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The Voice (Season 12) - Spring 2017

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This is the Top 8 semi-finals! They’re each going to perform two songs tonight, one new song by themselves and they’re also pairing up with each other for duets. In a Voice first, these duets are eligible for votes. Tomorrow only four artists will advance to the finale, which means tomorrow four artists will be going home. It is all on the line tonight! Voting is open for all artists on all methods.


We’re starting the night with Hunter Plake from Team Gwen. Gwen wants Hunter to step it up to keep his momentum. He is going to sing With or Without You by U2. Gwen says this is going to be a vocal performance for him. Gwen says she is glad he is sticking close to the original and Hunter says he wants to make an emotional connection to the song and honor Bono and U2.


Blake says that was by a mile, that was Hunter’s best vocal performance and he honored the original. Alicia says she was swept away and she thinks that what music is supposed to make you feel and she’s super excited for him. Adam says that was the most straight-forward production he has done and that was so great to hear that song and do the vocal the way it was supposed to be done. Gwen says she wants America to realize Hunter is so talented. He has so much heart and personality and doing the song was enough to change it but it was amazing tonight.


Our first duet is two Team Alicia artists. Vanessa Ferguson and Chris Blue is going to perform If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. Chris thinks Vanessa’s voice can fit any mode and Vanessa says Chris is a Michael Jackson type performer when he hits the stage.


Carson tells them great job and says they are a super duo. Alicia was on her feet and Carson explains the ways to vote.


TSoul from Team Blake is next. He is going to sing Ain’t No Way by Aretha Franklin. Blake says there’s no better time to swing for the fence. Blake says this song is soulful, emotional and it will allow TSoul to come to life on stage. Blake says TSoul’s performances are epic and TSoul says he wants to be able to create a legendary moment on stage to take him to where he needs to be which is the finale.


Alicia says that’s one of her all-time favorite songs and TSoul has a showmanship about him. Blake says he’s proud of TSoul. Blake says TSoul once told him he knew if he could get on The Voice and that stage he could show America what he could do and Blake is so proud of him because he’s in the semi-finals.


Up next is Brennley Brown from Team Gwen. Gwen says they need to speed it up and show a different side to Brennley America hasn’t seen yet. She is going to sing Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans. Brennley is excited to show a different side but there is some fear behind it. Gwen tells her to show her attitude in the song and this is her chance to show Nashville where she wants to be.


Blake says he feels like for the first time her personality and visually she seemed she was 15 and it was what she needed to do to remind America how young she is. Gwen says she is so proud and emotional songs can sometimes be easier, but to entertain and do a song that’s uptempo takes a lot of confidence and she did a great job and it took a lot of courage to tackle it.


Hunter Plake and Aliyah Moulden are our next duet. They are going to sing Let it Go by James Bay. Aliyah says when she first heard Hunter she wanted to know where to buy an album and the first time Hunter heard Aliyah he thought she was so good and he is honored to sing with her.


Carson says both duets have been awesome so far. If you vote for a duet, both members of the duet get one vote.


Up next is Team Blake’s artist Lauren Duski. Lauren says there is a larger country following in Michigan than she expected. She’s going to sing Ghost in This House by Shenandoah. Blake says America connects to her storytelling and this song is perfect for that. Blake advises her to sing out because he thinks the song needs strength. Blake says if Lauren does what she does every week he has no doubt she’ll have a spot in the finale.  


Adam says it seems sometimes these days grace and simplicity is going out of style and it’s so nice to see Lauren do that. Adam says he thinks she’s amazing. Blake says there’s a handful of song that are untouchable and she picked one of them. Blake says what she just did was absolutely monumental and he can’t wait to see how country fans respond to that.


The next duet is TSoul and Jesse Larson. They are going to sing I Wish by Stevie Wonder. Jesse says he loves everything about TSoul, his personality and his approach to music. TSoul says the first time he heard Jesse he thought he was incredible and he was going to win, his voice is awesome. The two say they are single handedly going to put soul back on the map.


Adam and Blake are on their feet for their artists. Carson says the crowd loves it and TSoul and Jesse are rubbing each other’s beards.


Next is Team Alicia’s Chris Blue. Chris is going to sing Take Me to the King by Tamela Mann. Alicia says it feels like it’s back home for Chris and we haven’t seen that tender, sensitive, higher-power connected Chris. Alicia says she knows he’s going to be emotional and they are going to be crying. Chris says he’s nervous and he’s going to be vulnerable and open up and express in this song.


Chris gets a standing ovation from the coaches and he is visibly emotional. Alicia says she knew he could do it and let all the walls down and tap into that place that is so pure. Alicia says he just did that and she is so proud of him because he got out of his way and he let the words come through him and that was moving.


Next is the artist America instantly saved last week, Team Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson. Vanessa is going to perform Superstar by Luther Vandross. Alicia says this is the type of song that is emotional and beautiful. Alicia offers advice on one part of the song and demonstrates for her. Vanessa says her grandfather wants to see her in a dress, so she may wear one this time. She says she is representing her entire family this time.


Alicia says she knew what Vanessa went through to find that beautiful place and for her to uncover herself in that way is amazing. Alicia says she is blossoming and she couldn’t be more proud of that incredible, unbelievable performance.


Lauren Duski and Brennley Brown are paired together. They are singing Good Hearted Woman by Leann Rhimes. They sang against each in the battle rounds, but now they can just have fun. Lauren says Brennley has an old soul and it’s been great to see her evolve. Brennley says Lauren is like a big sister to her.


We’re going to continue with Jesse Larson. He is going to sing I Was Wrong by Chris Stapleton. Jesse says this song reminds him so much of his dad and he thinks this song will allow him to show his genuine self to America. Adam says he thinks he can win and advises on phrasing. Adam says Jesse is out of this world talented and he genuinely thinks he’s the best singer in this competition, he’s the real deal. Carson asks Adam what does Jesse need to do right now? Adam says they found a gold mine in this song and thanks Chris Stapleton and he thinks he deserves to win.


Adam says his belief in Jesse is so real, and he was the only one who turned around for him. He genuinely believes Jesse is the best they got and the fact there is a slim chance he may not be in the finale is a crime to him. Adam says if America votes him into the finale, Adam promises they will blow America’s minds.


Aliyah Moulden is closing out the night from Team Blake. She is going to sing I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe. Blake says he gave her this song because it’s emotional and inspirational. Blake says her voice is so powerful and every week her confidence level goes up and she’s singing out more. Aliyah says having Blake as a coach and like a father figure to her is incredible.


Blake says he hoped someday he’d get to meet and work with an artist like her. Someone they could watch change and see grow throughout the competition. He says she is the model Voice contestant, bar none.

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We are live right now! The top 8 will go to the top 4!


We are revealing the name of the first artist to be safe and who will advance to the Top 4…


Chris Blue from Team Alicia is the first artist going to the finals!


We’re about to find out next artist who is moving on to the finals…


The next artist moving on to the finale is…Lauren Duski!


It’s time to find out the third artist who will be moving on to the finals…


The third finalist is…Aliyah Moulden!


We have found out who three of the finalists are. America will save the fourth artist via the Instant Save. Stay tuned for the cue to vote!


We are bringing out the 5 remaining artists. We are about to find out the THREE artists who will be performing for the Instant Save.


The first artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Jesse Larson!


The second artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Hunter Plake!


The last artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Brennley Brown!


That means we have to say good-bye to TSoul and Vanessa Ferguson.


Brennley Brown is singing first and she has chosen the song Warrior by Demi Lovato. Carson asks Gwen if that was enough to keep her around and Gwen says that was absolutely enough.


Hunter Plake is singing Love Runs Out by One Republic. Gwen says Hunter is ready! She says who doesn’t want to buy that record and she doesn’t understand how someone so gifted and she wants people to understand how rare and unique and talented he is.


Jesse Larson is the last to perform and he has chosen to perform Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton. Adam says Jesse is a guitar player who decided to try singing and it’s staggering to him that people can spend their whole lives wanting to be a singer and Jesse has only been doing it for a short time. Adam says if Jesse goes through he will be the first one chair turn to be in the finale and he thinks Jesse is one of the most pure artists in the competition right now.


The time has come to find out who the last finalist is!


America instantly saved, your fourth finalist…Jesse Larson!


That means we say good-bye to Brennley Brown and Hunter Plake. Team Blake will have 2 artists in the finals, Alicia will have 1 artist, and Adam will have 1 artist. Team Gwen will not be represented in the finals.

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Tonight, your Top 4 take their shot at being named the voice. From Team Blake, Aliyah Moulden. Blake says she’s the youngest to ever make the finale and the way she moved people, this kid will be around for a long time. Representing Team Alicia, Chris Blue. Alicia says it’s so exciting to see an artist do something that surprises you. Representing Team Adam, Jesse Larson. Adam truly believes Jesse is the most talented in the competition. No one can play and sing like Jesse. Representing Team Blake, Lauren Duski. Blake says there is no one else like Lauren, she tells a story and is a one of a kind country artist.


Before we get going, on behalf of everybody at The Voice, our hearts go out to the people of Manchester, England at the Ariana Grande concert where incident has occurred, lives have been lost and many have been hurt. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Here, it is the most important night of competition. Tonight, you are going to pick the winner of The Voice, and here is how we are going to do it. We’ve got 4 finalists. They are going to perform three times, a new cover, a special duet with their coach, and they’re also going to debut a brand new original single. Every vote matters.


We’re going to kick the night off with Team Blake’s Aliyah Moulden who’s going to perform a song that’s a perfect fit for her. Her first original song is called Never Be Lonely. Blake says it has a vintage throwback sound and it’s just fun. Blake thinks it sounds like it could be a radio hit and he says there’s nothing more for him to say to her.


Gwen says she thinks the funnest thing is watching Aliyah evolve. Gwen says with this song she can finally see where she’s going and she thinks she did such a great job tonight. Blake says that sounds like a hit and it’s so perfect for Aliyah. Blake says her singing has improved so much and to see that kind of performance from her is so awesome. He's so happy to see her there because she’s an awesome person to be around.


Voting is open now on all platforms for all artists. Up next is Jesse Larson. Jesse thanks Adam for always having his back and his wife for being so supportive. He’s going to sing Takin It To the Streets by The Doobie Brothers. Adam says no one is going to do a song like this and he advises him to just get into the song and be in the pocket.


Alicia says that was dope and fresh and his voice has never sounded better. Alicia says he was in his element and she respects what he and Adam are doing together, it’s very authentic and genuine and Adam is helping him stay in this space that is all his own. Adam says he’s so happy they managed to get through this whole thing without deviating from who he is. Jesse says Alicia was right, Jesse never sounded better. Adam believes Jesse should win the whole thing, but the coolest thing about Jesse is he does it with a humble attitude and he kills it every night.


Chris Blue from Team Alicia is up next and they are going to sing Diamonds and Pearls by Prince and the New Power Generation. They are both excited and Alicia says this will not be the last time she performs on stage with Chris Blue.


We’re going to continue right away with Team Blake’s country singer, Lauren Duski. Blake doesn’t think there’s every been anyone on his team who is believable as Lauren. Lauren is going to sing The Dance by Garth Brooks. Blake offers some advice on the melody and says this is a great song for a great story teller. Blake thinks Lauren can have a huge impact on the country music industry.


Adam says Lauren has a voice they all have loved since the beginning and it’s very familiar and comforting. He thinks what is great about her that she can relate to the audience and it’s been a joy to see her throughout the competition. Blake says he can’t stop smiling. He says that’s one of the most important country songs in the history of country music and Lauren literally made her feel like he was hearing it for the first time tonight. Blake says, country fans, music fans, Lauren Duski is the one we’ve been waiting for this entire time.


Remember, all the live show songs will be on Apple iTunes music and if any of the artists are in the Top 10 of iTunes at the end of voting, their votes will be multiplied by 5. Next, Blake Shelton and Aliyah Moulden are going to sing Dancing in the Street by Martha & The Vandellas.


Now a perfect debut song for Team Alicia’s Chris Blue. Chris’s original song is called Money On You. Alicia says the thing that is going to sell his song is his energy. She says he is so ready and there isn’t a soul in the world who won’t dance to this song. Chris says that’s what he wants is people getting up and dancing and he’s excited.


Alicia says wow! When she watches his perform she feels like she’s already at his show and listening to his music. She says there is like an electricity when he comes into the room and everyone here was clapping for him because it was the first time they heard the song and they could feel him. Alicia says Chris performed like the stage was his and he is ready.


Now two seasoned musicians with a love of music come together to perform. Adam and Jesse are going to sing Let’s Go Crazy by Prince. They are both excited. Jesse says they approach things from a musician’s stand point because they wanted to play guitar first and singing was an afterthought.


Up next is Lauren Duski and Blake Shelton singing one of Blake’s favorites. They are going to sing There’s A Tear in My Bear by Hank Williams, Sr. Blake says he’ll be the senior and Lauren will be the junior.


Jesse is up next to debut his original song Woman. Jesse says he’s going to think about his wife while singing to pull the right emotion for the song. Adam tells him to plan it out and follow it and not get lost. Jesse says this is the first time he’s ever done a song on his own. Adam says he has a good vision of who he is, where he is, and where he wants to go.


Adam says he’s been doing the show for 12 seasons and the show has evolved and there’s many different ways people become successful from the show. Adam says the show is called The Voice and he wants to get back to thing that embodies what The Voice was intended to be about. Adam says Jesse is the man.


Now another performance by Team Blake’s Aliyah Moulden. She is going to sing Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) by Stevie Wonder. Blake says this song brings her full circle to the beginning to the Aliyah they were introduced to in the blind auditions, but she’s a way better singer. Aliyah wants to make Blake proud. Blake thinks Aliyah could be the next big popstar.


Blake says he thinks balloons coming down are a sign. He says there’s not much left to say about her that’s great. Every time she’s on that stage she makes people smile and makes them forget their life.


Lauren is up with her original song that she has a personal connection to. Lauren says she hasn’t had the confidence to record on her own before. Her song is called Déjà vu. Blake says she’s going to be some record producers dream. Lauren says she feels like she’s back to where she was to sing, let it go, and have fun. She says it feels good. Blake says having the number one song on iTunes is hard and this is what she is born to do. He says this is going to be incredible.


Blake says let me congratulate you for writing your first number one hit song. He doesn’t know if they’ve every had an artist come out and sing something they wrote that was that beautiful and that perfect.


Chris Blue will close out the night with an iconic Janet Jackson song. Chris is going to perform Rhythm Nation. Alicia says she is so excited because the song has the epicness and the fun, but also the soul that suits Chris. Alicia gives advice on tone and breath control and sings along with him. Chris says he needs to leave everything on the stage so when he walks off he knows he gave it all he had.


Alicia is on her feet screaming and the crowd is fired up. Gwen is on her feet too. Alicia says Chris came out and showed people that he is everything. That he can be as quiet in his power, as he was in Diamonds and Pearls, and he can be alone like he was on his original song, and he can come out and rule the stage. Alicia says America, we can say we started Chris Blue’s career tonight.

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It’s the season finale of The Voice! Tonight we will find out your winner! It’s going to be a star-studded night. They’ll have Rascal Flatts, Little Big Town, Zedd, Alessia Cara, Gladys Knight, and Chris Stapleton. Plus, previous coaches Cee-Lo Green, Usher, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, and one future Voice coach Jennifer Hudson.


We’re going to kick-off a collaboration with Mark Isaiah performing Despacito with Luis Fonsi.


Up next is Brennley Brown who is on stage with Rascal Flatts singing their song Yours.


There’s a secret language that seasoned musicians speak that not everyone understands that Jesse and Adam seem to speak. Tonight, there is no one more perfect to join Jesse on stage than Cee-Lo Green. They are performing Shining Star by Earth, Wind, and Fire.


Howie Mandell and Derek Hough are visiting and they are talking about America’s Got Talent and World of Dance. Howie talks about their new host and Derek says World of Dance is like the Olympics of dancing. They both premiere May 30th.


Tonight, singing Better Man, Lauren Duski will join Little Big Town on stage.


Gwen is such a dedicated coach and never stops thinking about her team. She is performing Don’t Speak with Hunter Plake.


Next up is Zedd and Alessia Cara performing Stay.


Now from the moment Alicia heard Chris Blue’s voice, she knew he had something special. In light of the recent tragedies in the news, our next two incredible artists want to sing a song to lift people up all around the world who may be struggling tonight. With Everybody Hurts, here is Chris Blue and Usher.


Now, he’s a two-time award winning country superstar, here is Chris Stapleton.


The music just keeps on coming. Your two most soulful favorites join the Empress of Soul herself. Here are TSoul and Vanessa Ferguson with Gladys Knight!


All four finalists get a brand new car from Toyota. They all get a 2017 RAV4. Aliyah can’t even drive, she says.


Miley Cyrus is performing next with her new single Malibu.


Next is Alessia Cara and Aliyah Moulden singing Scars To Your Beautiful.


Our new coach who will be on next season is about to take the stage. Jennifer Hudson will be performing her single Remember Me. We’re about 20 minutes away from revealing your winner of The Voice!


Let’s bring out the four finalists. Monumental voting on iTunes last night. Carson tells them great job and they are proud of all four of them. It is time to find out who will win it all!


Carson will first read the name of the artist in fourth place. Here we go…


The finalist in fourth place is…Jesse Larson, Team Adam.


Now Carson will read the name of the artist in third place. Here we go…


The third place artist is…Aliyah Moulden, Team Blake.


Lauren Duski and Chris Blue, one of you is The Voice! We’ll find out who it is after a moment.


The moment has come for one of these incredible artists, Lauren and Chris, their lives are about to be changed. Carson add this is the closest voting has ever been on the show.


One more time, here we go! The winner of the voice is…


Chris Blue, Team Alicia, is the winner of The Voice!


The very last artist in the blind auditions goes on to win it all! Alicia Keys, after two seasons, gets her first win!


We close out with Chris very emotional but asked to sing his original song, Money On You.

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