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Saturday, August 25, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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BB Time 10:43pm


The veto competition is over. Kaycee won. The house is loud, everyone is talking at once from different rooms.


Sam: I guess I will make my bed then clean the bathroom, it is a f**ng disaster.

Faysal walks by as she says it, he doesn't respond, he goes to the pink bedroom and flops face down on a bed.




kitchen area


JC is talking about being hit in his personal region, Haleigh says she was jumping up and catching “them” “like a dog”

Haleigh: being tall might have helped, they didn't have time to …..


While she is talking JC is bouncing around talking loud...


camera moves to blue bedroom

Tyler and Sam are in the room, Sam is folding clothes, she asks who the black jeans belong to, Tyler says possibly Kaycee's

Tyler says he likes the tights he wore in the HOH (you saw it if you were on POP TV)


Sam asks Tyler if he is going back to his original bed, he says he is. Sam continues picking up and bed making. The camera flips for just a minute then goes back to the blue bedroom, where Haleigh, Kaycee and Sam are talking about the competition, Sam mentions a “squid thing” getting in her way.


Sam says she was biting herself, and thought it was good for Kaycee, who laughs about catching balls in her mouth. Kaycee says one ball knocked off her bun.


Haleigh says the slime came out before the ball


Sam says she hopes everyone sees the slow motion video of the squid.


Kaycee and Sam are talking about something blue on their faces.


BB warns them to stop talking about production, so the conversation stops


Haleigh is looking at the camera, shaking her head, says “Please” she says to Kaycee “That could go really bad”


Haleigh: That could go really bad.

Kaycee: I know, a one point difference....mumbles

Haleigh: He doesn't want to talk right now.


(I assume Kaycee beat Faysal by one point in the competition, just opinion, not fact until we verify)


Brett comes into the room and leans over Haleigh.


Brett: do I smell like...?

Haleigh: do I smell like...(leans over him)....peppermint?


Haleigh tells him about the competition, that it was complicated, she thought there would be some kind of board, Brett said he also assumed they would because of the information.


Kaycee mentions the slow motion camera (must be a big deal), Haleigh says she thinks it was “bulls**t.


Haleigh says she was in the storage room, she was number 5, Kaycee was number 1 (I assume they are talking about order of play). Haleigh says that Faysal had one of the “squid” by the teeth and he dropped six balls. She adds that Fessy is upset.


Kaycee understands why.


Fessy comes walking through the room, not speaking, Brett says he wants a shower.



camera 1 in kitchen


Angela, JC and Tyler are cooking, Angela explains what happens to liquid when you cook with the lid off.


JC says he did not catch one ball, Tyler tells him he will have his competition.


Angela is making rice, Tyler is cutting up chicken at the counter.


The camera moves to the bathroom where Haleigh is putting things in a black trash bag. Faysal wants to take a shower, he waits until she gets the shower stall emptied of clothing. (maybe everyone was so messy they had to rinse of with clothes on, there are socks, pants, shirts and some small goggle/glasses. She leaves with the bag.


Faysal to himself: How the f**k did I lose that s**t!!!???

BB calls him to the DR

Faysal as he stomps out of the room, “f**k!!!!!!


camera goes back to the kitchen area, Tyler is teasing JC as JC leaves the room


Haleigh: He is going to start campaigning.

Tyler: really

Haleigh: tomorrow

Angela: it ain't gonna work, you are good Hails.

Tyler: I can't beat him in sh*t, ….mumbles.


Haleigh says she wants to make “vote for me” buttons like she did in high school when she ran for class president.


The kitchen is filling up with people, Tyler and Angela are cooking together. Brett is snacking, Haleigh is snacking, they have a countdown of 51 minutes until have nots are over.


Tyler; we are going to feast!!


Camera shows Angela cooking a skillet full of chicken covered in red sauce, I heard someone say salsa and wing sauce earlier, that could be what they have done with it. JC told them to add mayonnaise, he needs carbs.


The theme of the meal is “The Chipolte Drive-Thru”


So far I see rice and chicken cooking, JC has taken over the skillet work.


Tyler says he is cool with just chicken and rice, Kaycee says she is not. Brett tells them all to get to work.


Tyler is working with a red onion, he says it is a bad one, Kaycee is showing him how to work around the spot while JC is cutting the chicken in the skillet up with a plastic spatula.


Kaycee wants to help, she says she will warm up the tortillas. Tyler asks Kaycee “If I am cutting this onion like an idiot would you tell me?”


Kaycee: yeah I would tell you.

Tyler: you won a comp Kaycee

Kaycee: I won a comp! It was fun too.


JC explains again that the slime came out before the balls, he didn't see them.


Angela tells them that JC's chicken has mayo in it hers does not. Tyler says the mayo is good, then he adds. “It would probably be good without mayo too.”


JC tells them what he put in his chicken, then decides to go get bananas from the storage room.


Angela: how are we going to go upstairs at midnight and drink before we eat....

Kaycee: did she say anything (Haleigh)

Tyler: I told her she was okay, she said he would start campaigning tomorrow.

Kaycee: whispers “okay”


Tyler continues chopping onions,


Camera moves to bathroom area


Kaycee is talking to Brett as he finishes his shower,

It sounds like she said, “Because he thought he would f***ng win.

Brett: yeahhh


JC comes in, Brett is combing his hair, Kaycee is washing her hands and JC goes to the loo.


Brett: you think we will get the yard tonight?

Kaycee: probably not.

Brett: well maybe around 3 or so.


JC comes out and washes his hands, he says he is hungry, sleepy and cranky, and he can eat in 20 minutes. He goes over to the sofa and lays back, he is messing with the string from some fabric.

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11:32 PM BBT - confirmed, Sam said she made a body pillow and tells Brett about it

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11:39 PM BBT - JC and Hayleigh in WA - JC says he thinks Fessy is going home (being voted out) and JC says he cant do anything about it.

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11:40 PM BBT -  JC asks Hayleigh if she and Fessy are in a showmance and she says NO, he asks again and she says NO and why would you ask that.  Then JC says dont let people know if they ask that.

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11:42 PM BBT - Haleigh is dangerously close to the "Thou doth protest too much " line as they continue the discussion.

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11:43 PM BBT [oooo, how prophetic  Haleigh did the hamlet reading and guess where that line is from ""The lady doth protest too much, methinks" is a line from the c. 1600 play Hamlet by William Shakespeare" - rms ]

Haleigh is going to request her birth control...   these feeds are raw

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11:46 PM BBT Brett opens wine, then they all think Fessy may be coming and Angela says they will have to hide the wine

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11:33 pm BBT Brett said that he's shrinking, losing weight, and that his clothes don't fit the same.  Sam said she thought he was gaining weight. "I never said that".  


11:37 pm BBT Sam lost her spoon ring in the comp.  They were told not to wear jewelry, and she's bummed. She was cold and covered in slime and took a shower, and then realized it was gone.


11:39 pm BBT JC asks Haleigh in the WA if she's in a showmance.  "No!  Why would you ask that?"  He tells her that there's nothing wrong with it if she is.  She quietly picks at her face in the mirror.


11:40 pm BBT JC keeps asking Haleigh about a showmance and she is annoyed, asking if people are talking about it.  He tells her she'll be ok.  


11:42 pm BBT Up in the HOHR, KC Brett and Angela discuss what KC will do with the POV.  She laughs about using it on Fess.  Angela opens the bottle of wine.  Brett said he was working out and listening to music while Tyler slept during the comp. 


11:45 pm BBT Ang, KC, Tyler and Brett are laughing about Fess going home, knowing that he has no power app.  They hide the wine because they see Haleigh coming upstairs.  She comes in and says she smelled the wine.  They tell her it's not open.


11:48 pm BBT Sam got her ring back, which production put in a baggie in the SR.




11:49 pm BBT Brett says that JC thinks he would've won the comp if he wasn't on slop.


11:49 pm BBT Tyler leaves the HOHR.  Haleigh makes herself at home on Angela's bed, and Brett leaves as well.  The celebrating has come to a halt.


11:52 pm BBT Haleigh tells Ang and KC that this week is going to be hard.  Ang tells her that they have her back and that she doesn't need to campaign with her or KC.  Tyler comes back in and Haleigh said she's not going to talk about game with anyone this week.  Ang says that it's in her best interest.


11:54 pm BBT Tyler is counting down the minutes until he's no longer a have not.  Six minutes left!  He's up in the HOHR where they're about to eat cheesecake.  He hid a banana and JC is calling up to him.  They communicate through the intercom system and JC then mutters "someone took the banana".


11:57 pm BBT Sam helps JC search for bananas in the SR cabinets, drawers and fridge.  No bananas, but lots of condoms.


11:58 pm BBT Haleigh tells Ang and KC Miss Teen Texas twice.  She said that she watched the season that Bayleigh did the pageant, but she didn't recognize her.  They speculate that she was maybe related to the president, and how did she get on Family Feud.

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11:47 PM BBT - HOH room - Brett, Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler all saying Fessy is going home this week.  Someone says they cant wait until Haleigh pisses him off more this week throwing him under the bus.  Then she panics and runs and hides the wine, Haleigh comes in and she says she smells something [wine? - rms]  

Now they say Fessy(?) is out kicking stones around

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11:53 PM BBT - Brett in KT asked about the pancake mix, JC asked " the login cabin?" [lol - rms] he said it was gone, then they realize the box was tossed, but bag was still there.   

(Haleigh, KC and Angela in HOH) - Haleigh asked the score again - KC 33 - Fessy 32 points

Angela tells Haleigh she doesn't need to campaign with her and Kaycee.

Tyler comes back in HOH and they discuss the cheescake

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11:56 PM BBT - JC yells for Tyler - Tyler is in HOH explaining to the people there that he hid the banana they were gonna split.  Then he said it isnt really hidden, just in a drawer in the fridge (?)

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Camera 3 11:26

in the kitchen


Angela and Tyler are working on their parts of the meal, Kaycee seems to be gathering satellite things for the meal.


Kaycee giggles: “Slow motion”

Angela: yes, getting hit in the face with a squid in slow motion....


They are wrapping the food as it is finished, their plan to go to the HOH room is still on.



BB Time 11:37pm


JC tells Haleigh that he is a competitor....mumbles.


JC: are you in a showmance?

Haleigh: huh?

JC; are you in a showmance

Haleigh mumbles no

JC: it's alright if you are.


Haleigh is silent, she keeps her back to him and starts rummaging in a drawer, then her locker.


JC: If you are there is nothing wrong with that.

Haleigh mumbles no

JC: That's okay if you are not....he is talking very low...you will be okay, we can work something out. I am not good at competitions but I am good at other things.

Haleigh: I think you are very good at this game.....it's kind of good you haven't won anything, I mean look at me and Fessy. I am not talking to anyone this week about it. Maybe there will be a twist this week

JC: that's all right.

Haleigh: I am sorry for doing something stupid today.

JC says he doesn't like being in last place


Haleigh: I have to go request my birth control, I will be right back.


When she leaves JC continues to play with the string on the piece of fabric, then leaves the bathroom area.


Camera moves to blue bedroom.


Sam is making beds for everyone, she says it is a comfort thing. She does it for herself, so why not do it for everyone.


Haleigh says around her mouth is breaking out, Sam says maybe because of her menses. Sam says she can't remember a time n her life she did not have at least one bump.


Sam asks where JC is sleeping, Haleigh offers to let him sleep with her.


Haleigh goes to the HOH room and goes in.


Haleigh: I smelt it!

A voice from the room: What

Haleigh: wine!!!......I 'm just kidding.


The door closes and the camera moves to the storage room, where Sam finds the ring she lost in the competition. She says thank you to production. She gets a little teary, “Oh that makes me so happy, much better, thank you so much.” She picks up a book and comes out.


Sam: Look they got my ring!!!

JC: what was that ring again?

Sam: my spoon ring

JC: nice

Sam: yes



camera 1 11:48pm

hoh room


Haleigh is talking about Angela's nail polish, she regrets that she has no nails to paint.


Angela is talking about the noises the others were making, it sounded like they were in pain.


Haleigh says a ball never touched her, she saw one far above her.


One of them say the top scores were 33 (Kaycee) 32 (Faysal)


Tyler comes in after Angela tells Haleigh she will be okay this week. Haleigh is looking at a Sarah Lee cheesecake, Angela says it takes 3 hours to thaw. Tyler says we can eat that frozen. Haleigh says the fridge is not very good, it might not take that long.


JC is yelling downstairs, wanting to know where the banana is, Tyler runs to the intercom and tells JC it is not there, that he cant find it. (Tyler hid it)


They ask Haleigh if she is feasting with them, she says she might have a pancake, then she says she might have a burrito since Angela them.


They are talking about Baleigh, and what she “does”, Kaycee is asking what Haleigh knows, Tyler tells them to say it the same time. (She was Miss Missouri) Haleigh says they have the same hairdresser, he only does pageant girls, she says she saw a picture of a beautiful girl with flowers in her hair and the girl was Baleigh. Haleigh mentions that Baleigh was also on Family Fued.


One of the girls says “Queen Bee”


Miss America called Tyler a chump.

Tyler: Miss America!!!! ohhh noooo


Angela tells them she was in a pageant once, Haleigh was in one for Teen Texas, Kaycee says she was forced by her mother to be in a pageant in the Philippines, she denies winning. All the girls say it is a production, and lasts a week. Kaycee says her dad teased her about it, she did a photo with her hair down for her dad. Angela and Haleigh says she has beautiful hair.


JC waves in the monitor, it is time to eat.


They all decide to go eat, they let Haleigh go out first, and they lock the door.


Kaycee: okay, she's going down.

Angela: Brett's gonna miss this.


They run to the bathroom and grab the cups, they drink it like a shot. They wonder if Haleigh smelled the wine in the room, they are spraying stuff in the room. Kaycee jumps on the bed and a banana pops out from under the covers.



Angela: what???

Kaycee::; Angela!!!!

Tyler: Kaycee found a banana in Angela's bed.

Kaycee: who put the banana in my bed???

Tyler: it's okay, you just got caught.


Camera 3 12:07 am


House guests are in the kitchen putting their plates together, Kaycee says he mother gave her a banana with her meals, she understands where JC gets that. They are all talking about their meal, what they do and don't like. Brett is making McGriddles.


Brett: 4 McGriddles on deck!


JC grabs one and says he likes it, Brett thanks him.


JC: Sam, come to eat!!!

Angela: shes making beds. Food is more important. I love you all, but I would not make your beds.


They talk about whether or not they will get sick when they leave the house, JC tells them there are germs outside, and they carry stuff around.....


Haleigh: maybe if we never leave this house we will be fine.


Angela tells Brett that “they” hid a banana in her bed. Brett teases her about it.


While they are eating we can see Faysal in the bathroom, he has not joined the group yet. Sam is still absent too, she has not stopped her housework to come to the kitchen.

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BB Time 12:16am


Conversation while the eat ranges from strip club preferences to compliments to the cooks. All of them are enjoying the meal, Sam is still making beds. JC is looking for cookies, Kaycee and Tyler put peanut butter on the bottom of his burritos. Brett is wondering if they are kidding. Brett and Tyler are teasing Angela about the banana.


Someone mentions the cheesecake

JC: gizzcake.

Everyone giggles.


Angela: would you like a piece of gizzcake?

She cuts the Sarah Lee and hands he others a slice.


Angela offers Haleigh some, she says a small spoonful and wishes there was chocolate sauce for it. Tyler offers Brett his piece of cheesecake, he says he isn't going to eat it. They are talking about the food they have eaten.


Brett: JC are you okay?

JC: I am okay, just sad

Angela: he needs a gay guy in the house with him.

JC: I have Tyler but he is....

Brett: why dont you do that with me?

JC says something about throwing feathers around him to wake him up.

Brett: I am going to do that to Angela to wake her up


More teasing about bananas.


Angela sticks a spoon to her nose, Brett teases her, she tells him it is not nice to hit girls.


Brett: you hit yourself.


They have returned to the tiki tiki conversation from a few days ago.



pink bedroom


Faysal is reading his Koran (an orange book, so educated guess)


camera 3 12:27am

in the kitchen


Tyler is asking Angela for the dark chocolate peanut butter things in the HOH, she says they are there and he goes to get them. The other house guests are cleaning up, Haleigh is washing dishes while the other pack the refrigerator. Haleigh is going to try to get to bed before the DR.


Kaycee runs upstairs, she wants some of the candy, Haleigh sends JC to check on Faysal.


Haleigh: I don't want him to be upset because I am acting fine/

JC: you have to. Then...Sam there is a piece of cheesecake there for you.

Sam: who made cheesecake.

JC: it is the one that they gave to Angela.


Camera follows JC to the pink bedroom.


Faysal is upset that Kaycee beat him. He says that was “his” comp.


JC: and you missed by one ball


Faysal: yean that's why I am so p**sed off.

JC; I;m sorry

Faysal: I am ready to go home.

JC: you are not ready

Faysal: that's why I am mad

JC. they might not send you home.


He encourages Faysal to campaign to stay, he says he cannot do it for him.


Faysal wonders if they will send Haleigh out next week. JC doesn't know, maybe there is a twist.

Faysal: I am just ready to go, it is gonna be a long week, and I am not going to campaign.

JC: even if you are going, there might be a battle back.

Faysal: I should have won, he says the others who played are not good at competition.

JC; People say that is my competition, but it doesn't matter at the end of the day.

Faysal: I know but I am good at that stuff.

JC: we are under a lot of stress, we are not training. Just don't give up yet my friend.

Faysal: yeah but I am not campaigning. They will send me home.

JC you have me and Sam, who else can you talk to, he whispers Tyler Angela and Kaycee....It's just a game.


Faysal is going over the past eviction mistakes, how things could have gone differently. JC tells him that is why he told him to put up Angela and Kaycee.


JC it all comes to Rock Star.


Faysal: you're not a floater are you?

JC: not funny

Faysal: floating a**, he laughs. He says he wanted to win a veto while he was on the block.

JC says competitions are pure luck,then you win them.


JC whispers Angela and Tyler's names. He tells Faysal that Scottie was in love with Haleigh.


Faysal wants to know who JC would put up, JC mentions there might be an alliance and he would try to mess it up. (he is talking very low).


JC says Faysal looked sad,

Faysal says he was trying to keep his composure. He dropped some of the balls, that would have given hm 40.

JC says one ball hit him in his private area, and he had to drop down because of the pain in his legs. He says he was coughing.


Faysal: I can't believe I lost.

JC you dont know that yet

Faysal: I don't want to be on the block with Haleigh

JC: you don't know what is gonna happen, maybe the do a battle back, maybe they really do. You could come back here.....it's just a game, not the end of the world.

Faysal: I am not mad at the game....when my people back home see that game......i wanted to make them proud.

JC encourages him.


JC: if I am a floater, I am the smartest floater ever. I have not been on the block. I could be my strategy. I am good with words. He chuckles.''


JC goes over the HOH wins, calling most of them luck, JC says when he knows things are not geared for him to have a chance to win, he just has fun with them since he knows winning isn't possible.


They identify the slime as yogurt.


Faysal tells JC “you know you've got my vote”


camera 1



Angela and Kaycee are talking about who was evicted. She says that all the people that are in the jury house hate her;


Angela: I am f**cked if I get to the final two

Kaycee: you are doin' it...if the four of us make the final four....imagine us in the house. I feel it, I am so confident, I literally feel t.

Angela: we kept our mouths shut......I don't think there has been an alliance where someone didn't make a deal somewhere else.


Haleigh rings the bell, tells them she is going to sleep, she tells them it is nearly one.


Angela tells her to enjoy the week, talking game is useless. She tells her they will have a good day tomorrow.


Kaycee: you think she has a mental breakdown because it' Fess”

Angela: yeah probably

Kaycee: well she's next.

Angela: I am glad we put them up together, that was a risk.


Angela: did you ever think that Tyler has a power app?

Kaycee: no, why

Angela: sometimes when he talks about the veto.....


Tyler walks in with Brett.


Angela asks for a story, they tell him POP TV is on. Brett is trying to find a story good for America.


Tyler: can they watch us 24/7?

Angela: yes, my mom probably watches me get up in the morning.

Brett: my dad's probably checking in on his phone, my mom, I don''t know. She watches the show, but probably not the live feeds.

Angela: she gets to see your every day life.


Brett disagrees, he says she already knows. Brett says he promised his mother that he would keep his dinky in his pants. He says his aunt described the show to his mom, and portrayed as lying, cheating, stealing and f**ng.


Tyler says that is not a bad thing to do.


Camera moves to pink bedroom



Faysal, Haleigh and JC are talking about past decisions. Some of it is accurated, but some of it is a stretch, or things he could not have controlled anyway.


Camera moves back to HOH 1:02am


They are all talking about house guests, Brett says he made JC made by calling him a floater. He says he just likes to torment him as much as possible.


Angela; little does he know.

Kaycee: what is the definition of a floater.

Angela: someone who doesn't have an alliance


Tyler says JC is sleeping with him tonight.


The room starts to quiet down, then Brett thinks of another story. He says he went downstairs and the wall was up, JC and Faysal were down there. They were talking about the competition it was loud.


Tyler: if he saying anything, he is comrforting him, he knows it only takes three.


Angela: Sam is really sad tonight.

Tyler: She stopped smoking too,

Brett: I didn't know that.


They decide to tell her that they are voting Brett out, but it is okay for her to vote however she wants. They hope she will vote to evict Haleigh and Haleigh will target Sam.


They say the scores made them nervous, they say JC caught two, Sam caught two, someone caught 16, and they saw the 32.score. Kaycee says they legitimately did not win, Angela says it is like a tennis ball machine shooting balls in the rain from 5 directions. Tyler says JC has trouble with the bean bag, he can see that being true.


Kaycee says she used to put 33 on roulette too, it is her lucky number.


Angela says the legs of the squid were filled with yogurt.


JC comes into the room, Angela offers him food, tells him to eat everything. Tyler asks for the dark chocolate.


JC: it says peanut butter, why you not say peanut butter??.....I feel sorry for Fessy, He said “it was my comp, my family was watching.....


Kaycee is called to the DR.

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