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When are the Big Brother UK auditions, how can I apply for the 2018 series and when does the show start?

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BIG Brother contestants seem to get more outrageous every year – and the selection process is becoming increasingly competitive.


The TV hit lets viewers enjoy all the on-screen antics in the famous Big Brother house from the comfort of their own home, but do you think you could do better in the 2018 series? Here's how to apply for the next series...


You could be the one taking to the stage at the launch of the next series You could be the one taking to the stage at the launch of the next series


How do I enter Big Brother?
The application process is currently open, and all you have to do is visit the official website.

As long as you’re 18 or over, and legally living in the UK, anyone can apply – even if you’ve been rejected before.


Channel 5 hasn't been specific about the type of housemates they're after this time around - unlike the last series where they asked for pairs to enter the house. So it's open to anyone and everyone!


How are Big Brother housemates selected?

All you’ll need to do is upload a video clip of yourself that can be up to two minutes long, and send the link in your application on the auditions website.


You will also need to submit two recent pictures of yourself when you fill out the short form on the official application site.


Show bosses say the video should showcase your personality and should not include any copyrighted music.

There are no other rules for making the video, which producers will use to determine if you’ve got what it takes to be a TV star.


If your online application is successful you will receive a phone call and be invited to meet the Big Brother producers at a regional audition venue.


If you haven't had a phone call by May 2018, assume your application has not been successful this time.

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