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Wednesday, July 11 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates

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08:32PM BBT Haleigh says that ultimately they'll do what Kaitlyn wants, as HOH.


08:35PM BBT Haleigh and Tyler say that Rockstar had a plan about how everything would go in the house, but it's unraveling and she's all over the place.


08:38PM BBT Bayleigh and Swaggy continue to get to know each other in the PBR, asking questions about each other, their philosophies, goals, etc.  


08:44PM BBT Swaggy says that if he doesn't leave, that they'll need to protect each other.  He rubs her legs as they talk through the votes.  She tells him that he should ask Sam to use the power on him.


08:47PM BBT Bay tells Swaggy a secret about Angela, but she's too quiet to hear. (in between make outs)


08:52PM BBT In the HOHR, Brett is now massaging Tyler's back.  Angela, Winston, Haleigh and Kaycee are also on the bed, while Fessy is laying on the couch listening to music.


08:54PM BBT Brett says that when you're training someone, it's important to learn the muscles during massage so that you can feel their development.   He explains the cupping process.


08:56PM BBT JC comes into the HOHR and jokes about Brett on top of Tyler. "hi Sasha - nice image".



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BB Time 9:29pm

camera 1

Baleigh, Swaggy and Rock Star are talking in the have not room.

It seems Kaitlyn found out that Tyler was talking about her to other people in the house

and she talked to Baleigh about it.


Baleigh: You tried to make it game related but you play with your heart and that is not a good look for you.

For you to seriously dead look me in the face and tell me that Swaggy is the only one who said things about you.


Baleigh goes on to say that every one was talking about her, and everyone was worried that she would blow up.

She tells them that she talked to Fasal and Swaggy and made up. Swaggy, who is at the door, gives a signal to shush. Baleigh says that Swaggy and she had to apologize and no one else had to.

She is not happy with Kaitlyn's story that she (Kaitlyn) felt threatened, and Rock Star agrees with her.


Faysal comes into the room.


Baleigh says that Kaitlyn told her she was told that only Swaggy said things about her,

and that Kaitlyn is annoyed with Tyler for putting words in her mouth. They all seem

disheartened, partly because they feel that no one was bold enough to say anything to her in

the HOH. RockStar says she (Kaitlyn) is only getting her info from Tyler.

Baleigh: Tyler is covered in both directions and the only one bold enough

to take him out is going home this week.


Haleigh comes into the room, and Baleigh storms out.


Haleigh: Is she mad at me?

RockStar I dunno


RockStar tells Haleigh that Kaitlyn is mad at Tyler because he is saying she is

controlling his vote. Kaitlyn is mad because no one admitted to talking about her

but Swaggy. Kaitlyn made an emotional decision but acted like it was

game related.


RockStar is told to put on her microphone. Baleigh returns to the room.


Baleigh: I am not mad at you (to Haleigh)


Baleigh says that Kaitlyn told her that everyone else was talking about her, but

Swaggy is taking the heat for everyone.


Baleigh repeats what she said to Kaitlyn: “It is unfair to backdoor him and she (Kaitlyn) said

that's what a back door is Baleigh”


camera 1 changes to pink bedroom


Swaggy and Faysal

Swaggy is planning to talk to JC tonight, as well as Tyler and Kaycee

Swaggy tells him Kaitlyn is just now realizes that Tyler has manipulated her

and he plans to use that as his platform to gain votes. Much of this conversation

is based on the fact that everyone in the house had been talking about Kaitlyn all week

and denied it. Swaggy was the only one that admitted it to her. He plans to scramble

for votes with this strategy.


Camera 3 9:45

Tyler and Kaitlyn


Tyler is telling Kaitlyn that people who want to change her mind are

trying to plant seeds to get what they want.


Tyler: I know its a tough week, a tough day.

But it is still early and you don't have huge things to worry about right now.

Use what is going on now as a base for the game.

Like how people act under pressure. I told you I am looking out for you

in every possible. Me talking to Haleigh should not set you off

Kaitlyn: You talking to Haleigh does not set me off. You were talking about me.

Tyler: we were talking bout you, about the vote

What is there between the three of us that you don't already know

Kaitlyn: You don't understand, which is why it is weird to be watching

the dynamic and you pointing at me. It was a weird thing to see. After 15 minutes

of that I went out and made a joke.

Tyler: I know where the camera is.

Kaitlyn: I trust you, but what was that?


Tyler is doing damage control by apologizing and telling her it

doesn't mean what it looked like. He says he told Swaggy he needed to

talk to Haleigh, and Swaggy ran with it. Tyler tells her he is looking out for her.


Kaitlyn: xxxx, forgive me for not being receptive towards it. You could have aligned with a million other people, this was a dumb move.

Tyler: No it wasn't. No goin back now you are stuck with me




Kaitlyn: I was so annoyed on every level.


Tyler continues to tell her she is strong and her fears are understandable, he is

supporting her, says it is an overwhelming week. He says Baleigh and Swaggy are putting

fear in her.


Kaitlyn: I don't want to go on the block next week next to you

Tyler: You're not going on the block next week, you're not.


Kaitlyn has her head down, looks like she is crying into her arm.

Tyler is rubbing her arm


Tyler: You really are doing a really good job.

Kaitlyn: No I am not.

Tyler: When I have my freak outs I hope you are there for me.


Kaitlyn: You didn't want to come talk

Tyler: yes I did the door was locked and you didn't tell me to come into

the room.


Kaitlyn tells him he is her number one, he should have come into the room.

She tells him Baleigh told her everyone is talking about her in the house,

and told Kaitlyn that if she did things like Kaitlyn did she would not

have a house to go home to. (talking about Kaitlyn touching boys in the

house). Kaitlyn says she is an affectionate person.


Tyler: she (Baleigh??) is going home next week.

Kaitlyn: I love her but she shouldn't have said that


Tyler continues to give her the pep talk. He says he doesn't believe

what people tell him at first, then he decides true or false.

Kaitlyn says she feels weird being mad everyone lied to her, and she lied to them.

( (she shrug/smiles) acknowledging that it is a double standard that makes no sense,

even to her.)

Tyler tells her he sees things in her he doesn't have, and Kaitlyn seems to be

calming down, (I think he has convinced her). They have moved to

remembering the first day.

Fish 10:00pm

returns: 10:01

Tyler says the votes will send Swaggy home, but Rock Star plans to vote

for him to stay. They decide that is okay,since it will show her loyalty.


Camera 1 10:03pm

Brett, Winston and Angela in the living room.

They are hoping the next competition is messy, they make

comments about getting hosed off.

JC STOP singing!!

just general chat going on. They discuss the possibility of

monster truck driving or bumper cars competitions.


Camera 3

Tyler comes downstairs, looking for JC.


Camera 1

have not room


Tyler wants to talk to JC, Swaggy and Baleigh ask if they need to

leave, Tyler says no.

Swaggy starts talking.

He thinks he has 6 votes to stay. Tyler would be 7.

Tyler says he is thinking about the votes.

JC says Julie would have said it on tv if the vote had been

used. That could affect the vote tomorrow if someone changes

it. Baleigh said she voted for Sam to stay, so who flipped.

The goal is to have 7 votes and not a tie.

Swaggy says, JC, RockStar, Baleigh, Hailey, and Scottie will vote his way. He doesn't want

to go home if Tyler has doubts about someone else.

Rock Star comes into the room.

Swaggy continues to ask for the vote from Tyler. He is hoping

Tyler and Sam will vote for him. . He would rather leave

because he is a threat. He knows he cannot get Angela's vote.

Swaggy and Baleigh leave the room after speaking to JC about how

happy he will be to stay, and that no one would worry about

JC in the house.

Baleigh: Winston had the chance to pull himself off the block and Swaggy never had

the chance to do it.

Swaggy says how can someone offer you safety if they haven't won,

he goes on to promise JC safety. (Swaggy has not won and has nothing

to offer, but seems to not realize that his offer is also worthless)


((Swaggy has been leaving the room for about 7 minutes now))

Swaggy leaves the room I minutes later


Tyler and JC make strange gestures and smirk when the door closes.

JC says he told Swaggy he could not vote against the house. Tyler says he needs

to talk to Scottie late in the day because he keeps bouncing around and Swaggy

keeps talking to him.


JC: His game is so weak. He says he can sleep three hours. Really””


They continue to talk about what Swaggy has told them both. JC is telling

Tyler everything he knows, and everything he has heard from other house

guests. He gives Tyler information about who Swaggy plans to talk to

tomorrow, and they plan to work together on competitions. The don't want

to talk in front of RockStar, JC says he is careful around Haleigh and Scottie.

Tyler thinks Scottie is changing his mind constantly.

Tyler hugs JC and leaves the room.


Camera 2 moves to kitchen 10:27

Sam is making funnel cakes.


Camera 3 in geometry room


Swaggy is talking to Kaitlyn

He tells her that Tyler says it is up to her, and she says

it is up to Tyler.

Kaitlyn says she doesn't thingk they (the house) will do what she says to



10:29 back to geometry room

Swaggy is asking why people say they don't trust Winston but

don't know what they will do. 5 people are wearing Swaggy

t shirts tomorrow.


Swaggy: If I get votes from Tyler and JC...


Kaitlyn offers to go talk to them.

He stops her leaving to apologize to her if he has ever hurt

her feelings.

She accepts graciously.

Swaggy stops at the camera and gives a look that says,

eating it up”

camera moves back to kitchen where Sam is feeding

everyone funnel cakes. She promises to make Haleigh some


Swaggy offers to clean up the kitchen for her.






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