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Saturday September 2, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates

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12:27am BBT  HoH Room   Paul Christmas    Christmas says she told Raven to make an f’n decision; Paul asks if backyard is opened yet; Christmas let’s walk through 2 of these scenarios; Jason goes, who will Alex think voted to evict Jason; what understanding Alex knowing that 1 person Christmas ask if it will push Josh further away; Paul says Alex doesn’t want Christmas’s blood on her hand; Paul says he will do it; thinks he can convince Alex to throw HoH comp; ask Raven to leave so it doesn’t look sketchy; Raven leaves Christmas angrily says “If you don’t have a f’n opinion shut you’re f’n mouth, Paul says Josh has to draw that line, in Alex’s mind Kevin and Ravin are who she will go after; Christmas thinks Alex will not go after Raven; say Raven does not want to win doesn’t want any blood on her hands; Paul says not afraid of Raven is concerned about Alex; Alex thinks Christmas may be trying to suggest an alliance


This conversation continues but I cannot keep my eyes open any longer—it’s almost 7am here

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