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Saturday, August 11, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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BB Time 11:38pm

camera 1


Haleigh and Rock Star in the HOH room


They are talking about the game.


Haleigh: I was yelling 'double check your answer!;

Rock Star: you did?

Haleigh yeah, I was screaming “double check your answer!”


Rock Star tells Haleigh that earlier JC was downstairs saying he didn't want to be here, he could think of things he would rather be doing.

When Haleigh says she thinks Sam played her with the “i don't want to be here.”, but Rock Star says no, she had a talk with Sam, and that Sam was being honest. She adds that it is possible that Sam and her boyfriend broke up because Sam cheated, but she is not sure.


Camera moves to blue bedroom


Scottie, Kaycee the peanut and Angela are talking about the schedule for this week, and the competition earlier today. Kaycee says she is glad the hacker is done, Scottie wonders what is next week. All of them feel they messed up on the competition today.


No one is talking, all cameras are on this room.


Scottie is laying across one of the beds with his glasses beside him, eyes closed and his foot wigging. Angela is laying on her side facing away from him, and Kaycee the peanut is sitting on the edge of a chair posed like “the thinker”


cameras moves to the living room.


Scottie, JC and Faysal are sitting on the sofa, Tyler is snacking on something crunchy.


Tyler says he went to Disney World once, Faysal says the lines are long and the wait time is about an hour. JC says you should use the “fast pass”


JC: Every time I go to hollywood studios...they changed it now.....I do the roller coaster

Faysal: Oh the Rock and Roll

Tyler: I have been so spoiled on roller coasters. He mentions Cedar Point, calls it the best.


JC says he loves roller coasters, he went to an Osborne Christmas Light Show, parts of the studio are covered in lights and the lights go with the music. He goes to Halloween Horror Nights, Faysal wants to go with him. JC says the houses look real, they hire people who are missing arms or other body parts and make them up like Walking Dead. Talk continues about theme parks.


Camera moves to HOH room 8:53pm


Haleigh is shaving her legs in the tub, she says that Rock Star is far more worthy of being in the BB House.


Haleigh: I am just a college student, you are the mom, you stand out, you deserve to be here. You deserve to be here over all of us. I accept that and I appreciate it. I see you being constantly attacked....

Rock Star: I know, I don't understand it.


Haleigh says she has a problem with anyone she puts up. She said an alarming number of people were pissy when she put Tyler up.

Haleigh says Rock Star is intimidating, and she is so much herself....she doesn't follow normal cultural conventions. Haleigh says these people grew up in LA, …...that is not cultural.....Haleigh wonders if Scottie is the hacker, she does not trust anyone in the game.


Rock Star says she trusts Haleigh and Sam


Haleigh says the way she presented her concerns to Faysal was incorrect, she knows he took her off the block....


Rock Star can see Scottie doing it “hacker”, it is easy to see him in the DR doing it


Haleigh knows she is a target and will probably go home next week (she said that last week too). She says she felt good about not letting Baleigh take the fall, she felt good about saying something.


Rock Star says aside from being humbled, she has no idea what she might not know what she has learned in the house.


Baleigh: What else do you have to learn? (Granny smiles, ahhhhh youth...)

Rock Star: I didn't come there for life experiences, and it is hard to be a constant target.

Haleigh: It's easy to put you up, they don't know you.


Haleigh is justifying her vote to evict Baleigh, saying that her reasons were valid, but came from a different place than Kaycee's reasons.

Haleigh adds that her motivation for the house meeting was to clear Haleigh's name.


Camera 3



Tyler, JC and Scottie are in one of the bedrooms, they are talking about the competition, they are saying each person's bottle were all the same color.

Tyler: I only went in the mud on the last round.

Scottie: They wanted you too.


Scottie says so far he has avoided mud and slime, although when he interviewed he thought those were the ones he would do well in.


talk about the competition continues with JC smacking the bed and making gestures while giggling.


They are talking about a hollow log, an igloo thing. JC says Tyler went in the log and came out with nothing, Rock Star followed him in and came out with an answer.


Kaycee: I'm gonna get an HOH, I have to, I can feel it, it's coming.


JC says the last competition was something he didn't really understand, so he pushed Betsy. He even forgot he was against Haleigh.

Scottie is laughing about Julie called them out for swearing. Kaycee is happy that Julie called her peanut.



General talk about their day.


Camera 1



Haleigh: I think people underestimate us.

Rock Star: she was like, you did really good

Haleigh: you did really well, on the first question I had no idea who I was looking for.

Rock Star: Fessy got out, he was looking for me, one of the questions was about an evicted house guests, and he couldn't understand why Rock Star was not in the pile. I told him it was evicted house guests, I am still here.

Haleigh you are kidding

Rock Star: wow


Haleigh says she thought Rock Star won the competition and the way I was acting was embarrassing.



They continue to talk about the comp.


Haleigh is hoping Tyler will work with her despite the fact she called him her target. Rock Star says she wonders if Tyler will pull her off. Haleigh lets it slip that she thinks Kaycee won the hacker. (she added the word maybe). Haleigh and Fessy got in an argument about putting Scottie up, Haleigh says Scottie is loyal and he won't put himself in a spot where he will be questioned.


Rock Star says Brett came up and gave her a hug after the veto, he told her he didn't know any of the answers from the sideline.

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BB Time 9:43pm


House guests in the living room and the kitchen, Sam is hooked up to climb the wall.


Everyone is talking about Zingbot, they wonder when he will come to the house.


Sam makes a quick climb and smooth drop from the wall, and is taking off the equipment.


Kaycee tells them that JC will be funny when he is evicted, she laughs, JC says, “hmm”


They are talking about making a pillow person for the living room, Sam asks if anyone else is climbing, no one wants to do it right now.


Kaycee and JC are talking softly, everyone has left the sofa. JC is questioning her about conversations she overheard, she says they did not say anything. (subject unknown)


JC wonders who the replacement nominee will be, he thinks they will put her (Kaycee) back on the block,she agrees. JC says he will not vote her, for sure. JC is going to try and find out what they are gonna do, he wonders if Haleigh will put Brett up if she thinks she has the votes.


JC: What a f***ng week

Kaycee: What a day. We waited forever to play that game. Anticipation, anxiousness, stress.

JC: when I saw Rock Star going back up first, I was like, f***. Not to be mean and naughty.....how much that p**ssed me off/

Kaycee: it was disgusting.

JC: cause I am not like that, but in the beginning they were being shady.

Kaycee laughs

Scottie comes up: What you doing'

JC: says we are talking about girls

Scottie starts giving a detailed description of boys vs girls, he says it doesn't matter, he hates pronouns.

JC: makes fun of the couch.

Scottie: if you look at an old style warehouse, it is exactly like this.


Camera moves to kitchen


Rock Star: I will not put you up if I win HOH

Sam: I am saying that to Tyler?

Rock Star: yes. I think he is using the veto on Angela.


Rock Star is counting votes, naming all the people who should tell Tyler the same thing. They plan to offer him 6 people safety.

Sam: walks off, yelling 10 4

Faysal: what is Haleigh doing

Rock Star: she just got out of the bathtub, and anyone who wants to come up can come up.

Faysal: why would I want to go up.

Rock Star: because she is your friend?

Faysal: let her have her alone time.

He walks into the living room and lays full length on the back of the sofa.


JC is talking about events he has participated in,



camera follows Rock Star and Tyler as they head to the HOH room.


Haleigh is still in the bathtub, she is drinking her wine, she says she is almost intoxicated.


Haleigh: Tyler, you are so much cuter right now.

Tyler: ok, I am outta here


Haleigh calls him back to talk.


Rock Star says they have a group of 4 who will keep him safe. She names Fessy, Sam, Haleigh, and Rock Star, they add Scottie to the list. Rock Star says she wants to be here.


Haleigh says she thinks Kaycee was the hacker, she worked it.


Tyler says she has not told him the hacker, that people think he is the hacker.


Haleigh says she is very sure that Kaycee is the hacker. (Kaycee told her)


Tyler asks Haleigh if she has ever gone after him, and Haleigh starts giving excuses for putting Tyler up, claiming bad advice.


Rock Star tries to use the “ I showed you the answer” move in the veto competition.


Haleigh says she wanted the nominations to stay the same, and Rock Star adds that Kaycee and Angela walk around being.....

Then Haleigh asks him how close those girls were to him before. Tyler doesn't answer, he evades. The girls are telling him that Kaycee and Angela had a final two with Rachel and shot her out the door. Haleigh says Kaycee voted Rachel out, even though they were close.



Rock Star says she is sitting on the block for the third time because those two girls were uncomfortable up there, she adds she has Sam, and Sam will talk game with her. She tells him that Sam agreed to give Tyler safety if he takes Rock Star down. They tell him they can rely on Sam.


Haleigh insists she was not going to back door him, she wishes he wouldn't have won so he could see it was not her intention. (It was discussed and would have been possible before the veto) Haleigh says Kaycee and if she takes herself off, Tyler will not go up.


They are telling Tyler again that he will have safety for three weeks if he uses the veto on Rock Star. Haleigh blames the separation of her from Tyler on Kaitlyn stealing him away.


Haleigh says Angela has positioned herself as not a threat to anyone, that she treated Baleigh badly, she went back on an agreement when she put Baleigh up after making a promise of alliance, and she tells him Angela suggested putting Sam up.


Haleigh: She promise, but she will do what is best for her game?


Kaycee asked Haleigh why not nominate Tyler, and Haleigh told her it wasn't an option. Rock Star says she knew if Kaycee was the hacker she would be put on the block, since other people in the house are people she cares about more.


Rock Star says it is hard to know that you are the one who is put on the block because you are the easy one. Rock Star says she is gunning for an HOH.


Haleigh says that the only reason she won this week is because English is JC's second language. Haleigh asks him to sit back and compare his relationship with them now, and what it was two weeks ago, and to think about what they promised him.


Tyler says they have given him no promises, and he has a lot to think about it.


The girls continue to pitch their request.


Rock Star says she fell asleep while Angela was fake giggling with Tyler in the bedroom.


Rock Star: Let's face it, you are sweet, but you aren't that f***ng funny.


Rock Star tells him that Kaitlyn got in the way of their bond, Haleigh agrees, saying the same was true with Tyler and her.


Haleigh insists again that she is not coming after Tyler, she hopes he puts in perspective what they are telling him.


Conversation moves to Fessy, and Tyler teasing him about Haleigh back dooring him.


Haleigh says that Kaycee and Angela are playing a game that separates the house. (Granny thought: If the targets are Kaycee and Angela, why does Tyler need to use the veto, can't they just vote Kaycee out. Problem solved).


Haleigh: Kaycee is the hacker

Tyler: you don't know that

Haleigh: well I am pretty sure. I am going home next week.


Haleigh: Tyler I just want to hold you down and make you do what I want.

Tyler jumped

Rock Star: (uncomfortable) Pay no attention to the woman in the bathtub.


Haleigh has stretched the entire length of the tub, the water is blue but her body is visible, and during this conversation she has posed prettily using several alluring positions while they talk, and Tyler has carefully looked only at her face, Rock Star, and the floor.


Tyler asks her why she put him up, she has no real answer, she tells him she was ill advised, Rock Star adds she had no advice. Haleigh says the reason (excuse she uses) was that Tyler would win veto. She adds that she thought they were not friends. Haleigh claims she has targets in front of him,and they can work together.


Rock Star says even if you don't trust Haleigh, there are still three, which is one more than two, with Scottie it is three.


Haleigh changes poses,


Tyler moves to the chair across from the tub and asks them if there is anything else they would like to tell him.


After Tyler moves Haleigh sits up in the tub sideways and her pose strategy ends.


Rock Star says when some people were HOH, some people came to them trying to make deals, and the deals were done in front of more than one person. (indicating that those people were people aligned with Tyler)


Tyler makes no promises, he is very sweet and gracious to both of them.

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BB Time10:40pm


Brett and Scottie are in the bedroom talking about possible future evictions and twists, they think when Kaitlyn failed the puzzle it could have forced a jury battle back. They wonder also if there will be two double evictions.


Scottie whispers about Haleigh giving up on the veto when she saw Rock Star go up.


Brett: he didn't win that, they lost it.


Scottie says he lost his when the ball hung up and cost him 10 seconds.


Brett: I am wondering if the HOH is worth it.

Scottie: me too, when I first came....

Scottie: I came to realize, when I won 2 comps in a week, may name came up, so I should probably lay off.

Brett:: wondering about the hacker power.

Scottie: when they were up there Haleigh said let me win this Tyler to prove to you...now...


Brett: I am just gonna chill and do less

Scottie: she was telling me early in the week, they were going over the four names, Tyler asked about using you and me as pawns.

Brett: I am not surprised


the house gets loud, hard to hear, and Angela comes into the room.


Brett: what is Sam cookingM

Angela: apple pie, I might wake up and eat it.

Scottie: I think that's his brain thinking, that's JC talking

Brett: I don't know he (??)has thrown my name out

Scottie. Not recently I just think he doesn't like me talking to you, he wants everyone in their separate corners

Brett leaves for the kitchen.


Angela returns, Scottie yawns, then tells Angela he is going to let her sleep. He leaves the room after offering to dump her coffee cup.


Camera follows Scottie to kitchen.


JC and Rock Star are siting at the counter while they watch Sam make the pie. Brett is stealing pieces of apple, and Sam is teaching French. JC is snitching apple slices, he is still wearing the cap with what looks like deer antlers on it. Brett is heating up the nachos Rock Star made yesterday.


JC says her exercise this week helped Rock Star run up the wall. Sam tells Rock Star she wants her to climb the wall. (Rock Star doesn't agree).. Sam asks JC to sleep with her tonight, he says he will think about it. Rock Star says JC is a snuggle and a morning kiss on the shoulder. Sam says he hasn't given me one yet, JC tells her that is a second date.


They are wondering when the messy house search will happen. Rock Star says the house guests have to clean up the house after.


Sam: That's my job.

Rock Star: Listen to them tearing that apart. (you can hear pounding outside the house

Scottie: They test play it first

JC: I met the guy who created the games.


Camera changes back to HOH with Tyler and Haleigh, where the same rehasing is going on.


Camera moves back to kitchen and bounces back to HOH again because JC and Scottie are singing.


Camera 3 is in the bathroom area. Rock Star and Scottie are talking while Scottie brushes his teeth. They are talking about gross stuff in the drain.


Scottie whispers something we can't hear to Rock Star, she nods. She comes to the mirror and tells Scottie that she got 4 people, not including Scottie to offer Tyler safety, but she does not think he will do it.


Rock Star: I don't know what they have offered him, but....

Scottie: For the week?

Rock Star: for a couple of weeks, but...



camera moves to kitchen again, JC is eating nachos, Rock Star is hugging everyone good night. (Brett got first hug).


Brett and JC are eating the nachos, they must be seriously good, JC is behaving.


Someone offers Faysal a pillow.


Faysal: that's a lot better than what I've been getting


Sam: Kaycee can't help but cuss, I do it to, me and her are the worst with the cussing

JC: she *??) was dressed like a herring

Brett: you mean pinwheel

JC: yes


Scottie says the chips are floppy, JC agrees and eats another one before saying he is done. He grabs another.


Brett: these are vegan, it's healthy. Healthier than apple pie. (and way less tasty IMHO)

Sam ignores him


They are talking in general about vegan and non vegan eating. JC says he eats meat, he never thought he would eat vegan nachos.


JC which animal has three a**holes

Scottie: co joined triplets

JC: starfish


They start talking about joined body parts and organs and how they would work.

Brett says he is throwing out the rest of the nachos.


Brett: you are sleeping with Fessy tonight”

Sam: no he is sleeping with me, I called it

Brett: okay, he ate beans

Sam; oh, no thats okay


JC is looking for pita chips. Brett brings them over

Brett: These are mine!!!!!

JC: My food!!!! don't play with my food!!!!!

Faysal says he didn't see it, JC says you should have defended me.

JC: She was head of house that's the only reason I didn't throw them at her face.

JC: sometimes it is hard to swallow your saliva

Brett: you mean swallow your pride?

JC: yea, pride.

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BB Time 11:27


Fessy and Haleigh in the HOH


Haleigh is giving Fessy one last chance to tell her the truth. He threatens to leave the room, she is mad because when she asks him he is willing to walk away from her when she asks a question.


Fessy: I don't know why I came up here, I didn't even want to talk to you again in this game.

Haleigh: Then leave


Fessy: I will back you every chance I get

Fessy: I want to talk about me and you.

Haleigh: I don't want to. You spilled my wine when you grabbed me.


Haleigh says I tried to tell you what was wrong and you just walked away. Fessy says it is too far in the game, Haleigh says she doesn't trust him, she asks for a pinkie promise and he says pinkie promises are stupid.


Haleigh: pinkie promises are big deals. We weren't that close during the first four weeks, let me remind you that you were not into me, you were into Kaitlyn

Faysal: Kaitlyn

Haleigh; Kaitlin

Faysal: like you were into Brett and Tyler


Rock Star interrupts


Rock Star :I have bad news, when I went downstairs I heard Angela and Tyler giggling. Something about the hacker, where's Kaycee, it didn't go well.

Haleigh: go lay with them

Rock Star: lay with them.

Faysal yeah

Haleigh: what are they gonna do?


Rock Star leaves the room


Haleigh: What

Faysal: you are questioning me to cover your a**.

Haleigh: I m questioning you because I want to know. You get so mad.

Faysal: I get so mad!

Haleigh: Are we done?


Haleigh asks for the time. Faysal lays across the length of the tub. Haleigh says she is sorry, Faysal starts it all over again.

Haleigh tells him someone flip the vote? \

Faysal: who told you that: no I didn't flip the vote, I thought you flipped the vote

Haleigh mentions Baleigh said it. Faysal says it was Baleigh

Haleigh: I had to ask you one more time.

Faysal: You believe me

Haleigh: yeah

Faysal: how would that benefit my game,

Haleigh: why would Baleigh say that?


Faysal asks her how that would benefit his game.


Haleigh: I thought my talk with Tyler went good.


They are talking very low, sounds like Faysal is complaining because he has not had time to talk to Haleigh since she got HOH


Faysal: no one is sending Rock Star home

Haleigh: what if I put up Kaycee and she has a super power and comes down.

Faysal: who else can you put up?

Haleigh gives a list of names, she does not say “Tyler”, she adds that she made a deal with Sam and cannot do that.

Haleigh: I should have won that veto

Faysal: I can sit her and talk to you, I don't know how your mind works Haleigh


Faysal it touching a cut on her finger, she tells him to stop several times before he stops questioning that it hurts.


A few minutes more of spatting and Faysal brings up Haleigh and Brett in the hammock for five hours then Brett stayed.


Faysal says he is angry that he feels he has to pitch.


Haleigh: You made deals with Brett and Tyler

Faysal: that's a deal?

Haleigh: that's a deal. I heard it from an outside source. I don't need this.


Faysal hugs her after she climbs around him to get out of the tub. He picks her up and carries her to the bed.


Faysal is laying full length on top of Haleigh, his lips are inches from hers. He tells her he loves her lips, she is not impressed. Her arms are crossed over her midsection, he has his arms on either side of her head. Faysal is talking about her saying she doesn't trust him, she is just smiling at him.


Faysal: do you want me to go hang over the railing and say how I feel about you?

Haleigh: no


Faysal is leaning his cheek on his hand, very close to her while he strokes her hair


Faysal: Do you think I will go out of this house and just forget about you?

Haleigh: I don't know.

Faysal: you drive me crazy.

Haleigh: I want to get dressed

Faysal: you want me to get off you

Haleigh: uh huh


Faysal immediately gets off her, he rolls to the side and releases her. Once again the damsel has escaped and the prince has lost the kiss.

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11:29 a.m.BBT. (Saturday After Dark)  Haleigh is still in the bathtub - now talking to Fessie.  They are still hashing over and over about their relationship and who is helping who.

11:30 a.m.  BBT. H & F still don’t know if they are telling the truth to each or or trust the other one.

11:31 a.m BBT. F&H agree they each make each other mad.  Fessie threatens to leave the HOH room

11:34. BBT. Rockstar comes back into the HOH room and wants to tell H&F unfortunate news.  Those downstairs were ‘giggling’ and it doesn’t sound good.  She didn’t hear what they said, though.  Rockstar goes back down stairs to try and ‘listen’.


Arguments continue between Fessie and Haleigh - WBRB


11:40 a.m. BBT Tyler and Rockstar downstairs in a room  playing Jinga and talking about the POV and whether anyone threw the game.  Rockstar likes the DR as they make her feel better - most of the time.   Tyler thinks he’s to be called to the DR also.


Rockstar says she didn’t do anything super stupid in the POV game.  She says she will check in on Tyler often as she has given him some good **** to consider.

11:50 a.m. BBT Haleigh is still in the tub, about 4 hours now - Fessie is still trying to understand what is going on in the house.Fessie continues to tell Haleigh he didn’t flip on the vote.  She doesn’t believe him.




11:56. BBT Haleigh doesn’t trust people out of the house so tells Fessie she can’t trust anyone in the house.

11:58. BBT H&F are now in the HOH bed, still going over the same issues - is Fessie trustworthy or isn’t he.  Fessie feels after 53 days they should know him by now.  He says Brett and others are saying things about him that he didnt say.  “{Fessie}  - Do you want me to stand on the railling and say how I feel about you?”  Haleigh says he wouldn’t do it.


12:01. BBT. Fessie thinks Haliegh admits they are in a showmance — 

Big Brother After Dark is over ~






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