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Thursday, August 30, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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11:00 PM BBT Feathers have started falling and Scottie says there we go baby. We have chicken clucking sounds as well. Angela says it looks kind of pretty. Like it’s snowing. All the HG are squatting except Sam and Haleigh. Brett is looking down and holding the back of his head. Tyler says they are speeding up a little bit. Angela says it hurts to watch this.


11:05 PM BBT Angela says this is going to be a long one. Sam says she is about to be done, everybody. She’s about to be done. Sam is down and out. Everyone tells her good job. Sam says she was losing circulation. Scottie says he’s out of control. He’s spinning around and around. Tyler asks what he did that for. Scottie says he didn’t do it on purpose. Scottie says he doesn’t know where he is right now and Angela says he’s on Big Brother. Scottie says didn’t I get evicted? Scottie slides and lands on the disc and he is out.


11:10 PM BBT Sam and Scottie is laying down. Sam says Brett needs to win it or it will be another double HOH. Angela says or Kaycee. Angela says they are doing so well and JC says Brett doesn’t even look tired. Kaycee screams let’s go. FotH. JC says coffee was not a good idea and Sam agrees. Feathers have started again.


11:15 PM BBT Sam says Brett looks solid as a rock and JC says this is his comp. Brett is pumping himself up. All is quiet except for the occasional cheers from those out. Scottie starts singing and we get FotH. Sam says she can’t imagine still being up there, she can’t even look at them.


11:20 PM BBT Kaycee says she’s doing it for pictures. It’s her brother’s birthday. Brett slips and is down. Scottie says Brett’s feet were dripping. Brett says he came so close to getting sick. JC says he did really good. Sam says Haleigh is doing great. Haleigh takes time to stretch her arms out. Sam is telling them they are doing great. Angela tells them to find their happy place and Sam tells them to take it a minute at a time. Tyler is leaning back, Kaycee is squatting, and Haleigh is gripping the rope tight. Angela says it’s so hard to watch.


11:25 PM BBT Kaycee is squatting and Tyler and Haleigh are standing. Sam says there’s a hot shower at the end of it so not to give up. Sam tells them to hang in there. The pie has started moving and it hits them. Kaycee takes a hard hit. Brett tells Haleigh to stay strong. Haleigh squatted down and stood back up. Haleigh squats again to stretch her arms then she stands back up.

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11:40 PM BBT BOTH still up, Haleigh and Tyler. 


Haleigh is squatting down bunch. Tyler is standing up all the time now.   [may be bad sign for Haleigh - rms ]


11:42 PM BBT More rounds of ketchup and mustard. Pie still slapping. Haleigh breathing hard. 


11:47 PM BBT PIE clobbered Haleigh and knocked her off




11:50 PM BBT They all check on Haleigh. [The pie perfectly hit her feet it looked like knocking it out from under her and face to the pie and then the ground - rms ]


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11:46PM BBT Hay is hit kind of a double hit with the pie. She mockingly asks if they can hit harder next time. That next time around the pie hit knocks her off.  She had been breathing at a rate of 60 breaths per minute for a while, so she was ready to drop any time.  Tyler, who clearly had more gas left in the tank, wins.





Approximate minutes before each HG fell:

10 JC out
26 Sam out (nausea from the spins)
29 Scottie out
42 Brett out
51 KC out
67 Hayleigh out

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11:30 PM BBT Sam tells Kaycee to hang in there. Tyler is taking the hits and spinning. Haleigh is getting hit and spinning a bit. Kaycee is screaming at each hit. Kaycee slips and sits on her disc. Haleigh is getting hit hard and her neck is snapping. Brett is telling them to keep their feet level. Kaycee tells them good job and they are doing great. Sam tells them to hang in there. Tyler asks Haleigh if her neck is ok and she says it hurts. Kaycee can’t figure out how she slipped off. Kaycee says it’s all mental and temporary. Kaycee says they are doing so good and Sam says hang in there. Haleigh squats and leans back after another hit.


11:35 PM BBT Tyler and Haleigh are the final two remaining. Everyone else is telling them they are doing great and to hang in there. Tyler takes a minute to shake his arms out. Kaycee tells them to stay focused. Kaycee says let’s go baby! Angela says they are so solid and Kaycee agrees and repeats it. Kaycee is cheering for them each time the pie hits them. Kaycee says they are doing amazing. Sam says doing good Tyler. The pie is starting to hit them again.


11:40 PM BBT Tyler and Haleigh are still hanging on and neither are talking to each other. They are both quiet but everyone else is encouraging them. Haleigh says let’s go Tyler. Angela says they are killing it and Kaycee says they are doing great. Kaycee keeps telling them temporary pain. JC says it’s almost done. Tyler spins and hangs on by one arm for a minute. Haleigh takes a hard hit and starts spinning. Angela tells them to stay solid. Sam says she hates it for them all. Haleigh takes a hard hit and Kaycee says good job Hales. Tyler takes a hard hit too. Kaycee tells them to keep it up they are doing so good.


11:45 PM BBT Kaycee is telling them to do it for the pictures, the snacks, the letter, and do it for the alcohol! Tyler and Haleigh are still holding strong. Haleigh is breathing hard and starts squatting down and standing up. Haleigh takes another hard hit and Tyler does too. Kaycee says they are beasting it. Haleigh takes a hard hit and slides right off and Tyler and Scottie check to make sure she’s ok. Tyler says let’s go! Sam and Kaycee tell Haleigh that was the most impressive thing they’ve ever seen. Tyler tries to help Haleigh up and then he slips. Tyler is the new HOH! FotH.

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