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Friday, August 31, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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10:57 am BBT  BB announces all house guests must be awake between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm.  Tyler moves, Angela said she doesn't think that is them, but everyone else.  Then BB says to Rise and Shine

11:00 am BBT  We have Foth/WBRB music. 

11:02 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Angela and Tyler are still under the covers in the HOHR.  Brett is in the shower.  He appears to still be asleep.

11:05 am BBT  BB calls out most of the HGs that they must be awake.  Sam is in the WA with Brett, said that Angela must have gone upstairs and crawled in bed with Tyler.  Scottie is still in the DR they think.  Brett, Sam and Scottie are the only ones awake.  Angela and Tyler told BB they were awake. 

Brett is still in the shower.  He and Sam are talking about the comp last night.  They were feeling sick.  Sam said her arms were giving out, and she felt like throwing up.. Brett said he gets car sick if he isn't in the front seat. He thought he was going to puke. Haleigh gets called to the DR.

Sam see Scottie out of the DR.  She asks if he fed the fish.  She is happy to see him.  Scottie is in the WA.  Brief Foth.  Brett tells Scottie he needs to get one of the cinnamon buns.  He said he was going to get cinnamon toast crunch, but that sounds good too.  Brett says he hopes they are still good.  Scottie asked if they were hot when they firs got them.  Brett says no, but they were fresh.  Scottie is off to the KT. 

Tyler and Angela mumbling in the HOH bed.

Brett asks if Sam was hot last night, she says no, she was all wrapped up.  She thinks the PBR is warmer.  Brett is still in the shower.

11:17 am BBT  Brett is finished in the shower as Kaycee walks in.  Sam says "Good morning Peanut".   Sam said she didn't go to bed until around 4 AM.  They discuss Sam's hair.  She said she still needs to cut more off the back. 

Sam asked if she slept in the big saucer.  She and Haleigh both did.  Sam said she was worried about Kaycee's knee.  She saw her crouching down during the comp, and was concerned her knee was hurting.  Kaycee said she was okay.

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11:20 am BBT  Brett goes up to the HOHR.  Tyler and Angela see him on the screen, and Angela jumps on top of the covers, while Tyler stays under them.  Brett knocks, they say come in.  He tells them Wakey Wakey.  They discuss how sore they are, and Tyler wants to know if Brett is making breakfast.  BB tells JC to be awake.  Tyler asks if Brett heard them get on him about the lights.  Brett said no, Tyler said they blasted him.  Now talking about the music Tyler got, it was Marshmellow.  He said that was another reason he didn't sleep much. 

Talk turns to nominations.  They say if Scottie wins the Veto,  he will take Haleigh down, so they need to put them up together.  Brett says that is less blood on your hands.  They talk about Fessy and Haleigh telling them that Scottie wanted to back door Tyler.  That is another good reason to put him up.  They want him to know he is a pawn.  They say Scottie shouldn't crawl back to Haleigh, as she is the only one left.  She was talking shit about him, and he spewed some on her as well.  His good bye speech was all about apologizing to Haleigh.  Tyler said he doesn't care who they vote out.  They all agree that they love Scottie, but they feel he is the only one that will put two of there alliance up.  They also agree Scottie can win veto.  Tyler wants to talk with Kaycee to see what she thinks. 

11:29 am BBT  Tyler, Angela and Brett are discussing JC and how he acts in the house.  They are saying this is an opportunity.  JC gets called to the DR. 

Haleigh comes up to HOHR.  Brett says he will go make some eggs. Tyler says he will come help.  Haleigh says JC is a wet sleeper.  She wants to wash the sheets when she gets a bed  again. 

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11:34AM BBT:  In the HOH room Angela, Tyler and Brett are complaining about JC and Sam.  They talk about how JC hates Sam.  Haleigh comes into the HOH room.  Haleigh asks how Angela slept while Tyler and Brett talk about making eggs.  Brett leaves the HOH room.  Tyler asks how Haleigh feels.  Haleigh's neck area feels the worst.  She says she feels like she's been in a really bad car wreck.  Angela can't believe JC's out of bed but Haleigh says it's because he was called to the DR room a little while ago.

Haleigh sas JC is a wet sleeper (he gets sweaty).  Haleigh says it's so weird seeing Scottie walk around the house. 


11:39AM BBT:  Sam and JC are in the kitchen making breakfast.


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11:39 am BBT  Haleigh, Tyler and Angela are in the HOHR.  They talk about how strange it was to hear Scottie's name called this morning.  Haleigh is laying on the bed.  (She will be in the HOH all week again).  They discuss Haleigh and Kaycee sharing a saucer, and how it was better than being in the little ones.  Talk turns again to the comp last night.  Haleigh felt like she was in a car accident.  Angela said it was miserable to watch.  She heard Haleigh's neck crack.  She said she was looking at Tyler that one time.  She said things went dark for about 10 seconds.  Haleigh thinks she has a concussion.  Talk turns to make up.


(out for a while)

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11:41AM BBT JC tells Sam when she finds out where he was born, she's gonna die.  He doesn't say where.

11:47AM BBT: In the HOH room, Angela, Tyler and Haleigh are talking about Sam.  Haleigh says is pissed her off during the HOH comp because when it was down to Haleigh and Tyler, Sam kept cheering on Tyler.  Haleigh said it didn't make her mad that Sam was cheering for Tyler but it made her made that she was cheering against Haleigh.  They talk about how it makes no sense how some days Sam is incredibly rude to them and then the next day she's taking care of them.  Haleigh says she think when Sam is bitching and rude, that's who she really is.  Then Sam realizes she has to be nicer so she snaps out of it.

11:50AM BBT:  Angela says she knows Sam hates that they're (Angela and Haleigh) up in the HOH room.  Angela thinks Sam doesn't like girls.  Haleigh says the way Sam treats girls is way different than the way she treats guys. 

Haleigh says she's ready to get today over with.  They talk about getting food restocked today.

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12:31PM BBT Hayleigh in the HOH with Tyler. She is asking where his head is at. He says he is still thinking but Sam and someone else. She asks him for a heads up if it is her. She says if it the same as last week, she is ok and will get over it. He says he doesn't want her worrying about it to much.


12:43PM BBT Hayleigh is talking to Kaycee. She says that she is in a bad mood. Lack of sleep, hungry and hurting. She says one of her hits made her see black for 5 seconds.


 12:49PM BBT Sam is in the HOH talking to Tyler. She is explaining how she was trying to cheer Hayleigh on to a point. She says that Hayleigh really fought hard. She says that he was really rooting for him. They talk about where he got hurt on the comp.



1:03PM BBT JC and Kaycee talking. Kaycee says first Scottie and then Hayleigh. Kaycee says at least they got the battle back out of the way.


 1:03PM BBT Brett is in HOH talking to Tyler. Tyler confirms that Hayleigh and Scottie going up is good for them. Brett says yes but he wants Tyler to know JC is paranoid to the max. Tyler says he knows.


1:06PM BBT Brett tells Tyler that JC is worried that he is bottom of the totem pole and putting Tyler with Angela and Kaycee. Tyler says JC is better for him and Brett then the girls.


1:15PM BBT Kaycee and Angela talk about Sam. Angela says that Sam came to her and told her that Fessy's speech made her flip her vote. Angela says she told her it was fine but she is over Sam. Angela says that Sam asks her how to vote and then votes the opposite way. She says that she told Sam to vote how she wants for her game. She says she did tell Sam that Fessy is a competitive player.



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1:16PM BBT:  Angela and Kaycee are talking alone in the BBR and complaining about Sam.  They say Sam is faker than Haleigh and it's crazy.  Angela says she was annoyed that Sam asked her how to vote (Hayleigh or Fessy).  They say they don't believe the reason she voted out Haleigh was because of Fessy's speech.  Kaycee says it's pissing her off how Sam is acting.  Angela says it'll be easy to put Sam up if Angela is every HOH again because she'll tell Sam that both times Angela was HOH, Sam voted against the house. 

Meanwhile, in the HOH room, JC, Brett and Tyler are also talking about Sam lol.  Then they say Fessy didn't even try to stay in the house this week once he lost the veto.  He threw a temper tantrum and acted like a child.  They talk about how Fessy would leave a mess in the kitchen.  Tyler says he felt so bad for Angela because the day before she had told the DR her life story and that's why she was so emotional and then Fessy did that to her (his speech).  Brett asks Tyler if Fessy tried to campaign at all to him and Tyler says no, not once.  Brett, "it was weird because Fessy was all about hanging out.  and sometimes, when it was just fessy and me, he'd want to boys it up with me.  but when someone else was around, he wouldn't talk to me."

1:23 PM BBT:  Brett asks Tyler what Sam said to him.  Tyler says that Sam just told him she was so happy he won and she couldn't help but to cheer for him over Haleigh.  Brett says he was happy too but he was also too busy trying not to throw up. 

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 1:30PM BBT HG getting lunch ready. General chatter.


1:37PM BBT JC in the HOH talking to Tyler. He thinks this week is DE and Tyler agrees. JC says that this will be like last week. Except Scottie instead of Fessy.


1:44PM BBT JC says that he knows Hayleigh was already up in the HOH. Tyler says he doesn't care. If Scottie takes himself off, then Hayleigh goes.


1:51PM BBT JC is still rambling on. Tyler is kind of zoning out. They discuss the number of cups that were with the wine last week in HOH. JC was concerned about who was drinking in the HOH last week.



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2:02 pm BBT.  Scottie comes into the HOHR where Tyler is.  Scottie jokingly says let’s make a deal, 52 weeks of safety...I am gonna keep u safe this week.  Tyler says I knew u would be back.  Tyler asks if he heard his whole gbm?   Scottie says part of Brett’s gbm was apologizing for lying about the Rockstar vote.  JC is talking to Kaycee and Haleigh in the HNR.  We get WBRB, we keep getting it every few min. 


2:06 pm BBT.  In the HOHR, Tyler says u got his (Faysal’s) a**, u ended him.  Scottie asks what happened last week.  Tyler tells him how Faysal approached him an Angela for a final 4 deal.  He says that Haleigh told him to ensure he voted Scottie out that if he (Scottie) won HOH he was gonna get Tyler out.  Tyler says that when Faysal and Haleigh wanted Angela and Tyler to vote Scottie out that they were talking mad s**t about Scottie.  Scottie says he had long talks with Bayleigh and Rockstar in the jury house.  We get WBRB.  Tyler says Haleigh wants Sam to gonup. He says everyone wants Scottie up and Tyler says I don’t want u to go, I didn’t want u to go last time.  Scottie says does nobody know how close we are.  Tyler says no, we say Skyler all the time and nobody notices.  Tyler says everyone wants Haleigh gone.  Scottie says go for it.  Tyler asks if Bayleigh was hating on him.  Scottie says no too much bcuz she was saying how dumb Faysal was.  Scottie says Tyler was the only one who had the balls to say u had to vote with the house. He says Angela did too.  


2:15 pm BBT.  In the HOHR, they laugh about Sam cheering for Tyler and against Haleigh during the HOH comp.  Tyler says I was rooting for Haleigh more.  Tyler says Haleigh’s talk with him was just about her wanting Sam to go.  Tyler says he doesn’t want Sam to go or him (Scottie).  


2:17 pm BBT. We had WBRB for a few seconds.  Scottie says he had a little crush on Haleigh but had time to think the last week and wondered when he turned into such a little b***h.  WBRB again.  


2:19 pm BBT.  In the HOHR, Tyler says Faysal during his HOH was like I am the HOH and I an coming to u with a deal.  Tyler says he couldn’t olay the next week and I could.  He says Faysal was not some genius like he thought he was.  Scottie says Rockstar and Bayleigh in the jury house was that nobody trusted Scottie bcuz they thought him and Tyler were a duo.  They laugh saying they do it out in the open and say Skyler all the time.  Tyler tells Scottie that nobody wants him to go.  Scottie says that Tyler, Angela and Kaycee have been the most straight up eith him the whole time and he doesn’t have to talk to them all the time.  Scottie says Haleigh will probably follow him around all week. Scottie says I will vote how u want me to.  I am your vote this week, just tell me how to vote.  Tyler says I’m glad u came back after she (Haleigh) voted u out.  Tyler says I know she is bulls****ing u.  


2:25 pm BBT.  In the HOHR, Scottie says he learned in the jury house that Swaggy went home bcuz of some weird love triangle thing.  Tyler says Kaitlyn got mad bcuz Faysal and Haleigh got close and she liked Faysal.  So, she (Kaitlyn) got close to me to break me and Haleigh apart.  Tyler says everyone thinks Faysal and Haleigh were in a showmance but I didn’t see anything.  Scottie says well half is gone and the other half (Haleigh) will go this week.  Tyler says u and Haleigh would make a byter couple. Scottie says I’m not smitten any more.  Tyler says people think me and Angela are in a showmance now and we’re not.  Scottie says yeah that gets talked about.  Scottie says me and u are big targets now bcuz we win comps.  Scottie says he thinks JC and Haleigh talked Faysal into putting him (Scottie) up.  He says now that u say Haleigh talked to u, I think it was her.  

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2:31 pm BBT.  JC and Brett are playing checkers.  In the HOHR, Tyler says Haleigh put all 3 of us up and is now trying to make deals.  Tyler says he knows who the house wants up and out and he knows who he want up and out and they are slightly different.  Scottie says as long as u put who the house wants up, put the other as a pawn and u should be ok.  Scottie says JC and Faysal were very close.  Tyler says he voted him out though.  Tyler says Faysal said nothing all week and then gave that eviction speech.  Scottie says he (Faysal) was obsessed with Sam.  


2:36 pm BBT.  In the HOHR, Tyler and Scottie go over dates. We get WBRB. 


2:41 pm BBT.  In the HOHR, Tyler says the more u try to tell people u aren’t in a showmance, the more they think it.  Scottie says the more I tried to push the truth the more people didn’t believe it.  Tyler says she is cute though.  Scottie says u are smitten and laughs hard.  Angela comes into the room and says Scottie I missed u.  He says I missed u too.  Scottie says Tyler told me about Faysal’s final 4 deal with them.  Angela says Faysal is the dumbest person I know.  Scottie says I learned so much.  He says rockstar and Bayleigh told me that Faysal and Haleigh didn’t trust me bcuz of my relationship with Tyler.  Tyler gets called to the DR.  


2:46 pm BBT.  Angela and Scottie in the HOH.  Angela says and we’re back.  Scottie says they all gone and I’m here.  Angela says karma’s a b***h.  Scottie says Tyler was catcging me up on what happened this week.  Angela says Faysal said aome f***ed up s**t to Haleigh.  Scottie says since I got back, Haleigh has been stuck to me.  Angela says that’s how she has been to us the last couple days.  Scottie says he told Haleigh that didn’t even have the balls to tell me I didn’t have her vote.  He says she was like I didn’t wanna hurt your feelings.  He says u and Tyler were straight up with me.  Scottie says Bayleigh and Rockstar would’ve put u and Tyler up if they came back and won.  Scottie says they pitched your showmance to me and I must’ve heard about your gbm 1,000 times. 


2:51 pm BBT.  In the HOHR, Scottie tells Angela about almost knocking Julie over and that he hugged her eventually before coming back into the house.  He says she isn’t a strong hugger but she was all dressed up and in heels so maybe that’s why.  He says Julie was very nice and very professional.  

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3:41PM BBT Brett, Tyler and JC in the HOH room.They are talking about HOH snacks. Tyler rereads his HOH letter.


3:51PM BBT Tyler comes down to the KT. Kaycee is at the counter. He asks how she is feeling. She is still very nauseous and having peppermint tea. Tyler says JC was reading his HOH letter. Tyler is upset because his mom only talked about the bird and he hates the bird. He wants to know about family and friends and all she talked about was the bird.


3:57PM BBT In the SR, Tyler, Kaycee and Angela look at the food delivered. Kaycee asks Tyler if he knows what he is going to do. Tyler says he spoke with Scottie and Scottie knows he is going up. He says he doesn't really care who goes. He says they will decide who goes after.

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4:14PM BBT Tyler and Hayleigh in the HOH BR. Discussing if Scottie is mad about being voted out. Hayleigh says Scottie doesn't seem to be mad about it. She says he told her that he wishes she had given him a heads up. Tyler confirms that Scottie told her that he wanted Tyler out.


4:23PM BBT In the KT, Angela is boiling chicken breast. Scottie, JC, Kaycee and Angela are chatting. Kaycee checks the chicken and it is still raw. JC says to cook the chicken through via boiling it will take close to an hour.


 4:33PM BBT We have reels. May be nom time.

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5:30PM BBT Feeds are back. Scottie and Hayleigh are hugging everyone. Sam tells Tyler he did a good job. Scottie and Hayleigh are nominated.

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5:35PM BBT Tyler and JC in the HOH BR. Tyler is telling JC it is a shame because he really likes Scottie. JC says he likes Scottie too but Scottie has never been loyal to their side. Tyler agrees.


5:45PM BBT In the HOH Tyler and JC talk about colognes and perfumes. Tyler brings up that it is so weird that his Mom is watching him in he house. He looks at his letter again.


5:50PM BBT In the LR, Scottie and Brett are climbing the rock wall.



Convo between JC and Tyler about a stuffed dog Tyler got as HOH and doesn't remember it.


JC- I cant believe she (his mom) sent this with so much love and you dont remember it. You need a good spank hardcore.
Tyler- I'm sure you would like that.
JC- Im not going to touch you. I'm not even allowed to touch you in this house apparently

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6:12 PM BBT Tyler, Kaycee and JC are sitting around the HoH room. Tyler says he was not able to see any of the reactions of his family and friends when he left for BB. He literally had 20 minutes to send out texts and such. Meanwhile, Brett and Scottie are doing crunches in the LR. 


6:13 PM BBT JC tells Kaycee and Tyler that has family that can't follow this show because they don't speak English. Tyler "I am sure it can be translated for them." JC "I hope not." JC implies that not all of his family knows that he is gay. 


6:25 PM BBT Tyler is talking to Sam in the HoH. She tells him that she had to break a hanger to fix the toilet seat. He tells her that if she wants to use his shower at any point, it's all hers. Angela is still running laps in the loft. 


6:31 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on Scottie and Brett in the KT. Brett says that he can't believe tomorrow is the 1st of September and the day after that is day 75 they have been in the house. Scottie "Well, not 75 days for me. But it is Day 75 in the house." Brett "Two-thirds there." 


6:35 PM BBT Haleigh has joined Kaycee and JC in the HoH. She tells them that she got wailed on yesterday. She had maybe 10 minutes left in her when she was knocked off. JC can't believe how fast JC was spinning. He was like a ballerina, he was spinning so fast. Kaycee admits that she didn't look because she knew was going to get sick. 


6:37 PM BBT Haleigh to JC and Kaycee in the HoH about the HoH comp: "That was fun." JC "Fun? Are you a masochist?" Haleigh "When are we ever going to do that again." JC "Never, hopefully." 


6:48 PM BBT Haleigh is in the HoH with JC and Kaycee. She says that she has no idea why Sam hates her. She thought it was because Sam has a thing for Brett. So, she stayed away from Brett and she was still b**chy. "This is not the week to mess with me. I can get just as loud as she can." 


6:59 PM BBT Haleigh to JC and Kaycee in the HoH.  "I clean up after myself. I did not sign up to clean up after 15 other people." 

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7:02 PM BBT Brett and Scottie are in the PBR. Brett tells him that when Fess was HoH, he never left the HoH at all. And he thinks that Fess purposely would make the biggest mess and then walk off and leave it. Brett says that he was purposely doing that because he was pi$$ed or just a f'ing slob.


7:04 PM BBT Brett is now telling Scottie that every time Fess would go and fix his hair, he was also purposely splash water on the mirror. Every time. He knew what he was doing. They started telling him to clean up the mirror. 


7:13 PM BBT Not much going on in the house. All 4 feeds are on Scottie and Brett laying down in the PBR. 


7:20 PM BBT Brett and Scottie are in the PBR talking about the HoH comp. Brett says that was his comp to lose and he could have stayed on there longer. He can't believe it. Scottie says that he can't believe how he just kept spinning. Meanwhile in the HoH, Haleigh is still talking about Sam to JC and Tyler. She is just going to ignore her this week. 


7:24 PM BBT In the PBR, Scottie tells Brett his legal name is Scott. His middle initial is E. He was named after Scott Baldwin from General Hospital. Then his mom stopped liking his character. So she starting calling him Scottie when he was little.  


7:27 AM BBT Scottie and Brett are discussing potential comps they may be playing soon. They think they may get BB Comics or the face morphing comps soon. Neither of them have had any comps that involve walking across a balance beam. They usually have something like that. 

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BB Time 8:16pm


Haleigh is in the HOH room with Tyler. She is on the block, Haleigh makes a joke about keeping herself on the block if she wins the veto. She laughs and says she would be stupid enough to do that.


Haleigh: We know I am not winning the veto

Tyler: you could, put it in the universe.


It sounds like Haleigh is aware that Scottie is the pawn, or that Scottie assumes that he is.



8:20pm kitchen


Kaycee, Angela and Scottie are laughing and talking while Sam is eating at the table. Angela is talking about nacho chicken, she calls it “basic white a** nacho chicken”


Scottie: don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Angela groans: I knew you would say that.


Kaycee is still on slop, she wonders if she could put white cheddar on it. Scottie tells her to, Angela says best not to.


8:24pm HOH


Haleigh and Tyler still in the room.


Haleigh says she is sad this is how it is happening, Tyler tells her they will talk more after the veto.


Haleigh: I can't even be mad at you. Not talk to you, ignore you.

Tyler: you can


Tyler: we will be the weirdest friends after this.

Haleigh: it was a thing, but not a thing.

Tyler and Haleigh laugh.


Haleigh: I am so mad Sam's not on the block. That's the only thing I am mad about. I was really excited about that.

(Tyler hums, does not respond)


Tyler tells her she can win the veto, she wonders how she can beat 5 people, he tells her that she beat 10 before.


Haleigh is still talking about Sam not being on the block, she tells him she would not have put him on the block. (apparently Haleigh has a very short memory).


Tyler laughs and says he does not really believe that.


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7:11 in HoH is JC back on the N-word again? Sounds like he's cracking a joke playing on the sound-alike of Snickers he finds funny that's impossible to understand but sounds like the N-word twice.


[Edit: After listening to this WAY TOO MUCH, JC is saying "They gave her N-word...snickers."  The N-word may have been a slip. - BBLurkerPlus]

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BB Time 8:32pm


JC, Angela, Scottie, Kaycee and Sam are in the kitchen.


JC We went to this place called Pup Eyes.

Angela: You mean Popeye's

JC: yeah.


He tells them he had fried shrimp that looked like little corns.

everyone laughs


It seems to be another slow day in the house, everyone is counting down until bed time.


JC goes to the storage room and comes back with grapes. He washes them and puts them in a brown bamboo bowl. He sits them in front of Kaycee (she is on slop one more day). Kaycee says they look really good, Scottie decides to test them.


He starts eating them like a lizard, (he thinks he looks like a shark) JC throws one, Scottie misses and falls onto the floor.


JC says Faysal did not have to be a have not the whole week, Scottie tells him there is a saucer room in the jury house.


JC: shut up




JC comes to the HOH room with a small bowl of grapes, he settles in, and asks what they are talking about. Haleigh tells him it family stuff. When Haleigh asks what he has been doing, he says DR.


Haleigh: When you are going to put your dog down, you don't tell them. You.....give it the time of it's life for the last week.

(she laughs, Tyler joins her.


Haleigh mentions her sweat shirt to JC.

JC: you said I could have it

Haleigh: if I left

JC: you left the bathroom....


Haleigh is laughing about the bathroom, she says he looked scared when she threw the toilet tissue at him.


Haleigh: me with my pants around my ankles, on the toilet, made tv.

JC: sorry about it


Sam comes in with Tyler's shirt, she washed it for him (it was the one from the veto). Tyler thanks her, she does not speak to JC or Haleigh. They do not speak to her.







Tyler has gone downstairs, he is lying on a bed next to Angela, he tells her that he “sort of “ told Haleigh she was leaving.


Angela: That's awkward

Tyler: yeah


Tyler: I asked her if she was in a showmance with Fessy, she said no, she lied to me. She said he was a d**k.


Tyler and Angela must have some sort of a game where they each earn points for saying or doing something in the house.


Tyler: there are no points for avoiding me.


He says he has more than 8 points.


Angela tells him that Haleigh wanted to know if she got sleep last night, and Angela told her she was up until 5am. She says she just tells them outright what they are trying to ask.


Angela gets up and slides the separating door open, she whispers, “Just in case”.


Tyler tells Angela when she mentioned it, that JC did, indeed kiss his arm while he was sleeping. They don't really say anything else about it other than there has to be consent.


No real talking, just peeking to see if they are caught, giggling and shushes.



BB Time 9:09pm


Haleigh and Brett in the bathroom area.


Brett and Haleigh are talking, she wants to know if they are okay, he says they are and she asks him to tell her if they are not.


Haleigh complains about her back hurting, Brett says it feels very tight. He does not offer a massage.


Haleigh: WHERE did Sam put my clothes???(angry question)

Brett; What””

Haleigh leaves while Brett is drying his sneakers. (with a blow dryer)




Scottie, Kaycee and JC are in the kitchen, Haleigh walks in. They are laughing about a song.


Scottie takes a grape. Whispers, “my last one”

Kaycee: you said that 10 grapes ago.

Scottie laughs.


JC is talking about Scottie's mole, he calls it a wart.

Haleigh: it's not a wart, its a mole

JC what's the difference?

Haliegh: they look differernt.

JC; like the one on your forehead.


JC says Haleigh's name.

Kaycee: he called you Kaitlyn


they are all laughing, pretending to say her name wrong.


JC leads them all to the living room.


Kaycee lays on the floor, on her tummy

Haleigh sits on her back.


Haleigh: bad air out, good air in

Kaycee: awwwwwwww!


They keep doing it, giggling.


Tyler has come in, he takes a turn, with Kaycee pushing. She pushes and his legs pop up.


JC runs into the room.....”hold on I'm coming to help!” Kaycee pushes again, Tylers legs pop up again and he yells “ohhh”


Haleigh lays down, JC covers her head with a sweater. Haleigh yells stop, JC does it again. And again. Finally he goes and sit on the sofa while Kaycee tries to crack her back.


JC: just stand on her and jump


Kaycee gives Haleigh a big thump, everyone hears it crack, Kaycee jumps up, shaking her hand in victory. 'ahhhh aaahaaahh


The next victim is Scottie, JC shares the sweatshirt with his head to,


JC: He likes it..

Kaycee starts to crack his back.


JC: he looks like a sea horse....sea lion, not sea horse.


Now it is JC's turn


JC: I only weigh a hundred pounds don't break me. She snaps his back three times, she is far more careful with him than the others. She snaps it the fourth time.


JC gets up with a big smile.

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Camera moves to bedrooms


Angela and Haleigh are talking about the saucers, Haleigh says she is comfortable.


Haleigh tells Angela she is very sad but doesn't want to cry.


Angela tells her to use the have nots, and no sleep as an excuse (she shows no pity)


a few seconds of silence, then Haleigh starts talking to her again, her voice is muffled, only a few words here and there, nothing to get an idea of what she is saying.


Both girls are laying there, looking everywhere but at each other.


Angela says everyone is playing in the veto, Haleigh says that makes it harder for her to win. Angela tells her “at least you are sitting by Scottie...”


Haleigh says Scottie's social game worries her, Angela tells her there is no point to stress until after the veto.


Haleigh says she will not pick Sam to play as house guest's choice, she thinks Sam is Tyler's second option to go on the block. She says she will do that in case Tyler doesn't really want to get her out. Angela just says, “hmmm”.


Haleigh tells Angela she really likes everyone, she is being genuine, she says if her time comes she will show them all. She says she still feels like they are “her people” even if they did put her on the block. Angela tells her that Scottie probably won't talk to her until after the veto.


Haleigh tells Angela that Scottie came back with stories from Baleigh and Rock Star, and he repeated them to her. She says he told her that Kaitlyn and her (Haleigh) both liked Faysal and Tyler in the early times, and that Kaitlyn and Haleigh were fighting over them. Haleigh denies it.


Brett comes in with his steak and mushrooms. Haleigh tells him not to eat it all she want some of it tomorrow...

Brett: geeeee thanks. He takes another bite.

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