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Thursday, July 12 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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7:44PM Rockstar, JC & Haleigh in the lounge
JC: Who wants Scottie out or who would never team up
Rockstar: No one wants Scottie out, he’s playing a really good game.
JC: He loves Brett. Like platonic love.

JC and Haleigh whine that they are tired of slop. Rockstar talks about how much she wanted to win HOH
Haleigh leaves to make some protein shakes.

JC doesn’t think Scottie will put up Rockstar. Rockstar says he hopes he doesn’t put up Haleigh either, JC doesn’t think he will. JC asks if she’s seen Scottie ever hanging out with Winston and she says no but she didn’t know he liked Brett either.

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8:00pm BBT: Faysal and Haleigh in the HNR talking about Kaitlyn and how she said that she told Haleigh that she thinks Scottie flipped before the HOH comp.  Haleigh says she did not flip that it was Scottie. Faysal says i am trying to figure this out. Haleigh and Fasal are mad talking and yelling at each other, Faysal says there is no way he would flip on his boy. Haleigh says i voted Winston out.

8:08pm BBT: IN the PBR Angela , JC, Kaycee and Bayleigh are talking about comps from past BB seasons and how people played them. Back in the HNR Haleigh and Faysal are still talking about the votes. Faysal says  he has a problem if kaitlyn lied to him. Haleigh says she already lied to you did she put up Angela? Faysal says no.

8:11am BBT: Kaitlyn comes to the HNR and ask who Haleigh voted to evict she says Winston and Kaitlyn says i thought you voted swaggy out , Haleigh says no i would never. Faysal says he is so confused now. kaitlyn ask why he is getting mad he says he is not he is trying to figure this out.

 8:16pm BBT: Kaitlyn and Haleigh are mad at each other and yelling about the votes when Rockstar walks in and kaitlyn leaves then Haleigh leaves the room. Rockstar tells Faysal it was Scottie he threw that comp instead of saving Steve and then he wore Swaggys shirt and voted him out. Faysal looks at her. They then talk about making slop and Faysal leaves the room.

 8:24pm BBT: Half the HG are in the KT eating and talking about food. Bayleigh and Angela in the PBR, Bayleigh is braiding her hair and they are talking about the dishes in the HNR and how small they are to sleep in.

 8:30pm BBT: Bayleigh and Angela  talking about going to Vegas and playing and drinking in Vegas. kaitlyn laying in the bed listening . Rachel comes in and Bayleigh says it will probably hit her when she goes to bed that Swaggy is not there. Feeds switch to Haleigh and Tyler playing Foosball.

 8:35pm BBT: Winston and Brett in the lounge rm whispering about who to get Scottie to nominate this week and  they say they will tell Scottie they voted to keep Steve and voted sam out that first week and they should be fine this week. kaycee comes in and they tell her the plan.

8:43pm BBT: Brett tells kaycee that they know it was Scottie who flipped the vote on Swaggy and they will get him to put up who they want this week. He says  maybe Rockstar since Haleigh and Kaitlyn are already on the outs now we seen that earlier.

8:47pm BBT: Winston tells Brett and Kaycee to lets just Chill for the next 24 hours just chill. They then start talking about the coffee creamer in their coffee as kaycee gets up to leave the room.

8:49pm BBT: Tyler and Scottie on the balcony whispering very low, Scottie gets up and tells Tyler we will talk and heads to the KT.

8:53pm BBT: Winston, Brett and Kaycee still in the lounge rm  repeating themselves, Rockstar in the KT cooking slop for her and Faysal. Faysal in the WA washing his hands while JC lays on the lounger in there. Rachel comes in and sits down. Scottie is washing his glasses.

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9:00PM BBT: Bayleigh, Winston, Scottie, and Rockstar are in the KT hanging around and chatting. Winston kills a mosquito while Rockstar continues to cook. 

9:00PM BBT: Faysal, Haliegh, and Kaitlyn are in the PBR. Haliegh tells Faysal to, "quit beign a weirdo." Brett walks in, says he's just walking around because there is nothing to do. He asks Haliegh when she can eat normal food again and she says Sunday. 

9:01PM BBT: Scottie is in the KT, wearing the HOHR key around his neck. Kaycee and Haliegh walk into the KT, giving Scottie a hard time. Scottie laughs and goes upstairs.
Tyler is lounging on the couch on the balcony while Haleigh and Kaycee play foosball. Scottie watches. 

9:02PM BBT: Faysal is just in bed by himself in the PBR while Kaitlyn is in the bed beside him. Brett and Kaitlyn talk about her being back in "peasant land." BB gets on to Kaitlyn for "obstructing her microphone." Brett leaves and walks into the WA.

9:03PM BBT: Brett, Winston, Angela and Rachel are in the WA whispering. Winston tells Brett not to leave him [Scottie?] alone with anyone else. Brett jokes that was his job last week with Kaitlyn. Winston replies, "saddle up, partner." 

9:04PM BBT: Angela tells Brett that this week could be worse. She says that if Rockstar got it [HOH] that they would be "f****d." Brett pops his pimples and BB calls Rockstar
into the DR. 

9:05PM BBT: JC and Bayleigh are in the havenot room talking. Bayleigh says she feels, "crappy" and that she wants to "break down," but that she really needs to just
move forward and play a better game. JC agrees with her and tells her that he's there if she needs to talk. 

9:09PM BBT: JC tells Bayleigh that this might be for the best and that she needs to focus on the positive part of Swaggy going home. JC and Bayleigh walk into the KT. 

9:11PM BBT: Brett tells Angela in the WA that she doesn't hug him enough. She gives him a hug. Angela says the house still as so many ants in it. 

9:13PM BBT: Upstairs, Bayleigh, Haliegh, Rachel, and Scottie watch Kaycee and Tyler play foosball. Scottie says that Kaycee is a "sore winner." Angela eventually walks up and sits down. 

9:14PM BBT: Rockstar is out of the DR and eating. JC is cooking something on the stove.  Rockstar compares the slop to "rice-a-roni."

9:15PM BBT: Winston joins Kaitlyn and Faysal in the PBR. Winston tells them about how he felt when he had to pack his bag earlier in the day. They talk about how Scottie may put up a pawn so that he doesn't get too much blood on his hands. Tyler walks in and out. Winston says he's hoping that he doesn't get put up on the block because he was on last week. 

9:17PM BBT: "I'm just happy I'm here," Winston says. The three talk about how the whole house is a little on edge because they don't know where Scottie's head is. 
"It's like hitting a reset button [on the house]," Winston says. Brett walks in. 

9:18PM BBT: Tyler is in the WA with JC, talking about the numbers in the house. Tyler says he needs to throw some "s**t" at Scottie about Rockstar. JC asks him who he thinks
Scottie will nominate. Tyler doesn't say anything but then says they might be able to tell Scottie that Rockstar voted for Steve to leave. Winston walks in to use the toilet and
Tyler and JC change the topic. 

9:20PM BBT: Rockstar, Kaycee, Rachel, Angela, and Bayleigh are upstairs watching Scottie and Haleigh play foosball. 

9:22PM BBT: Winston leaves the WA and Tyler and JC resume their conversation. BB calls Kaitlyn into the DR. JC mentions that Scottie might put Kaitlyn up. Tyler says they could tell other people to tell Scottie that Rockstar voted for Steve to leave. JC wants to know what happens if Scottie puts up a pawn and it's one of them. "It won't be one of us," Tyler tells him, "I'm not a pawn."

9:23PM BBT: JC says he's not a pawn beacuse he doesn't "f*****g feel like it." Tyler says they have to wait and see what he [Scottie] feels. Tyler says Scottie trusts him. 

9:25PM BBT: JC says that Rockstar is a leech and that they need to "throw the leech out." JC tells Tyler that he heard Rockstar throwing out Tyler's name earlier. "She's the worst f****n player."

9:26PM BBT: They both agree that Rockstar needs to go home this week. JC tells Tyler that he's loyal and that he expects Tyler to help him out if he's ever the Target. They revisit their plan to turn the house against Rockstar. "She'll never win a veto," Jc says. 

9:28PM BBT: Tyler tells JC that if Scottie puts up JC or Kaitlyn, that they will both have the votes to stay, so they don't have to worry. He says that Rockstar won't have the votes. Kaitlyn walks into the WA, BB calls Faysal into the DR. JC and Tyler change their conversation to slop. 

9:30PM BBT: Kaitlyn tells Tyler to relax, that she doesn't think she's Scottie's target this week. JC leaves the WA and BB tells Kaitlyn not to talk about DR sessions with other HGs. 

9:31PM BBT: Kaitlyn plays with Tyler's hair and Rockstar walks in, after a few seconds Tyler tells her that she's not going anywhere. Once Rockstar leaves, Tyler says she [Rockstar] is going home. Brett is called into the DR. They talk about sending Rockstar home before switching the conversation to Tyler's hair. 

9:40PM BBT: BB calls Winston into the DR. Kaitlyn and Tyler are still in the WA talking about sending Rockstar home. Scottie walks in and Kaitlyn asks him if he wants to snuggle with them. 

9:41PM BBT: Brett and Rachel are in the BBR. Brett's concerned he might go up as a pawn this week. He says maybe he and Kaitlyn might go up on the block. They both talk about how Scottie will probably not want to get a lot of blood on his hands. Rachel says she feels protected in their group. 

9:42PM BBT: Rachel tells Brett that she's a little upset about getting so close to winning HOH, but not getting it. Rockstar and Bayleigh walk through the BBR and Rachel and Brett stop talking.

9:44PM BBT: Rockstar and Bayleigh are in the havenot room talking about Swaggy going home. Rockstar tells Bayleigh that it was Scottie who flipped his vote. Bayleigh just keeps saying, "wow." Rockstar calls Scottie a genius and she says they can't do anything about him this week because he's HOH. 

9:45PM BBT: Rockstar says that Scottie is playing both sides, so she doesn't think he would make any big moves this week. Rockstar says that Scottie isn't on any specific side and that they need to be team Scottie this week and make him think they're loyal to him. They talk about Kaitlyn potentially going up this week. Rockstar says she needs to talk to Kaitlyn. 

9:49PM BBT: Kaitlyn, Faysal, Scottie, and Tyler are talking about random things in the WA. Kaitlyn teases Faysal about all the bad stuff he's had to eat. 

9:51PM BBT: In the havenot room, Bayleigh says that Rachel is really upset about not winning the HOH competition. Rockstar says she thinks Sam feels the same way. BB tells Faysal to move his microphone. 

9:52PM BBT: Rockstar says she knew Day One that Scottie would go all the way to the end. Bayleigh says they need to come up with a plan. "I'm overwhelmed," Bayleigh says.

9:53PM BBT: Bayleigh asks Rockstar who she would vote to keep safes if Scottie puts up Kaitlyn and Haliegh. Rockstar says Haliegh.

9:54PM BBT: Rockstar says that Bayleigh may not have Swaggy anymore, but she has her [Rockstar.] Rockstar says again that they need to be Team Scottie all week long. 

9:56PM BBT: Bayleigh tells Rockstar to be careful about what she says. Bayleigh says she needs to talk to Faysal and Haliegh. They talk about how Bayleigh thought Haliegh was the swing vote, but how she knows now that she wasn't. 

9:59PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. Bayleigh and Rockstar hug and then leave the havenot room and walk into the PBR where Scottie and Faysal are. 

10:01PM BBT: Rockstar wakls into the lounge to talk to Kaitlyn. She tells Kaitlyn that Tyler, Swaggy, and Scottie had a three person alliance called "the core," that they made on Day Three.
Kaitlyn laughs and doens't believe her at first. Rockstar says she's "piecing together" many things and that Scottie is a mastermind. Rockstar tells Kaitlyn not to tell Tyler that Scottie is an
"evil genius."

10:04PM BBT: Kaitlyn says it would be "so cool," if all the guys are out of the house before jury. They go back to talking about "the core" and how she found out. 

10:06PM BBT: Kaitlyn says that Scottie is going to put her on the block because she put him on the block. Kaitlyn says she, "doesn't really care."  

10:07PM BBT: Rockstar and Kaitlyn agree in the lounge that it would be "dope" if Scottie puts up Brett and Winston. Rockstar wants to strengthen the girls in the house. Rockstar and Kaitlyn agrees that Angela isn't "impressive" and that she's "not threatening." Rockstar wants Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, and herself to join up together. Kaitlyn changes the subject to joke about "the core."

10:08PM BBT: Kaitlyn says that she and Tyler really aren't that close. 

10:09PM BBT: Rockstar tries to bring up strengthening the girls in the house again. 

10:10PM BBT: Rockstar says that all Scottie cares about is finding out who voted for Steve to go home. "Are we still on that?" Kaitlyn asks. The girls leave and walk into the KT and BB cuts the feeds. 

10:13PM BBT: Feeds are back. Scottie and Faysal are climbing the rock wall. Kaitlyn, Brett, Winston, and Sam are in the kitchen. 



10:18PM BBT: Kaitlyn and Tyler are in the WA. Kaitlyn asks Tyler to tell her about "the core." Tyler tells her about it and asks her how she found out. Kaitlyn makes fun of the name and Tyler makes fun of her alliance name. Tyler keeps asking who told her, but she doesn't say. 

10:21PM BBT: Kaitlyn says that Scottie is going to put her up. Tyler says he won't. Tyler says Kaitlyn should go talk to Scottie. 

10:22PM BBT: Tyler says that even if Kaitlyn does go up and she stays on the block, Sam would more than likely use her power on her, but that is the "worst case scenario." Kaitlyn leaves
the WA to go to the KT. Bayleigh, Kaycee, Winston, Brett, Sam, and Rachel are standing around talking. Rockstar is watching Faysal and Scottie climb the wall again. 

10:30PM BBT: The HGs are joking around in the KT. 

10:33PM BBT: Scottie, Rockstar, and Faysal talk about not being able to get in the BY. Scottie says they probably won't get to go outside until Monday.They talk about the last veto comp. 

10:36PM BBT: Kaitlyn and Haleigh go into the havenot room. They whisper about "the core" alliance. Rockstar says that now they know they really can't trust Tyler. In the WA, Bayleigh tells Rachel that she just wants to be safe. Rockstar and Haleigh walk through the BBR to the PBR where Kaitlyn is. 

10:39PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds.

10:42PM BBT: Feeds are back. Rachel and Bayleigh are still in the WA. Rachel says she's not good at math. Kaitlyn, Haliegh and Rockstar are in the PBR. Haliegh asks Kaitlyn if she's mad at her. They talk about eviction night and how everyone thought Haliegh flipped, even though she didn't. 

10:47PM BBT: Brett and Winston walk into the PBR and they start talking about bars. Bayleigh and Rachel are in the WA talking about the last HOH comp. Faysal joins them in the WA.

10:56PM BBT: Kaycee and Tyler are talking in the storage area. They talk about how Scottie may have been the flip vote. Tyler tells her about the conversation he had with JC and how they're all going to try to get Rockstar out this week. Tyler tells Kaycee to tell Scottie that Rockstar was the one who flipped vote to send Steve home. They leave to go to the KT. 

11:00PM BBT: Most of the HGs are in the KT eating and talking about random things. Kaitlyn asks if Scottie is still in the DR. Scottie comes out of the DR and asks who wants to see his HOH room. They all scream and run upstairs to explore the room. 

11:30PM BBT: Scottie's HOHR excitement wears off, JC and Brett walk downstairs to the KT. JC is upset that he can't work out. Rachel, Haliegh and Winston join them in the KT. Brett says he's not eating anymore sweets. Sam joins them in the KT. Sam's upset that everyone is taking advantage of Scottie's HOHR. The HGs upstairs pour champagne. 

11:32PM BBT: Haliegh and Winston say they won't share their drinks if they become HOH. 

11:36PM BBT: Winston and Brett do jumping jacks in the living room. The other HGs are upstairs in the HOHR talking about former TV shows. 

11:46PM BBT: Scottie goes downstairs to clean up the area near the rock wall since everyone is done climbing. Kaycee, Angela, and JC are on the balcony chatting. 

11:49PM BBT: Winston and Brett are joking around while they work out, most of the HGs are watching and laughing. 

11:50PM BBT: Scottie, Kaycee and Angela are in the HOHR, talking. Scottie says there's some kind of "wall" in the house and no one wants to vote against it. Both Kaycee and Angela have no idea what that means. They talk about the Steve vote, but Angela tries to change the conversation back to the Swaggy vote. 


11:52PM BBT: Brett and Winston say they can hear people talking on the other side of the front door. JC tells Tyler he's weak. Brett calls Rachel over to hear out the front door and Brett slams his hand against the front door. He broke the door when he hit it. 


11:52PM BBT: Angela said she voted for Steve to leave because she couldn't sleep. Scottie wants to know who flipped on the Steve vote. They hear the commotion downstairs and Scottie runs out of the HOHR and yells, "What just happened?" BB cuts the feeds. 

Before the door is broken:



After the door is broken:



11:56PM BBT: Feeds are back.HGs are talking about the door and talking about getting ready to go to bed.


12:00AM BBT: Angela and Kaycee are still talking to Scottie about safety. Angela explains how she got to where she is now. She says she's hanging out with the people who are nice to her. 



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12:00am BBT Angela is throwing Bayleigh under the bus saying she promised her safety and then put chips in her tube. Like what? She wants to be with folks that are nice, that like her. Scottie and Kaysee she says. Scottie says next week when he can’t play, he needs to know whose radar he is on. Kaysee and Angela assure him he is safe.


12:05am BBT Angela tells Scottie to put up one target and one pawn, that’s the best way to lessen the blood on his hands and if it were her, she’d throw up Rockstar as the target and a pawn. She says she hears her name more than anyone elses in the house. Angela says she is not a physical threat. They talk votes for Steve AGAIN. He says he only knows of 5 votes… him, JC Tyler, (no vote) Kaysee, Angela, and Sam was on the block.


12:10am BBT Scottie continues to have 1/1s in the HOH, Sam is next. Sam comes in and starts cleaning the HOH room. Then she says do what you think is best. I will give you no advice. But… I had a thought. When we were standing there after Swaggy’s pic went back. She says when you figure out who the target for the week is, go all out with them to prove your loyalty. That way if they stay, you have a loyal friend, and if they leave, your loyalty goes out the door with them and you can act on revenge the next week. Isn’t that really smart, she asks? He says that’s a really good idea.


12:30am BBT Rockstar is on deck. She clearly doesn’t care for Winston because he didn’t talk to her the whole week. She says that she heard something through the grapevine today about the power that Sam has. She’s not really concerned because she would never out her up, but… week one she got a power that allows her to put up and send home anyone who voted against her. She agrees it sounds crazy. Then she says if she’s up, she becomes the HOH and takes over. She says Winston and Angela are stand off people and are always scheming. Brett too.

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