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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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8:00 PM BBT Fessy was last seen short while ago in HOH [using more hairspray than should be allowed.] 


8:05 PM BBT [roachie and I get rich when we establish monopoly on hairspray to BB House]


8:10 PM BBT Angela still playing with Tyler’s hair.  Sounds like they keep throwing out jr high sexual innuendos, asking what different things mean including wet dream. Someone brought up Arby’s, Scottie likes their curly fries, Tyler mentioned the roast beef and giggling ensued, must be another innuendo [i’m not Gonna check urban dict for it]

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8:07 pm BBT JC and Brett wonder what the first evicted houseguests are doing right now.  JC hopes Rachel got a good agent.


8:14 pm BBT Tyler and Angela are whispering in the BBR beds talking about scenarios.  They feel safe unless Sam wins HOH and puts them up.  Tyler tells her that she's beautiful and perfect and that's why he hates her.  Feeds go to fish.


8:17 pm BBT Brett and Scottie play with a hook and chain that are built into the KT table.  They are ducked under the table and try to swing the chain to hook it.






8:29 pm BBT Scottie tells KC in the KT that she should come to visit after the show, and how weird would it be to get a group together.



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BB Time 8:06pm


JC and Brett are in the kitchen, Scottie is wandering around the house, Angela is in the bedroom fooling with Tyler's hair.


And that's the big news folks!!



Scottie wanders into the kitchen where Brett and JC are half-halfheartedly going over days and times. It seems JC may not feel well, he has his head on his hand and is sipping a BB cup of water. Scottie snags a piece of chocolate covered bacon.


Brett is making fun of JC's accent, repeating “Tell the truth” with JC's accent.


Scottie is listening, the conversation has changed to comparing appendage sizes (those that remain covered in public). JC is sure that Brett is only half the man he is.


Thankfully Haleigh comes in and they abandon that conversation to tease Haleigh, (she has Brett tie a string in her hair, fix the string, not sure), but the other boys say they would have helped.


Kaycee is in the kitchen, they are talking about the oven, Brett set it on fire earlier trying to make bacon. JC reminds him that he also broke the front door.


Scottie is sitting under the kitchen table to play the “hook game” Earlier today Sam tried to use the giant popsicle stick but there were problems because another person had to be “the hook”. Brett joins Scottie under the table, Kaycee says it is a great bar game.


FISH (has been happening off and on for a while)





Tyler and Angela are talking now, Tyler just mentioned that JC and Brett are discussing romances. Tyler calls JC a little s**t. When Angela asks if it was about her and Brett, Tyler confirms. Then he tells her that JC would probably put him up but Angela disagrees. (sounds like this is Tyler's set up for the next eviction).


Angela says Kaycee will come off like some hero after this eviction ceremony. Angela reminds Tyler to be careful of what he says on “these live feeds”.


Brett comes into the room and Tyler turns his attention to him. Brett says all of them hold each other together in different ways, he uses a description of his friends and his relationships to illustrate. He says he is what keeps it together (bad move Brett). He does add that he is the only one who does things, which is why they live vicariously through him.


Brett is talking about what I assume are his real life house mates, we get FISH again.



camera 3


Brett says his stories are better when his friends tell them


Sam comes into the room and Brett tells her he made the game under the table. She tells him he did well but was a little startled when she realized it is under the table. But she remains impressed.


We get FISH again for a few seconds


Angela has left the room, so only Tyler and Brett are in the room.


Tyler tells Brett he is sure that they know some of the same people, Brett tells Tyler that Angela's brother is in a fraternity and his Alabama friends my know them.


JC comes into the room,


Brett asks JC how many times he has played with his tiki tiki since he has been here.


JC: since I got it?

Brett: Since you got it??

JC: I got it after I came to the house

Brett: what do you think we are talking about?????

JC shakes his BB cup/jar (which is really cool by the way, I am in love with mine)..anyway...JC shakes his BB cup/jar and says

My cup”


He realized they were talking about HIS tiki tiki he says “you may have a tiki tiki, but I have a momba momba.”


He never gives a clear answer, and the conversation goes to whether or not Angela thinks Brett is an a**hole, it goes from there to sl*tty a**hole.


Haleigh comes up and JC says “I am not having this conversation here, not here, no no.” He shakes his head no.


Brett is taking off his outer pants.


JC to Haleigh: look look there's his tiki tiki....(he points to Brett)

Haleigh: I know what it looks like.

(Grannysue says ohhhhhhhhhh and maybe you will too)


FISH (again)


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BB Time 8:37pm

in the bedroom


Brett is doing jumping jacks and JC makes up a cheer while he is doing them


Brett (laughing): I will remember this.


Brett is doing push ups using the headboards is support.


Faysal comes into the room, and of course they ask how many times he has played with his tiki tiki. Faysal denies.


Brett: JC says he did his five or ten times

Faysal: where???? well yours is small you could do it anywhere.


After a few minutes of teasing:


JC do you even know what I tiki tiki is?? you are so dirty


Faysal asks JC and Brett where everyone has been sleeping. JC mentions who is sleeping wear and with who, and tells him Scottie has two mattresses, he is living with one.


Faysal asks JC where he is sleeping, JC “Have not, duh”

Faysal: oh yeah.


When Faysal says JC volunteered JC tells him it because he said okay. JC says because you were staring at me....

More talk about Have-Nots, JC teasing them about being next.


They are talking about not being able to go out driving and other places, they all agree it is a mental feeling that causes depression.


JC decides to pick the feathers out of a pillow, saying “tiki” each time.


Faysal says if you run a mile it burns about 130 calories, it says that on the treadmill at the gym. He says it takes 10 minutes to burn calorie from 2 cookies.


JC says he spends about 50 bucks a week on groceries, he eats chicken and rice.

Brett says he spends about 100

JC and Brett don't eat out, Faysal does every day.

JC tells him he can save a lot of money, Faysal tells him it is because of his schedule.

Faysal is trying to tell JC that he works 4-5 days a week.


JC: 45 hours a day????

Faysal: no way I work 4 to 5 a day

JC: that is 1 hour


Faysal gives up.


Faysal: So what is tiki tiki???

JC picks up his cup and rattles it at him and says “tiki”


JC says he is feeling nauseous again. (he really does look pale, I wonder if the Have-Not diet is a problem for him)




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8:32 pm BBT Scottie asks what they'll eat first when they get out.  He is laying on the ground under the kitchen table and says he'd like a big burger.


8:44 pm BBT Scottie and Tyler are playing foosball upstairs.  KC is cooking, but she'll play later.



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BB Time 8:53pm


in the kitchen Kaycee is cooking, Scottie is snacking on chocolate covered bacon, Tyler finds chocolate covered bacon in the freezer, Scottie says Brett put it there.


Angela asks for chocolate milk, Tyler says Scottie poured it on the floor.


Scottie: if they hadn't come in a cleaned it up....FISH


returns while they are saying a new rule in the future will be no liquids on the floor.


Angela is looking for the Worcestershire sauce, calling it the “where's Charles sauce”.

(correct pronunciation is: wore sester sheer, just in case you care)


Scottie thought he cracked his elbow during the competition and he seems to have possibly injured his wrist.


He says he wanted to tie his folder up higher but was told he was not allowed to do that.


Scottie says he poured the colorful liquid so people would see it.


He mentions again that production stopped the competition to clean it up, he does realize viewers didn't see that.


Scottie: If I could just finish once better than second I would be happy.


They are talking about past competitions, and their favorites. Angela seems not have liked any that have been mentioned.

Scottie didn't like being slimed.


Faysal comes into the kitchen, they are all laughing about the tree competition, how they said they were fine and fell almost immediately.


JC is called to the DR


Kaycee is laughing about saying she was glad she wasn't out the first round, then she saw that Rock Star had been eliminated first. She says she apologized to Rock Star, that she meant it only for herself. They are laughing about Angela refusing to allow Tyler to take the VETO from her. Angela is giggling, Tyler is laughing too. They say they are not dumb, they are interesting.


(Good humor in the kitchen, very fun to watch check it out if you want at 9:00pm on camera 1)


Scottie is laughing about the snakes. He said he was pumped up, then he saw snakes.


None of them were impressed with that competition in general, the snakes, ice bath and shocks.





Sam is working on a craft in the have not room, she tells Brett she is trying to make through the rest of the day. He leaves the room.


Camera moves to Angela, who is crawling into her bed, she fluffs her covers, groans a few times and settles in. Nope, another groan comes our way. And she has found her comfy spot.


Angela asks Brett if it is shower time.


She whispers to him: What is Sam doing'

Brett: I went in there and she basically told me to f**k off

Angela: I am over it.

Brett: I asked her what's up and she said she heard me doing jumping jacks out there.

Angela: she does this every Wednesday night.


Brett says she walks by laughing and a few minutes later she is upset. Angela says she is crazy, Brett is at a loss also. He doesn't know if she wants attention or not. When he asked her what she was making her craft for she told “for myself, like everything else”


Angela: I don't know it is f***ng annoying.

Brett: I don't know, then he raises his voice, and talks about his exercise.


He is called to the DR.


Angela is just cuddled onto her bed when Tyler comes in. She rolls over onto her other side.


JC returns to the room, Tyler mills around.


Brett is still in the room, he stops and talks to Tyler for a minute.


JC tells Angela that Sam is mad about the fire in the kitchen.

Angela: she does this every Wednesday.


JC: I have no idea what she is going through.


He tells Angela he was nauseous earlier, maybe it is the sleeping.


Kaycee comes in, Angela calls her peanut, Angela has a snack she is tossing for JC to catch in his mouth. He throws it back.


JC tells them that he called them “his whales” in the DR.


BB is usually quiet, but tonight we are hearing singing, humming, and DR warnings every few minutes. Possibly because it is a relaxed, fun night and they are not being careful. And of course, JC is just so ornery he keeps going when they admonish him.


Angela: the only thing constant in life is change.


JC is mumbling, with his accent I can't tell what he is saying, but Kaycee is looking toward the have not room.


Kaycee: we have an hour guys. Less than an hour before we can go to sleep.

JC: I need to take a shower.

Kaycee: I need to take a shower too


Kaycee leaves the room


Angela says she has had a shower, she has eaten and doesn't want to go in the kitchen because she will eat more.


JC: you know when your stomach asks you for food, like it goes grrrrrrrrrrr..I don't feel like that.


Brett comes in, he has still not showered, I hear Kaycee's voice in the back ground.


Angela says she has had ovarian cysts, and may have them again, but she has a copper bar in her arm. Kaycee says she has one too. (They are talking about menses, we won't bother with all that.)


camera 1

9:31 pm


Faysal and Brett are talking about the oven fire, Brett says it burst into flames, something he never expected. He wonders if he should check it during the night.


Brett is making a salad, they are sharing cheese sticks. (cracker barrel).


Scottie comes into the kitchen. Brett comments on his orange shirt, it is a Warriors shirt, Brett says his hometown has orange also, but they were the Indians. He says there is a large Indian population his hometown, and they were employed by the casino.


Fessy heads to the HOH, on his way he says he is buying a jet ski when he gets out of the house.


The camera moves to the HOH with him, and he gives Haleigh a piece of mango (she was getting out of the shower).


She wants to know why he cut it, because it is not ripe enough. He tells her because he didn't know it was that ripe.


Faysal tells her he is going downstairs for about an hour, She says someone (Angela) wants to practice, he says to have her come up, it will build trust.



BB: Faysal! Please be careful!! (he leaned on the sink.) Faysal grins, looks sheepish.




Faysal suggests that they tell Tyler and Angela about their showmance, get their opinion and find out if Tyler and Angela are also in a secret showmance.


Haleigh tells him that Angela mentioned coming up, and Haleigh blew her off, saying she would get with her later.


Faysal:You told her you wanted to hang out up here with me?? Am I the only one playing this game?????


Haleigh leaves to go downstairs, presumably to get the others, and Faysal puts on his headphones.


Haleigh goes into the bathroom, Tyler is doing his hair, he says it is a long process. You add the stuff, get out the loose hair and don't clog the sink. Haleigh offers him some hair products, she says hers takes a lot of care.


Tyler is on year 2 of 5 on a hair growing challenge, Haleigh mentions hers is a 7 year commitment.


Tyler: I feel like it is so completely normal now to do this together.

Haleigh: Like this girl, a complete stranger...

Tyler: yeah.


General chat continues,


Haleigh says she takes pre natal vitamins to help her hair grow.


Tyler: if I take them will I get pregnant?

Haleigh: no

Tyler: are you sure

Haleigh: only if you take more than one at once.


Kaycee is watching Haleigh's ritual


Kaycee: for me, take a shower, put your hair in a bun, find a bandanna, and you're f**ng good to go.


She says she does do moisturizer, and offers to share with Haleigh. She uses a waxy product on her trouble areas.

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BB Time 9:57pm


Tyler, Angela and JC are relaxing in the bedroom, JC continues to play with feathers.


They are talking about the live show tomorrow, JC says it will a busy day. He says when there were 16 people it was harder to include every one. He calls BB “Bob”, and is mocking how “Bob” would say house guests name. His using the inflection but adds his own inflection. He is telling how startled he was in the middle of the night and “Bob” would say “ROCK STAAA”. He giggles at himself while Angela and Tyler laugh.


JC says he thinks Rock Star is making fun of him now, and he laughs about it.


JC whispers something, but I can't hear him


Brett is looking for his “rave” costume, he says he has to turn it in. He has no clue where it is.


JC goes into the have not room to check on Sam, she is working on her craft, she says it is a bird. She is using feathers and wire (a torn pillow is beside her).


Camera moves to Brett in the storage room, and then to the blue bedroom where Haleigh is snacking on something crunchy.


Camera 1 10:05pm

in the kitchen


Scottie says he threw out his shirt from one of the competitions (Vime Bro?), and Tyler offers Kaycee frozen chocolate covered bacon. He plans to ask everyone who comes into the kitchen. Brett explains it to Tyler after Kaycee does, Tyler accepts his explanation although he questions Kaycee's information.


Brett and Scottie are talking at the counter, Brett is still shocked about the fire in the kitchen today.


Camera moves to blue bedroom


Haleigh is talking to Tyler and Angela. She tells him Faysal wants to talk to them. She says he wants to practice the days.


They are worried about a double eviction, Haleigh says her stuff is packed just in case. Tyler says his is everywhere.


Cameras move to kitchen 10:24pm


Kaycee is hugging Scottie goodnight, Brett is watching, waiting for his turn. They say good nights and “I love yous”.


Scottie says he spiraled this week, he is laughing, Brett asks him if he is all right. JC comes in with a half gallon of milk. He carries it with one finger, because he is “so strong”. They all start singing, we get FISH.


Feeds come back, Scottie is singing some crazy song while twirling on a stool. FISH again, when feeds come back he has stopped. Now he is making up a poem about “gonna put those dishes away. Gonna make em pay”


JC is making a chocolate protein shake, stirring and drinking. Scottie continues his poem/song until BB says to stop. He says when he leaves he will not do it because it is allowed and he won't want to.


Faysal is bringing his personal things downstairs, Brett is still talking about taking a shower. Scottie asks JC if he would live in an RV, he says no, but Brett says he would so he could travel to gyms. JC says living in LA is like living in NYC without the buildings.


JC: The parking garage is this big (spreads hands), it has 8 spaces, it is a sh**ty show getting in there.


JC says he lives in Studio City, and it is very expensive, and he has such a stressful job, he can't really take care of himself right. JC says he would take an RV and travel the USA with his friends, but only for a month. Brett says he would do it for six months.


Scottie says he is a shipping manager, but his hobby is improv.


Brett and JC tell him what he makes of BB is up to him. He says he will call JC for advice if he gets calls. JC tells him they will all have five minutes of fame, it depends on how they use it.


JC says he will spend a few days in a hotel catching up with news, phone calls and personal business.


Scottie says he needs to catch up on his financial stuff, he needs to find out what's going on there.


Sam comes in to make coffee, Brett goes to take a shower, and Scottie shows her the hook game.


Sam picks up a bowl and looks at it.


Sam: I am assuming this is......throw away?

Scottie: sounds good


He is helping Sam pick up dirty dishes from around the kitchen.



All the cameras move to the bathroom area after a short flip to the blue bedroom where Tyler and Faysal could be seen talking.


JC is telling Brett that Sam is mad at him, probably over the kitchen


camera 3



Faysal, Haleigh and Tyler are talking in the blue bedroom.


They are comparing the popularity of Survivor and Big Brother. They are comparing the followers on both shows. Tyler says he will do Survivor with Faysal, but Haleigh has to be on another team.


Faysal is giving Haleigh some kind of silent signal, like drop it or something like that, it takes her a second to get it but I think she does. Haleigh goes into the kitchen for a snack and Faysal walks through. Sam is there, she is not talking.


Haleigh offers to do the dishes, but Sam declines the offer. Sam's facial expression is very tense, no smile.


Tyler comes into the kitchen, JC threw water on him when he went into the bathroom. He thanks Sam for doing the dishes.


Sam: sure! (friendly)


Haleigh takes her drink and snack back towards the blue bedroom. (cream cheese and crackers).


No one is talking, silence except the crunch


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10:59PM BBT: JC is showering while Angela is in the WA with Brett, she says something about not looking good. Brett says she looks great. 

11:00PM BBT: Tyler, Scottie, and Faysal are are in the BBR talking about the first competition they played in. 

11:01PM BBT: JC walks into the BBR in a towel and asks if "this is a house meeting?" He then gets really upset at the cameras for watching him while he's in a towel. 

11:11PM BBT: Just general conversations in the house, Angela is talking to JC in the BBR and Brett is making food in the KT. Tyler walks into the BBR. JC says he's "f*****g grumpy."

11:12PM BBT: Faysal and Haleigh are cuddling in the HOHR while they watch the feeds. Faysal says Sam has been acting "really weird." Haleigh says she would be good at Survivor. 

11:13PM BBT: Haleigh and Faysal go over important dates in the house. Faysal is shocked Haleigh can't remember when Winston was evicted. "Babe, you gotta know," he says. Haleigh gets frustrated. 

11:15PM BBT: Brett and Tyler are in the havenot room, Brett says Sam got snappy with him earlier. He says he's "so far past the point of trying." He says if Sam doesn't want to be here, she can leave. Tyler agrees. 

11:16PM BBT: Tyler says it's a "day by day thing" with Sam. Brett says he's just trying to be her friend, but she's not his girlfriend and it's starting to get under his skin. They start talking about important dates in the house. 

11:25PM BBT: JC has joined Brett and Tyler in the havenot room, they're just joking around. Fayal is still quizzing Haleigh on important dates. 

11:34PM BBT: Faysal turns out the lights in the HOHR. Faysal is still quizzing her. 

11:41PM BBT: Faysal says he likes when Haleigh kisses him. She asks, "why?" Faysal says she can kiss him more often. They go back and forth on who kissed who first. 

11:50PM BBT: Faysal says it took him "54 days to kiss the most beautiful girl in Big Brother History." He and Haleigh continue to kiss and talk about where they're going to vacation after the show. 

12:00AM BBT: Faysal and Haleigh are in the HOHR kissing and cuddling. Tyler and JC are in the havenot room whispering about backdooring Faysal. 

12:12AM BBT: JC and Tyler joke around a bit in the havenot room. It sounds like JC is giving him a hard time about crushing on Angela. JC says he's jealous, but it's ok because he'll just take Brett. 

12:20AM BBT: JC and Tyler talk about cars, JC says he drives a Malibu. Tyler says he had an Impala. Faysal and Haleigh continue to kiss in the HOHR. 

12:34AM BBT: All four cameras are on the HOHR, watching Haleigh and Faysal kiss. Haleigh whispers something to Faysal in between kisses, he has her repeat it, but we can't hear what she said. 

12:35AM BBT: Faysal says he likes it when Haleigh is sweet. 

12:42AM BBT: Faysal starts quizzing Haleigh on the dates again in between kisses. Tyler and JC are talking about playlists in the havenot room. 

12:50AM BBT: All four cameras are back on Faysal and Haleigh while they kiss. Faysal jokes around that they're dysfunctional. Haleigh starts to get upset that it's too hot in the room. Faysal says her full name and Haleigh tells him not to broadcast her last name for everyone to know. 

12:56AM BBT: JC presses his face to a mirror to try to see through it. Tyler laughs. BB tells JC to stop. JC says at night when the lights are out you can see through the mirror and down the hall. 

1:06AM BBT: Tyler goes to the WA and the KT before getting back into bed in the havenot room. He and JC try to go to sleep. Faysal tells Haleigh in the HOHR that he wants to go to sleep. Sam is putting things away in the KT before she starts eating.

1:18AM BBT: Sam talks to herself while she boils something on the stove. She leaves the KT to go to the WA with a trash bag, collects trash and then takes it out to the SR before returning to the KT. 





1:30AM BBT: Sam continues to wander around the KT, putting things away and moving things around before going to the WA. 

1:35AM BBT: Brett is up, he walks into the KT before going to the lounge. He plays with the blocks and appears to be deep in thought. 



1:37AM BBT: Haleigh leaves the HOHR and walks into the BBR to get into bed with Kaycee. Sam is in the WA, brushing her teeth and Brett is still thinking in the lounge. 

1:52AM BBT: Brett leaves the lounge and walks into the WA where Sam is showering. Meanwhile, Haleigh is out of bed and in the KT drinking a yellow liquid out of a small storage container. She doesn't appear to be enjoying it.  



1:53AM BBT: Haleigh walks into the WA to brush her teeth. Brett goes back to bed and Sam is still showering. 

2:15AM BBT: Sam sings to herself while she changes clothes. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds until she stops. 

2:31AM BBT: Sam puts things away in the KT. She talks to the cameras while she does so, she says, "I know y'all think I'm crazy." The cameras cut off of Sam when she starts to talk to the cameras. 

2:44AM BBT: Sam gets into bed, everyone is sleeping and all is quiet in the BB house. 

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