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TV Fantasy Big Brother - Results - Week 1

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Questions are created on the expectation that the events will occur during the week.   If they do not take place, the questions are simply disregarded and do not count for or against a player.


Week 1 - Results


First HG to enter the BB House            Bayleigh
First HG to lie about background         Steve
First HG to win HoH                               Tyler
Nominated HG #1                                  Sam
Nominated HG #2                                  Steve
Veto Player #1                                        Scottie
Veto Player #2                                        Faysal
Veto Player #3                                        Chris
First Veto Winner                                   Faysal



Top 10 and current points


Flickz                      5 points

Jinx                       3 points    

Gissy333tx           3 points                     

Delana                  2 points

Nataliebb23          2 points

Vampirelover        1 point

Dade                       2 points



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