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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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1:01 pm BBT.  Haleigh and Angela talking in the BY.  Angela says her and Tyler were talking about the double eviction and they feel most people are on board with what they talked about in the HOHR.  They talk about putting up a pawn and needing a plan b.  Haleigh says they (Sam and Brett) were talking for a long time and getting real chummy.  They think she is really into him.  Haleigh said she said she feels good and thinks she can make it to the end.  They think that is interesting.  Haleigh says it’s good to have everybody in on a plan and nobody would be upset if she went.  

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1:06 pm BBT.  In the BY, Haleigh and Angela say that if that’s your strategy to just sit back and watch and let other people tear each other apart, it’s a weak strategy.  They say if u get to the end and sit next to someone who played the game u won’t win.  Haleigh thinks that’s what Rockstar did, say these people are coming after us and these people are.  She thinks she was just making stuff up.  Haleigh said Sam talked to her and said when she wears fausal’s clothes, it’s just as a nightgown.  Haleigh told her she could cate less and doesn’t pay attention to that stuff.  She says maybe if we were in a showmance I would care, but we’re not.  

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1:09 pm BBT.  In the BY, Haleigh says she has done nothing but pit effort in and try to be nice and cook and clean since Sam said that stuff about me.  Kaycee comes outside.  

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1:07 pm BBT.  In the WA, Tyler and Sam talking.  Sam says I hesitate to even tell u this, I already told JC.  She says she has gone back and forth and toyed with quiting smoking while she’s here.  She says tonight I’m packing up all my cigarrettes and relinquishing them and tomorrow they are slapping a patch on me.  She says in case she gets evicted next week and she hasn’t accomplished anything here so I want to do it.  

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1:09 pm BBT.  In the Wa, Sam tells Tyler one of the vain reasons she hasn’t quit yet is bcuz u gain weight.  Tyler says if u eat healthy I don’t think u will gain weight.  Tyler says he is proud of her.  

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1:11 pm BBT.  JC, Brett and Scottie in the KT.  JC says they are on national tv and haven’t been doing anything to entertain the viewers, they just have stupid conversations that won’t make the show.  He says he is going to put balls in Brett's mouth when he is sleeping.  Brett says stearnly “no u are not”!  Scottie says he is a mouth sleeper so be careful not to suffocate him. 

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1:20 pm BBT.  Most HGs are snacking or sunbathing.  Kaycee is in the pool.  Haleigh is running, waiting for JC to come join her.  


1:30 pm BBT.  Scottie and Tyler are playing pool.  Brett, Angela, Haleigh sitting by the pool and Kaycee is in the pool.  Just general talk going on.  


1:32 pm BBT.  Faysal is laying in bed in the HOHR.  Haleigh is up there asking if he’s staying in there all day.  He says no, I’ll ne out in a little bit.  She leaves.  


1:42 pm BBT.  In the BY, Sam is making some kind of paddles from tape and paper plates.  Tyler and Kaycee in the pool.  Scottie sitting by the pool.  Haleigh and Angela laying in lounge chairs.  General talk.  


1:50 pm BBT.  In the BY, JC showing Haleigh how to lift weights and do some exercises.  Sam is fixing the bed in the HNR.  

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2:01 PM BBT The feeds return. JC and Haleigh are still working out in the BY while Angela lays out and watches them. Sam is fixing up her HN saucer. 


2:08 PM BBT Brett is now being called "Bongo" by JC and Scottie. Kaycee is floating in the pool. Angela and Tyler are laying out next to the pool. Haleigh and JC are working out. Scottie is running laps in the BY. Sam is making beds in the PBR. And the BB camera operators are zooming in on the stuffed cupcake. 




2:20 PM BBT It is a lazy afternoon in the BB house. JC and Haleigh are working out. Angela, Tyler, Kaycee and Brett are hanging out in the yard. Sam is inside making slop recipes. She has made a batch of brown sugar slop flakes. Scottie takes a sample and says it is the best slop creation that has been made.


2:31 PM BBT Tyler and Scottie are standing in the KT by the patio doors, looking out. Tyler tells Scottie that Haleigh was crying and saying that Scottie threw her under the bus. Scottie says that he is convinced that Fessy is the flip vote and he likes to blame it on JC. He planned the whole raise your hand thing. 




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2:40 PM BBT Sam and Scottie are sitting at the KT island. The bird tattoo on Sam's shoulder is the Eastern Blue Bird and it is her favorite bird. JC and Haleigh have almost finished working out their shoulders and backs. They are going to take a 90 minute break, eat some carbs, and then do legs. 


2:48 PM BBT In the KT, Sam is educating Sam and Scottie on what the Mimosa tree looks like. Neither of them can recall if they have seen one or not. It is Sam's favorite tree.

Mimosa Tree.jpg


2:50 PM BBT Scottie and Haleigh are now alone in the KT. Scottie says they need to talk later. Scottie says he needs to know what Fessie said to her because his understanding was that what happened at the ceremony wasn't going to happen and he held up his end of the bargain. Just like the HoH Ceremony. He held up his end of the bargain. 


2:54 PM BBT Haleigh asks JC about eating rice. JC says he never eats white rice. It causes fat to be stored in the belly area. He won't even buy white rice. Meanwhile, Kaycee has introduced Angela to dipping Hot Cheetos in whipped cream cheese. She says it is life changing. Angela agrees that it is very good. 

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3:01 PM BBT In the pool, Brett and Fessy are talking about how time has flied in the house and how things might have changed outside the house. Kaycee brought the guys a bite of her Cheetos and cream cheese concoctions. When she bends over the pool, her mic pack falls out of her pocket into the pool. It is clearly an accident.


3:09 PM BBT JC, Tyler, Sam and Haleigh are sitting out by the patio. JC is saying that he doesn't like massages. Sam "Not even from me? But it's okay for me to clip your f'ing toenails." Meanwhile, in the KT Kaycee is chopping up some peppers while Angela is cooking up a ton of chicken on the stove. 


3:15 PM BBT JC, Haleigh and Sam are talking about what will happen when they leave the house. Haleigh is looking forward to being out of the house but knows that she will likely miss it. Sam is looking forward to the opportunities but also worried about inevitable pitfalls. JC is going to continue feeling like he is being watched everywhere he goes. Even when he s**ts. 


3:27 PM BBT JC and Haleigh are out by the swings. JC tells her that Tyler could have a body even better than Brett's if he would start lifting. He has such a fast metabolism. JC has to work a lot harder for his body. Haleigh asks about her. He says she has a body type like Tyler so yes, she can have a very fit body. 


3:29 PM BBT Brett has joined JC and Haleigh at the hammock. JC and Haleigh still can't believe Brett when he says he has only had 3 partners. JC says it insults his intelligence. Haleigh says she would expect his number to be higher because he is an attractive guy. 

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3:31 PM BBT JC continues to insist that Brett could not be in a frat for 4 years and only have 3 partners. JC does the math. Sexually active since 18, which is 7 years, he only dated the same girl for 2 years. That means only one other person for the remaining 5 years. No way. 


3:37 PM BBT JC, Haleigh and Brett are hanging out by the hammock. Haleigh tells Brett he is an attractive guy. JC "Are you flirting right in front of me?" Haleigh "Not in front of you." Brett "You can flirt with me." This is all being said in good fun. 


3:46 PM BBT Tyler and Scottie are sitting at the patio talking about baseball. Tyler's favorite baseball player was Jim Thome until he went to the White Sox. Scottie's favorite is Kenny Lofton. When he played for the Cubs for that one year, Scottie was ecstatic. [Go! Cubs! Go!~Goldylucks]


3:50 PM BBT Scottie's final fantasy team is almost exclusively Cubs players and Dexter Fowler. He loves Dexter Fowler. He also loves the entire Cubs roster. [I knew there was a reason I liked this kid.~Goldylucks]


3:55 PM BBT Fessy has joined Tyler and Scottie in the BY so the conversation changes from baseball to football. The Giants should have done better last year with the receivers that they got. But, they have no running back. Scottie is also a very big Bears fan. [Da Bears!~Goldylucks]


I am out for a while. I have a Cubs game to watch. :-) 

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4:08PM BBT In the KT, Brett and Hayleigh discuss that it would be awesome to find out what prior HG are fans of the current HG. He says it would be really sad to find out one they are a fan of hates you.


4:22PM BBT In the BY, Angela, Hayleigh and Kaycee discuss tornados. Hayleigh says her aunt's sister had their home torn up by one.


4:29PM BBT In the BY, Tyler is telling Brett, Hayleigh and Angela about his first time. (If you are interested or not - it was in the woods, behind his old elementary school against a tree and in the middle of the night.) Brett says Angela is getting real uncomfortable at the moment.

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 4:48PM BBT Angela and Kaycee are running laps in the BY. Tyler and Fessy are playing pool. JC starts singing and we get FOTH.


4:55PM BBT HG in the BY, general chatting, pool playing and lounging.

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5:03 PM BBT Brett and Sam are in the KT. She is educating him on Johnny Cash's "One Piece at a Time" while she does dishes. She starts to sing the song so the feeds switch to JC and Tyler playing pool while Haleigh watches. 


5:07 PM BBT JC and Tyler are talking about couple thousand followers on Vine. JC wins this round because Tyler scratches. 


5:09 PM BBT Tyler goes inside to refill his water. He has a sticker with Brett's name on it on his chest.



5:13 PM BBT On feeds 1 and 2 Sam is cleaning up the KT. She is holding the protein powder by the lid and the container drops to the ground, spilling protein powder on the ground. Fessy over the speaker "Dag nammit Sammy." She laughs out loud, looks up at the camera and says "You Mother F'er. Of course." 



Video: Warning...colorful language

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5:25 PM BBT Haleigh heads up to the HoH for a few minutes. She talks to Fessy briefly. She tells him that she is not going to hole herself up there all day long. She is going down to do some laundry and take a shower. 


5:38 PM BBT Angela, Kaycee, Tyler, JC and Brett are all working out in the BY. Scottie, Sam and Haleigh are in the KT. Just general chit chat. 


5:48 PM BBT Scottie is playing a solo game of Pool. Sam is watching. She channels her inner Italian and talks to him in a very strong Italian accent when he makes a really good shot. 


5:50 PM BBT In the BY, Tyler tells Brett that in Australia, bagged wine is called Goon and you can get f'ed up on that stuff. 


5:55 PM BBT In the BY, Angela is educating JC on the female anatomy. 

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6:01 PM BBT In the BY, Brett asks JC what his record is in lifting. JC says it is 295 lbs. Brett says that he is impressed because that is like 3 times his weight. Kaycee is quite impressed too. 


6:04 PM BBT While doing laundry, Sam comes across some sweats. Haleigh says they were Kaitlyn's. JC goes and gets them and puts them on. He then calls out "Look Kaitlyn, go ahead and try to ask for them back." 


6:08 PM BBT Haleigh and JC have a handstand walking contest against Kaycee and Angela. Kaycee and Angela win. JC and Haleigh crash and burn. JC "F**K,  not fair. Short arms don't work out." 




6:15 PM BBT Angela, Kaycee and Haleigh are all working out in the BY under JC's careful instruction. As they do legs he says things like "a$$ for days, a$$ for weeks". 


6:21 PM BBT Sam and Scottie are in the BY playing Corn Hole. Sam scores 3 in a row. Scottie "You hustled me!" Sam "Never". After two rounds Sam is beating him 5-0.


6:36 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show Angela and Kaycee in the KT making a healthy version of Puppy Chow by replacing the powdered sugar with Splenda and cinammon. JC, Tyler and Brett are hanging out in the BY. Brett impresses by flexing his back muscles. 


6:45 PM BBT In the KT, Tyler tells Angela that she looks like one of those Crossfit girls. "Ugh, don't say that." 


6:50 PM BBT JC is in the KT with Kaycee now. He looks at the food and says f'ing have not shit. Fessy says something to him over the speaker about his booty. JC yells out to him "Shut up $hitty booty hole gay a$$ b**ch." Meanwhile, Haleigh goes up to the HoH to shower. Fessy asks her what's wrong. She says nothing is wrong. She is just hanging out with everyone downstairs. What does he want, her to stay locked up with him all day. That's not how this works. 

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7:01 pm BBT Kaycee tells JC while he's playing pool that to get rid of a mole, you tie a piece of hair around it really tight and it suffocates the mole and eventually falls off.


7:02 pm BBT Fessy is upstairs listening to music in the HOHR and talking to Haleigh while she's in the shower.


7:03 pm BBT JC says he had a big mole like Haleigh's on his head and it was removed when he was 14.  KC ties a hair on the mole on Scottie's neck.  JC said he doesn't want to watch.




7:14 pm BBT KC and Scottie are now playing pool, Tyler moves over to play cornhole.


7:17 pm BBT Haleigh and Angela are talking in the WA.  Haleigh said that Scottie is asking her question about her conversations with Fessy.  Angela tells her to just tell him what he wants to hear for when he's in jury.


7:23 pm BBT Haleigh tells Angela that she's starting to take care of herself again.  She is eating better and brushing her hair more.  She puts on a facial mask.




7:26 pm BBT Haleigh heads to the kitchen and makes herself an apple and peanut butter snack.


7:29 pm BBT Haleigh is quietly in the BY hammock while Brett works out with the weights.  The other HG continue to play pool.



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7:39 pm BBT Haleigh is in the kitchen eating a mango and asks Angela if she wants some, but Ang just brushed her teeth.  [slow night on the feeds]


7:47 pm BBT Scottie and Tyler celebrated a win at pool against KC and JC.  They high fived each other.  Scottie flew like a bird around the table and Tyler jumped high into the air.









7:51 pm BBT Angela and Haleigh are swinging in the hammock watching Brett and Fessy work out with the weights.  Scottie is eating cookies in the KT.


7:53 pm BBT Scottie is sitting with Sam while she smokes in the BY.  Sam said she stinks and needs to get in line for the shower.


7:57 pm BBT Sam is trying to do different things with coordination and her hands.  She and Scottie try to pat their heads and rub their bellies.







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8:05 pm BBT Fessy and Haleigh are talking in the BY.  Fessy says that he's really great at this, she disagrees and says he only left his room twice today.  She makes him go check to see if Sam is sitting listening on the ground by the BY couches.


8:06 pm BBT Fessy tells Haleigh to just stop. "Stop what?"  "stop being in a bad mood".  He then apologizes to her.


8:09 pm BBT Haleigh tells Fessy that Scottie told her in the KT that they need to talk. Fessy tells her that Scottie thinks that Fessy flipped the votes, per Angela's convo with Scottie.  Sam comes back to the BY, so they stop talking.


8:11 pm BBT Angela, Scottie and Brett are in the KT. Brett wishes that there was a $5k comp to eat a jar of peanut butter.


8:13 pm BBT Brett tells Tyler in the BBR that his brother and Angela's ex boyfriend were in the same pledge class.


8:16 pm BBT JC is coaching Sam with hand weights.


8:29 pm BBT Haleigh is playing with the pillows in the BBR while KC and Ang are lounging.  





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8:31 pm BBT  Fessy tells JC that Sam is looking for him and wants help working out, and JC said he just finished helping her.  Sam plays cornhole by herself in the BY.


8:38 pm BBT JC explains the difference between strippers with poles and dancers.  Some are dirty and do extra things, some are classy.  KC agrees.


8:43 pm BBT Tyler is restingin the HN room.  Sam comes in for a minute, but leaves when Tyler doesn't engage in conversation much


8:55 pm BBT Haleigh talks with JC about languages, asking him if he had to pick one, which would it be.  He answers Spanish, because it is more common.  In Europe, mostly English speaking though as second language.


9:00 pm BBT JC talks about how cheap flights are from LAX to Amsterdam, and to stay in AirBNB

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9:01PM BBT: Sam is talking in the BY with Brett. Scottie is playing pool. Kaycee and Angela are in the BBR, just general conversation throughout the house.

9:04PM BBT: Haleigh is in the KT with Faysal. Faysal says, "you're really mad, still?" Haleigh says she's not mad. Faysal tells her he's had "extensive game talk." Haleigh tells him they'll talk about it tomorrow.

9:05PM BBT: Haleigh and Faysal bicker back and forth, Faysal keeps calling Haleigh, "stubborn as hell." Haleigh goes into the BBR to eat while Faysal finds JC. 

9:11PM BBT: Scottie is in the KT, Faysal walks in and several other HGs walk through to get to other rooms. Haleigh eats some puppychow and Faysal is told to stop singing. Haleigh walks outside. 

9:15PM BBT: Haleigh is lounging on the couches in the BY, Faysal walks out over to her and asks if she's dome being grumpy. Haleigh says she's not grumpy, just tired. Faysal wants to know if he's getting "some company tonight." Haleigh says no and Faysal goes back inside. 

9:16PM BBT: Kaycee and Angela are in the BBR, Sam is in the hammock, Haleigh is on the couches, and Tyler walks into the havenot room. 

9:19PM BBT: Kaycee and Angela walk into the havenot room where Tyler is. They talk about what the rest of the house is doing. BB tells Angela to exchange her microphone.

9:23PM BBT: Angela is back in the havenot room. They talk about what they would do if it's a double eviction on Thursday. They talk about putting Haleigh and Faysal up. 

9:26PM BBT: Tyler says Sam would want to put up Angela and Haleigh. Angela says, "why me?" and Tyler shrugs. Kaycee said it doesn't matter, they would have the votes. 

9:27PM BBT: Kaycee says this week has been a smooth week. Kaycee asks them if they realize they have the "strongest and biggest alliance in the house."

9:28PM BBT: Tyler says Sam told him that if he tells Sam to vote to keep Kaycee, she won't. He says when he asked her to repeat that, she said "never mind."

9:29PM BBT: The trio in the havenot room talk about putting Sam up and telling her she's a pawn. They're all concerned about the "crazy deals," Sam is making. 

9:30PM BBT: Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee all agree that if JC wins HOH, he'll put up Sam and Haleigh and send Haleigh home so that he can be closer to Faysal. 

9:33PM BBT: Brett and Haleigh are talking on the couches in the BY while Faysal is in the hot tub watching. Brett says he tries to talk to Scottie today, but JC kept interrupting him. 

9:37PM BBT: The trio in the havenot room talk about Scottie. They talk about how he's checked out and knows he's going home. Tyler says he thinks Scottie is betting on a battle back. Angela hopes he comes back in the house and goes after Faysal. 

9:39PM BBT: Kaycee leaves the havenot room. Angela says she's tired of the "havenot bullsh*it," Tyler laughs and says she's not even a havenot. Tyler says he's glad he's in an alliance with Angela. 

9:40PM BBT: Tyler tells Angela that she makes this game difficult for him. They talk about not saying what they're really thinking because they're in the house. Tyler asks if she gets what he's saying...she does and feels the same way. 

9:42PM BBT: JC walks into the havenot room and says, "what's going on in here?" Angela says she's hiding, JC tells her not to be dramatic. 

9:43PM BBT: Haleigh tells Brett in the BY (with Faysal in the hot tub) that Scottie wanted to know what Faysal was saying to her, she says Faysal isn't really talking. 

9:44PM BBT: Haleigh says she and Faysal will be Scottie's target if he stays. Haleigh says Scottie wants to make a big statement. 

9:46PM BBT: Angela is asked to change her microphone again, she leaves and Tyler appears frustrated. He throws his pillow at the door. She returns a few seconds later. 

9:52PM BBT: Angela and Tyler talk about the camera watching them when they sleep. Tyler didn't know that the camera was always on his and Angela's bed. Tyler says the game is "complicated."

9:53PM BBT: Tyler talks about Angela walking around "all perfect" and all he can do is stare at the ceiling. He jokes around that JC broke up with him today. 

9:54PM BBT: Brett, JC, and Haleigh are in the BY just general chatting. Faysal is in the pool by himself, just staring at them. 

9:57PM BBT: Haleigh and Brett get into the hammock together. They talk about the weather. Faysal is back in the hot tub. 

10:03PM BBT: Brett gets into the hot tub with Faysal. Faysal gets into the pool. Brett wonders why they don't swim at night more. 

10:04PM BBT: Haleigh is modeling in the BY with JC, they pose together for a selfie in front of the camera. Haleigh gets in the hot tub. 



10:18PM BBT: Tyler goes into the WA where Sam is finishing her shower. Sam wants to know what they're doing. Tyler says something about getting Haleigh out. 

10:21PM BBT: Just general chatting in the house. Kaycee and Angela talk about how their alliance was formed with Tyler. Tyler is in the KT cooking, JC walks in. 

10:30PM BBT: Faysal is in the pool while Haleigh and Brett are in the hot tub. Tyler is eating in the KT, Kaycee comes in to make tea and she asks if JC wants anything. He says he just wants this week to be over. 

10:40PM BBT: General conversation continues throughout the house. Scottie is now in the KT with Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, and JC. The trio are still outside in the hot tub. 

10:46PM BBT: Sam and JC are in the WA getting ready for bed. Faysal, Haleigh, and Brett are still in the hot tub, Faysal tells them a story about a show on Animal Planet. 

10:56PM BBT: Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler are in the BBR while Kaycee tells a story from home. The trio are still in the hot tub. 

11:04PM BBT: Haleigh has left the hot tub. Faysal and Brett talk about Scottie. Faysal says everyone was scared to call Scottie out for all the stuff he's done and he was tired of it. 

11:06PM BBT: Faysal wants to know if Brett has talked to Sam lately. Brett says he talked to her after veto. 

11:07PM BBT: JC and Tyler are talking in the have not room. JC seems a little frustrated. Tyler says Haleigh and Faysal think that Tyler and Angela have a final two. JC says if Haleigh wins, Angela and Sam are going up and then Tyler. 

11:08PM BBT: JC is worried Tyler is losing focus, Tyler promises JC he's not. JC says he would never betray Tyler. 

11:17PM BBT: JC is worried that if Thursday is a double eviction, Faysal could win the HOH on Friday. Tyler says he could only win if he's not evicted on the double eviction. 

11:30PM BBT: JC and Tyler's conversation circles around a bit until Tyler goes to lay down in his own have not bed. Angela and Kaycee are in the BBR, no one is talking. 

11:37PM BBT: JC leaves the havenot room to show his Granny shirt, which he moved the letters around on. It says, "I angry." 



11:38PM BBT: Faysal and Haleigh are in the KT. Faysal says he's going to sleep soon, Haleigh says she just got out of the DR. Haleigh wants a bite of his toasted PB&J. 

11:40PM BBT: Haleigh doesn't want a bite of the PB&J now, Faysal wants her to take a bite. She says no. Eventually Haleigh goes back to the BY and gets on the hammock where Brett is on the ground. 

11:45PM BBT: Tyler sits with Kaycee and tells her that he's not in a showmance with Angela and he wants to make sure that she knows that. Kaycee says she knows they're not. 

11:46PM BBT: Kaycee asks if Tyler has feelings for Angela, Tyler says no, and Kaycee laughs and says, "it's ok" and Tyler laughs. 

11:47PM BBT: Kaycee says Tyler is her "ride or die" and Tyler agrees that he would pick her over anyone. He's glad he talked to her about not being in a showmance with Angela. 

11:53PM BBT: Scottie is cleaning the KT. Haleigh and Brett are outside near the hammock, talking about veto competitions and friends from home. 

11:58PM BBT: JC says he won't throw any more competitions, he doesn't want Haleigh or Sam to win HOH. 

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(Technically Wednesday morning but Thursday night)

12:01AM BBT:  In the Have-Not Room, JC is telling Tyler that Haleigh hates Sam.  JC tells Tyler once Scottie is out, JC will talk to Fessy and convince him Brett is coming for him so that Fessy doesn't try to come after Tyler. 

12:02AM BBT:  Haleigh is setting in the hammock talking to Brett, who's laying on the ground.  Haleigh tells Brett the good thing for him is she's made herself a target.

12:11 JC tells Tyler that Sam won't make it to top 5.  Tyler says he knows but he's still concerned because if she does make it to the finals, there are jury members who will vote for Sam to win because Rockstar and Bayleigh hate Tyler.

JC:  if you did a better job than whoever is sitting next to you, you will win.  You know when Rockstar walks into the Jury House, they will have to show Bayleigh the competitions and Bay will be like WTF

Tyler laughs and says, "Yeah they're going to show Rockstar giving me the answer."

JC:  My heart stopped.  You just don't understand.

Tyler:  i know. i wouldn't even be here (if rockstar hadn't given him the answer at the veto comp)

12:16 AM BBT:  JC tells Tyler that Haleigh told Fessy that she doesn't think Fessy did the right thing (about who he put on the block).

JC:  Fessy told me in the HOH room that his game move was the best game move of the season and i was like, 'f yea" they laugh.

Tyler tells JC:  You can claim this one.  I got the Swaggy one.

Tyler and JC seem to be disputing over which one of them was the one gets credit for the moves.  JC:  Yeah but you have to give me credit, almost of the flipped votes have been because of me getting people to vote that way.  Tyler: Me too!  JC:  I know, i said almost.

12:42AM BBT JC tells Brett to come hang out with him in the have not room (it's just them two in there).  JC and Brett talk about how they're good no matter what Scottie tries to say.  Tyler walks into the Have-not room.  They wonder if Scottie will start pitching tomorrow as to why he should stay or if he's just waiting until his speech.  Tyler says Scottie told him that he knows he's going.  Tyler says Scottie's probably just banking on a battle back at this point. 

Brett:  i just don't think he's even going to campaign at all.

jc: i wasn't expecting his veto speech at all.  to say that stuff about Sam.

Brett: i get his logic as to why he can stay over haleigh if she was on the block.  but then i think he felt so guilty about it because he has a crush on Haleigh, so he blammed Sam for hyping up.  That was his way of reconciling what he did to Haleigh.

Tyler: yea but it didn't work, because with Fessy it didn't work. (Tyler trying to get Fes to put Sam or Haleigh up.)

They laugh about Haleigh saying she likes guys with big arms and big fingers. they laugh because fessy doesn't have big fingers.

JC:  fessy has big fingers but his peepee isn't that big.

Brett: how do you know

JC says he can tell because of the clothes fessy wears.

They laugh about the 40 sexual partners JC has had.  Brett says, "alright Kaitlyn"



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