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Monday, August 27, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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BB Time 9:0pm


Angela and Haleigh come into the bathroom to see Tyler's hair. Both girls love it,


Angela: I like it.

Tyler: I hate it.


Angela and Haleigh ask if he saw it while she was doing it.


Tyler: If it doesn't go back to normal..I swear!!

Sam: I would never do that to you, I promise, as soon as you get it wet it will boing right back up.


The house guests are all impressed, Sam gives Angela the brush and tells her to brush Tyler's hair. Sam says she is going to make a head tickler for him.


Tyler: I am not going to the DR like this.

Sam: It looks amazing, It looks good

Tyler: JC is being too quiet right now. JC, what's your opinion

JC: I don't have an opinion.

Tyler: cmon JC

JC: it was fun, no go back to your curls.


Tyler is called the the DR and the house is screaming with absolute delight.


Brett says Tyler hates it, that he would not even look at it in the mirror again. JC agrees.


Brett: he f**ng wigged. I thought he was gonna kill you, he was f**ng crying

Sam: am I that oblivious, I thought he was laughing.

Brett: he's okay now though, I really like it.


Sam agrees to promise him it will go back to normal. The others say it was the shock of it, they tell JC to say it looks good so he won't be self conscious. Haleigh calls JC unhelpful. Conversation continues, every one but JC really likes it.

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BB Time 9:22pm


Tyler says the DR told him he had to change it back or braid it or something. BB says you are not allowed to talk about DR sessions.


JC tells Tyler he cannot marry him now, they can just be friends.


Sam seeks reassurance that Tyler is not mad at her. He says no, but it feels weird to him. It is the two year anniversary of his bet. He says he is not mad at all, he just freaked out


Tyler: you guys do that every day??

Angela: yeah


Tyler goes to show Faysal, everyone runs along with him to the have not room, and the cameras follow as well.


Angela: Faysal we have an announcement to make.

Angela: meet our new house guest, Linda.

Faysal: are you gonna rock it?

Tyler: for the day


Faysal covers his eyes again as they leave the room.


The house guests go to the kitchen, Tyler puts on sunglasses.

Haleigh: Where did Brett go?


Angela and Tyler are comparing hair color and texture, it is very close to the same, Angela continues to run her hands through Tyler's hair for a few minutes. Angela calls Haleigh to braid house guests' hair.


Tyler: They really said I either have to braid it or put it back to normal.


Haleigh starts braiding Tyler's hair, JC comes out of the shower, he looks at Tyler, who has one side of his hair in a pigtail, and the other side down so Haleigh can braid it. He stares for a minute, then turns away, the look on his face is precious.


Tyler: He is really mad because I look like a woman

JC denies it


As the braid is being done, Kaycee says it looks really good, Tyler is worried that his hair will come out. The promise him it will not. Tyler is constantly telling them he does not like it, he doesn't like how it feels. They talk him into allowing Haleigh to continue braiding. They talk Tyler into looking in the mirror.


Tyler screaming: TAKE IT OUT!!!TAKE IT OUT!!!! (he sounds very very stressed)

Haleigh and Angela immediately start taking out the braids. Angela makes him a half pony tail bun.


Tyler: That's okay.

JC hates it.


Haleigh to Brett: you next?

Brett (still in a towel) mumbles


They talk about Sam making a back handed comment to Angela, she won't tell them, which makes them want to know more.

Tyler is laughing: JC is speechless....then giggles.

JC: just get in the shower girl.


BB Time 10:04pm


Brett and Angela are in the HOH, Brett is telling Angela that he almost messed up when talking to Faysal. He says he mentioned to him about the 29 episodes.


Angela says Kaycee also messed up by saying something about Faysal meeting Julie on Thursday.


Brett says he felt bad, and he also says he made a Scottie sentence and completed it.(he does not specify).


Brett: Remember you're my favorite. Sometimes I think you don't believe it.

Angela: Sometimes I think, hmmmmm


They leave the HOH room together.


Camera moves to the blue bedroom.


Kaycee is crawling halfway behind a dresser to retrieve a hat for Tyler. They are testing hats, Tyler says he will keep his hair this way for the night. (Earlier JC told Tyler he will not look at him or talk to him until he puts his hair back to normal).

BB Time 10:13pm

back yard


Brett tells Tyler and Kaycee about his comment to Faysal.


Tyler says Kaycee did the same thing.


Kaycee tells them about it (she almost said she mentioned him meeting Julie) Tyler says he heard her do it.


Brett says they stopped their conversation and Faysal smiled and looked Brett right into the eyes.


Brett goes to the hammock, JC is lying there with Angela, they are not talking game. JC and Angela are munching on a crunchy snack, they ask Brett for a story, Brett says he is out of stories.


Tyler and Kaycee are playing at the billiard table. Tyler is laughing about JC's reaction to his new hairstyle.


Angela and Brett ask for a Brett story again, he says he is out of stories, he is an open book.



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BB Time 10:59pm


Brett and JC are in the hammock talking about the game.


They are talking about Rock Star helping Tyler in the veto, resulting in her own eviction.


JC: Rock Star was good for tv, Kaitlyn was just meh.


Brett asks JC if Faysal has campaigned to him.


JC says he talked to him and told him he could get his (JC's) and Sam's vote to stay, and suggested he talk to Brett.


Brett is surprised he won't even try, JC says it is because he won't campaign against Haleigh. Brett says either they are in a showmance, or Faysal wants to be in one. He is trying to figure out if they are, and keeping it secret, or if Faysal is trying and Haleigh doesn't want a showmance.


JC reminds him that Faysal used the veto on Haleigh. He mentions her being the hacker. JC says when you see someone that have each other 100% you separate them.


Brett agrees.



Other cameras on the bathroom area, no talking going in there.


JC: oh my God, Tyler looks so f**ng bad. I cannot even look at him. Angela likes guys like that, she likes girly guys, skinny guys.

Brett laughs


JC: he looks horrible

Brett: how do you know she likes girly, skinny guys? You don't know who she likes.


JC: she hasn't stopped hitting on him since his hair. He mentions that Tyler is very vain and is always checking his appearance. I wonder if I should tell him that Angela and Kaycee have a final two.


Brett: I don't think he is oblivious, I think he is aware. I think he is well aware.


JC: Is he? (jets overhead cover the rest)


JC: This is my thing, s it beneficial for us to keep Angela and Kaycee...or is it beneficial for us to keep Haleigh and Sam because they hate each other's guts.


Brett: I have done everything.. I have been on the block with my back against the wall.


JC: I was working on the other side getting information for us, I kept us alive, I got Scottie on the block..(he says more but is talking so fast)... He calls Angela and Kaycee two peas in a pod, he mentions that the others will get Sam and Haleigh out of the way, then go after them.


Brett: It is hard to read, but Angela and Kaycee are the final two, that's a fact.


JC: they are trying to get rid of the guys then bring a crazy girl to the end, either Haleigh or Sam.


Brett: they are very chummy with Haleigh.


JC: um hummm


JC tells Brett that they are watching, they keep coming out and looking.


Brett mentions the triangle of Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee—Kaycee is loyal to Angela, Angela is loyal to Kaycee, Tyler is loyal to Angela, and JC says they know not to take Tyler, that is why the constantly portray Sam as crazy. Brett says he is getting nervous, JC says he is just saying what is on his mind. He is worried about a possible double eviction, that all these changes will happen in one hour.


Brett: have you talked to Tyler about this

JC: no, and I won't. If he takes it the wrong way he might tell them

Brett: do you think that is where his loyalty is?

JC: when Faysal goes she will turn to you

Brett: but she has turned toward Angela hard.

JC: if Kaycee wins she will put her (Haleigh) right.


Brett: if Sam and Haleigh go on the block, who should go?

JC: Haleigh, Sam has my back. 100%, she's crazy, she's not gonna put you or me on the block, it is not beneficial to put me on the block.

Brett: Haleigh has already put all of them on the block, it is no more blood for her.


JC sticks with his preference of Sam over Haleigh, he tells Brett that the question is what are the two of them going to do.

Brett tells JC he is not wrong, and JC says they have the order of eviction in their heads.


JC: if I win I will not put Sam on the block, but I will need your support.

Brett agrees, he tells JC to get close to Haleigh, but JC says he will put up Haleigh and one of the others, Brett explains if only one of them go up, the other two would be votes, he would have to put two of them up for a full commitment. JC rethinks it and agrees.


The two of them agree that they will not tell anyone that they are not with them, and they well agree on the agenda given to them.


Now Brett is worried about a battle back. If Rock Star comes back he is sure she will gun for him. He asks JC if they see the goodbye messages. They ask Kaycee about the status of the laundry, it seems that the dryer was not working properly and JC's shirt is not dry (he needs it for a DR).


JC heads inside while Brett stays with Kaycee and the laundry.


Camera follows JC into the kitchen 11:29pm


Faysal is making something to eat, he speaks to JC.


JC hums, BB tells him to stop. JC hums BB tells him to stop. JC stops


Kaycee tells JC she put his shirt in the dryer with other things, JC thanks her.


11:36 HOH room


Tyler and Angela are talking about Tyler's new hair, Angela tells him she really likes it, Tyler says he felt like he had an out of body experience. Angela tells him if it doesn't go back he will have to do it forever.


Angela moves so she is cuddled up with Tyler.


Tyler: I missed you today

Angela: I missed you too. I tried to get you to come up here and you wouldn't

Tyler: you weren't alone

Angela: Kaycee was up here.


Angela says she tried to patch things up with Haleigh today, they agreed to stop just firing at each other. Angela says she told Haleigh she was a pawn, and that she (Angela) used their battle for doing it. Angela also told Haleigh that she was not close to Faysal in the house, and putting him up was for her game.


Angela says Haleigh hates Sam, she was venting earlier about Sam.


Angela: Sam's back handed comments drive me nuts

Tyler: I know, I don't get it. There's no need for it most of the time...every time. Even to Haleigh too, I'm like damn. Especially for you, Haleigh did nothing to her (I think that was an oops, Tyler meant Angela, but I am not sure if she caught it)


Tyler gets quiet for a second then changes the conversation to who is talking to whom about what.


Tyler: people are finally getting over me and you, no one has asked me in like two days.

Angela: Really”

Tyler: yeah, so there we go.


(camera keeps zooming in on the heart emoji pillow)


(ahhhhh romance!!--Grannysue1154)


BB Time 11:48


Haleigh is laying on her tummy by Brett, they are talking, Brett is caressing her cheek while they talk about the weather outside.


Haleigh asks him if she should let him go to sleep, but she stays where she is, and they talk about the battle back..Haleigh says something big is happening Thursday for sure. She is counting weeks, says there are 5 to go, after next week 4.


Brett says if there is a battle back there will be a double eviction.



Faysal just walked through the bedroom to the have not room, grabbed a towel and walk back toward the bathroom area.


Haleigh does not look up, Faysal gives a death stare in their direction. However, Haleigh gets up from her position on the bed, says she may need to wash sheets, Brett says the back yard is closing. Haleigh says she must go take off her makeup. She zooms out of the room toward the other part of the house.


The camera does not follow her, so I am not sure where she went. Cameras one and two are showing us Tyler and Angela in the HOH. They are talking quietly. Cameras three and four show Kaycee rummaging in drawers (possibly putting away laundry)


((I know I am not supposed to have favorites, but I must say Tyler and Angela are so cute together, my favorite BB couple, almost, but not quite up there with Jordan and Jeff!!--Grannysue1154))


All the cameras are on the bathroom area, Sam is drying her hair, Kaycee is washing her hands, Haleigh is taking off makeup. Sam has a sunburn, Kaycee offers her aloe. Just girl talk.


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12:00AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are cuddling in the HOHR, talking about previous relationships. Haleigh is in the WA, taking off her make up and washing her face. Kaycee and Sam are also in the WA chatting.



12:02AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are still cuddling togther on the HOH bed holding hands. Brett walks up the stairs, but neither Tyler or Angela are paying attention. Brett knocks on the door and they quickly move apart, but Tyler is still on the bed when Brett walks in. 

12:03AM BBT: Brett walks in shaking his head, he says Sam is driving him crazy. He tells a story about Sam getting upset over laundry. Angela says she showered and blow dried her hair for two hours in the HOHR tonight. 

12:04AM BBT: Tyler says Sam is "really losing it." Brett said he almost blew up on her, Tyler agrees that she's "so annoying." Sam says it's just "constant jabs," with Sam. Faysal is in the BY, playing pool. 

12:05AM BBT: Tyler's hair is still straight as he sits in the HOHR bed with Angela and Brett. Brett tells him his hair is getting curly again. 



12:06AM BBT: The trio in the HOHR continue to talk about Sam always being upset. Tyler says they just have to make sure she still hates Haleigh. 

12:07AM BBT: Brett tells Tyler and Angela that JC is getting really upset with Faysal. Faysal has left out all of his dirty bowls and various food containers all over the kitchen. Tyler says he's cleaned up after Faysal three times today. 

12:07AM BBT: The trio in the HOHR agree that Fayal is purposefully not cleaning up anything because he's upset he's going home Thursday. 

12:08AM BBT: Tyler tells Angela and Brett about an argument Haleigh and Faysal had earlier that day. Kaycee walks in to the HOHR with some laundry. Tyler asks her to clean the kitchen, Kaycee laughs and says, "I'm so annoyed."

12:09AM BBT: Kaycee tells the other three all that Faysal has left out in the KT. Kaycee says everything on the KT counters is from Faysal. She says Faysal is a "grown a** man" who should be able to clean up after himself. 

12:12AM BBT: Angela says Sam does not like it when Brett is around Haleigh. They talk about how Sam doesn't understand Haleigh is in a showmance with Faysal. Angela says she's just trying to piss off Haleigh. 

12:13AM BBT: Angela says Sam wouldn't let her or Haleigh into the bathroom for awhile today and Sam also made a comment about Tyler sleeping in the HOHR, even though he hasn't. Angela says Sam is basically "calling her a sl*t."

12:15AM BBT: Tyler says Sam told him he wasn't allowed to sleep in her bed tonight. Kaycee says the house is going crazy. Brett rehashes the laundry argument with Sam again. 

12:16AM BBT: Faysal and Haleigh are in the hammock together. Haleigh says she's glad she met Faysal, he agrees. Haleigh says she doesn't like Faysal "acting different" to her. Faysal just grunts. 

12:20AM BBT: Haleigh is upset that Faysal won't talk to her, he tells her not to worry about him. Haleigh says she's going to worry about him because she cares about him. She doesn't want to see him act like this. Faysal is silent. 

12:20AM BBT: After several seconds of silence, Faysal says, "it's just a game." Haleigh says it's "not a game" to her and wants to know if that's what Faysal thinks of her. Faysal says he doesn't know what to think. 

12:21AM BBT: The trio in the HOHR talk about Tyler's hair. Brett promises it will go back to normal after he showers. Tyler hates it. 

12:26AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes. When the feeds are back, Haleigh is asking Faysal if he thinks she would rather be hanging out with the others. Faysal says he doesn't know, because they don't hang out much as it is. 

12:30AM BBT: After a few minutes of silence, Haleigh eventually says, "whatever, Fessy." Faysal asks, "whatever?" Haleigh doesn't know what Faysal wants her to say or how many times she can tell him she "genuinely cares" for him. 

12:31AM BBT: Haleigh wants to know why Faysal is acting this way if he's not mad at her. She says he's acting "standoff-ish" and implies that it's because she's hanging out with everyone else. Faysal says he doesn't know how to handle this. 

12:32AM BBT: General chatting in the HOHR about facial hair. Eventually Tyler says "everyone is going f*****g nuts in this house." Brett says "everyone is losing it."

12:36AM BBT: Several minutes of silence between Haleigh and Faysal, Haleigh is crying. Faysal asks her why she's crying. Haleigh says she's sad. 

12:37AM BBT: JC has joined level 6 in the HOHR. JC hates Tyler's hair too. Brett is telling his laundry story again. 

12:40AM BBT: Faysal tells Haleigh about the tricks his dog can do. Faysal asks Haleigh if "this is gonna work," outside the house. Haleigh says it will if they want it to. Faysal tells her it's going to be different outside the house. 

12:44AM BBT: Kaycee goes to the KT to see if conversation in the HOHR can be heard, Kaycee says you can hear it. Everyone's jaw drops. JC leaves.



12:45AM BBT: Brett starts whispering to Angela and Tyler, but someone is coming up the stairs loudly and we can't hear what he's saying. 

12:46AM BBT: JC goes downstairs to test it, JC confirms that he can hear the HOHR from the KT. Brett asks if JC can see him and pulls his pants down. Angela wants to know what's going on. 

12:47AM BBT: Everyone is now worried in the HOHR that people heard them talking earlier. 

12:48AM BBT: JC walks outside and over to Faysal and Haleigh. Faysal tells Haleigh JC an "annoying a** gremlin" and wants to know what he wants. JC is at the hammock now. 

12:49AM BBT: JC tells Faysal and Haleigh about Brett's laundry story with Sam. JC says the speaker button was stuck, so their conversation could be heard in the KT and living room. JC says Sam is so upset now. 

12:51AM BBT: Sam walks outside, Faysal, Haleigh, and JC talk about Tyler's hair. JC says Tyler looks like a "forty year old independent woman." Haleigh says he looks good, "like Thor." JC says he looks like "Thor's wife."

1:00AM BBT: Faysal tells Haleigh what his eviction night speech is going to be. Haleigh is upset that Faysal says he would throw their relationship away for a vote. Faysal says it's a game. 

1:05AM BBT: Sam tells Haleigh and Faysal she's going to bed. Haleigh says she'll watch the laundry. 

1:06AM BBT: Faysal and Haleigh talk about all of the flipped votes, trying to figure out who flipped and who didn't. 

1:20AM BBT: Faysal brings up the hacker, he talks about how Haleigh told Bayleigh before him. Haleigh keeps saying, "Stop!" over and over again, everytime he says something about the hacker. 

1:35AM BBT: Kaycee walks outside to do laundry, Haleigh asks her to put Sam's stuff in the drier. Haleigh says she's sleeping with Kaycee tonight. Haleigh says if she were Kaycee, she would have made a deal with Faysal, so Haleigh, Faysal, JC, and Kaycee would be working together. 

1:52AM BBT: All four cameras have been on Haleigh and Faysal for almost an hour as they chat about different moments in the BB house. 

2:20AM BBT: Two cameras move away from Haleigh and Fayasl to Tyler and Angela cuddling in the HOHR. BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes. 

2:24AM BBT: Feeds are back. Angela and Tyler are cuddling in the HOHR and Faysal and Haleigh are still chatting on the hammock. Tyler is afraid someone is going to come in. 

2:30AM BBT: Haleigh and Faysal leave the BY. Haleigh takes laundry inside while Faysal walks into the KT shortly after. Haleigh is folding laundry at the table, JC is sitting at the bar and Brett is drinking water. 

2:42AM BBT: Tyler leaves the HOHR, Faysal and Brett are in the KT eating. BB cuts the feeds. 

2:45AM BBT: Feeds are back. Angela is asleep in the HOHR. Tyler, Brett, JC, and Faysal are in the KT eating. Faysal tells Tyler JC called him an "independent forty year old woman." Faysal says Tyler looks like a lego. 

3:00AM BBT: Tyler goes to bed, Brett walks out of the WA to the KT and Faysal asks him "what happened?" Brett holds his finger to his lips and BB cuts the feeds. 

3:05AM BBT: Feeds are back. Brett, Faysal, and JC are chatting in the KT. JC says they're ice cream in there from Scottie's HOH. 

3:22AM BBT: Faysal and JC are in the WA. Faysal is using mouthwash before he wanders around for a few minutes. Brett goes to bed. 

3:30AM BBT: Faysal is in the shower, everyone else appears to be asleep. 

3:37AM BBT: Faysal prays in the lounge after his shower. 

3:42AM BBT: Faysal is now in bed and everyone is asleep in the BB House. 

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