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Thursday, August 23, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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2:48 pm BBT.  Kaycee is out of the shower now.  Sam, Faysal and Brett still in the WA too.  They talk about Frankie and Ariana Grande.  Faysal asks what Zach was good at?  Just social?   Kaycee says and being crazy.  


JC, Haleigh and Tyler in the BBR.  

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2:51 pm BBT.  In the WA, Brett asks Faysal if he has any tats?  He says it’s against his religion but if it wasn’t he would get some.  Kaycee says it’s against her family’s religion too.  She says they are mormon.  She says u aren’t supposed to drink caffeine or shop on Sunday.  

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2:52 pm BBT.  JC is in the WA saying he doesn’t know what to wear.  Faysal says I thought one time u were just going to do a speedo?  He says do a speedo and boots.  JC says if u do a speedo (to Brett) then I’ll do one.  Brett says how will I do a speedo, I don’t jabe one.   He says do u remember when I tried to put on your speedo.  Faysal says he wouldn’t want to poke someone in the eye.  Brett says maybe he will.  Brett says he couldn’t believe BB let him wear instagranny little shorts to run out there while they were filming bcuz if he wasn’t wearing something underneath then balls would show.  Brett says he has a very nice normal sized teeny weenie.  

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3:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Tyler and Scottie in the KT doing the dishes. Feeds 3 and 4 are Haleigh, Angela, Brett and JC talking about how the rooms were decorated in previous seasons. 


3:08 PM BBT In the KT, Scottie is saying that he keeps trying to apologize to Haleigh. She keeps saying that he has nothing to apologize for. But, he feels that he does. Scottie tells him that if he stays he will target Fessy. At some point they have to play the competition with the days. It is physical too. He knows every single one of those dates like the back of his hand. He will win it and then walk to the final 3. Tyler says that it will be much harder to get him without Scottie there. 


3:15 PM BBT Scottie has told Tyler about the possibility of a double eviction. It should happen either this week or next. Meanwhile the others are in the BBR and talking about former seasons and BB cast. 


3:20 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Sam helping crunch Tyler's hair in the WA. Feeds 3 and 4 focus on Brett and JC in the BBR. Brett tells him that everyone has had a chubby stage. JC says not him, he used to be skinny. 


3:22 PM BBT Feeds switch to reruns.

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4:41 PM BBT The feeds are still down in preparation for the live show.

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8PM - Pay for live feeds...watch reruns. BB is keeping this HOH comp to themselves lol

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@RealVegas4sure (Twitter production source)
They did a false start for the ep but reset and some hgs didn't even move because they were told it wasn't beginning until they get all the rules and questions answered. So yes that was just for TV."

"Being controlled by someone who is refusing to flip them on despite the fact both CBS marketing and CBS BB social team asked them to turn it on. I wouldn't blame people cancelling feeds in all honesty. This was supposed to make up for last week."

"HOH UPDATE: Prop broke. Competition is on pause as it is being fixed. Angela is/was in the lead though. It'll resume from where ever they left off so she will remain in lead when it starts back."


"Props broken AGAIN. Disssgussstting!!!"


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@RealVegas4sure (Twitter production source)
And another lollipop has broken. Third time for broken lollipops. The comp IMO is not effective because part of it is speed and the frantic element. They are getting to rest now as things are fixed. I am sure the HGs will talk about the disaster this is."

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8:57PM BBT The feeds are back and Angela is wearing the HOH key around her neck.

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8:59PM – Haleigh, Angela, JC & Brett in the kitchen talking about how much fun the comp was, being able to play in a ball pit. Angela saying it was luck. They all say Scottie would have won that if he stayed.

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9PM – JC, Haleigh, Brett, KC and Brett in the kitchen talking about production yelling at them to not hurt themselves during the HOH comp. They all thought it was going to be a double eviction. They think next week is double eviction for sure. They think it’s the last week of have nots. JC says they must be coming up with a twist. Haleigh agrees.

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9:10PM – Haleigh & Fessy in the pink room
Fessy says Angela is going to put Sam and a pawn up. He says it’s better to have two good people on your side moving forward. Haleigh asks why they weren’t celebrating with them then. Fessy says Angela isn’t dumb and what is Brett going to offer her in this game and answers himself by saying nothing. Fessy says she’ll have to put up Sam and JC and see what happens with the veto. Haleigh says she doesn’t think she’ll put up JC. Fessy says he thinks she will. Haleigh says she thinks she’s going up. Fessy says that would be so stupid. Haleigh says she’s her target, not Sam. Fessy says, why would you say that?! Haleigh says, I put her up. Fessy says, “who cares, we squashed that, I made a final four with them” [Oh Fessy… (sigh) -SCRTsqrl] Haleigh brings up that the people celebrating were Angela, Brett, KC and Tyler. She points out that when Bayleigh won, they celebrated because they were with her and knew they wouldn’t be put up. Fessy reassures her “we just made this deal” and tells Haleigh to calm down. Fessy says she’s not going to do that, she’s smarter than that and Haleigh says, no she’s not. She explains it’s not a dumb move to put her up, the only person who would be mad about that is Fessy. Fessy says, “But she’s good with me now” KC walks in and conversation ends.

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BB Time 9:02pm




The competition is over, Angela has won the HOH this week.


House guests are in the kitchen, they are discussing the fish, and how it smells, some of them are concerned about the fish.

Brett decides to toss it. (fresh fish: if you can smell it please don't eat it).


They say no one was hurt, and they had fun. Angela called it a Willy Wonka competition, she also things there is a twist and it will be something reveal.


Angela is making slop ,probably the cupcakes again.


Kaycee is sitting at the table, watching and laughing.


Haleigh is sitting at the counter, her hair is completely messed up, she decides to go take a shower...


Brett is making something he that needs added Parmesan cheese. He shakes the plastic jar the cheese is in, and it rains Parmesan cheese.


Angela: Brett you are not allowed in the kitchen!

Brettt: I got it, will take care of it.


JC: is singing “cheesy dancer” for a few seconds, BB ignores him.


While Brett is cleaning up his “oops”, he says “lice!” everyone ignores him.


Sam comes in and wonders what is on the floor, she already has the broom, Brett tells her it is cheese, she thought it was bread crumbs. Sam says when she shook the puppy chow the lid popped, and Tyler cried. Sounds like Tyler is in the background, and Sam says well he didn't really cry.


Sam says she was stuffing tokens into her shirt, she was going to wait until the last five minutes. She wanted to get as many turns at making the shot as possible, it was harder than it looked, and was mostly luck. She had decided to dole out the tickets out in line.


Angela says t was a good idea, Sam laughs and says she did something that made sense. Brett also says it's a good idea.


JC is in the corner half humming, half singing. We get FISH for a few seconds.


Cams come back and the house guests are still cooking and talking.


Faysal walks into the kitchen area, Angela is at the counter putting her slop cookies on a baking sheet, we can see JC sitting on the bench at the back of the room.


Tyler said Scottie got a loud cheers, JC says when Tyler picked him up he was yellling “ahhhhhhhh”.


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9:01PM BBT In the KT, the HG (except Tyler who is in the shower and Sam who is in the WC) snack and talk about what a fun comp it was.


9:07PM BBT The HG talk about that Julie said it was the first unanimous vote this season. They chat about cleaning up the balls from the comp (they didn't have to).


 9:16PM BBT In the SR, Tyler walks in while Kaycee is putting away plastic bags. They hug and celebrate that they  are not going on the block next week.


9:23PM BBT Kaycee and Angela talk in the BBR. They whisper about putting up Sam (can't tell if it's a story or truth.. Angela tells Kaycee that Hayleigh saw them celebrating. Tyler and JC come in and the topic changes to how fun the game was.


9:35PM BBT KAycee, JC, Fessy and Hayleigh in the BBR discussing if Scottie did the hinky votes. Kaycee says she is pretty sure he did the Kaitlyn vote.

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9:40 PM BBT Hayleigh and Fessy still talking about Scottie and Fessy still believes he is some great game player. [Clueless]

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9:43PM BBT The HG are eating in the KT. Fessy says he wonders what Bayleigh and Rockstar will say when they see Scottie walk in. He says they will ask him who voted him out. JC says that is if they are not in sequester due to battle back. Fessy says no, they are all together and they can talk if they want.


9:57PM BBT All of the HG are in the KT. Tyler says this is the entire house. The HG talk about how weird it is.

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Camera 3



Angela and Kaycee are talking about the HOH plan, Angela is making quite a lot of bumping noises, it is hard to hear what Kaycee is whispering to her. She is packing her things for the HOH, tells Angela and Tyler she is leaving them. JC laughs in the background.


Angela finds some jeans, no one knows who they belong to.


JC: There will be two nights for you, Haleigh and Faysal –says to Tyler.

Kaycee: Second HOH, like a boss.

Tyler: only double.


Tyler says he has 3 vetos and an hoh.


They realize that while there are have nots, everyone will have their own bed.


Tyler says the comp was fun, Haleigh agrees but says it was frustrating. JC hums, we get FISH for a few seconds.


JC: Thank you for reminding me Bobs.


Angela continues to get her things ready, she plans to have one of the boys do the manual labor.


JC comments he doesn't want to go into the kitchen while Brett is cooking.


Faysal comes into the room: to Angela: Easy breezy Cover Girl?.......no answer.


Kaycee talks about her restaurant idea, she plans to add a ball pit to her list of things she wants to put in it, she says she also wants a hot tub and a hookah lounge. She wants to add table sports to it, and some bar areas.


JC has the pelican from the pool he is pinching it's beak while he talks to them, he says when Brett started screaming he (JC) thought Brett won. He tells them Haleigh's closet is empty now.


Faysal comes back into the room, he says he is glad he didn't compete n that competition, he says he wants to do a different kind of ball search competition.


JC says Sam gave him a stack of tokens.


They are talking about the unanimous vote tonight, and that Scottie did not vote. They think they have figured out the odd vote culprit.


Haleigh: He told me he would see me in the battle back.


Kaycee says she is pretty sure he did the Kaitlyn vote because he behaved oddly when it was discussed. She tells that he would insert random comments.


JC says during the Rock Star vote Scottie was fidgety.


Faysal said he was throwing people under the bus and seemed to be out of control.


They all agree that Scottie left with class


Faysal goes to find his hat from the competition. Kaycee thinks BB will give everyone a box of stuff at the end. Haleigh hopes for her Hamlet dress.




Brett's fish and beans is ready, he says he cooked it all so I would not go bad. Scottie is eating a slop cookie, they look a little like oatmeal cookies. He encourages Tyler to share them with him.


Brett tells them to be careful with the fish, Halibut has more bones.


They are saying a poem about eating beans (which are with the fish)


Kaycee gets it right:

Beans Beans a magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot

The more you toot, the better you feel

So eat your beans at every meal.



The girls are reciting song titles.


They guys are wondering how Baleigh and Rock Star will react when they see Scottie has been evicted. JC says they are together, and have probably talked together about the game, and may get information from Scottie.


All cameras are on the kitchen area.


Brett keeps repeating that the fish has many bones while the others talk about the difficulty of getting the ball in the correct slot during the competition.


Kaycee wonders if Angela's letter will be from her best friend, she says her mom picks “the worst” pictures. Kaycee says “you will get more sushi.” Angela says she hopes for healthy food, when she says her Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal was crushed, Kaycee says they can make muffins with it.


Haleigh: What if you get more hoodies?


Angela: maybe I will get a jar of sand, and a bottle of beach water.


Kaycee is talking about some kind of beach equipment, Tyler is saying “um humm” “um hmmmm”


Tyler: She (Angela) was going to says she was a life guard, and then when I said it everyone would say that kid's lyin.”

Brett: and you two don't know each other.

Kaycee: and you both live in Hilton Head, you are both life guards and you don't know each other.

Brett: you would have to change it real quick to “water slide attendant”


Tyler looks around: This is the whole house you guys. The whole house.


Someone is looking in the refrigerator, there is food in there since Rock Star was in the house, some unidentified spaghetti, and pineapple Tyler cut up two weeks ago.


They are looking at the photo wall and talk about how much people have changed.


Haleigh I gave Brett a 9.

Faysal is watching..

Haleigh says she gives JC a 9 too, he is very attractive.


JC: (to Brett I gave you a 8 ½ , and Fess a solid 4. He goes on to give numbers to other male house guests. JC says Kaitlyn was not attractive, then Rock Star then Baleigh, then (he blushes) then I can't say that one. He puts Haleigh in the top two.


Faysal tells JC his fans like him because he says honest things


JC says that Baleigh was very rude to him, someone mentions the chip incident, JC says he would never treat anyone different in the house.




Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are in the bedroom. Brett comes into the room.


They were trying to talk about nominations, but Haleigh comes in and complains about Sam.


Brett tell them that JC says he is the hottest guy in the house, then he leaves.


Haleigh adds that he called Baleigh the least attractive person who ever walked into the house.


The girls are smelling fish on their hands.


Faysal comes in and Haleigh complains about Sam again. Faysal reacts, says something but it is not loud enough to hear, but it comes with a shrug.


All the house guests, with the exception of Sam are now in the room.


They are talking about things that are not okay in any parlor in the country, if you want to hear it, you will find it on camera 3, 8:00pm. Everything from body functions of dancers, and bridesmaids who “mess” the dress.


Someone says: No one has kids here, right.

Kaycee: I have one

Angela: Tyler has two

Faysal: I have one on the way.


They wonder if anyone has had a BB brother pregnancy. It seems they use the condoms as ammunition. They are talking about people who have had children later, they mention Rachel (forgot Jordan).


Angela calls the geometry room the “cry room” and the DR is not okay to use. JC says that would portray weakness, they tease him for saying that. He says he means fake crying. JC says Josh cried all the time, then would wipe his tears and be fine. Faysal tells about the “friendship' bracelets Paul gave out.


Haleigh calls the fact that during the first competition they separated themselves very close to how they came in the house.




Sam is in the storage room, it looks like she is cleaning out the fridge and freezer. She is wiping down the surfaces.

She hears the call for Angela to go to the DR, but she continues cleaning.


Sam: children, it's everywhere. She continues to clean.


Sam: so now it will be...trash out every night.


Camera moves to bathroom area.


Brett is talking to Kaycee, he says it feels good to be in this position. It will be a good week. He wonders what the twist will be.

Kaycee thinks maybe a battle back, but that doesn't seem right. She thinks if you have both, time would go over.

Brett: it will probably be the battle back, since Kaitlyn didn't come back in. a contingency. Brett says he didn't sleep last night.


Kaycee had a 35 on the board early, so she kept going and ended with a lower number.


They wonder who she will nominate, Brett thinks she isn't really solid. Brett wanders to the kitchen where Sam is cleaning up. He starts gathering items to rinse, and puts away a few things, then he leaves. Sam does not speak, nor does he.


Kaycee walks by.

Sam: Love you Kaycee.

Kaycee: Love you too...my sweet Sam


Sam put on the teapot, in the background there are open bottles of hot sauce and cups littering the large table. There is cooking oil still sitting on the counter. One counter is full of containers. Sam leaves to find the dish soap in the bathroom area, she comes back and begins mopping the floor under the table.


Sam: That's been bothering me anyways. (spot on the floor under the table?) She mops ear the counter, Faysal walks through as Sam takes the mop bucket to the shower to dump it down the drain. She rinses out the bucket and mop in the shower, and while she is rinsing the mop she gives the shower floor a few swipes. She refills the bucket


Sam: this is the same exact kind of bucket I had at work. Same thing...


She adds bleach to the water in the bucket and bleaches the shower floor.


Camera 3



Faysal comes in the room, yells HEY GUYS... TOP 8!!!


He has alcohol. House guests chase him to the kitchen. 2 beers and a bottle of wine. The have nots are not allowed to have the alcohol.


Tyler ask if have nots can have it. Haleigh is opening the wine, The house guests are extremely excited. There is some Cold beer, Kaycee is happy about that.


Angela comes out of the DR, they tell her they waited for her.


Brett drinks his in two gulps, The others are sipping their drinks a little slower. Faysal is not drinking (his faith prohibits)


Kaycee is complaining that Haleigh and JC drank a whole bottle of Faysal's without sharing.


JC: two beers for 8 people...


Angela asks Sam is she is okay.


Sam: I am have notting. No cigarettes, no food, no alcohol.


Spirits” are high, lots of laughing.


Faysal says “Imagine if there were 6 beers and 2 bottle of wine” and I hid it.


Faysal is called to the DR.

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BB Time 10:54pm


Faysal comes out of the DR


Faysal: they are mad at me.

Everyone says , “why?”

Faysal: For grabbing....FISH


feeds come back a few seconds later, everyone is hanging on the counter, laughing and talking. Kaycee tips the wine bottle looking for the last drop.


Brett: Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Someone says: Testicles

Brett: My grandpa sold them at his place, he never told anyone what they were until they ate them.


Talk moves to places that sell buckets of oysters. Brett says he rented a weekend house and they shucked oysters all weekend while they drank beer.


JC is counting the number of days Haleigh and Faysal were in the HOH, Haleigh has a “look” on her face, and JC says “OK, I am not saying any more...”


They are laughing about Baleigh sniffing Brett's burrito. Brett demonstrates, telling them that she shoved her nose into his burrito while it was in his hand. He says it was right after she freaked out on JC over the chips. Haleigh demonstrates the pita chips. She is JC, JC is Baleigh. When Haleigh reaches her hand toward the bag JC slams his hand on the bag. Haleigh screams and jumps back.


There is a lot of talking, laughing, hollering,


Brett mentions something he said to Scottie today, He says he didn't mean it that way. Brett said there were two pieces of chocolate covered bacon left today. Scottie was in the kitchen with him. Brett says he said: “You better eat it before you leave.”

He laughs but says he didn't mean it.


Faysal says he insulted Rock Star when he said 37 was old.


Brett says he feels complimented that Rock Star thought he was smart.


Faysal laughs about Rachel getting Baleigh to admit she had a power. He is laughing about Rock Star counting votes to stay.


Brett says he thought Rock Star was going to smack him, and he thought Rachel was going to smack him on live television.


It is impossible to follow this conversation completely, but it is a really fun one. If you go to about 10:54pm camera three, you will see it begin a few minutes later.


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11:00PM BBT: All of the HGs are laughing and joking around in the KT. Angela has said she doesn't want any one on ones tonight, so they're all just enjoying the wine and the conversation. 

11:11PM BBT: All of the HGs make wishes at 11:11, they continue to joke around and have a good time. 

11:30PM BBT: Most of the HGs are still telling stories in the KT. Tyler and Sam are in the WA. Tyler says they're "almost done." Tyler rejoins the group in the KT. 

12:00AM BBT: Angela takes her stuff upstairs and sets it outside the HOHR for later before she rejoins the group in the KT.

12:06AM BBT: Angela and Haleigh go into the BBR while everyone else continues to talk in the KT. Haleigh wants to know who Angela is going to put up, she assumes Angela is going to put up Sam and offers to go up next to her. 

12:08AM BBT: Angela says she doesn't know and she doesn't want to mess with the "comaraderie" of the house tonight. She throws out potentially putting Brett up. Angela says she's not doing one on ones tonight and they'll talk tomorrow.

12:09AM BBT: Heleigh says she doesn't want Angela to put up her, Faysal, or Tyler. BB asks Haleigh to exchange mikes, Haleigh goes to the SR and mouths off to BB for interrupting her conversation. Faysal joins her in the SR and they kiss. 

12:10AM BBT: Haleigh is upset Angela might put her up as a pawn next to Sam, even though Haleigh suggested it to Angela. Faysal doesn't understand why she's not putting JC up. Faysal says he's going to talk to her. 

12:13AM BBT: Sam gets out of the shower in the WA, the other HGs are joking around in the KT again. 

12:26AM BBT: Angela gets up to go to the BBR, Haleigh and Faysal both join her in the BBR. Haleigh leaves to get chocolate. Faysal asks Angela what she's going to do. Faysal tells Angela not to put up Haleigh as a pawn. He says there's "no point in putting her up."

12:28AM BBT: Faysal tells Angela the smartest thing for her to do is to not put up him or Haleigh. Angela just says, "yeah," over and over again before saying she needs to talk to everyone first. 

12:29AM BBT: Tyler and Haleigh join Angela and Faysal in the BBR. Faysal keeps reminding Angela that he wouldn't put her or Tyler up on the block. 

12:34AM BBT: Haleigh and Faysal keep talking to Angela about who she's going to put up on the block, even though Angela doesn't really respond to any of their suggestions and has already said she doen't want to talk about it tonight. 

12:37AM BBT: Faysal leaves the BBR and Haleigh tells Angela not to let Faysal get into her head and to just do what she [Angela] needs to do. 

12:47AM BBT: JC, Tyler, Faysal, and Haleigh are in the BBR. JC says he really wanted to win HOH this week. Faysal tells him he did a good job. 

12:53AM BBT: JC says he's tired and his back hurts. Angela comes out of the DR and says, "who wants to see my HOH room?!" Everyone runs upstairs with her. 

12:55AM BBT: Angela and the rest of the HGs enter the HOHR. They crowd around to look at her photos and the basket of goodies. Sam tells Angela she has to listen to a few of her songs. Angela's letter is from her best friend.



1:00AM BBT: Angela and the HGs go through her goody basket for several minutes. 

1:12AM BBT: The HGs enjoy things from Angela's basket. Tyler paints Faysal's nails with some of the nailpolish Angela got. Angela has a pink HOH robe and wonders if she gets to keep it. 



1:13AM BBT: Tyler wants to know if Angela is going to open her wine, she says she thinks she might save it.  

1:22AM BBT: The HGs put on some of Angela's temporary tattoos and enjoy her room. Sam has since returned tot he havenot room to start getting ready for bed. 

1:27AM BBT: Everyone leaves the HOHR except for Haleigh and Angela. Angela tells Haleigh she will talk to her in the morning. They hug and Haleigh says she will be "eagerly awaiting the convo."

1:28AM BBT: Haleigh starts to leave the HOHR but then comes back, she wants to clarify what she was saying to Angela earlier in the BBR. She says she wants Angela to know that she can trust her. 

1:29AM BBT: Haleigh leaves after a hug. Angela says she's hungry and goes through the things in her refrigerator. She opens up the sushi and eats while watching the feeds. 

1:30AM BBT: Tyler, Kaycee, and JC are in the BBR. JC is a upset about a comment Haleigh made about him not staying up in the HOHR.

1:39AM BBT: Faysal and Haleigh are in the WA, Haleigh is putting a mask on. Haleigh says she doesn't appreciate the way Faysal spoke to her in Tyler. She says Faysal is coming across as if everyone owes him something.

1:40AM BBT: Faysal scoffs and walks around the room, Haleigh asks him if he acts like this in real life. She tells him this isn't going in a good direction. 

1:41AM BBT: Faysal asks Haleigh if she wants to talk. Haleigh says no, because he hurt her feelings. Faysal asks "when?" Haleigh says earlier and Faysal asks if she wants to talk. Haleigh says no, that all Faysal wants to do is fight with her.

1:42AM BBT: Faysal and Haleigh argue about who as an attitude. There's a lot of "are you kidding mes" being thrown around. 

1:43AM BBT: Faysal puts on a mask while Haleigh tells Faysal she doesn't like how JC interrupts conversations. 

1:46AM BBT: Faysal says Angela trusts him, Haleigh doesn't say anything. Faysal says the smart thing to do is put up someone who won't win the veto next to Sam so Angela doesn't have more blood on her hands. 

1:47AM BBT: Haleigh says she's not a pawn, so if Angela puts Haleigh up, she is her target. Faysal says he wants this week to go as smoothly as his HOH week did. 

1:48AM BBT: Faysal calls Sam, Haleigh. He says "when Haleigh goes home" and then quickly corrects himself to say "Sam." Faysal doesn't know why Angela wouldn't want to make him and Haleigh happy. 

1:55AM BBT: JC, Brett, and Kaycee are whispering in the BBR. They talk about how crazy it was that Scottie went home last week when Faysal was HOH. 

1:55AM BBT: Haleigh tells Faysal in the WA that she wants Sam gone so bad. She says Sam is crazy and she "f*****g can't wait" to see Sam's face when she goes home. She keeps saying that Sam is "f*****g crazy." 

1:56AM BBT: Haleigh says if she's on the block next to Sam, Sam won't be the one to go home. Faysal tells Haleigh that's not going to happen. 

1:57AM BBT: Faysal says they need to make sure Sam goes home and Angela needs to put up someone next to Sam they know for sure would stay. Faysal says if this week goes smooth, Angela will make top six. 

1:58AM BBT: "If Sam goes home this week, I look like a f*****g genius," Faysal tells Haleigh in the WA before laughing. 

2:02AM BBT: Faysal just keeps repeating the same argument he's had all night on why Angela shouldn't put Haleigh up and why Sam should go home. Occasionally Haleigh will say something about not wanting to go up, or make a comment on why Angela might put her up.

2:03AM BBT: Faysal implies that Angela owes him for not putting her up on the block twice. JC walks in. 

2:05AM BBT: Tyler, Brett, and Kaycee are in the BBR. JC walks in and tells them Haleigh and Faysal are in the WA. He says they're convinced Sam is going home. They laugh. JC says "they're really freaking out."

2:08AM BBT: Tyler goes upstairs to the HOHR. He tells Angela that Faysal and Haleigh are "freaking out down there." He gets into bed with her and they cuddle. Angela says, "good." 

2:09AM BBT: Angela says it was intense because Haleigh and Faysal both came and talked to her in the BBR. 

2:10AM BBT: Angela says she doesn't know what to do, that it would be so easy to send Sam home. Angela says she doesn't want to do anything that would benefit Brett when he hasn't done anything to save her. 

2:11AM BBT: Tyler says if they do honor this thing with Haleigh and Faysal, they would probably honor it back. Angela says she doesn't want to look stupid and not take a shot at them when they have it. 

2:12AM BBT: Angela says she's thinking about putting Haleigh and Sam up and then backdooring Faysal. She says they have to do damage control with Sam, because she'll freak out. 

2:13AM BBT: Angela says she didn't want to win HOH. She wanted Kaycee to win. Angela asks Tyler to stay up in the HOHR with her. Angela says she "doesn't want Haleigh on her a** all week long." Angela says it's driving her nuts.

2:13AM BBT: Brett tells JC in the BBR that anytime he shows Haleigh or Angela attention, Sam gets "pissed."

2:14AM BBT: Haleigh joins JC and Brett in the BBR. They talk about dating, Haleigh asks if Brett is ready to date girls. JC says "well, he doesn't want to date horses."

2:17AM BBT: Angela says she wants Scottie to come back in the house and go after Faysal. Tyler said it would be easy to take Sam out now, because she doesn't want to be here. 

2:20AM BBT: Angela doesn't want to get a lot of blood on her hands this week. She says she wants an easy week and that Sam is the only one who would put her up. 

2:21AM BBT: Angela says Brett or Kaycee can get Haleigh or Faysal out next week. Tyler says he trusts Faysal, but he doesn't trust Haleigh. 

2:22AM BBT: Angela says Haleigh and Sam will go up, if Sam wins the veto, Faysal will go up with Haleigh.

2:24AM BBT: Angela tells Tyler that Brett wants Faysal out, but Faysal hasn't done anything to her. 

2:26AM BBT: Tyler brings up another point that if Rockstar or Bayleigh come back into the house, their agreement with Haleigh and Faysal goes out the window. 

2:27AM BBT: JC walks into the HOHR and tells Angela and Tyler he needs to use the restroom because Faysal is in the toilet and JC wants to go to bed. Angela asks JC what she should do. 

2:28AM BBT: JC says Sam gets on his nerves, but that she's not really a threat. He's worried that if Angela puts up Haleigh and Sam, Faysal will play and win veto and save him and Haleigh and then Angela will have to put someone from their side up. 

2:29AM BBT: Instead, JC suggests putting Faysal and Haleigh up on the block together. JC says Brett agrees with him. Tyler asks who JC would want out, JC says he's not saying anything  until the nominations are set.

2:30AM BBT: JC says Faysal and Haleigh won't have the votes to retaliate, even if one wins HOH next week. 

2:31AM BBT: Angela says Haleigh and Faysal came at her so "aggressively." JC tells them about the comment Haleigh made to him about not staying in the HOHR very long. 

2:33AM BBT: Angela says JC made a good point and asks him if he would be ok voting Faysal out. JC has a long answer, but basically says he has no problem voting Faysal out. 

2:40AM BBT: JC tells Angela not to be afraid and to be smart. He says they should send Faysal home, because Sam and Haleigh hate each other and they can go at each other next week. 

2:41AM BBT: Angela wants to know what happens if Faysal wins the veto and uses it on himself and wins HOH next week and puts her and Tyler up. JC says there's always risks. 

2:43AM BBT: JC says Brett was going to come up to the HOHR, but Haleigh locked him down in the BBR. Angela doesn't like that, she thinks it's a form of bullying. 

2:45AM BBT: Kaycee walks into the HOHR and JC leaves to go to sleep. 

2:47AM BBT: Angela tells Kaycee she's going back and forth with two options. Kaycee says Brett was going to come up to the HOHR too, but Haleigh basically has his head pinned down in the BBR. 

2:48AM BBT: Angela goes over the two options with Kaycee. Kaycee says Haleigh and Faysal are competitors and dangerous. 

2:49AM BBT: Tyler is concerned that Faysal and Haleigh won't hold up their end of the deal and not put them up next week if they win HOH next week. 

2:57AM BBT: Kaycee says Angela can remind Faysal and Haleigh it's just a game and they'll eventually get over it, if Angela puts them up. 

3:02AM BBT: Angela says she'll be happy when she can stop faking her relationships. Kaycee says Faysal and Haleigh will backdoor one of them if they win HOH next week. Angela says she needs to put them both up. 

3:04AM BBT: Kaycee says Faysal hasn't even been on the block yet. Kaycee says she could use that as a reason to put Faysal up. Tyler says that's what Rockstar said about Angela and Kaycee. 

3:13AM BBT: Brett joins Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela in the HOHR. Kaycee asks if Haleigh could pet Brett any longer. 

3:15AM BBT: Brett says Sam is driving him insane. He calls her a "f*****g b***h." He talks about Sam going off on him and talking to herself. 

3:21AM BBT: Angela goes over her options on what to do this week. Brett says Faysal is more of a threat, because Haleigh only won one comp. Brett says they need to get Faysal out now, because Faysal has Sam and JC wrapped around his finger. 

3:22AM BBT: Brett says to put Faysal and Sam up and if Faysal wins veto, to put Haleigh up. But Brett says again that Faysal has to go. It seems like Angela is leaning towards putting Faysal and Haleigh up together. 

3:25AM BBT: Brett says the best solution is to put them up together. It's the only way to not upset a lot of people in the house. Kaycee says they'll understand it's not personal, it's just a game. 

3:26AM BBT: Brett says he caught them talking in the SR earlier. Brett says JC is nervous. 

3:30AM BBT: The group in the HOHR talk about Sam liking Brett. 

3:34AM BBT: Kaycee leaves the HOHR. Brett, Tyler, and Angela joke around and laugh. They talk about when JC yells and swears. Brett says he'll try to talk to Sam, but he's convinced Sam hates him. 

3:36AM BBT: Tyler leaves the HOHR. Haleigh and Faysal are whispering in the PBR. Haleigh is worried Brett is working with Angela and Tyler. Faysal whispers back, but we can't hear him. 

3:41AM BBT: Brett and Angela talk about putting Haleigh and Faysal up. Brett says Angela shouldn't worry about putting Faysal up. He thinks she's making the right choice. 

3:54AM BBT: Brett tells Angela that Faysal thinks he's the puppet master. He calls Faysal a "dumba**." They think it's funny they were able to get Faysal to take out his own alliance member. 

3:55AM BBT: Brett tells Angela that Faysal told him that he was going to be the target last week. He says Faysal told Brett that he was going up next to a pawn. 

4:02AM BBT: Brett leaves the HOHR, he goes downstairs to the WA to take off his temporary tattoo. Everyone else appears to be asleep or going to bed. Brett stays up to drink tea. 

4:15AM BBT: The lights are off throughout the house, everyone is asleep, but there is quite a bit of tossing and turning. 

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