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May 22, 2006: Wigging Out

Wow! What a send-off. Chaos, destruction, a fate worse than death for Sloane, and a happily ever after ending for Sydney and Vaughn. Who could ask for anything more from this Alias finale?

I was holding it together pretty well... up until Jack's speech. I should have been tearing up when Tom sacrificed himself in the subway, but I just never got that into his character, but it was a nice, honorable way for him to go out. Nowhere near as amazing as Jack's exit, but still, Jack deserved his final parting shot after all these years. The look on Jack's face when he blew up the underground lair knowing that it would be sheer torture for Arvin was just perfect. "You beat death, Arvin, but you couldn't beat me!" I love that Arvin is going to be alive underground for the rest of his life, which, judging by the Rambaldi goo that he fell into, will be eternally. I knew it was some kind of everlasting life thing that had to be the Rambaldi endgame. No wonder Irina was so desperate to get her hands on the horizon. But, as I learned from Tuck Everlasting, eternal life isn't all it is cracked up to be. Especially if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. How cool was it that Nadia's ghost walked out on her homicidal father?

I was secretly thrilled that they left Sark alive. Not everything needed to be tied up in a little bow, and when it comes down to it, Sark was just a businessman betting on the winning side, be that good or evil. Plus, how can you fault a guy who on the brink of destroying the whole world is worried about his footwear? "Does it have to be so filthy? If Rambaldi can prophesize the future he might advise me not to wear $500 shoes." Nice. My question, if Rambaldi discovered eternal life and was able to see the future, why didn't he give himself eternal life instead of plaguing Arvin and Irina for all these years? That was his tomb that Arvin is trapped in, right?

Otherwise, I thought the episode did an excellent job of answering a lot of lingering questions about Prophet 5 and such, and got in a nice kick-butt fight scene between Syd and her mom. I was waiting for Syd to have to kill her the way that she killed Sydpinosa with a single bullet to the head, but it ws more fitting that our heroine showed sympathy for her devilish mother. I absolutely adored Marshall standing up to Sloane telling him that he was weak and pathetic and talking about how he wanted Mitchell to be proud of him. You go, Marshall! And I loved seeing Amanda Foreman back as Marshall's wife, I've missed her so. Speaking of missing people, I got all nostalgic when they showed Good Francie in Syd's flashback. I really thought they were going to bring back Evil Francie somehow, but this was so much more appropriate for the show's finale.

Finally Syd and Vaughn got their happy little life on the beach, with occasional missions and visits from Dixon. It was touching that they named their son Jack, after her noble dad. A little bit spooky that they showed Isabelle putting together that same puzzle that Syd had easily mastered at a young age. I'd worry that the ending sort of sets a Spy Kids future, but it is better that this dynamic duo keep up with their spying lives. I can't imagine them just going cold turkey and leaving the espionage biz behind. Vaughn's comment to Syd pretty much summed it up best. "Let's not overlook the fact that you basically died today. You and I have gotten pretty good at the impossible." See, they were meant for this life. I'm sadder than I expected to be that this is the end of the series, but with this finale I can at least imagine Syd and Vaughn continuing their adventures

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