house.

Haleigh says he does not know that much about anyone in the house, and he attacked Angela, she said she did not even want to look up when he gave his speech.

Kaycee says they will see each other again, and

Haleigh wonders if Faysal will apologize later. She thinks he will feel bad when they run Angela's back story. Haleigh says Faysal called her entitled

Kaycee says people like that irritate the f**k out of her.

Haleigh says she genuinely liked him, but things are different, and that character shows at the end of the day.


(not quoting, conversation is too fast, so would not be accurate)


Brett comes in and lays beside Haleigh.


Haleigh: If Sam comes in, jump up okay? Like get off me.

Everyone laughs.

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BB Time 8:41pm


Tyler and Angela are in the HOH


They are talking about JC mentioning her “attitude” Tyler tells her that she needs to work it out with JC when she tells him that JC is obsessed with him (Tyler).


Tyler reassures her that JC will not get her out of the game, that it is impossible at this point. He thinks that JC would probably get him (Tyler) out instead.


Angela: we are past the back door now

Tyler: everyone plays in the veto, except one


Angela says she will be on slop after tonight, when Tyler tells her not necessarily, she says she has to, or it will push Faysal's story that she is entitled.


Tyler says he got a point today, someone asked where Angela was

Angela says she got a point from Haleigh

(They are playing some kind of game where they get a point every time a house guest asks them about one another)


Angela wonders if Scottie will blow it up, she thinks he will blow up their showmance using information from the jury house

Tyler says he mentioned it to Scottie to try and “catch him up”,

Tyler: they don't know what they are talking about, show me proof..


camera moves to bedroom for a few minutes when they talk about their interviews for the show, then come back to silence.


Angela uses the remote to see where people are, Angela is surprised no one is in the kitchen waiting for her to come downstairs.


Angela: an eventful day

Tyler: that's peanut, always saves the day


They are talking about tattoos, they think Kaycee's are okay, but Angela says on her it would be trashy and her mother would disown her.


Angela: I won't do it mommy, I promise

Tyler: she won't


Angela is talking about friends at home, camera moves to bedrooms, then return to HOH


just general talk, nothing to see here, but all the cameras are on the HOH.....8:57pm

BB Time 8:58pm


Angela does not like peanut butter and jelly, she doesn't like the smell.


They both said Brett's fish and beans was gross, Angela says it was like eating a dead fish.


Tyler is mad at himself for not picking Angela to host the competition, the outfit was so awful he would have loved to see her in it.


Angela says the costume was horrible, she says not only did he have a terrible costume, he didn't play either.


Tyler says Angela is the only one who hasn't hosted.


They are clicking through the rooms, they say it will be nice when the house looks like this all the time (empty).


The competition must have had a balance beam, Tyler says he was walking sideways the whole time, and Haleigh almost “split the beam”. They laugh that if JC fell he would not have touched the ground.


Tyler tells Angela that “they” wanted her on the block the entire two weeks of his first HOH, Angela says when they watch it they will feel dumb.


Tyler tells Angela that Haleigh says her alliance always talked s**t about her (Angela) all the time, but Haleigh says she defended Angela. Tyler tells her it is not true, he heard it himself.

Angela says she is the most hated person in the game,

Tyler says no, she is just pretty and quiet in the house.


Tyler says twitter questions are tomorrow, camera moves to bedroom.



Haleigh is sitting up on her bed, Brett is laying across her lap. JC is in the room talking.


Camera moves back to HOH room

Angela whispers: They are listening to us

Tyler: I know.


They start talking about how Angela smells.


Camera 3 9:07pm

Kaycee and JC are side by side on the blue loungers,

JC is talking about how a small mistake can mess you up in the competition they just finished. He wants to take a shower, but he does not like the HOH shower, he says using it is like showering at a friends house, he has to drag himself around.


JC is talking about eating at midnight, he tells Haleigh she needs more than one protein shake in a day, she is killing herself. JC says he read that some people that have come out of the house never re-adjust and have to have therapy.


Haleigh: I think we're fine.

Kaycee: giggles.....


JC says they haven't seen the sun for 5 days, Haleigh wonders if people start having real problems would they medicate them to help. JC says those people will be evicted because the other house guests send them out of the game. (he whispers Sam's name) JC says he wanted to see Rachel and Rock Star fighting, he says it could have happened when Rachel was a have not.


Haleigh says they haven't had a real confrontation. (She forgot the Baleigh meltdown?). Conversation leans toward production, cameras move out for a minute and come back.


Kaycee is telling about her confrontation with Rock Star over the hacker app, it was before she had coffee, Kaycee says she leaves the room. Rock Star follows her a few minutes later, and Kaycee says the confrontation continues for a few minutes. (Morty's reported this the day it happened)


Haleigh says DR kept her in there, she missed it.


Meanwhile, Haleigh finds white hair on Brett. She says it is “huge”. He says he had no idea. Haleigh has decided she will gray gracefully. (grannysue1154 said the same thing and now blesses Lady Clairol several times a year)


Haleigh starts a game of “would you rather”

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BB Time 10:30pm


POP TV sent the house guests a basket of snacks to enjoy.


Tyler and Angela had been in the HOH room for quite a while. Angela came down, but think Tyler is still upstairs.


Conversation is still “would your rather”, and is very south, so we won''t to there.


Sam is eating a white chocolate covered pretzel, and rolls her eyes at us on camera, then she stares into a place we cannot see but wish we could join with her.


Sam: Why do you guys do this??

They start asking her questions, she answers, but tells them it is the most degrading thing....


eventually Tyler says, “They are ruining POP TV's....” (and they most assuredly are)

BB Time 10:38pm


After Tyler tells them they are ruining POP TV's airtime gift, conversation changes to more G-Rated questions, not really conversation for meal or snack time.


Angela: We just ruined POP”s night.

In the background we hear, “this is what they signed up for.”


JC and Angela leave the kitchen and go to the bathroom area.


House guests thank POP TV again, some apologize.


Brett: I am not apologizing.

No house guests join him in that statement.


House guests plan to start prepping the midnight meal at 11pm.


Scottie is being very loud, He is talking in a strange voice, very quickly, waving his arms around. This continues for several minutes, he is repeating everything Tyler says in a strange voice.


Scottie finds a package for a facial mask in the basket, he decides to use one after reading the instructions.


Haleigh says they need to make more guacamole but the avocados are not ripe enough.


Sam is still sitting at the table, the guys are yelling for help from the bathroom (face masks)


Anglela: someone go help them. (she goes)


Haleigh continues to cook, and asks Sam if she would teach her how to make donuts tomorrow.

Sam: If you really want me to.

Haleigh: yeah, I do.


Kaycee decides to make ice cream, Sam yells “Yeah....”

Haleigh says she ate too much, her stomach hurts.

Sam: maybe you should go to bed and not eat anything.

Haleigh: Well I am hungry, these are going to be good,.

She offers to make Sam some without onions, but Sam declines.


In the back ground JC is upset because he has no mask, Haleigh goes to get him one. There is yelling coming from the bathroom, and Tyler comes out. He looks like a spooky clown, Scottie looks like a scary movie character.


Scottie tells them about “Face Off”, a movie where two men trade faces. Tyler says it is the worst movie ever.


Tyler notices that the back yard is open, they all run outside. At 10:51pm

Cameras are not adjusted to the yard yet, so we just get audio for a few seconds.


Tyler says the corn hole game is broken. They come back into the kitchen.


Brett and JC are spatting. JC tells Brett to get out of the shower, Brett says no because no one but the shower loves him.

Brett tells JC to get in the cold shower, only 10 drops wet his whole body.


Brett wants to know if the hot tub is on, JC yells to the kitchen then turns around and says “Yeah and it's really hot.” Brett knows he lied, and calls him a little f****er. JC gets into the shower.


Sam: JC, I love you.

JC: I love you too ma'am

Sam: even if you don't mean it I like hearing it.


Haleigh is still chopping peppers for the nachos, she wants to make sure they are on every single chip. Angela and Kaycee are at the stove. Haleigh suggests pita chips should be mixed in.


Sam is hating her hair, JC is singing in the shower, cameras move to kitchen.


Haleigh is still saw chopping peppers, and complaining about eating too fast, then worrying about how large her chopped peppers are.


Angela plans to make banana bread for the house, even if she is a have not.


In the back yard Tyler says the billiard table is leaning, Scottie is playing the game with him, they both have on a face mask. Scottie is still being very loud.


Meanwhile the girls are cooking, Brett is in the hallway, JC is in the shower, and Sam is off camera.


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BB Time 11:08pm


Haleigh has been helping JC put on a face mask. She tells him 15 minutes and he can take it off. He gathers his clothes and goes to finish dressing. (He just got out of the shower)


Angela sees him and tells him he has a proportionate face.


Kaycee is cooking, seasoning the chicken.


Tyler and Scottie have decided to take their masks off. Tyler says he wants it back on, he wanted to look like Nicholas Cage.


Brett is walking around in the back yard being annoyed at his mask. He is tossing bean bags.


Scottie is laying in the hallway floor, he is screaming that his face is ruined, Tyler keeps telling him there is a mail in rebate, Sam says there were no guarantees. Scottie is yelling for a picture so they can show what they have done to him. Tyler tells him they will get his four dollars back, and that he lied about the rebate. Scottie continues to lay in the floor screaming. Tyler tells him to stay there until his face changes.


JC is looking at his mask, he looks like he has a goatee, Sam notices.


Scottie has given up the panicking and is standing in the hallway talking to himself. We can't hear what he says until he says

It's f***g game time baby.”


camera moves to back yard Brett is admiring himself (face mask). JC says time is passing so slow.


JC opens the back door.

Brett pops out: BOO!

JC jumps, “you think that's funny?
Everyone laughs

JC: you think that's funny?


He is staring down Brett, the look on his face is hysterical (11:015(ish)pm)

Everyone is laughing, Brett tells JC he looks like a creature from Narnia (he truly does!!) Brett can't start laughing, every time he straightens his expression he goes from grin to laugh. He laughs so hard he has to press his face mask back to his face. (He looks silly too). Brett is now on his knees, holding onto the billiard table. He asks JC if he is upsetting him, he turns away, fixes his mask again.


BB Time 11:30pm


Scottie and Angela are in the hammock


They are talking about how hard it is to read aloud because their thoughts scramble around. They both say they had a hard time and felt stupid.


Scottie says when he was a kid, he sounded like Mickey Mouse, he says he talked constantly, he over explained everything.

He says his nickname was Skittles in middle school, then when he went to high school only people he had known used it.


Angela says her nickname in gymnastics was “killer”, her brother calls her “princess”, as does Rock Star.


Scottie tells Angela he calls his sister “stink”, a derivative of Tinkerbell.


Angela adds “aunge” to her list of nicknames, in high school. (she hesitated, though).


They continue to talk about names, and nicknames, how they refer to friends.


They talk about how mad Rock Star got when Sam called her “Block Star”, Angela likes Sam's nickname for her (Angelala).


Talk continues about house guests and what they call each other.


Topic changes to favorite songs, how their favorites change from time to time.



11:45pm in the kitchen


Sam, Kaycee and Haleigh are working on the meal, Haleigh says she is eating off the pan, she is not using plates.

Brett comes through with some laundry.

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BB Time 11:56pm


The nachos are on the counter, Brett is cooking chunks of beef.


Scottie goes to get Tyler, he says he is the messenger for the house.


Tyler and Scottie are playing the wave at each other game.


Scottie runs across the hallway, and waits for Tyler to come out, He is just out of range of the camera (he marked it before he was evicted. He is crouched down, waiting for Tyler.


Downstairs the house guests are getting ready to feast, Sam tells them she is going to go lay down and make herself tired.


Scottie is still waiting for Tyler. Just when Tyler comes out someone downstairs asks “Where are Tyler and Scottie?” Scottie's plan is screwed up. Tyler and Scottie come downstairs to join the group.


Haleigh yells, It's time!!!


The nachos look good, the have nots are happy with the meal after a long wait.


Brett is making his McGriddles that they now call McGregors. (that's what the chunks of beef were).


Tyler goes to the HOH room, he opens a beer for him and Kaycee. He says he is saving one for Brett. The two of them chug the beer, Kaycee gives a huge burp.


Tyler: I was so f**ng high when you won that but I tried to hide it. He still thinks he is not the target. It is being set up perfectly. People see Brett and I before they see me and you.


Brett runs in with a plate of food, Tyler hands him a beer. Tyler keeps burping. Brett says they have to save one for JC or he will have a fit.


Brett tells Tyler and Kaycee that Sam wasn't even trying for the veto. He says she seemed like she didn't care how it came out. Brett wants Sam out before JC, Tyler and Kaycee agree.


Haleigh invades the HOH with Angela, everyone scrambles to hide the beer. The girls say the food was really good, they love the McGregors.


Haleigh says as soon as she ate she was in a good mood, Brett says the same thing happened to him.


Brett says he will be a have not, Angela also says she will, they are trying to decide if the other person should be JC or Sam.

Tyler says if Sam volunteers he will say okay. Tyler tells them to eat up tonight, he goes to get food, Brett takes the empty plates and leaves.


Haeligh: glad we have the plague...

Angela: go f**k yourselves!!!!


Everyone left, leaving the two of them alone in the HOH.


Haleigh is nervous, she says Scottie is campaigning against her all week, she doesn't want to deal with it. She says she got lucky because Faysal was an a**hole and has too much pride.


Angela says everyone is afraid of Scottie, they have no idea what he is planning or thinking.


Haleigh: I am not going to stress too much about it.

Angela tells her she doesn't need to hard core campaign, but just talk to people, and Haleigh tells her she has had some reassuring conversations.


Angela says she is dreading sleeping in the “f***ng dish. She says she let Brett have the big saucer every night last time.


Haleigh says she is going to take a shower, she feels like an idiot in the HOH room, she thought everyone was just chilling up there.


Brett passes them on the steps, he says he is going to go workout. He slips into the HOH room and grabs his beer. (I think he pours it into a cup). He grabs the headphones and enjoys his beverage while he listens to music.

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BB Time 12:41am


Brett, Angela, JC and Tyler are in the HOH room.


JC says when he gets out of the house he is going to fill his house with alcohol, even the kind he doesn't drink. He says the house makes him feel feel poor. He says on Thursday they go crazy over things that cost five dollars or so....


Angela: Let's be grateful

JC: I am grateful, but I feel poor.


JC starts talking about a friend he lived with and cameras move to Scottie cleaning the kitchen.


When the story is over the camera returns to the HOH.


JC finishes his story about living in an apartment near South Beach, he says it was in a good location, that his friends would use it to get ready to go out, that he kept all kinds of alcohol and mixers there for them. He says the parties sometimes took up a whole weekend.


JC: Those were the good old days..


JC: One time I mixed a lot of different alcohol and got alcohol intoxication

Tyler: that's what you get

Brett: intoxication?

JC: yeah, intoxication

Angela: poisoning?

Tyler: poisoning?

JC: yeah poisoning


Brett is saying that he has been getting a fever intermittently, he is not sure why.


Partying talk continues while downstairs Scottie cleans the kitchen.


JC says he was told that he could not leave his car in a parking spot in his school, so he moved the car to the middle of the street. He says there was fence where they towed his car, he went through the fence, got his car and drove it away. He never got a ticket or paid for a tow. He says he has had his car towed about 5 times in Miami.

Brett starts talking about hosting the competition and camera move to the kitchen where Scottie is working in the kitchen. It seems he has it done and is just putting on a few final touches.



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