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Friday, August 24, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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7:00 pm BBT Angela is letting Tyler, JC and KC know how weird it felt to be talking to the group when she was the one delivering the speech.


7:08 pm BBT Fessy is in the KT with Sam and Brett. Sam tells Fessy that he is good with words, "very well spoken when you wanna be".  Brett calls for JC to come down and they communicate through the HOHR monitor where Brett twerks for him.




7:12 pm BBT Tyler, JC and KC go down and join Fessy and Sam in the KC. JC almost put the protein powder in the coffee maker by accident, and they all laugh.


7:15 pm BBT Angela watches the kitchen intently from the HOHR while listening to music.  They are eating an herb slop bread concoction that Sam made for the have nots.  The others are eating pizza.




7:22 pm BBT JC and Tyler choke down the slop bread that Sam made, both adding sauce to it.  Sam is also making some fake spaghetti sauce.


7:27 pm BBT Haleigh is in the shower and Fessy is brushing his teeth.  Neither seems very happy, but they are both quiet.



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7:30 pm BBT Brett goes into the BBR and lays down on the bed next to KC, where he fills her in on everyone's whereabouts. They say it's going to be a weird week, and that Ang's speech was great.


7:32 pm BBT Hay tells Fessy that he needs to be prepared for her to leave and not him. He is applying silver gel to his face while she dries her hair.  He says best case scenario is for one of them to come down and then to convince Brett to jump teams and join them.




7:37 pm BBT Tyler said he feels bloated in the KT after eating pickles and slop bread.  Sam said "but you haven't eaten anything".  He lifts his shirt to show his belly.




7:50 pm BBT Tyler said he's tired and is going to go to bed right at 10.  He studies the back of the protein container, noticing how much soy is in it - which lowers your testosterone.  His voice jokingly deepens.


7:55 pm BBT Tyler and KC are upstairs with Angela, followed by Brett.  They realize that they need to study the HG faces for the comp where they mash up the different parts to identify.


7:58 pm BBT Brett walks Ang, KC and Tyler through his study habits of how he remembers days of the comps.

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8:01 pm BBT Sam and JC talk about dyslexia, and how it should not be embarrassing because people are gifted in different ways and have other strengths.


8:03 pm BBT JC tells Sam that he's always been healthy, so he doesn't know what it's like to feel this sick.  THey talk through the differences between pain relief meds.


8:06 pm BBT KC, Brett, Tyler and Angela continue to study dates up in the HOHR.  Each of them asks a question and then the others answer.  One of the questions: "What day did Sam go crazy?"  "Day 1".  


8:09 pm BBT Fessy and Haleigh are in the PBR where JC joins them.  Fessy says he was hoping to outlast JC as the last one to go on the block. They joke about how many choices Fessy has to choose who will play veto, but JC tells him he can pick him if he wants.


8:13 pm BBT Fessy tells Haleigh that she was right about not putting Scottie up.  He tells her that he had fun with the DR, and then gets shut down by production.


8:14 pm BBT JC joins the "classroom" up in the HOH.  Brett tells him to take a seat and to call him "Señor Robinson".  


8:16 pm BBT Fessy and Haleigh are laying in the PBR talking through what if scenarios.  He tells her "you almost won that comp".  She answers "what do you mean? I didn't even come close".  "but you went right over"


8:24 pm BBT In the PBR, Haleigh and Fessy laugh about being the worst players in BB history and that she thinks she's going to get boo'd.


8:25 pm BBT Haleigh says that Angela is playing the game really well and that it pisses her off.  She said that the only person in the house that will get her jury vote is JC.

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BB Time 8:25pm


Faysal and Haleigh are laying across the beds talking. They are rehashing their mistakes, Haleigh regrets telling that she was the hacker, she thinks she will go down as the worst player in BB history.


Faysal says she has not been the worst.


Haleigh says the only person she will vote for is JC.

Faysal adds Kaycee


Haleigh wonders if there is a battle back and she returns, she thinks Angela would be very very upset.


Faysal says if one of them is HOH they should have one on ones with everyone but Angela, Haleigh laughs and says we are such bad players maybe someone would give us a power. Faysal laughs too, that they are so pitiful that could happen.


Haleigh: we suck.


She tells Faysal one of them is leaving they may as well spend the time together.


Faysal: Thank you!


Haleigh talks a little about how she is feeling abandoned in the game by other people, and Faysal regrets not putting Angela up and out.


Faysal is realizing what a threat Tyler is.


Haleigh: you sent home one of our alliance members

Faysal: you sent home one of our alliance members

Haleigh not on purpose


Haleigh if she is put out, she does not want to see Faysal until finale night. She tells him he is on the block because of his association with her (Haleigh), adding that Angela is afraid of Faysal.


Faysal repeats that if he gets another HOH he will drill Angela.


When Haleigh says look what all this got you.

Faysal says: on the block, beside the prettiest girl in the house.


Faysal: it's gonna be a fun week.

Haleigh: Fessy, it's not gonna be a fun week, it's our last f*ng week in the house.

Faysal: then let's make it a good one.


Faysal: I thought I was being a genius putting Scottie up, and I look like an idiot! He is laughing about his DR sessions where he bragged about his wisdom. (I love his good humor about this whole thing, it is impressive!!)


They are talking about possible winners, Haleigh says JC has her first vote, followed by Brett and so on, with Tyler high on the list, as well as Sam.


Faysal” Tyler is playing this f***ng game!


Faysal: where do you want to go on our first date.

Haleigh I don't know

Faysal: Burger King??

Haleigh grumbles. “I am so pi**ed”


While watching their conversation it is obvious that Faysal is taking his nomination like a real gentleman, and Haleigh is very disgruntled with the whole thing.


Haleigh: I hope you are not crazy outside this house.


A bit of conversation follows about the entire house being in the HOH except the two of them, Faysal gives Haleigh a quick smooch, and as he walks out of the room towards the bathroom area, he turns to Haleigh.


Faysal: What do you mean, am I crazy outside this house??”

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8:31 pm BBT As they talk through their game blunders, Haleigh wonders if that's why Zingbot called Fessy a moron.


8:32 pm BBT Haleigh thinks that Angela is now scared of Fessy and that KC, Tyler and Brett are upstairs reassuring her that Fessy won't win the next comp.


8:35 pm BBT Haleigh tells Fessy that if there's a battle back and that Scottie wins, they'll have him on their side and that he's a great competitor.






8:45 pm BBT Fessy is making gestures at various cameras. They then look at the camera above the bed and go through the mistakes of the past few weeks, laughing.






8:51 pm BBT Meanwhile, back up in the HOHR, they continue to study the dates.



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BB Time 8:42pm


Everyone is in the HOH with the exception of Faysal, Haleigh and Sam.


They are studying for a possible test of dates and days in the veto competition. (Before Scottie left he told Tyler that Faysal had every day memorized, so this could be the reason for the preparation)


Brett is asking what happened on certain days and the house guests are taking turns answering, it looks like they are throwing one of Sam's home made bean bags to whoever is “it” to make it their turn.


Brett: what happened on day 59?

JC: Brett lost his virginity to Scottie!


By watching this, I can see that JC is the one who will trend “zero questions correct”, unless he is fooling with them.


Brett: what day did Swaggy go home

JC; day 33, not bad Swaggy, but I was glad to see you go home.


8:51 Camera 1 and 2 are still showing Faysal and Haleigh talking on the beds, he still seems in good humor, she is partially covered by the comforter, has her hand to her brow and is in a partial fetal position.


The house guests are still working on the days quiz, they are having a good time with each other, and the questions go a little south.


Things go back on track, they questions are coming fast, the bean bag is being tossed quickly and the answers are right.


8:57pm cameras 1 and 2 show some movement in the bedrooms, Faysal is now under the comforter with Haleigh.


9:05pm cameras 1 and to show more movement, Faysal and Haleigh are playing hand holding games, Haleigh is laughing.


The questions are still being asked in the HOH, most answers are correct, they are working on dates closer to the current day.


Angela decides to leave to find food, the others think the session was a good one, the party may be breaking up, Kaycee is thinking of showering, Brett is going to the have not room to work out. JC is playing with the intercom. Elephants are stomping down the stairs....oh wait! That was Tyler and Brett.


JC continues to play with the intercom, every time he does we get a FISH screen on camera 3. JC decides to scare Faysal.


Brett has gone to the bedroom and interrupted the showmance duo, not sure if he caught on or just went in and flopped down with no observation



Cameras 1,2,3, and 4 go to the bedrooms 9:13pm


Brett: So what's everyone doin?

Haleigh: just chillin

Brett: I wonder what the veto will be?

Haleigh: who knows? (sighs/shrugs)


Haleigh does get more involved when they talk about past seasons veto competitions.


Brett: we have four more weeks of this..

Faysal: well that's what we say....


Haleigh thinks it will be about four more weeks,

Faysal counts out four evictions to leave the final three.

Brett is talking about the cartoon veto from a past season, but Faysal says that this season has had one already, Faysal says maybe dates and Brett agrees.

Haleigh says she is just waiting for time to go to bed.


Haleigh complains because JC brought snacks to them, Brett tells her it was to cheer them up, that it was nice, Haleigh agrees it was nice and it did cheer her up. Haleigh says she is upset right now, that she is uncomfortable to be on the block. (If no one has told her, Haleigh believes she is a pawn for Angela's HOH)


Haleigh says if you know you aren't going to win, why fight to stay, she says the only reason to fight for final 5 is monetary. She goes over the amounts for each house guest's final position and BB calls her out for talking about production. Haleigh continues talking about it until she has said what she wants to say.


JC comes into the room.


JC: stop leaving me alone (to Brett) you are my entertainment this week.


JC wants to cut up steak in cubes like Chipolte, Haleigh reminds them they are have nots until tomorrow.


Brett: don't ruin a steak like that.

JC it's just a cut

Brett: you can't cook it medium rare.

JC: grumbles.


Brett gets up, he is leaving to work out, and tells JC that if he (Brett) gets hurt it is JC's fault. JC flops onto one of the beds,


Haleigh: this is the best summer of your life JC

JC: I agree, it f***ng is.


Haleigh and Faysal are not talking during the time JC is in the room, he gets called to the DR, and Haleigh wonders what JC's reaction will be in the DR.


Faysal: at least it wasn't me!

Haleigh snorts

Faysal is hungry, Haleigh says she doesn't eat when she is stressed, so she will have a protein shake or maybe a nice salad. She gets up to go to the loo, leaving Faysal laying face down on the bed.


Haleigh goes into the bathroom area, nearly walking in on Brett, she apologizes. Tyler has just finished his shower and is putting on his underoos, he tells Brett that Baleigh almost walked in on him. Brett asks if he was timid after that...


Kaycee comes into the bathroom with her things for a shower, she passes Haleigh on the way and speaks to her. Haleigh returns to the beds and lies down beside Faysal again. Faysal gives her the flirty eyebrows and a grin. The two of them are staring at each other, Faysal is fidgeting.


Faysal :If, I mean when we both go to jury....we won't have to go undercover anymore. What do you think they will say.

Haleigh: Scottie will be shocked.

Faysal: Why””

Haleigh: I dunno, everyone will be shocked I think.


Haleigh thinks Tyler, Brett,'t and Kaycee knew that Angela was putting them on the block together, she says it was because of the way they were acting.


Conversation is sporadic. Faysal is holding Haleigh's hand, they speak every few minutes.

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BB Time 9:53pm


JC and Brett are in the have not room.


JC is telling Brett to approach Angela on a non game basis, to chit chat with her, and gain her trust. JC is concerned that Brett is not close enough to Angela.


JC tells Brett that Angela is the only one he sees Brett manipulating, that it will not happen with Tyler or Kaycee. JC is telling him that being on the other house guest's good side is important.


Brett says that Angela is very hard core when it comes to loyalty. Brett thinks Angela and Tyler have a final two deal, that Rachel got busted because they were working together.


JC says Tyler is doing the same thing, but Brett says should he spend his energy somewhere else because Tyler seems locked in with Angela.


JC tells Brett to do what he says, and that he (JC) will do the rest. He wants Brett to go upstairs tonight and “get into her eyes”, he tells Brett to finish working out, but try to do it tonight. He says Tyler is already up there, Brett says Tyler stays there as long as possible because he doesn't want to go to bed.


JC: if you really want something you work for it.


JC leaves Brett to his workout.


Camera 2 moves to the kitchen 10:00pm


Faysal and Kaycee are explaining the “what day did it happen” competition. Sam hopes for a celebrity host. Kaycee is hoping for a luxury trip. Faysal says he is already going. Faysal says the room is so much bigger with the small table. Sam says cleaning here feels different than cleaning at home. (Sam drank a caffeine drink and says she is trying to wear herself out so she can sleep)


camera 3, Brett has gone to the HOH, where he finds Tyler lying in the HOH bed with Angela. Angela asks what is going on downstairs, he says absolutely nothing.


Tyler asks if Haleigh talked to him (Brett), and Brett says only minimal. They are talking about the veto competition, and who will play. Angela is hoping for a field trip, one of them mentions “outback”. Brett says that happens at 6, and only four people can eat it, two are left out.


Brett says he would whip Tyler's a** at eating. Tyler says he probably would if it was 1lb of ground meat. Angela bows out, saying she is not hoping for mad cow or salmonella.


Brett: you don't know what you are missing, it is great fun. You just add ranch to it. Just grab a handful of ground beef, dip your hand in ranch dressing......


Brett tells a story, he is standing, playing with Sam's home made bean bag sock. ( I am motioning him to sit but he hasn't seen me yet, ;) ) The story is about his first all-night er, he says he partied all night before he left for college, and his mother had to move him into his dorm without his help. He says he felt so guilty when she cried that he wanted to go back home with home, he calls his mother a wonderful woman.


Kaycee comes into the room, she sits immediately, says she is regenerated. Brett is still pacing. They all express their love for one another, Brett says he feels like the younger brother.


(I think JC's plan for Brett to do this might be 86ed for tonight, but I will wait it out for you, I can sleep tomorrow)


camera 3 switches to JC in the kitchen, he is in front of the camera, he is complaining that Sam takes 4 hours in the shower. He goes in and finds Faysal in the warm shower, he is happy Sam hasn't gone in yet.


Faysal says JC's chance to play in the veto is 3/5, JC says that is 60%. and JC tells Faysal he hopes he wins so he can throw it in Faysal's face. JC says Faysal has a good chance to win a physical comptetion, that 3 steps for Faysal is 20 for the other house guests.


Faysal: what are they saying upstairs.

JC: says I dont talk to them, they only said “what do you think the veto will be, and they are scared you might win it.

Faysal laughs

JC: at least she is letting you play for your veto.

Faysal: well I probably would have played in the veto anyway, I probably play better off the block, I don't know because I have never been on the block. I will probably tell them to vote me off, I want out of this f**ng house..

JC: I don't want you to leave, just play for the veto and shut up, I don't even want to talk about it. I don't think it will be anything physical, last week was physical. The week before was physical.

Faysal: maybe it's the days.

JC: I don't know, I am tired of speculating.


Faysal motions him to the shower door,

Faysal: I was talking to Haleigh about it, the first four in jury will be Baleigh, Rockstar, Scottie and Haleigh, and it won't matter what Angela does, she will not get those four votes.


They talk quietly, and JC says that Faysal needs to win tomorrow, Faysal says if he stays and wins, he will tell the house that he will talk to them, then kick Angela out of his room.

JC: if you leave and I stay here it ruins my game, you b**tch. I am not going to hang out with you this week.

Faysal: if you win, will you take me off

JC: I could

Faysal: that's a f**cked up answer

JC: depends on what you are doing for me.

Faysal: if you don't......


they talk a little more and Faysal says: They are taking you out next week anyways, or if Haleigh stays...

JC: let's just look at tomorrow for the veto, I am on slop.....you shouldn't have put me on the slop...


JC tells him to separate himself from Haleigh, that their stuff is together, they are in the same room.......


JC: just do what I tell you.


Camera 3 10:27pm


Tyler is still pacing up in the HOH, he is still telling stories. (so far he has gone for almost a half hour), Kaycee is still settled in, Tyler hasn't moved. Brett continues telling stories about meeting famous people, he says they will not remember him, but he will always remember them. Now he goes to his 21st birthday, when his dad showed up with champagne, it sounds like a great night, (Tyler already knows the story, and his helping him speed through it...)


camera 3 moves back to bathroom area 10:31pm


JC asks how Haleigh is taking it.

Faysal: it is what it is, it's a game. I have been here for 66 days.

JC: Tyler and Sam will vote for you

Faysal: I don't care about the vote.

JC: I can't keep you in the house??


camera 3 moves back to the HOH room 10:32pm


Brett continues, now talking about a house that seemed big, but wasn't. Tyler is “um hummming”, Brett is rambling. On and on and on.....


camera 3 moves back to the bathroom area 10:33pm


JC is still talking to Faysal, he is upset about the cold showers. JC tells Faysal that the saddest thing about Faysal leaving is: “If I make HOH next week, I can't make you a have not because you will not be here”


Faysal says next week he will win the HOH. JC says those competitions are pure luck, competitor is secondary, and he goes toward the shower stall while Faysal goes to change his microphone.

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BB Time 10:37pm


all cameras are on Faysal, who is in the geometry room, it looks like he is about to have his praying time, his pillow is ready, he bows once, then kneels, stands and prays once again, kneels one more and touches his head to the ground, he bows his head, stands, and touches his head to the ground once more. Faysal is now sitting quietly with his hands folded, He continues to pray with his face covered with his hands.


Faysal has completed his prayer and leaves the room.


(this is very solemn, and I am glad BB allowed us to share such a private time with Faysal)



Meanwhile, in the HOH Brett is still telling a story to the “trapped trio”......


Tyler leaves the HOH, (one down). Brett has now taken a seat while he continues to force a conversation with the girls. Tyler is in the bathroom area, we can hear him laughing as he leaves the room for the

. (if JC is in there, he didn't see him)

On camera 1 and 2 we see Tyler in the kitchen making a bowl of slop in the microwave.


Meanwhile, in the HOH, Brett says::”Did I tell you about the time......”


All cameras go to the kitchen, JC is in the background, he tells Tyler he was in the bathroom. Tyler says he was about to knock, he says he always does.


Tyler is seasoning his slop, stirring it around, and then heads to the bathroom area.


Cameras show Faysal alone in the pink bedroom, JC brushing his teeth, Tyler washing his hands.





Brett tales continue



Tyler and JC talking at the bathroom sink


JC asks Tyler what if Sam plays the veto and wins and Faysal gets into her head. JC says he doesn't want to go to bed.


Tyler mentions going to bed, tells JC not to worry. JC says if Faysal stays he may be able to keep Tyler safe from him, since Faysal mentioned liking Tyler. JC tells him they could use that.


Tyler: I am in a weird spot with Angela, I can't go against her.

JC: That's cool.....(can't hear it all)..


Tyler is back in the kitchen to finish his slop. Sam comes in, tells Tyler she is going for her shower. Tyler tells her he mixed some of the slop she made and put into the freezer into his bowl. (No, he did not).


Sam: that's good. Compromise


camera moves to bathroom area, Haleigh is taking off her make up, JC is preparing for his shave, Sam walks by on her way to the shower.


In the HOH, (you guessed it!!!) Brett still has his audience captured!!


'Kaycee is talking about relationships in the game.


BB calls Angela to the DR.


Neither Brett nor Kaycee make a move to leave when she does, Brett has now moved to the lower corner of the HOH bed.


Kaycee says her body acts different than usual in the BB house, Brett says he has learned a lot about himself. Kaycee says she forgets the cameras. Angela walks out of the room, neither of them acknowledge her.


Brett and Kaycee are laughing about losing their thoughts in speeches,


Brett: divert to plan B! Rock Star's a f**ng liar!!!!


Brett says he does not want to see that episode. Angela returns for the HOH key. (a hint??), then leaves immediately but says nothing.


Brett is laughing about planning his speech, then when they went live, he messed up badly. He says he was trying to be light-hear ted then drop the bomb. He thinks his second speech went better.


Kaycee wonders if hers was impressive, it was her way of letting Sam know there was an all girls alliance that did not include her. She says she was nervous. Kaycee says people look forward to his speeches,


Brett laughs because he set his standard high, now he has to keep it up, a “please keep me” speech.


Kaycee says being live, and being you it is crazy and mind blowing.


Brett says the only real difference is that they say “We're live”, we are the same people talking to our friends, and ….he adds that it gets easier, and is more tuned up now.




camera leaves the HOH, Brett and Kaycee are still there out waiting each other.


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BB Time 11:14pmj


Faysal and Haleigh are in separate beds in the pink bedroom. Faysal is trying to get attention from Haleigh, she claims she is tired.


Haleigh: New Flash! I am always tired.

Faysal: Is this going to be a problem

Haleigh: what??

Faysal: never mind.


Faysal to BB: Can you turn off the lights? We are on the block.


Lights go out'

Haleigh: Thank You



Camera 3 and 4 are in bathroom where JC and Sam are talking.


Camera 1 and 2 go to HOH room.


Can we guess who is there??? yes! Kaycee and Brett!!


Brett says it doesn't matter who wins HOH, the votes are there to evict Faysal.


They agree that Brett has Sam and JC's votes to stay, but that should make no difference. (Brett just had a conversation with JC and they were plotting to keep Faysal)


Brett has moved to the sofa, he is laying on his tummy while he talks to Kaycee about whether or not they will have guests for the competitions. They talk about the numbers being reduced, he wants to be in the final 5 so he can play a “Drake” song. They are talking about the luck of the group coming together in the game.


Camera 1 moves to dark pink bedroom



Haleigh is telling Faysal to stop apologizing, he tells her that she is all he cares about in this game. Haleigh tells him that he needs to care about the game more.


Faysal: what am I waiting for?

Haleigh: a kiss?


She gives him a smooch.

Haleigh: now go to sleep.

Faysal: are you my parent

Haleigh: someone's gotta be.


Camera 3 and 4 are in the have not room


JC and Tyler are talking.


Tyler: I always have bees in my head.


Cameras 1 and 2 go back to the HOH 11:27pm


Brett and Kaycee still there.


Cameras 1 and two go back to have not room 11:27pm


Tyler: 24 more hours and we get to eat.

JC: yeah.


Lights are on, but they seem settled in.


Camera 1 and 2 go back to HOH


Kaycee is yawning, Brett is talking.


Kaycee has no idea how being on BB will change her life.


Angela comes back into the room 11:29pm


Brett wonders who he will see when he first gets out of the house, he knows his mother will cry, Kaycee says hers too, but her dad will be laughing. Brett is worried about how they are being portrayed, he is terrified to turn on his phone. Kaycee says it will be hard to tell her friends what it is really like in the house. Brett says the live feeders know everything and are documenting it..

(yes! We do! And we are!)


Angela hopes people are not making horrible things out of the house.


Angela: Anything that is said cannot be as bad as what comes out of JC's mouth.--She says she stays away from things that can be perceived political, etc., she avoids.


Angela says there will be opportunities and damage control, Brett says if it is overwhelming they should hire a PR person.


Brett tells them that Kaitlyn told him there will be a bunch of metaphysical world who will be angry at him.


Angela says after the veto, they should have no food or water until before dinner, then the four of them will have the wine. She wants to have their own party up there, but that would cause division.


Kaycee: lock the door and sh*t.

Angela: lock the door!


Angela does not want to share with those who did not share, she mentions Haleigh and Faysal, they did not get a drop. Brett says Haleigh drank a whole bottle herself, and that Haleigh and JC shared Faysal's. Sam shared hers with Baleigh.


Kaycee says from here on out, they need to have fun, this experience will never come back. Their relationships will go on forever.


Angela says they were having so much fun with the BB wine, and she was thinking “God d*****it, I have to put two of these people up.


Kaycee goes to the loo, looks like she is not motivated to leave.


Brett is mad at himself for not going for the 5k, and he says Scottie went out with a trip to Greece and 5k.


Brett: maybe there will be a battle back.


Kaycee comes back (she washed her hands, I heard her), she mentions the “finish the sentence”, the “mixed faces”, and “comic book” competition.


Brett wonders about the superhero video one, where you remember what they are wearing, tattoos,


Angela wonders if it could be the quick change artist one...Kaycee remembers.


Kaycee says it could be the “counting one”, where you compare the number of gumballs are in containers, or nails, or cereal.


Brett: I wonder if they have an exact count.

Brett: Angela, who is the first person you will see when you get out of here.

Angela: my dad, my mom and my brother.

Brett: whats the first thing you will say

Angela: is everything okay


Brett mentions moving to a ranch and being a farm hand. Kaycee says they should all go.


Angela puts it in perspective, she says they are all there, they have nothing, they barely have clothes, Kaycee adds they go outside three days a week, Angela agrees and says after this we can do anything.


The are planning to take one year and travel, Amanda says they should put their stuff in storage, Brett says he has nothing anyway. They decide to go to a hot place and work as pool boys, bartenders to survive. He says they could go to a ski resort, Angela says they would fire them.


Kaycee wants to go explore with JC in other countries, Brett says even if expenses are covered, Angela says if the food and lodging is paid for she is for it.


They talk about BB Canada, the money is less, and they are more “savage” on one another, they only win 70k. Kaycee thinks the show originated in the Netherlands. Brett says they have a bigger pool to select from in United States, he assumed that about 10 million people are watching them.


Angela says as the episodes go on, they are on more.


Kaycee: after you watch them, you feel you know them.


Brett mentions a body builder that had videos, and when he saw him in the gym, he felt like he knew him. He says the guy did not know him at all. Brett also mentions Josh, Paul and Alex.


Angela says it is much different than other celebrities, it feels more familiar.


Brett says that is why fans are passionate.


Angela is worried about how she is being portrayed, she thinks America thinks she is a cold hearted b***ch. (She is not, I don't think for the most part. From what I see she is a well behaved appropriate young lady—Grannysue)


Conversation moves on to whether or not marriage is what they want. Angela says she does not want to be in a relationship at all, it ties you down. She says there will be a window of opportunities when they get out of the house and it is silly to allow a relationship to interfere. Angela wonders if there is a douche company that needs a sponsor....Kaycee is laughing.


They are making fun of JC, saying “this product works really lot”, however the topic had changed to anal leakage (no idea, just repeating what they say)..


(The have not room is dark, we see JC all cuddled in his saucer, he looks so sweet in there. I knew he was not always a handful, he is precious during sleep)


Brett has decided to be mobile, he might buy an RV that you hook to the back of a truck. Kaycee tells them to come to Arizona. Angela goes for a snack, Brett says it looks like horse food. (Fiber One, I think).


Kaycee: Fess is going home this week. I am just putting it out there. Sam is not going to win veto, Fess is going home this week.


Angela is agreeing in the background.


Brett: says he likes the idea of Haleigh going out, but Sam and JC also want her out, so the target remains.


Angela: Haleigh is better at competitions, Sam doesn't know the game that well.

Brett: as much as I hate to throw this to the atmosphere, there is another choice coming.

Kaycee: there is another twist.

Angela.......Baleigh and Rock Star out

Brett: yeah youv'e done good. I love JC, I f***ng love JC. He hung out with Rachel a lot and I avoided Rachel a lot.

Kaycee: you guys are cute together.

Brett: on the outside we would never have been friends, he doesn't have straight friends, he used too.........he is a f***ng riot. I have never been around a gay guy like JC.

Kaycee: did you ever have any gay girls as friends.

Brett: I had one friend who was gay in high school, he graduated, came out and dropped off the face of the earth.

Kaycee: there are a lot of gay guys like him (JC). People expect them to be flamboyant, some guys are like you, no one would ever suspect it. (not that you are gay).

Brett: yeah I know. And his logic is so sound, English is his second language, and we make fun of him....but he learned to speak English in 6 months. Brett says he could never do it. JC is very very smart.

Kaycee: yeah he is, he is so funny dude.

Brett: it is incredible to me that his family doesn't....Angela interrupts....have any idea he is gay.


Cameras to to living room, 12:07 am

Tyler is leaving the DR, back to his saucer bed. JC is still sleeping like an angel. He must talk in his sleep, I hear him say, “mama, mama”


Camera 1 and 2 go back to HOH.


Tyler returns to the HOH, he says he was sleeping and got called to the DR. He says he could hear them screaming. Tyler goes to the HOH bed and flops down by Angela.
































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