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Sunday, August 26, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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BB Time 10:28pm


In the back yard Haleigh and Faysal are fussing.


Haleigh asks him if this is how he wants to be during the last week they are in the house together. She tells hin to just tell her what it is that he wants her to do and she will do it. She tells him there are 6 other people in the house. She asks him if she should just isolate herself from everyone? Would that make him happy? Faysal mumbles around and goes inside. Haleigh changes out the laundry, then goes to the hammock, she covers her face with a pillow and cries. After a few minutes she wipes her tears.


Brett comes out and climbs into the hammock with her, he asks her if everything is all right.


Brett: do you miss your family

Haleigh: no

Brett: what are you sad about?

Haleigh: I am on the block, I am on the block with Fessy, I don't know how to act.


Brett says he knows that Haleigh and Brett are close, and he understands is is hard. He tells her that depending what her game is, she could spend the week with Fessy, but she should spend the week with everyone else. He says he knows how hard it is.


Haleigh : This is first time we have laid on the hammock like this.

Brett: you crying, me holding you in my arms.


Brett says Faysal is playing this as a game, and that is why he does Sam....(doesn't finish)

Haleigh : I know he's playing the game.


Brett says there is a big difference being on the block and being on the block on eviction night.


Brett tells her that if she talks to Kaycee, she should ask her to use the veto on her, if Kaycee does not want to, Haleigh should ask her not to use t.


Brett is going over the votes, he says he will vote for her to stay, he thinks it is a possibility that Kaycee will keep her. When Haleigh mentions JC, Brett says although JC and Fessy are close, they may not be close enough for JC to vote to keep Fessy over Haleigh. Brett tells her she should not be over here crying, she is a lucky girl. That by eviction night she will have been on 29 episodes. He tells her that his prediction is that Haleigh will stay.


Haleigh doesn't understand why Angela put her up, Brett tells her that Angela saw Haleigh as an easy pawn, and she was targeting Faysal. He adds that Angela put Haleigh up there to possibly take one of Faysal's votes away.


A few more minutes of retrospection pass.


Kaycee says she tasted the sweet protein powder “thing” Sam made and it was very very good. (she is across the yard playing billiards by herself.


Brett thinks if there is a battle back it will Thursday, 5 people would be too many jury house members for one. He thinks a double eviction will follow. Haleigh thinks his thoughts make sense.


Haleigh decides she needs to talk to Kaycee before bedtime.


The have nots are Haleigh, Faysal and Kaycee (they must have picked them today.)


Brett: Are you and Fessy in a showmance?

Haleigh: noooooooooo why would you think that?

Brett: a couple of things.

Haleigh: what things.

Brett: are you sure?

Haleigh: I thought we (the two of them) are in a showmance.

Brett: haaa and I thought your were playing me


Brett: there seems to be times he (Faysal) gets upset

Haleigh: with me?

Brett: no with me when I talk to you. Scottie thought so too.

Haleigh: He did?? No it's not a thing.

Brett: when I stayed out here with you for five hours and you guys got in a fight.

Haleigh: he got in a fight with Baleigh too. It's not a thing.


Brett continues to tell her why he thinks it is a showmance, Haleigh continues to deny.




POP TV sends the house guests some sweets

The have nots can join in.

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11:00PM BBT: Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are in the HOHR talking about dinner and food. Tyler says he's been getting headaches a lot lately because of diet changes. Angela suggests they make a pitcher of green tea. 

11:01PM BBT: The trio in the HOHR try to figure out what Faysal and Haleigh's showmance name is. Angela says Fayleigh or Faysleigh. They joke around about how Brett's voice carries and how it takes him hours to do anything. 

11:02PM BBT: There's yelling throughout the house, the trio in the HOHR walk out to JC yelling about a new treat. The rest of the HGs are in the kitchen looking over the platter of cinnamon rolls from POP.  



11:04PM BBT: Brett reads the card, "when times get rough, you must roll with the punches. We got you some cinnamon rolls to help you get through this. And yes, the havenots can have some."

11:07PM BBT: Everyone is in the KT eating the cinnamon rolls from POP, except for Sam, who goes outside to sit in the BY by herself. She talks to herself.

11:20PM BBT: JC opens the door to the BY and asks Sam if she's going to have a cinnamon roll, she says she'll have one in the morning. 

11:27PM BBT: Brett tells Sam he took her lemon pound cake out of the oven. Sam and Brett sit on the edge of the hot tub with their feet in, they talk about the weather and the weather back home.

11:32PM BBT: Brett and Kaycee are in the BY now, talking about work outs and comfort food. 

11:35PM BBT: Kaycee is walking around the BY to work off the cinnamon roll, Heleigh and Brett are sitting around the hot tub, Tyler is playing pool. Haleigh says she can't wait for everyone to get "hammered" together. Brett says he doesn't see Kaitlyn or Swaggy hanging out with them. 

11:37PM BBT: Angela is in the HOHR watching the feeds. Just general conversation in the BY. 

11:43PM BBT: Angela and JC are talking in the HOHR, JC says he "completely trusts" Angela. JC talks about his social game and how he didn't get to know a lot of people. He says he's just going to "go with the flow." He leaves the HOHR a few seconds later. 

11:58PM BBT: Everyone is still in the same positions in the BY, just general conversation. JC joins Tyler at the pool table, he says he needs to talk to Tyler later. 

12:02AM BBT: Tyler leaves the BY to refill his drink while the others talk about dating in the BY, Sam is in the KT baking. Tyler sits in the KT and watches. 

12:17AM BBT: Tyler goes into the HOHR to lay with Angela. Angela tells Tyler that JC told her he's sad that they'll have to send their own people home in a few weeks and he doesn't have a final two or three with anyone. 

12:28AM BBT: Angela tells Tyler he as the best nail beds. They hold hands and cuddle, Tyler says her hands are cold. They watch the feeds. 



12:55AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are in the HOHR talking about her work and her company. Brett and Haleigh are still chatting in the BY. 

1:08AM BBT: Angela says she's thinking about selling her company because she's "burnt out." She talks about her taxes. 

1:21AM BBT: Tyler says he can't imagine all the stress Angela has to deal with about her company. He says the show is stressful enough without having to worry about that. Sam and JC are in the KT.

1:24AM BBT: Tyler says it upsets him when people call Angela "entitled" or that she has "no heart or drive." 

1:37AM BBT: Sam is eating in the KT, JC gets up from the table and walks to the door and asks Brett and Haleigh to come inside so there's someone inside to talk to. Sam is a little upset because apparently she's not a person. 

1:38AM BBT: Sam and JC bicker, Sam tells him that he's cranky and needs to go to bed. JC says Sam may think she's crazy, but he's "batsh*t" crazy. 

1:39AM BBT: Tyler and Angela see Brett coming upstairs on the feeds, Tyler jumps out of bed to sit on the couch. Brett walks in a few seconds later. They talk about JC being upset that he doesn't know the remaining level 6 members well. 

1:42AM BBT: Angela tells Brett in his GBM to Faysal that he should tell him not to worry, because he (Brett) will look after Haleigh. Brett says that would make it 4/4 of people who want to chop his nuts off.

1:43AM BBT: Tyler says he would not want to be in the jury house with all those people. 

1:46AM BBT: JC and Haleigh walk into the HOHR. JC says he came to say good night. They chat for a few minutes, Haleigh hugs everyone and then leaves the room. JC goes through Angela's snacks. 

1:53AM BBT: JC, Brett, and Angela are talking about Sam and how she takes everything personal. Sam is now in the BY by herself. Tyler eats on the HOHR couch. 

2:23AM BBT: JC, Brett, and Angela continue talking about Sam. Sam is now in the WA, getting ready for bed. Brett thinks Sam might self evict. 

2:33AM BBT: Sam is in bed in the BBR. The group in the HOHR talk about POP TV, Angela didn't realize that POP was a real channel, she thought it was an online thing. 

2:39AM BBT: Everyone else appears to be asleep, except for Angela, Brett, and JC in the HOHR, who are joking around. Brett says everyone is turning on him in the house, everyone laughs. Tyler puts his dishes up in the KT before going to the WA to brush his teeth. 

2:44AM BBT: JC leaves the HOHR and Brett get up to leave, Angela tells Brett she needs a massage tomorrow. They hug and say good night. 

2:51AM BBT: Tyler takes the trash to the SR, Brett and JC get ready for bed. 

3:02AM BBT: JC and Brett are now in bed, JC asks BB turns off the lights and everyone goes to sleep. 

3:30AM BBT: All the lights are off in the BB house, all is quiet, and all of the HGs are sleeping. 

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